200+ Creative Swimming Team Names

Swimming Team Names

Hello water babies! If you are someone who is happiest in a swimming pool, then this article might interest you. We have brought out an exclusive edition of team name suggestions for all you swimmers out there.

So, gather your swimming teammates and have some fun with these silly, sassy, and spectacular suggestions, and you might actually stumble upon a great team name that might grab you some extra cheers from the spectators.

Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about swimming, and then we can dive into the pool of creative nicknames for your team!


Swimming Trivia That Will Make You Go, ‘WHAT?!’

Swimming is a fascinating sport. Being in the water, training your body for months and years, and giving your best when we all are designed to stay on land – it is awe-inspiring!

But there are a few facts about this sport that can fascinate you even more. So, gear up for some swimming trivia!

  1. The world record for breath-holding in free-diving is 22 minutes, which is currently held by Stig Severinsen.
  2. Swimmers can sit down with their legs stretched out in front of them and point their toes all the way down to the ground. Unbelievable, right?
  3. Swimmers sweat in the pool. (This is probably the most interesting thing we learned today.)
  4. A 2014 American Red Cross survey revealed that half of Americans could not swim then.
  5. In 2015, at the age of 10, Bahraini girl Alzain Tareq became the world’s youngest competitive swimmer in a World Championships. Take a bow; she is a queen!
  6. And now about the world’s oldest – a world record was set by Mieko Nagaoka, who is 100 years old!
  7. Women weren’t allowed to compete in Olympics swimming until 1912. We have really come a long way.
  8. 64-year-old Diana Nyad became the first person ever to swim the 103-mile trek from Cuba to Florida. Can you imagine that?
  9. Children can take swim lessons as early as 12 months. Well, that’s what science says.
  10. Swimmers use nearly every muscle in their bodies, making it one of the most intense sports.


Cool Swimming Team Names

A passionate swimming team is quite cool in itself. And a cool team will add to their charm. In the list below, we have compiled a bunch of cool names that will excite people and make them want to witness your team in action.

Glance through it and pick whatever resonates the best with you!

  1. Sharks – The lords of the ocean, sharks make quite a spirited team for a swimming team.
  2. The Waterwins – If winning in water is what your team is known for, then this dashing name will be a good choice.
  3. Pool Piranhas – Known for their razor-sharp teeth and deadly bite, this fierce fish will be a solid addition to your team name.
  4. The Wave Conquerors – A proud team name that will make any other team think twice before competing against you.
  5. Fast and Furious Fins – We reformed this popular Hollywood film name for a swim team and got you an impressive team name.
  6. Tide Riders – A sunny and sporty name that will add a cool dimension to your name.
  7. The Sailfish Swim Club – Known to be the fastest fish in the world, a sailfish in your team will speak for your unbeatable speed.
  8. Ace Aquatics – How about this stylish team name that is full of energy to boost your team’s confidence?
  9. Whizzy Water Wings – An upbeat name that reflects the courage and charisma of your team.
  10. Feisty Fishes – Another striking swim team name that will form a shiny impression on everyone.
  11. Sea Serpents – A great team name for a group of skilled and swift swimmers.
  12. Aquamen – Aquaman is a feisty fictional superhero known as the protector of the water world.
  13. Swim fast
  14. Swimco
  15. Team H2O
  16. WaterBoys
  17. Water Divers
  18. SwimLabs
  19. QuickSwim
  20. TeamSplash
  21. Swim Buddies
  22. SwimHub
  23. Swim Squad
  24. WeSwim
  25. SwimStream
  26. TeamDash
  27. Silver Dolphins
  28. Swimming Duels
  29. Aquatics
  30. Team Paddles
  31. Swimmerific
  32. SwimApp
  33. Swim X-treme
  34. SwimSocial
  35. Swimforlife
  36. Nomadic Swimmers
  37. SilentSwim
  38. Swim win
  39. SwimBeavers
  40. SwimMates
  41. Polar Beavers
  42. SwimSwam


Funny Swimming Team Names

Do you wish to make someone laugh today? Well, you can simply do so by picking any of the below-mentioned team names for your swimming squad. Some silly, some hilarious, these bits of amusement will make your team stand out of the crowd.

So, have a look and decide for yourself!

  1. Marine Monkeys – If your team is known for being playful and frisky in the water, then this will be your ideal team name.
  2. Chlorine Cocktail – All that goes into the mouth while swimming is foul-tasting chlorine water. So, we came up with this humorous name.
  3. Soft Cyclone – Can a cyclone ever be soft? Well, that is what’s silly about this weird swimming team name.
  4. Pool Pirates – Add some spice to your team with this adventurous team name.
  5. Aqua-nauts – Are you in the mood for some wordplay? If yes, then this comic modification of ‘astronauts’ will certainly amuse you.
  6. H2O Pro – If you think your teammates are absolute pros at swimming, then this witty name will be a nice one for your team.
  7. Crocs – Short for crocodiles, this sweet and sassy name will enhance your team’s appeal a hundred times over.
  8. Divin’ Donuts – An adorable sugar-filled team name on the lines of ‘Dunkin’ Donuts.’
  9. No Shower Day – If you believe that you don’t need to shower on the days when you swim because you already had a bath, then this one’s for you.
  10. Swippy Swimmers
  11. SwimLikeGrandma
  12. SwimShark
  13. SwimWithFriends
  14. Marathon Swimmers
  15. BarelySwim
  16. FunnySwimMates
  17. PumpUpSwim
  18. Safeguard Swimmers
  19. CurlingSwimTeam
  20. TeamFish
  21. Silly Swimmers
  22. Future Swimmers
  23. FunnyPools
  24. VaporSwimming
  25. SwimJoke
  26. TriviaLane
  27. SwimWithMe
  28. SinkOrSwim
  29. SwimAlytics
  30. Team LAG
  31. SwimNinja
  32. SwimDope
  33. Swift Swimmers
  34. TeamShark
  35. TeamFountain
  36. Tidal Swim Club
  37. Swimminator
  38. Swimmily
  39. SplashRacer
  40. Swimcrew
  41. SwimBabies


Female Swimming Team Names

If yours is an all-women’s swimming team, then the girl power needs to be celebrated with a brilliant team name.

We have a beautiful bunch of suggestions for you lovelies right here. Tailor-made for a female swimming team, these gorgeous names will surely engage you.

  1. Aqua Queens – If witnessing your team at play makes one feel like you rule the waters, then this elegant team name will be the right fit.
  2. Blue Belles – Go ahead with this one if you girls can glide through water deftly and effortlessly.
  3. Grace-pool Girls – A slight twist to words, and you get this smart and stylish team name for your swimmer sisters.
  4. The Diver Dolls – A crisp and charming name for your team that will amaze the audience.
  5. Ladies at Laps – We know it is super thrilling to watch cover one lap after the other, and so, we offer you this simple yet tasteful name.
  6. Surreal Ariels – Have you grown up watching and loving Disney princesses? Well, here is a swim team name with one.
  7. Victorious Secret – A plush and polished team name with just the right amount of fun.
  8. Wonder Women – Here is Marvel to the rescue. Pick this wonderful name if you and your girls are no less than this superheroine.
  9. Hydra Divas – Another appealing name that you can call your swim team by.
  10. Splashy Sisterhood – We love this fun-filled, warm-hearted name for a female swimming team.
  11. Little Mermaids – For the tiny girls who always exhibit excellent swimming skills in the pool.
  12. LadySwimming
  13. Paradise Swimming Team
  14. The Gals
  15. The Pink Flamingos
  16. GirlSwim
  17. Swim Leads
  18. Diveby
  19. Breeze
  20. FlipThisSwim
  21. FemSwim
  22. TinySwim
  23. BubbleTeam
  24. Clubhouse
  25. PoolPonies
  26. The Mermaid Squad
  27. Water Babes
  28. GoGirl
  29. The Fins
  30. Swimchicks
  31. The Sisterhood
  32. CreatureSplash
  33. The Aquadolls
  34. AquaGirls
  35. Swim Team Angels
  36. Swim2Succeed
  37. Swimmy


Synchronized Swimming Team Names

A synchronized swim team performance is like a kindling fire in the water. Immensely pleasing for the eyes, ears, and soul, watching a performance in action is an amazing experience.

With such a presentation of skill in mind, we have put together some team names for synchronized swimmers.

If you are one, do check them out!

  1. Dazzling Dolphins – For the way you dazzle the viewers with the aesthetic appeal of your performance.
  2. Aqua Angels – A divinely graceful name that will reflect the magic that your team has.
  3. Synchro Stars – If you all are champions at synchronizing and coordinating your moves, then this one’s for you.
  4. Drops of Delight – Because when your team performs in a pool, what reaches the spectators are drops of delight.
  5. The Splash Crew – A suave and sizzling team name for your synchronized swimming squad.
  6. Canorous Swim Company – For a swim team whose performance is like a soothingly flowing melody.
  7. Tidal Twirl Tribe – If watching you twirl in the water is a treat for the eyes, then this attractive name will suit your team.
  8. Rhythmic Rage – Keeping up the spirit of competition and the fervor of the sport is this team name.
  9. Marine Magic – If enchanting is the word that best describes your team, then your efforts deserve this beautiful nickname.
  10. Silver Wave – A fancy and upbeat nickname that will push up your esteem.
  11. Swim Synch
  12. TeamSynchro
  13. Synced
  14. SYNCY
  15. Dolphin Belles
  16. Dorado Aquamare
  17. Vortex’n’Swim
  18. Bubble Divers
  19. Walrus SynchroTeam
  20. Synchro Names
  21. SynchronizedSplashers
  22. SwimToTheMusic
  23. Rhythm Sharks
  24. Splashy Mice
  25. Twin Swimming
  26. Chromoswimmers
  27. Underswim
  28. Aqua Cadets
  29. Synchro Squad
  30. TeamBreeze
  31. River City Synchro
  32. SynchroStars
  33. Synchronix
  34. SwimWithMe
  35. Fantastic Synchro
  36. H2Odance
  37. Team Duckling Accelerator
  38. SynCats
  39. 360 Swimmers
  40. Flo’n’Flo’n’Flo
  41. Watery Chorus
  42. TeamAquaholic


Creative Swimming Team Names

We certainly cannot match up to your kinetic creativity but can try our hand at making creative names for your team.

If you decide to go with any of the options below, then do let us know!

  1. 10 Shades of Awesome – You can change the figure according to the number of swimmers in your team and use this flamboyant name.
  2. Swim Jims – ‘Jim’ means ‘something excellent of its kind,’ and that is exactly what you all are.
  3. Rapid Ripples – If your practice has made you the swiftest swimmers around, then you might want to go with this one.
  4. Sea Sensation – A rounding team name that will augment your presence in the arena.
  5. Shoal on a Roll – Yes, we know shoal is used for fishes, but are you any less habituated with the water?
  6. Marine Masters – The perfect name for a number one swimming team.
  7. The Swimsterz – This one has a vintage touch, and that is pretty much in vogue.
  8. The Tritons – Name your team after the Greek God of the sea, and you will feel the power within you
  9. enhance.
  10. Poolside
  11. Divebuddy
  12. Swimby
  13. Swimming and Diving
  14. Waterside Athletes
  15. The Super Swimmers
  16. Aqua Vue
  17. AquaVantage
  18. Lil Penguins
  19. Voiceswim
  20. Zodiac Swimmers
  21. SwimmingExcellence
  22. SuperSwimmers
  23. SwimCats
  24. Beaverdip
  25. Unsplash
  26. The Swimming Hole
  27. Nectar-swimmers
  28. Swimmin’ Shark Tank
  29. Swiplies
  30. Wavy Squad
  31. Swimrrr
  32. PeerSwimming
  33. The Aqualighters
  34. Pump Swim
  35. Royal Swimmers
  36. StreamTeam
  37. Swimly
  38. FitToSwim
  39. Swim Mob
  40. Swim Gang
  41. FishfaceSwimmers
  42. The Sharks
  43. SwimBuddies


All good things come to an end, and so has our list of creative swimming team names. We hope it proved to be useful for you, and it will make us super happy if you point out the ones that struck a chord with you.

Also, if this collection inspired you to create a team name for your swimming gang, then remember to share it with us.

Stay tuned for more exciting team names!

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