100+ Clever and Funny Softball Team Names

Softball Team Names

In the past few years, softball has gained immense popularity not just in the United States, but also across the world. Today, it is played not just by sports enthusiasts, but also by men, women, and children of all age groups.

In fact, many people love playing this sport in local leagues during the weekends. Unlike other sports, softball demands a variety of skills, and so, it offers all-inclusive body conditioning that most of us are suckers for.

A good team name is characterized by its capability of doing several things at once. It is supposed to intimidate your opponents, instill fear in their hearts, and leave them wondering how you could find such an awesome title for your team!

And most of all, your team name is what your well-wishers and spectators use to recognize you. So, it should represent what you stand for and be in line with your teammates.

Coming up with a megahit softball team name is definitely not a child’s play. But don’t worry, because, after boatloads of meticulous research, we have lined up some of the most stellar team names for you in this article.

Additionally, each of our recommendations comes with our friendly opinion that will navigate you to make the right choice. So, whether your teammates are badass, clever, cool, or funny, we bet we have a fitting title for every need.

Keep scrolling through our comprehensive resource as we list over a hundred clever and comical softball team names for you.

Cool Softball Team Names

It’s not always easy to win people over, and that is why you need that X-factor that sets you apart from the crowd. If you think you and your teammates make it to the list of one of those crazy and cool sportspersons out there, then why not pick a similar title?

Below, you can find some of our all-time favorite softball team name recommendations that are sure to blow your mind. Have a look:

  1. The Incredibles – A cool team name inspired by the 2004 animated movie, The Incredibles.
  2. Unbeatables – An appropriate title for a team name that is probably just another victory away from making it to the Guinness World Records.
  3. Sick Flips – A team name for a bunch of crazy acrobats who leave everyone bedazzled with their skills.
  4. I Think, Therefore I Slam – This quirky softball team name is inspired by “I think, therefore I am,” Rene Descarte’s popular phrase.
  5. Legends – When you are certain that there’s just nobody else like you.
  6. Vengeance Seekers – They sure don’t want to mess with you, because you’re gonna get your sweet revenge.
  7. Killer Aimers – A sassy team name for a gang of softball players who could probably butcher you with their moves.
  8. Work It – Because for you, it’s not just a sport. It’s an emotion.
  9. Wild Fire – When you are sure you are going to burn your opponents’ confidence to the ground.
  10. The Triumphants – Another cool softball team name for players who take their victories very seriously.
  11. Ball-ievers, Achievers – A wonderful team name to choose when you know there’s nothing that can shackle your spirits.
  12. Velocity – When you hit so hard, they won’t even know what struck them.
  13. What do we do? Score! – When you’ve got 99 problems, but your score sure ain’t one.
  14. The Nemesis Club – When you know you put your best foot forward in softball, you’re sure to be your opponents’ arch enemy.


Funny Softball Team Names

How about finding a funny and goofy softball team name for your team? While you make it to the top during the game, each of our suggestions compiled below will leave your spectators, friends, and contenders laughing like a maniac!

Simply choose a moniker that tickles your funny bone and you are good to go:

  1. No Guts, No Glory – Because you gotta dream big to achieve big.
  2. The Fat Players – A comical team name that is appropriate for players who are proud of their size.
  3. Chimps With Sticks – A great name to pick in case your team happens to play so fiercely, that it almost feels like you’ve just been out of the zoo.
  4. Bros And Hoe’s – This is a hilarious team name for a team that constitutes of both boys and girls.
  5. The Swingers – A softball team name that also serves as a caution, to stay away from you.
  6. Making Softball Great Again – Quite a hysterical softball team name that is inspired by Donald Trump’s famous slogan.
  7. The 69ers – Safe to say, people can expect truckloads of quibbles from you and your team.
  8. Innumerable Scoregasms – Yet another funny softball team name that never gets old!
  9. The Grass Hoppers – A team name for a group where players spend a humongous chunk of time on the ground.
  10. Backdoor Sliders – We bet you can’t find a softball team name dirtier (and funnier) than this one.
  11. The Abusement Park – This is a punny team name that’s meant for a team that is known for using way too many cuss words.
  12. First Beer, Then Gear – That’s the team name you gotta pick when you have two key priorities.
  13. Quit Your Pitching – Indeed a hilarious softball team name that is inspired by the phrase, “Quit your bitching.”
  14. The Know-It-Alls – A funny team name for players who always prefer to go by the rules.
  15. Crash Test Dummies – When you know you’re gonna crush those dummies with your hardcore skills.


Clever Softball Team Names

Coming up with a clever softball team name can be quite a challenging task, especially for the not-so-creative ones out there. Put all your worries to rest, because we have assembled some of the wittiest team names of all time for you and your squad.

Pick whichever title you like, and gear yourselves for some fun!

  1. Raging Pitches – An excellent name for a team that definitely needs anger management lessons.
  2. Pitches Be Crazy – This team name is a clever take on the phrase “Bitches be crazy.”
  3. Black Widows – A classic all-girls softball team name for women who are not to be messed with.
  4. Avalanche – A stellar team name for a gang that knows it’s gonna swamp all its opponents.
  5. The Rampage Runners – They’re gonna obliterate the opposition even before they know it.
  6. No Mercy – When it doesn’t matter how ruthlessly you are beating your opponents because you gotta do what you gotta do.
  7. The Invincibles – A dynamic softball team name for players who have got it all; strength, talent, and power.
  8. Hit Squad – A clever softball team name for a gang that hits with meticulous precision.
  9. In The Zone – There’s nothing that can divert the focus of these softball players.
  10. The Better Team – When everyone knows you are the better ones, might as well use it to your benefit!
  11. Catchers In The Rye – This witty softball team name is culled from J.D. Salinger’s popular novel, Catcher in the Rye.
  12. The Ice Breakers – These not-so-kind softball players are sure to shatter their competitors into pieces.
  13. The Ascending Eagles – A spectacular team name for those who are constantly soaring their way to victory.
  14. The Prodigies – When you know there’s no one like you.


Girl Softball Team Names

We know that it takes more than a simple team name to leave a mark on ‘em ladies. Have a look at some of our favorite girl softball team names and choose the one that best describes you and your team.

Here are the options:

  1. Pink Marshmallows – Name a team title girlier than this. We’ll wait!
  2. Sugar And Spice – Sometimes sweet, sometimes sassy, you never know with these women.
  3. Queen Bees – When everyone knows that your team is the most important of them all.
  4. The Siren – Your melodious voice and spirit will push your opponents to defeat.
  5. Victorious Secret – Indeed an evergreen softball team name that is inspired by Victoria’s Secret.
  6. Synergy – Pick this softball team name if you and your girls are always in sync with one another.
  7. The Honey Bunch – They probably shouldn’t mistake your sweetness for retreat, because they will bring you down!
  8. Chicks With Sticks – In case you would want to go literal with how softball is played.
  9. Dirty Divas – Even when they are all swarmed and caked with dirt, they manage to pull through.
  10. The Diamond Dolls – The perfect feminine softball team name for an all-girls group that can effortlessly outshine everybody.
  11. Lunachicks – Perhaps these girls are too crazy to be toyed with!
  12. The Tomboys – These women have been avid softball players for as long as you can remember.
  13. Cougars – Be it softball or in real life, these girls are waiting to prey on you.
  14. Lady Hawks – A powerful team name for super-focused softball team players.
  15. Wonder Women – With how wonderfully they ace the game, they might even have secret superpowers.
  16. The Devils Wear Prada – We love this softball team name for the not-so-innocent women out there!


Coed Softball Team Name

Who says softball is just meant for guys alone? Or girls? Well, this is one of the many things we admire about the sport. If your team comprises both boys and girls, then you need an appropriate coed softball team name.

Luckily, we have got plenty in store for you! Take a look at our suggestions below, because you never know, one of them might just be the ticket for you:

  1. Wild Thangs – An awesome softball team name for a bunch of friends with a crazy spirit.
  2. Dementors – A Harry Potter reference for a gang that is gonna suck the life out of its opponents.
  3. Intensity – Pick this team name if you take your game pretty seriously.
  4. The Wild Stallions – A team name for a combative team that almost acts as if it was raised in the wild.
  5. Master Batters – A good softball team name to go for when you are sure no one can outshine you.
  6. Inglorious Batters – This softball team name is inspired by the popular movie, Inglourious Basterds.
  7. Protein Shakes – Pick this team name if you and your gang spend way too many hours in the gym.
  8. Oddballs – This group is surely the weirdest one you have ever stumbled across.
  9. Chaos – This is exactly what is gonna spring in the minds and hearts of your competitors.
  10. Smooth Operators – When you play the game so seamlessly, they can barely touch on an error!
  11. The Pioneers – A fantastic team name that’s on its way to revolutionizing the game.


Dirty Softball Team Names

For some softball leagues, you would generally like your team name to be funny, clever, or cool. Interestingly, there lies another spectrum of team names that will sweep everyone off their feet—the dirty ones!

Read through this space and choose a raunchy softball team name at your discretion.

P.S. Use these team names carefully and at your own risk. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

  1. Dicktators – This nickname is curated by a punny wordplay on the word “dictators.”
  2. Got To 2nd Base – In case there is more than one message you are trying to convey through this name.
  3. Scoring Positions – Believe us, that is exactly where everybody wants to be!
  4. Looking To Score – Because winning the game definitely helps this cause.
  5. The Pimpsters – Quite a dirty softball team name for a group of guys who get both; victory and the girls.
  6. The Scrotums – In case you want to creep everyone out by documenting your ultra-wrinkly skin.
  7. Succ My Balls – The only phrase (and softball team name) that can get your opponents to shut up.
  8. The Blue Ballers – A dirty team name for a team with some really disgusting health issues.
  9. Smelly Balls – Your opponents are gonna spend half the time avoiding your reek than playing the game.
  10. The Sweaty Ballers – Well, the amount of sweat that ensues during a softball match is probably proportional to how well they play the game, isn’t it?
  11. Clits On Fire – A naughty softball team name that’ll leave everyone wishing the ground would open up and swallow them!
  12. Just The Tip – Quite an interesting, common, and dirty innuendo for your team.


Badass Softball Team Names

There’s no denying the fact that team names are indisputably an integral element of the sports culture. So, why not pick one that makes a statement and demonstrates how badass your gang is?

Keep reading, because here we are recommending some of the most incredible softball team names for you to pick from:

  1. Hit Happens – A classic softball team name that is inspired by the famous phrase, “Shit happens.”
  2. Better With Beer – Aren’t all the things?
  3. Single Hit Wonders – When it’s their lucky day, they can work their way through just one hit.
  4. Zeroes To Heroes – Quite an awe-inspiring softball team title for a gang that started from the bottom and is all the way up!
  5. Swish Swish – A fitting name for a team that makes softball look supremely easy.
  6. The Robust Sledgehammers – We love this name for a bunch of players who hit the ball so hard and fast that it almost feels like beating the speed of light.
  7. The Strikers – When there’s nothing you cannot achieve with those precise aiming skills.
  8. The Tornadoes – Well, they should brace themselves for one crazy storm!
  9. Intimidators – A real badass softball team name for a team that’s adept at scaring their opponents away.
  10. The Elite Club – For a group of self-proclaimed elites who think no one is better than them.
  11. Apocalypse – When you play so well, losing to you would almost feel like doomsday.
  12. Pitch Perfect – If you’re looking for a softball team name that speaks volumes about how cool you are, then this is it.
  13. Broken Bones – It’s either yours or theirs. You decide!


Church Softball Team Names (For Religious Christians)

If you are someone who is an ardent follower of the Christian faith, and also loves softball as a sport, then this section is meant for you.

Below, we have compiled some of the most sought-after team names that will echo your religious beliefs alongside your fondness for the game. Here are the options:

  1. Angelic Ballers – A team name for a group of players who showcase a great deal of kindness in their game.
  2. The Satanic Smashers – Because once you are in the zone, nothing can stop you from showing your devilish instincts.
  3. Pray For A Hit – Isn’t that what you do when it comes down to it?
  4. Biblical Proportions – When the Holy Bible has the answers to everything.
  5. I Noah Guy – Quite a comical take on “I know a guy.”
  6. Heaven Sent – A fantabulous team name to pick when your team is blessed with the G.O.A.T. softball players.
  7. Do You Eden Play? – “Eden” as in God’s Garden of Eden, also known as Terrestrial Paradise.


We Hope You’ve Found The One!

With over 100 softball team name recommendations at your disposal, you are probably overflowing with inspiration, aren’t you?

In case you are still confused as to which title to go for, just take it easy! A great way to come up with a name is to simply think of the characteristics that your team best identifies with.

For example, if your teammates are always zesty and high on energy, then you could curate “Zestful Hitters Inc.” Ultimately, it all boils down to finding a jargon-free, but impactful team name that embodies you.

So, get your thinking caps on and unlock the doorway to your inventiveness! We hope that our round-up of softball team names has helped you find the one that best suits your interests.

Lastly, if there’s another wonderful team name that you think is worth sharing with our readers, then be a dear and let us know! Good luck!

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