80+ Nicknames That Start With D

Nicknames That Start With D

Is your dog your favorite thing in the world? Is dancing the most enjoyable activity for you? Is Daffodil your go-to flower? Well then, today we will give you some more things to love that start from the letter D. The nicknaming ball has set rolling and landed up at the letter D today. All the nicknames that we will give you today will start from the letter D.

Are you ready for the D-Day? Let’s get rolling!

Cute Nicknames that start from D

First things first! Everyone loves a cutesy nickname that feels like a warm hug, so here are some affectionate nicknames that you can pick without a second thought.

  1. Dean – Any fans of the American sitcom “Gilmore Girls” would recognize this short nickname taken after one of the characters.
  2. Donald Duck – What could be better than a nickname after a cartoon that takes you back to childhood days?
  3. Danny – Here is another simplistic nickname that works like a charm!
  4. Darling – Let’s ramp up your nicknaming game with this smooth name that hits the sweet spot every time.
  5. Dahlia – How do you like this friendly and flowery nickname for a lovely lady?
  6. Dearest – Wouldn’t be calling someone with this adorable nickname put an instant smile on their face?
  7. Dear – When in doubt, trust classic nicknames like this one always to do the trick.
  8. Dazzler – Hype up your gorgeous friend who constantly makes head turn when you use this super nickname for her.
  9. Dew Drops – This pure and pristine nickname is our recommendation to you for a nature lover.
  10. Danish – What could you name a guy who is obsessed with desserts? Well, why not nickname him after a dessert name itself!
  11. Diamond – After all, diamonds are the girl’s best friend!
  12. Doll – We know you have someone in your life who would be perfect for this cheeky nickname.


Funny Nicknames That Start From D

If your fun personality demands you to come up with witty names for your friends and family, then here is a cheat sheet that will get you sorted.

  1. D Dawg – This awesome nickname could be your pass into the elite club of pro nickname givers.
  2. Diego – Spice things up with an exotic nickname that is off-beat; here is a great nickname that is giving Spanish
  3. Donut – Need a sugar-coated nickname for your little one? Here you go!
  4. Disco Head – Here is a name that we would like to dedicate to all the party animals out there.
  5. Dumpling – We have the most adorable nickname for your baby, who is the cutest little thing in the world, so much so that you want to gobble them up. Why not name them a dumpling?
  6. Daffodil – Daffodil is a lovely yellow-colored flower symbolic of rebirth and new beginnings. Tag a friend you patched up with after a fight with this name.
  7. Dolce and Gabbana – Need a catchy title for a diva-like girl who is constantly shopping? We have a great idea; why not give her this nickname after a luxury brand.
  8. Doodle – How about this fun pet name for a colleague or classmate with an artistic bent of mind?
  9. Double Trouble – What could be a better nickname for a set of naughty twins than this one?
  10. Dodge Ball – Tease your chubby buddy with this goofy nickname that would make them chuckle.
  11. Dodo – Dodo is a now-extinct bird that can be an outlandish nickname that you can pick for a friend you often catch after a long time.
  12. Dummy – Take a dig at your buddy with this insulting nickname; after all, that’s what best friends do.
  13. Duck Face – If you want to annoy your sibling with a nickname, here is what you can call them, which will make them furious.
  14. Dobby – Potterheads would love this nickname for their tiny and frail friends who are often in self-doubt.
  15. Dove – Doves are symbols of peace and non-violence. If you have a friend who is always calm and composed, this name might be the one for them.


Boy Nicknames That Start From D

Be it your friend, boyfriend, fun uncle, or colleague; a nickname can make anyone feel special. Here are some fun nicknames for the special men in your life.

  1. Dennis the Menace – There is no better nickname than this one for a boy who is always brewing trouble.
  2. Duke – Royal Nicknames are a heritage you cannot help but be fascinated by.
  3. Dr. Handsome – Make your guy feel all giddy with a name that is as special as he is.
  4. Dexter – Bloodthirsty nickname after a sitcom that took the world by storm. Do you have a psychopath who is fit for this name?
  5. Droid – Here is an apt nickname for a techie guy who is found around machines at all times.
  6. Dumbledore – Wouldn’t it be fun to give this nickname after the legendary wizard to your old guy who sports a gray beard?
  7. Duty Call – Tag all the workaholics with this title, calling them out.
  8. Darcy – Darcy is a historic male protagonist of the classic novel “Pride and Prejudice,” a nickname for someone who is always found behind books.
  9. Dancing Madman – Compliment someone for their mad dancing skills with this fun title that they would be proud to carry.
  10. Dan Dan Noodle – Any fans of Chinese cuisine in here? This spicy nickname is all you need to cheer them up!
  11. DigiByte – Another one of those geeky nicknames that only a nerd can pull off well!
  12. Django Unchanged – Movie title nicknames for the win! If you know someone who is a die-hard fan of oscar-winning actor Leonardo di Caprio.
  13. Duncan – This outlandish nickname comes from the Shakespearean universe from one of his most celebrated works, Macbeth.


Girl Nicknames That Start From D

Every queen deserves a title! So, why not give out some dotting titles to the queen of your life. Here are some devoted titles for the woman in your life who is the strength behind your struggles.

  1. Duchess – Make your princess feel loved when you call her with this affectionate name that is fit for royalty.
  2. Daisy – here is a name that is a no-brainer when it comes to finding comforting and cutesy nicknames.
  3. Dream Girl – If you are in a lover’s spat with your queen, this name is all you need to melt her anger away.
  4. Diva – What do we say about this name? The name says it all itself!
  5. Dimple Face – Compliment a pretty lady of the beautiful dimples on her face that make her smile the best thing you ever saw.
  6. Dark Angel – If your woman is an angel with just a hint of the dark side, what better name for this one.
  7. Dancing Feet – Give this witty name to a friend who is the fife of the part
  8. Diana – If royal gossip is the go-to entertainment of your office buddy, then this name is probably the one for her.
  9. Dulce – Dulce is Spanish for candy, so if you want to mix things up a bit, this name might help you do just that.
  10. Desperate Housewive – Wouldn’t this be an amusing nickname for a homemaker?


Cool Nicknames That Start From D

Need a kickass way to call your college crush? We have you sorted with some amazing options of nicknames that are anything but boring!

  1. Doctor Doctor – Need we say more about this name that says it all itself?
  2. Don – Do you have a habit of giving nicknames that can cause a bit of a stir in the group? If yes, we have a great recommendation for you.
  3. December Baby – Tag all those December babies with
  4. Delish – What could be a sassy pet name for a girl who likes a snack? Well, here’s a clue!
  5. DND – Use this hilarious nickname for an antisocial friend who shies away from gatherings.
  6. Daredevil – Would you care for this adrenaline-filled name for a buddy who is always pumped up!
  7. Darth Vader – Darth Vader is a fictional character from the superhit series Star Trek. Isn’t it just the name you were looking for?
  8. Die Hard – Another power-packed nickname for someone who can be found binging on action movies.
  9. Dino – Looking for a cutesy nickname for your infant? Here is
  10. Daddy Long Legs – Tease a tall guy with this quirky name that they are sure to find entertaining.
  11. Dundee – Did you know that Dundee is a small city in Scotland? A name that is fit for a globetrotter.
  12. Daggers – We don’t know why but this name just sounds like a cool nickname that a rapper might have?
  13. Dynamo – On the note of rapper nickname, here is another dope name, also the stage name of a kickass magician.
  14. Drink Up – Get the party started with this kick-ass nickname that makes all other nicknames look bad.
  15. Dark Lord – Spook your best friend with a nickname that must not be said!
  16. Daddy – Use this laughable nickname for a fun person who has a colorful imagination.
  17. Dark Matter – Here is a name that is fit for a science nerd.
  18. Dunno – Take a dig at someone who is pretty clueless about most things in life with a name that is as confused as him.


Insulting Nicknames That Start From D

If you are someone who likes to spice things up in the nicknaming department, then we have you sorted with some nicknames that might be fun to give but won’t be a pleasure to receive.

Have fun!

  1. Doggo – Looking for a wacky nickname for your all-time favorite person in the world or your pup, here is a cutesy nickname.
  2. Douchebag – Want to poke fun at your sibling with an irritating nickname? This has to be it.
  3. Dunzo – Millennials would go all gaga over this slang term as a nickname which means “we are done with!”
  4. Doctor Strange – Marvel nickname for someone you find out of this world.
  5. Dragon Heart – If mythical and superhero nicknames captivate your heart, then your wish is our command!
  6. Dickhead – Derogatory nickname shows the depth of your relationship with the other person.
  7. Dirty Doo – Does this quick-witted pet name strike a chord with you?
  8. Dandy Legs – We all have a friend in our lives who has chicken legs. Tag those buddies with this hilarious nickname!
  9. Dumb and Dumber – Insulting nicknames do not get better than this. Take it from us!
  10. Demon – Here is a name that is fit for a mean boss or a horrible relative that you can use for them in secret.
  11. Diss Master – Probably a nickname that only a person with an unbelievable foul mouth deserves.
  12. Doobie – Use this controversial pet name at your own risk!
  13. Death Face – Here is a weird name that would raise some eyebrows when people hear you use it!
  14. Dome – Tease an overweight friend with this amusing nickname after a round shape.
  15. Devil’s Advocate – Let’s mix things up! Use this cinematic nickname for someone who is very upfront about things.
  16. Doozy – Attention all serial-sleepers! We have found the perfect nickname for you.
  17. Digger – Tag all those nose diggers out there with a name that they will be embarrassed to have.


Pheww! We’re all the tricks that we had in our ‘Nicknaming Hats’ for today! We hope that you could find some inspiration from our blog to give dotting nicknames to your near and dear ones.

Share the nicknames you found best with this list, or just drop a fun nickname idea. Anyhow, we would love to hear from you. We shall keep the nicknames coming in, so brace yourself for more!

Happy Nicknaming!

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