70+ Cute Nicknames That Start With C

Nicknames That Start With C

1..2..3 Let’s get started with another exciting episode of finding super nicknames. If you are stuck on the same old boring nicknames like cutie and cupcake, we are here to change that. Today is your lucky day as you get not one or two but more than 70 adorable nickname ideas from us.

What is even better is that all of them are from the letter C. We shall keep you entertained throughout this fun ride with some sweet and sassy remarks for the nicknames.

So, let’s skip right to the good part and start with the cute pet names!


Cute Nicknames that start with C

Let’s set the ball rolling with some delightful pet names from the letter C, which are safe play when it comes to nicknaming friends and family.

  1. Cutie – This one is perhaps the first cheeky nickname that comes to find when one sets out to find nicknames from C.
  2. Cuddle Bunny – Sprinkle some love of your special person or your baby who loves to cuddle with you.
  3. Cuppycake – We cannot think of a sweeter nickname than this one for someone with a massive sweet tooth.
  4. Coochy Coo – Here, you have another classic nickname for someone who lights up your life.
  5. Christmas Carol – Spread Christmas cheer all year round with this festive nickname that will get even awesome if you give it to a woman named Carol.
  6. Chef Hat – Only a person who spoils you with amazing home-cooked delicacies deserves this
  7. Cookie – If there is a one-word nickname from the letter C that you can always trust to do the trick of pleasing people, it is this one.
  8. CK – CK is short for Calvin Klein, a luxury brand. If your friend’s initials are also CK or if they are into fancy stuff, then you can choose this off-beat nickname.
  9. Cherry – Here is a fun and fruity nickname for a girl close to your heart.
  10. Chipmunk – This fun yet cheeky nickname is the one for you if you landed here in a search for a nickname for your naughty niece/nephew.
  11. Crush – Need we say more about this simple nickname for someone special?


Funny Nicknames that start with C

A nickname that makes people laugh beats any other kind of nickname. If you would like a pet name that causes ripples of laughter in your group, then here are some witty nicknames that will help you do that.

  1. Camel – Tease a guy who is tall and dandy with this comic nickname that comes from the animal kingdom.
  2. Craziness – We bet you can think of some Crazyhead in your life who can pull this nickname well.
  3. Cat Eyes – Wouldn’t this be a great name to compliment a lady on the mesmerizing eyes that she has?
  4. C-Men – Use this adult and offensive nickname at your own risk!
  5. Chubby Bubby – Need a witty nickname for your friend who has put on some extra pounds? Here, why not pick this sweet-sounding nickname for them!
  6. Chicken Legs – Poke some fun at a friend who has unbelievably skinny legs with this hilarious nickname.
  7. Cheese Ball – Here is another one of those pet names that would be perfect for slightly overweight buddies.
  8. Criminal – How do you find this nickname that you can give to someone who has stolen your heart?
  9. Corona – People will be irked at this nickname that no one would like to have. Go Corona, go!
  10. Cereal Killer – Do you happen to know someone who loves cereal? If the answer is yes, we just found you the perfect nickname for them.
  11. Can of Tuna – Here is another one of those outlandish nicknames that you might not have come across otherwise.
  12. Chow Chow – Are you a fan of rhyming nicknames? If yes, here is a special recommendation just for you.


Boy Nicknames that start with C

Why must boys be deprived of sweet nicknames? Spoil your man by giving him a loving nickname from the section below, specially curated for boys!

  1. Co-pilot – We have a darling nickname for your spouse who is with you in the journey of life.
  2. Cheeky Baby – Here is one for the cute babies out there who melt your heart with these fluffy cheeks and beautiful smiles.
  3. Cosmo – This name is taken from a Sci-Fi movie with the same name and is also short for the best-selling fashion magazine Cosmopolitan>
  4. Catch – Tell someone they are a catch with this fun one-word nickname they will love.
  5. CowBoy – If you have a roguish country boy in mind, we just got you the nickname you need for him.
  6. Caesar Salad – Here is one for all the weight-watchers out there!
  7. Chick Magnet – What could be an amusing way to call a hot guy who is super smooth with the ladies? Well, how about giving them the name “Chick Magnet”?
  8. Chip – This simplistic nickname has more to it than it seems at first look.
  9. Chuckles – Dedicate this lovely nickname to someone who makes you laugh with silly jokes and sarcastic comments.
  10. Casper – Spook someone with a name that is also the name of a great paranormal movie.
  11. Cupid – Cupid is traditionally a god of passion, love, and desire. As the myth goes, Cupid hits you with an arrow to make you fall in love with the person.
  12. Cyborg – Cyborg is an organism that is part robot, part human. Tease a hard-working buddy with this uncanny nickname.
  13. Captain Crunch – Do you have a buddy who is always munching on snacks? If yes, this name is practically calling put to them.


Girl Nicknames that start with C

We have collated some awesome nicknames that will suit any woman who holds a special place in your life below.

  1. Caramel – who could be a better nickname for a sweet woman with gorgeous brown eyes?
  2. Chatty Kathy – Here is the name that you must use for all the chatterboxes in your life. Just replace the name Kathy with their name.
  3. Candy – We recommend this nickname for a woman with whom you have a sweet and sour relationship.
  4. Cutie Pie
  5. Coco – When in doubt always trust a Disney princess nickname. Did you know that Courtney Cox’s daughter is named Coco?
  6. Canyon – Go the extra mile when it comes to finding nicknames and pick this unique nickname for a dangerously beautiful woman.
  7. Chardonnay – Compliment your girl aging like a fine wine with this elegant name that comes after a wine brand.
  8. Chicklet – Tag your chick for life with this fun and outdoorsy nickname, which will fit a skinny girl.
  9. Cinderella – Take a dig at your buddy who has strict parents and cannot stay out all late hours of the night with this princess nickname.
  10. Chastity – Here is another one of those fun nicknames that can stick around for a long time.
  11. Curly Head – If elegant curls are the defining feature of the woman you wish to nickname, then this name might come in handy for you.
  12. Camilla Cabello – Every woman would die to get a nickname after the diva of pop music herself.
  13. Catty – A catty woman deserves a catty nickname!


Fighter Nicknames that start with C

  1. Cujo – A dog-lover would approve of this name that comes from a great movie title.
  2. Cobra – If there is a one-word nickname that sounds intimidating yet is easy to use and remember, then it is this one.
  3. Catch me if you can – This slightly longer nickname comes from a great movie starring the legendary Leonardo Di Caprio.
  4. Count Eagle
  5. Coldplay – What could be cooler than a band nickname for a guy?
  6. Crazy Blade – Here is a dangerous nickname that can petrify anyone who hears it?
  7. Chuggers – Mixing some playful vibes with an otherwise heavy-duty name for making a great nickname for an arrogant guy.
  8. Cool Whip – Doesn’t this sound like the sort of nickname that a rapper might have?
  9. Captain America – Superhero nicknames for the win! After all, how can one beat superhero nicknames when it comes to fighter nicknames?


Insulting Nicknames that start with C

If the sweeter way out of nicknaming is not your style, then we have managed to come up with some naughty nicknames that you might like!

  1. Catcaller – There, you have a name that you must use for someone who is forever critical of things and perpetually in a bad mood.
  2. Chicken Little – Tease a tiny man with this witty name that he may get embarrassed about.
  3. Chainsaw Massacre – No one would like a name after this gross and scary incident, precisely why you should use it for someone you dislike.
  4. Cookie Monster – If the person you wish to nickname can devour sweets like crazy, what better pet name for them than this one. Also, cookie monster is one of the most popular cartoon characters of all time.
  5. Cunt – Use this derogatory name at your own risk!
  6. Crocodile Tears – We all need nicknames for some of our fake ass friends who are double-faced; this name might help you do just that.
  7. Cream Bun – Take a jibe at an overweight person with this hysterical nickname!
  8. Crappy Pants – If you need a nickname that one would be ashamed to hear, this one is probably it.
  9. Creeper – Do you happen to know a weird guy who gives you the creeps? If the answer is yes, this is probably the nickname you might find right for him.
  10. Chimp – Why not give this silly nickname to your friend who is always goofing around?
  11. Carrot Top – Can you think of someone who will be right for this droll pet name?
  12. Chuck E Cheese – This hysterical nickname is for all those gluttons out there who are always found buried in a heap of junk food.
  13. Cruella – Here is a mean nickname that ironically comes from the Disney universe for someone who treats others poorly.


Car Nicknames that start with C

We have planned something special for you for the last section of nicknames. All the nicknames below are car names that can be used innovatively for people in your life.

Here’s how!

  1. Cadillac – We have landed up at the land of wheels where each name will be a delight to a car-lover.
  2. Chevrolet – Here is another option of a pet name for a die-hard car lover who is constantly raving about new models and automobile technology.
  3. C Class – If you needed a class apart name for your affluent buddy, then this has to be it.
  4. Camaro – Cheers to the ultimate joy of riding!
  5. Camry – Are you looking for an awesome nickname for a guy who is obsessed with his Camry? Why not nickname him after his beloved car itself!
  6. Convertible – There are many ways you can convert this witty nickname into fitting the person you wish to nickname.
  7. Corolla – Did you know that this car name means flower petals?
  8. Cougar – Cougar, is a controversial term for a middle-aged woman and also a car model. This riotous nickname could be the one for a fun aunt of yours!



And that’s a wrap! How did you find the lovely nicknames starting from the letter C that we compiled for you today? We hope you were struck by some ideas of pet names that you can use to bring on the face of people you hold dear in your life.

If you have a delightful nickname that starts from the letter C, it can feature on our blog here! Reach out to us with your creative suggestions, and we will be happy to add them here!

Stay tuned for the next episode in the series of finding adorable nicknames that begin from the same alphabet.

Happy Nicknaming!

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