80+ Nicknames That Start With B

Nicknames That Start With B

Hola Amigos! Are you ready for yet another exciting blog dedicated to one of the world’s best things, i.e., Nicknames?

Nicknames are loving reminders that people value and appreciate you. Whether it’s a friendly colleague at work, a childhood best friend, or our partners, all relationships in life can be adorned with pleasant nicknames. But where do we do get so many interesting and affectionate nicknames? Well, that is where we step in.

We are your very own “Nicknaming Experts” who will make this nicknaming journey easy and smooth for you. To keep things interesting, we have one simple rule today; all nicknames will have to start from a common letter that is B. How many nicknames can you think of which start from B?

Come along as we try and give you more than 80 great nicknames options that start with the letter B. Let’s go!


Cute Nicknames That Start With B

As is the norm, we will begin by listing out some nicknames that are elegant and endearing at the same time. If you want a simple and sweet nickname, you might find what you are looking for down here.

  1. Boss Baby – You have to pick this name for your baby, who is the real boss in the household and has you running after them constantly.
  2. Butterscotch Cupcake – Let’s bring some sweetness to the name. This darling nickname that will be a hit will all dessert-lovers.
  3. Babe – Here is one of those classic nicknames you can never go wrong with; pick this if you want to keep things simple.
  4. Bubbles – We love this cheeky one-word nickname that can be your pick for a toddler.
  5. Butter Cup – Some classic nicknames are people pleaser forever; here is one such cutesy nickname.
  6. Boo Boo – If you are into rhyming nicknames that sound adorable, you might like this silly yet sweet nickname.
  7. Beauty Queen – Who wouldn’t die to have this nickname, the dream name of all the girls out there?
  8. Babushka – Sprinkle some love on your favorite person in the world with this coochy coo pet name.
  9. Bugs Bunny – Loving this cutesy nickname that you might have encountered somewhere before as well.
  10. Bromance – Tag your brother, who has been your support system, with the nickname that he deserves.
  11. Button – Looking for a darling pet name for an infant as cute as a button? Well, why not name him the button itself!
  12. Belle – Disney princess nicknames for the win! A nickname that would please any little girl who is crazy over fairy tales.
  13. Bunny – What could be a winsome nickname for an infant who is the star of your life? Well, how about naming the little guy bunny after his favorite animal?


Funny Nicknames that start With B

Welcome to the section of nicknames which is a hit with people who like to keep things funky and funny when it comes to giving people nicknames.

  1. Blondie – This fuss-free nickname might just do the trick when you have
  2. Bad Kitty – Why not use this absurd nickname for a cat-lover, you happen to know.
  3. Bones Bro – Reserve this weird pet name for a guy who is so skinny that he is practically just bones.
  4. Bulldozer – Here is a unique way to poke fun at a muscular and chubby person who is heavily built.
  5. Big Mama – This one is another of those millennial names that every teenager would like!
  6. Bogey Monster – Tag a naughty kid who is afraid of monsters with this name to have some fun.
  7. Bedroom Legend – If you wouldn’t mind a slightly adult nickname, then here is a valid option for you to choose.
  8. Baldie – Tease someone with thinning hair or receding hairline with this amusing nickname that they will detest.
  9. Busy Bee – We all have one of those friends who have no time to meet up and are always occupied; tag those busy bees with this name.
  10. Bugger – Need we say more about this pet name that fits someone who annoys you a lot?
  11. Bear Hugs – Dedicate this fuzzy nickname to someone who offers the warmest and most comforting hugs.
  12. Beeswax – Here is another one of those outlandish nicknames that you might not have heard before.
  13. Bastard with Luck – Best friends hold the right to use derogatory terms as pet names for their friends! Use that privilege well with this offensive name.
  14. Bunny Ears – Mix some naughtiness in plain old nicknames and pick this clever nickname for someone with big ears.
  15. Buckbeak – No nicknaming blog can be complete without a fictional yet fanciful name from the Harry Potter universe.
  16. Bambino – We don’t know why but this sounds like a crazy nickname idea for a fun-loving person that you happen to know.


Creative Nicknames That Start With B

Let your imagination run amuck and invent a creative nickname for the most special people in your life. Here are some names that we have come up with to help you along the way.

  1. Bubbly – Keep things light with this simple yet sweet nickname for a chatterbox that is always chirping around.
  2. Beanie Boy – Let’s poke some fun at all our buddies who sport a beanie from time to time.
  3. Baker’s Dozen – Compliment your friend’s mother who spoils you with great food whenever you visit them with this lovely pet name.
  4. Brominator – How is this power-packed nickname for your brother for life?
  5. Baba Ganoush – If going creative with nicknames is your thing; you just found an awesome nickname that not many people would know?
  6. Bruno Mars – Get some party vibes going when you use this superhit nickname after a legendary American singer.
  7. Brainiac – Here is a perfect nickname for all the geeky and nerdy folks out there!
  8. Berry Blossoms – Isn’t this one of those nicknames that cheer you up instantly when you hear them?
  9. Banana Muffin – A pleasing blend of sweetness and sass, this nickname is a great option for you to choose from.
  10. Babylicious – Call your special girl with this name if she is so cute that you just want to gobble her up.
  11. Banged Head – Get crazy with nicknaming; after all, there are no rules when it comes to finding loving nicknames for our loved ones!
  12. Bates Motel – Creep out somebody with this whacky name after the most popular horror movies of all time.
  13. Baguette – Here is a special nickname dedicated to all the bakers out there who are wizards whipping up delicacies.


Badass Nicknames That Start With B

All the Gen Z’s in our audience today will find some crazy nicknames in the list below that they might resonate with. Have a look!

  1. Bitch Face – Do you happen to know someone who can pull off this wild and sassy name?
  2. Big Fella – This simplistic name is all you need for being the next nicknaming expert in your family.
  3. Booze Man – Poke some fun at a buddy who cannot hold his booze and is a party animal.
  4. Beer King – Cheers to all the beer guzzlers out there! Why not compliment their skills with a worthy nickname?
  5. Blade Runner – Go full-throttle on nicknames with this nickname that is fit for a guy who is rowdy and dangerous.
  6. Brocode – Cheers to the code that all men live by! This name is specially curated for a friend who is more like a brother.
  7. Beethoven – Dog-lovers might recognize this fuzzy nickname after a great movie featuring a cutie doggo!
  8. Bandit Queen – We challenge you to find a nickname as badass as this one!
  9. Billie Eilish – Popstar artist names are dream nicknames for any pop culture fan. If you happen to know a diva-like girl who can rock any party, you can flatter her with this name.
  10. Badass with a Good Ass – Who said good nicknames have to be short? Longer nicknames can also do the trick!
  11. Bazinga – Are there any fans of the TV series “The Big Bang Theory” here? Do you remember this catchphrase immortalized by the character of Sheldon Cooper?
  12. Bubble Gum – Pack some fruity and fuzzy fun in plain old nicknames with this clever nickname that is delightful.


Boyfriend Nicknames That Start With B

We just made your day better today! You have a chance to brighten your boyfriend’s day when you call him by one of these romantic nicknames.

  1. Babycakes – Who do women get all sweet and loving nicknames? Make your guy feel special as well.
  2. Beardo – If your boyfriend’s beard is his most defining feature, he is a worthy contender for this nickname.
  3. Beast – We have a great idea of what you can call your partner obsessed with weightlifting!
  4. Black Panther – Commend you guy on his ferocity and speed with this wild nickname that is straight out of the woods.
  5. Bon Bon – We can’t contain ourselves over this jolly nickname that no one would deem probable.
  6. Benedict Cumberbatch – If you man is a fan of Sherlock Holmes, he might like being named after the legendary actor who played Sherlock Holmes.
  7. Bernie – Here is a short and playful nickname for someone with a political bent of mind. Fun fact: Bernie is a well-loved cartoon character of all time.
  8. Backstreet Boy – Go for this witty pet name if you want to keep things fun!
  9. Batman – Name your very own superhero with this pet name after the superhero we all love!
  10. Bad Guy – What more do we say about this name that says it all itself? Tease your very own bad guy with this name.


Girlfriend Nicknames That Start With B

We recommend the section below if searching for a pleasant nickname for your lady love has landed you here today!

  1. Baby Boo – Here is a darling pet name that you can never go wrong with!
  2. Blueberry – Do you like this amusing and alluring nickname which is great for a girl who is obsessed with eating healthy.
  3. Ballerina – If your sweetheart always has dancing shoes on, then we have an endearing nickname that you can give her.
  4. Beauty Queen – What could be a more flattering nickname for the love of your life than this one?
  5. Beloved – Beloved is a romantic nickname for your lover, which is also the title of a best-selling novel by Toni Morrison.
  6. Beagle – If your spouse is a crazy dog lover, you can consider this off-beat nickname from a dog breed.
  7. Bootylicious – Make your woman blush with this sassy and flirtatious nickname that she would love for sure.
  8. Barbie – I’m a Barbie girl in the Barbie World! Does this ring any bells?
  9. Bunnykins – We love how warm and loving this cutesy nickname is, perfect for your dear girlfriend.
  10. Baby Doll – If you are someone who loves to take the classic route when it comes to giving pet names, here is a winner.


Car-Lover Nicknames That Start With B

Car-lovers unite! We have dedicated a special space for nicknames after car brands and models for people who are obsessed with their wheels.

  1. Brabus – If you know someone who is a fan of luxury cars, you can give him this nickname.
  2. Bentley – This car is one of the most loved car brands globally, a safe pet name for a cat lover.
  3. Bugatti – Here is a great nickname that fits someone who is loaded.
  4. BMW – Here is the holy grail of nicknames for cars! A car that is symbolic of elegance and royalty.
  5. Buick – We will spoil you for choice if you need a great nickname after a car manufacturer for someone who loves to go on long drives with you.
  6. Borgward – Doesn’t this nickname sound like the sort of name that would go well with an arrogant and high-headed guy?


Believe it or not, we just gave you more than 70 nicknames that start with the letter B. Go ahead and give these great nicknames to the special people in your life. We challenge you to take the cue and devise some delightful nicknames of your own that start from B and send them to us.

As always, we promise to be back with yet another episode of giving you some more exciting nicknames from another letter soon!

Happy Nicknaming!

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