80+ Nicknames That Start With A

Nicknames That Start With A

Welcome to another special episode of finding some awesome nicknames for your near and dear ones. We have planned a thrilling ride for you, one that will entertain you with some great ideas for catchy nicknames.

If you love giving people nicknames based on their unique attributes and habits but find it confusing to think of innovative names, we can help you. Today, our “Nicknaming Express” will take you through the fascinating land of sweet nicknames.

Like the ABC song which all toddlers love, the stop for today’s ride is stopping at Station A. All the nicknames that we give to you today, no matter cute, funny, or mean, will have one thing in common: they all begin with the letter A. While no perfect nickname works for everyone, we have tried to give you as many options as possible.

So please sit back and relax as we unravel all the amazing, astonishing, and affectionate pet names we have for you today.

Cute Nicknames That Start With A

If your heart smiles on hearing lovey-dovey nicknames, you will love these cutesy nicknames that we have for you. Have a look!

  1. Apple Pie – Let’s kickstart our journey with a sweet dessert-based nickname that is great for a sweetheart.
  2. Angel heart – Here is another one of those warm-hearted nicknames that people love to give to their partners.
  3. Asta – Asta is a Greek-inspired nickname that translates to “like a star.” Dedicate this exotic yet elegant nickname to someone who shines like a star.
  4. Adorbs – Need an affectionate nickname for someone special? Here you go!
  5. Argo – Did you know that Argo is the name of a constellation in the southern hemisphere? A name that is literally out of this world!
  6. American Beauty – Make your woman blush by using this hyping-up nickname for her that comes from a super hit movie title!
  7. Al Pacino – What’s better than naming our dearest buddies after movie stars whom we all adore?
  8. Aye Aye Captain – Use this droll nickname for a natural leader who guides you.
  9. Auto-Man – Here is a creative name for a guy who is a techie and loves fine pieces of machinery to death.
  10. Amy Rose – Amy Rose is a massively popular cartoon character introduced in Sonic’s TV series that became an instant hit with the kids.


Funny Nicknames That Start With A

Why pick a plain old boring nickname when we can offer you some crazy hilarious nicknames instead?

  1. Ape – Perhaps the most hilarious nickname for someone who has wild ways of life.
  2. Aglio Olio – How about this fun Italian pasta dish name for someone who is obsessed with Italian food?
  3. Aroma Candle – Dedicate this weird yet winsome name to someone who always smells amazing.
  4. Acorn – It is best to use this nutty nickname for a little kid of your family who brightens up your day.
  5. Alfredo
  6. Airport Hobo
  7. Alarm Clock – Wouldn’t it be amusing to give this unbeatable nickname to your infant who constantly wakes you up in the middle of the night?
  8. A-Loner – What more do we say about this nickname that says it all
  9. Abra ka Dabra – Use these magic words as a nickname for someone whom you wish to make invisible so you wouldn’t have to deal with them.
  10. Amazon – For someone who shops a lot
  11. Assh@le – Use this offensive nickname at your own risk!
  12. Anchovies – Anchovies are small dead fish used as a pizza topping. Use this quirky name for someone who is tiny and loves pizza!
  13. April Fool – It would be great if you could use this amusing pet name for someone born in the month of April.
  14. Apple of my Eye – Tease someone with this sarcastic nickname that will raise some eyebrows for sure!
  15. Angry Bird – Here is an uproarious way to call someone who is always in a bad mood.


Badass Nicknames That Start With A

Is the person you looking to nickname a born rebel? If the answer is yes, find some truly badass nicknames below that’ll suit any sparkplug.

  1. Alpha Male – Here is power-packed name-calling out a macho man!
  2. Ace – If you are someone who is looking to nickname someone who is great in all things in life, this is what we recommend to pick for them.
  3. Amigo – How about this cheery nickname that comes from the Spanish nickname that means “Friend”? Use it for a friend from a foreign land!
  4. Artfully Savage – This name with urban slang is something that would be great for all teenagers.
  5. Alexa – This new age nickname after Amazon’s virtual assistant will go for someone who knows everything.
  6. Audi – There is no better name than this one for a guy obsessed with fancy wheels and loves to ride.
  7. Awesome Possum – Rhyming nicknames are like a comforting hug that everyone loves. Use this cheeky and cheesy pet name for the favorite person in your life.
  8. Alchemist – Alchemist, is someone who can transform things for the better. If you have someone who has changed your life for the better, then this unique nickname can suit them well.
  9. Atom Bomb – We suggest this creative pet name for an attractive woman that you are crushing on right now.
  10. Alligator – Do you have someone wild and ferocious in mind who can pull off this rather peculiar nickname?


Cool Nicknames That Start With A

Level up your nicknaming game with our special nickname section, all of which are full of new age references and pop culture.

  1. Anime-holic – What do we say about this name? The name says it all itself!
  2. Agent K – This awesome nickname is for your guy who is into crime fiction or James Bond movies.
  3. Archie – Anyone remembers the historic Archie Comics that made people their fans around the globe?
  4. Andora Man – If your boyfriend is into traveling, we recommend this amusing nickname for him.
  5. AC/DC – If your buddy’s favorite band is AC/DC, then why not name them after the same.
  6. American Daisy – We have in mind a delicate and beautiful woman who would be right for this graceful name.
  7. Agatha Christie – Reserve this awesome nickname after one of the greatest writers of all time for someone fond of reading detective fiction.
  8. Arrowhead – Arrowhead is a symbol of bravery and protection; perhaps an elder sibling who protects will be appropriate for this name.
  9. Ageless – We all have one of those relatives that never seem to age. Compliment such an aunt or uncle with this light-hearted nickname.
  10. Aqua – Tag all water babies with this short and sweet nickname. Also, if you know someone with beautiful aqua-colored eyes, this nickname would be super for them.
  11. Avocado – Do you have a health freak amongst your college group? If yes, why not take a dig at them with this comical nickname.
  12. Achilles – If you know someone who is a history buff, then this nickname is what they would appreciate having. It also works well for someone who is a pro at archery.


Boyfriend Nicknames That Start With A

This special section of nicknames is dedicated to all the doting, loving, and cute boys in the world. Enjoy!

  1. Aladin – Here is a magical nickname that is straight out of fairytales. We recommend using it for a toddler who is obsessed with stories.
  2. Antman – Any Marvels fans here? We just found the most amazing nickname you guys would love to give and receive.
  3. AZLK – Fans of this band would love to be nicknamed after its title. You can also give this name to someone who loves rock music.
  4. Anywhere Door – Dedicate this cutesy name that comes from the cartoon series Doraemon to someone who chauffeurs your around and takes you everywhere.
  5. Amateur – Need we say more about this self-explanatory nickname?
  6. Afro Head – Tease someone with uncontrollable curly hair with this chucklesome nickname.
  7. Accidental Genius – Here is a fun nickname that is sweet and sour at the same time. Isn’t this a genius nickname?
  8. Adam’s Apple – How about using this off-beat pet name for a guy who is going through puberty?
  9. Anansi Boys – Here is another great option for nicknaming a guy who is into pop music.
  10. ArmadilloArmadillos are odd-looking animals with shell-like armor on their backs; spook out your younger cousin with this outlandish nickname.
  11. Anchor – If your Boyfriend supports you during all turbulent times in your life, then you can express your gratitude for them by using this loving pet name for them
  12. Apricot – Need a name for a cute baby? Here is a darling nickname that will be perfect for them.


Girlfriend Nicknames That Start With A

Is your girl mad at you over a lover’s spat? No worries, we have you covered! Use these cheeky and cheesy nicknames for her and watch her anger disappear.

  1. Anna Karenina – If your best friend is a big-time bookworm, then naming them after this classic novel by Leo Tolstoy would be a great idea.
  2. Angel Face – Make your crush blush with this romantic nickname that she would love to hear each time you say it.
  3. Autumn – Is your redhead colleague the one you wish to nickname? If yes, here is a creative name that will suit her well. Alternatively, this name is awesome for someone born in the fall or loves the season or autumn.
  4. A1 since Day 1 – We bet you would not find a better name than this one for a childhood buddy who has been with you through thick and thin.
  5. Amore – French for “love,” this name is for someone who brightens your day and makes you smile.
  6. Adele – All singers unite! Here is a name after one of the greatest singers of all time that all singers would be proud to have.
  7. Asian Queen – If you have an Asian friend, you can use this graceful name for her.
  8. Always Favorite – Use this lovely nickname, and we assure you that each time you say it, people will go awwww!
  9. Ariana Grande – Celebrity nicknames after pop stars are something we can never have enough of.
  10. Angelina Jolie – Who wouldn’t like to be nicknamed after one of the most beautiful and talented actresses of current times?
  11. Alice in Wonderland – If you are a reader, then name a naive girl with this bookish nickname. You can also pick this name for a girl whose name is similar to Alice.


Mean Nicknames That Start With A

If you are tired of all sweet nicknames, we suggest a spicier alternative. Here are some mean and sassy nicknames that must be used with caution only for some special people in our life.

  1. Alien – Use this offensive nickname for someone who has weird ways of life.
  2. Antena Head – Here is a witty nickname idea for someone who catches feelings for people easily.
  3. Acne Face – This slightly rude nickname is for skin-related issues like acne.
  4. Alcoholic – Dedicate this derogatory nickname to a booze head through and through.
  5. Animal
  6. All In – This name is best used for gamblers and can lose it all in a Game of Poker.
  7. Ammo Babe – This unheard pet name is for someone who is hot but dangerous at the same time.
  8. Amplifier – We all have friends who cannot keep calm and are loud as an amplifier; this name is for those people precisely.


Weird Nicknames That Start With A

This is the last stop for the day! If you don’t mind using some nicknames that are off-beat yet unique, then pick a crazy nickname for the list below.

  1. Alohomora – There you have it, a name that all Potterheads will swoon over. Alohomora is a famous spell in the Harry Potter series which is useful to open locks.
  2. Alexander the great – If your buddy is into traveling, then why not name Him after the famous explorer of all time.
  3. Adventures of XYZ – Replace XYZ with the name of the person you wish to nickname, and you will have a nerdy yet nice pet name ready for them.
  4. Absalom Absalom – Here is a great nickname from a movie title that would be great for a cineholic.
  5. Anarchist – We recommend this unique pet name for someone who refuses to live by the rules.
  6. Apostle – If you have someone to nickname who has a religious bent of mind, then you can consider this biblical name for them.
  7. Alliebear – Do you have someone in mind who can pull off this weird yet sweet name?
  8. Antivirus – We recommend this outlandish nickname for a geeky techie. You can also tease an engineer with this witty name.
  9. Almond Joy – This name is perfect for an infant you welcomed in your family who has brought a lot of joy to your family.

This is where we take a back seat, and you get to take the driver’s seat. Go ahead and choose the nickname that suits your unique bond with your friend, colleague, or sibling from the list above.

We bet you have some great nicknames that you have used for your friends and family. Why not share them with us? We would love to hear them out.  We will soon be back with another episode of finding awesome nicknames from a particular letter. So, stay tuned!

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