60+ Awesome Nicknames For Zachary

Nicknames For Zachary

The name Zachary is insanely appealing for a plethora of reasons. First, it is one of the very few titles in the nickname universe starting with Z, and second, it has such a cool-sounding ring that we just can’t get enough of it!

If you have a special guy named Zachary in your life, we’re sure you want to gift him a spectacular nickname that mirrors his iconic personality. This is why, in today’s article, we have compiled over 60 awesome pet names for Zachary so that you never run out of ideas! Additionally, each nickname comes with a friendly description to make this task all the more thrilling!

But before getting started, let us first explore what Zachary means and where it originates from.


Meaning And Origin Of Zachary

Zachary is a name for males and belongs of Hebrew origin. It translates into “the Lord has remembered,” and is an English variant of the name Zacharias, which is also a derivative of another Hebrew title, Zechariah.

This name is affixed to eight different figures in the Bible, out of which, the most notable person is the father of John the Baptist. What’s interesting to know is that Zachary has managed to maintain his position among the Top 20 names for over 10 years now. With its modern appeal and ancient roots, it’s quite obvious why this title has been such a steady winner!

Now that we are a little familiar with the meaning and origin of this name, let us head straight to some of the greatest pet names for Zachary!


Cute Nicknames For Zachary

If you are in search of a cute endearment that brings a warm smile to your face and lightens the air, then we’ve got you covered!

Below, we have listed some of our favorite adorable nicknames for Zachary, so have a look:

  1. Zazou – This cute nickname means “movement,” so use this for a toddler named Zachary whose walking his first steps!
  2. Zizu – A delightful nickname for a guy who is admired for his notorious personality!
  3. Zachy – We absolutely love this nickname for its eccentric tone!
  4. Zeke – This is a charming nickname that you can use for a handsome man named Zachary.
  5. Zac – A short, sweet, and simple nickname for a guy-next-door kind of man.
  6. Zack – A similar nickname, but with an additional K that makes all the difference!
  7. Zaks – This is an easygoing endearment for the perfect guy best friend with the name Zachary.
  8. Zachie – Use this nickname for a guy who means the world to you.
  9. Zaggy – A bit of an illogical nickname with a whole lot of cuteness!
  10. Zizi – This nickname is pronounced as “Zie-zie.”
  11. Zakari – This is a Hebrew nickname that translates into “the Lord recalled.”
  12. Zakary – A similar pet name as above, but with a different spelling.


Popular Nicknames For Zachary

A great way to dodge the tedious task of finding a fitting nickname is to go for a foolproof option that is already loved and adored by many!

Below, we have assembled some of the most popular nicknames for Zachary that we are sure you will love. Check them out:

  1. Zach – Probably the most sought-after nickname there is for Zachary.
  2. Zak – This is a popular nickname, but with an unconventional spelling.
  3. Achary – Just ditch the Z and you are good to go!
  4. Zackie – A playful pet name for a guy with a high-spirited personality.
  5. Zachy – Another stellar choice that you can use for a young boy named Zachary.
  6. Zee – For a man who wants to keep it simple, yet significant.
  7. Z – This is a great nickname for someone who loves making a statement! You can also pronounce it as “Zee.”
  8. Ary – This nickname is derived by using the last three letters of the name Zachary.
  9. Ach – A pet name for Zachary that’s curated using the middle letters in the name Zachary.
  10. Archie – An endearment that is formed by using the letters synonymous with the ones in the name Zachary.
  11. Chary – This nickname is formed with the last five letters used in the original name.
  12. Zayek – This nickname belongs to an Arabic origin and translates into “gift from God.”
  13. Zachsz – Another unconventional, but admired nickname that we love for someone bearing the name Zachary.


Cool Nicknames For Zachary

Is the special guy in your life as cool as a cucumber? If yes, then it’s best that you find him a cool and breezy nickname that resonates with his personality.

Listed below are some of the most invigorating titles for Zachary. Have a look:

  1. Zaza – A cool and quirky nickname for a guy bearing the name Zachary.
  2. Zacster – Use this nickname for a fun-loving man named Zachary.
  3. Z-Man – If the guy named Zachary in your life is no less than a superhero!
  4. Hack – Pick this nickname for a guy who is a bit of a know-it-all.
  5. Zeal – A suitable nickname for a super enthusiastic man who takes up every task with excellence.
  6. Záh – This cool nickname bears an African origin and translates into “God.”
  7. Zakhar – A fantastic pet name of Russian origin that translates into “remembrance of God.”
  8. Zacko – A weirdly cool nickname that you can use for a techno freak.
  9. Zackaroo – A fun-loving way to address a guy you dearly love.


Funny Nicknames For Zachary

A funny nickname is an excellent way to spread bouts of laughter all around and in some cases, even come back at a loved one who loves making fun of you!

If you are in the mood for a joyous hoot, then scroll through our list of the most hilarious endearments for someone named Zachary:

  1. Zucchini – A food-inspired nickname that sounds pretty funny for a guy named Zachary.
  2. Zazzy – Pick this nickname for a flashy guy named Zachary who loves everything extra!
  3. Quack – Because this nickname rhymes with Zach!
  4. Wacky – A whimsical nickname that rhymes with Zachy. Use this for a guy who is silly and he knows it!
  5. Wacko Zacko – This hysterical nickname is inspired by “Wacko Jacko,” Michael Jackson’s pet name.
  6. Zilch – This giggle-inducing nickname is another word for Zero.
  7. Zippy – Two and a Half Men fans, where you at?!
  8. Zombie – Pick this nickname for a guy who is an insomniac.
  9. Zacheroni – A hilarious endearment that is inspired by the dish named Macaroni.
  10. Zecherroni – Another funny food-inspired nickname that’s derived from the word pepperoni.
  11. Zakass – This is a punny wordplay on the word “Jackass.”
  12. Nutzack – Use this offensive nickname to throw a jibe at a guy named Zachary who is a complete “nutsack!”
  13. BallZack – This nickname for Zachary is similar in meaning to the nickname above!
  14. Zachy Chan – Yet another punny nickname that is the perfect blend of Zach and Jackie Chan.
  15. Baby Zarck – A funnily pleasant nickname that is inspired by the popular children’s song titled Baby Shark!
  16. Spock – This endearment is derived from Star Trek’s popular fictional character named Spock, which is played by Zachary Quinto.
  17. Sac – Another chuckle-worthy nickname for Zachary that we love.
  18. Zesty – Use this nickname for a guy named Zachary with a colorful personality.
  19. Zumba – This is a spunky and relevant pet name that you can give to a man who is on a weight loss journey!
  20. Giggy – A nickname for someone who loves to shake it up!
  21. Tacky Zachy – Remind your buddy to take a shower by using this super funny nickname!


Unique Nicknames For Zachary

If you believe that the guy named Zachary in your life is an extraordinary man, then he probably deserves an equally unique nickname that sets him apart from the crowd.

Check out some of the most unheard-of and spectacular nicknames for Zachary that will never cease to amaze:

  1. Ziyech – This nickname for Zachary is inspired by Hakim Ziyech, the popular Moroccan footballer.
  2. Zacarias – A marvelous Italian/Spanish variant of the name Zachary.
  3. Zakaria – This nickname is an Arabian derivative of the name Zachary.
  4. ZacNCheez – This is an excellent wordplay on the dish Mac n Cheese! Use this for a guy who is a total foodie.
  5. Zacharias – Use this Greek God-like nickname for a handsome guy bearing the name Zachary.
  6. Zeus – Inspired by the Greek religion’s Sky and Thunder God, Zeus.
  7. Zaccary – Another stupendous nickname if you want to go for something distinctive.
  8. Ziggy – A frisky nickname that would perfectly fit a boy who loves being notorious!
  9. ZigZag – Use this nickname to describe a guy who always appears confused.
  10. Zacharie – This is a Hebrew title that translates into “the God recalled,” and is also present in the Old Testament.



So, this was all about over 60 awesome nicknames for someone named Zachary. A nickname is a sign of love, trust, and an unbreakable bond, so make sure that you pick the right one!

We hope that our all-inclusive list has saved you from tediously looking for nicknames, and helped you find the one that resonates with the special person in your life.

Lastly, if you have another great nickname for Zachary that you think we have missed including in our list, then be a dear and share it with us!

Happy nicknaming!

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