40+ Cool Nicknames For Xavier

Nicknames For Xavier

There is an acute dearth of popular names from the letter X, but Xavier is a classic exception. This name has an eternal charm, it is hard to forget a guy named Xavier even if you met him briefly. It is one of those names that set you apart from the crowd.

But you must be thinking that it must be awfully hard to find nicknames for somebody with the name Xavier, well don’t worry we are here to save you the trouble. We have combined a comprehensive list of 40+ cool nicknames for someone named Xavier. What’s cooler is that each name comes with an additional quirky side note, which will aid you in making your choice.

But before we get on to the nicknaming, let us first tell you a little bit about the name Xavier, what it means, and where it originated from.


Origin and Significance of the Name

This name has mixed origins, In Arabic, the word Xavier stands for “castle” or “new house”. Saint Francis Xavier was given the name after the Spanish-Basque village where he was born. This name stands for prosperity, light, and brightness.

The name Xavier has further been immortalized by numerous cathedrals, universities, and other public service institutions opened worldwide dedicated to Saint Xavier. The sheer popularity of this holy name has led to religious connotations getting attached to it. So, when you meet somebody named Xavier, you immediately make a mental bond with them and trust them.

Enough for the buildup, now for the star of the show. We present to you our very own home production of 40+ cool nicknames for Xavier. We have some unique names here which we bet you could not even think of, but you will surely love.


Popular Nicknames for Xavier

If you are somebody who plays it safe when it comes to giving nicknames, the below pet names are practically calling out to you specifically. These names are popular because they are indispensable for a guy named Xavier.

  1. X Man – A name that cannot be replaced and is probably an overused nickname for guys whose name starts with a X, but it’s a classic.
  2. X – When the initial is this unique, it needs nothing more and makes for a solid nickname on its own.
  3. Zara – A global clothing brand name is the name you should opt for your shopaholic buddy.
  4. Xaver – We skipped an “I” from the name and made this unique shorter version of Xavier.
  5. Zave – A short, cute, and suave name that goes perfectly for Xavier you happen to know.
  6. Zavey – A tweaked version of the above name, which adds a bit of zing to it.
  7. Xixi – A voguish name for your funky friend with the name Xavier.
  8. Cartier – A famous watch brand name will suit a guy who loves watches perfectly.
  9. Xavious – A cheery name for a generous, spontaneous, expressive, and talkative guy.
  10. Avery – Another sought-after name to give to Xavier.


Cute Nicknames for Xavier

A cute name like Xavier can be made 1000 times better by an equally adorable name that goes with it. Here are some endearing pet names for Xavier, perfect for your special guy.

  1. Xylophone – You can use this name for a guy who is into music.
  2. Ray Ray – Repeating cute-sounding syllables as nicknames will never go out of style.
  3. Zuzu – This name feels like a warm hug, ideal for a baby Xavier. (Remember those incredibly cute Vodafone Zuzu’s)
  4. Jever – Pronounced as Kh-eve-er, it’s a fancy-sounding nickname for Xavier.
  5. XOXO – This urban slang means “hugs and kisses,” a trendy nickname that’s incredibly cute. Pick this your boyfriend or crush.
  6. Mon Vie – These French words can be translated as “my life,” make for a memorable name for the love of your life.
  7. Zumba – The name you give to Xavier with dancing feet.


Funny Nicknames for Xavier

An amusing nickname is a key to a long and fulfilled relationship. Find some innovative and short names below for a guy named Xavier, which are on a lighter note. These names come with a sarcastic remark or an inside joke.

Adopting these humorous names will make your bond with your buddy Xavier unique and everlasting.

  1. Caviar – If your Xavier is into fine dining, this is a quirky name for them.
  2. Xi – A name which takes after the Chinese president Xi Jinping. Rest assured, this is a mighty name for only two letters.
  3. XML – A programming language that is also a fun name for a techie guy or an engineer named Xavier.
  4. Rev – A short and cute name, which is also an abbreviation for Reverend. This one can come in handy for an uncle who preaches too much.
  5. Zero – A rib-tickling name for a fatty guy or just someone broke.
  6. Virus – A hilarious name that is bound to make people laugh. Also, a computer nerd Xavier is especially perfect for this one.
  7. Rave – Do you have a party animal Xavier in your group? Then we have the perfect name for them.
  8. X-Axis – This geeky mathematical name calls out for an equally geeky and nerdy Xavier.


Cool Nicknames for Xavier

Trendy nicknames are buzzing right now and for all the right reasons. These chic and contemporary names will level up your nicknaming game, no doubt!

  1. X Box – Looking for a nickname for your gaming partner? Well, look no more!
  2. Vexo – Calling out that buddy Xavier who vexes you all the time.
  3. X Ray – This quick-witted name can be used with a Xavier who is a doctor or just very skinny.
  4. Zen – Let’s put our Zen mode on!
  5. XYZ – A name that makes no sense, goes well for a talkative guy who goes on and on……
  6. X Mas – Festive names are a way to keep the Christmas cheer going all year long.
  7. Mr. X – If your guy is mysterious, this name is suitable for them.
  8. Wavy – Perhaps for a guy who looks swoon-worthy with his wavy hair.


Unique Nicknames for Xavier

In the final section, we will list out some unique names for you which are quite unheard of. They will set you apart from the crowd and earn you extra points for creativity.

  1. Czar – Pronounced as “Saar”, it means ruler or emperor in Russian. What a note-worthy name!
  2. Voyager – Is your friend Xavier a globetrotter, always on the move? Well, then this name is made for them.
  3. Au Revoir – French for “goodbye”, a name you should use for your ex-boyfriend.
  4. Ravi – This Indian origin name means “sun”, a majestic name through and through.
  5. XAT – This is for how you call a friend who is preparing for MBA.
  6. Savior – What a flattering name for someone who makes your life better and saves you from trouble.
  7. Xerox – Is your friend a look-alike of a celebrity? This name is tailor-made for them.
  8. Z-Bar – For a guy who drinks too much and can always be found hanging out in a bar.
  9. Zazzy – This name has a fun energy to it which we love, also has a rapper vibe to it.
  10. Xi’an – A city in China that can be an offbeat pet name.



So, these were 40+ cool nicknames that you can give to your friend or colleague named Xavier. As we like to put it, when it comes to nicknaming people, there is no rule.

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