80+ Awesome Nicknames For William

Nicknames For William

The name William is one of the most popular male names across the United States. Despite its ancient glory, it is quite commendable how this name has managed to remain popular through the ages, and it continues to do so.

We understand that finding the right nickname for someone you love is a great way to express your affection. These endearments, no matter how quirky they are, help differentiate your loved ones from others.

However, with a plethora of options out there, it becomes a challenging process to choose the best. This is why we have prepared a list of some of the funniest and cutest nicknames for William that will help him stand out uniquely!

To make your nicknaming journey even merrier, each nickname comes with a description to help you make the right choice.

But before we delve into these nicknames, let us first get to know a little about the history of the name William, and where it originates from. So, let’s begin!


Meaning And Origin Of The Name William

The gigantic demand for the name William is a testimony to the fact that it has never really gone out of style. One of the most popular namesakes of William includes William Shakespeare and William Wordsworth.

This name evolved from the Old High German title “Wilhelm,” where “Wileo” translates into desire, and “Helm” means helmet.

Other common representations of the “Wil” in William are will and determination, while the word “Helm” signifies protection. Although this name varies in terms of its spelling and pronunciation in different cultures, centuries, and languages, the most widely renowned meaning of William is “determined protector.”

The name William, in Old High Norman French, was “Willaume,” much before it made an appearance in England after the Norman conquest in the year 1066. Later, this name took the form of “Wilame,” a typical Old Norman title.

Now that you are familiar with the name, let us head straight to the greatest nicknames for a man named William!


Cute Nicknames For William

A cute nickname acts like an instant mood lifter. First, it will get your loved one to appreciate you even more, and second, it will save you the trouble you would’ve been in if you have opted for a funny or peculiar one!

We love the following cute nicknames for someone named William and think that you will too. So, have a look:

  1. Bill – An adorable nickname in case you want to ditch the hard consonants for soft tones, just like the English liked centuries back!
  2. Bell – This nickname is derived from William Bell, a popular music composer. Ideal for the music lovers out there.
  3. Billie – Another cute nickname with a little switching up to do.
  4. Billy – Comes from the ancient Middle Age trend where swapping letters to create rhythm was a common practice.
  5. Bo – Quite an interesting variant to William, and our absolute favorite!
  6. Gil – A shortened version of the Spanish variant of William, which is Guillermo.
  7. Gui – A delightful nickname and we love it.
  8. Guy – A quirky option for someone who wants to state the obvious.
  9. Iam – Taken by the last three letters of the name William.
  10. Illiam – The perfect blend of cute and distinctive.
  11. Liam – If the William you know is as charming as Liam Hemsworth.
  12. Tuck – Derived from William “Tuck” Andress, a famous American jazz musician.
  13. Whit – A short and sweet option.
  14. Wally – An endearing nickname that’s perfect for all personalities.
  15. Wiley – You pronounce this nickname as “Wye-Lee.”


Funny Nicknames For William

A nickname becomes even more memorable when it induces bouts of laughter, humor, and mirth, both in the hearer and the bearer.

If you think alike and are searching for a whimsical nickname for William, then here are some funny options that will leave you smiling and giggling.

  1. Big Willy – Pick this nickname for a tall William.
  2. Little Willy – A nickname for a little toddler named William.
  3. Silly Willy – Use this nickname for someone named William who is a bit of a klutz.
  4. Goodwill – An ideal nickname for a kind-hearted, philanthropic William.
  5. WillYum – If the William you know is a foodie.
  6. Yum – Ditch the Wil and boom!
  7. Wullie – A funny nickname with a Scottish origin.
  8. Wull – Another comical Scottish abbreviation of the name William.
  9. Fool – From Will to Wool, and then straight to Fool!
  10. Wooly – Non-sensical titles make the best nicknames.
  11. Wombat – A hysterical nickname that Princess Diana used for Prince William.
  12. Wimp – A punny jibe for a feeble guy named William.
  13. Willionaire – Another punny nickname for a filthy-rich man named William.
  14. Wil Yam – Funnily, this nickname sounds like a toddler trying to pronounce the name William.
  15. Sill-I-Am – For a self-proclaimed silly guy who bears the name William.
  16. Amateur – A chucklesome extension of the last two letters in the name.


Unique Nicknames For William

A special name like William deserves a unique nickname that mirrors its distinctive identity.

If you are looking for some never-heard-of titles that will speak for themselves whenever listened to, then check out some of the most eccentric set of options that we’ve handpicked for you:

  1. Guglielmo – An Italian variant of the name William.
  2. Wiriamu – A Japanese variant of the name William.
  3. Wylie – Quite a unique nickname for a playful lad named William.
  4. Wim – You can either pronounce it as “Whim,” or “Vim.”
  5. Willy – A little less common derivative of the name William.
  6. Wills – At times, adding an extra “s” ensures a little flair of uniqueness and creativity!
  7. Willem – An extraordinary title for a child who doesn’t know how to pronounce William yet.
  8. Mail – Reverse the last few letters of William and you are good to go.
  9. Illi – Rhymes with Billy, and is an ideal nickname for a notorious boy named William.
  10. Memo – A famous Guillermo nickname.
  11. Wil – Short and sweet.
  12. Mr. W – A classic nickname for a macho man.
  13. Wee – For a William who cribs a lot.
  14. Mai – A cross-cultural nickname that hails from Japan, France, and Vietnam.
  15. Vilho – An extremely masculine name for a strong William.
  16. Whit – Makes a comical spin on various modern virtue titles!
  17. Wilkin – Another great English derivative of the name William.
  18. Vile – Use this nickname to tease William with a vile temperament.
  19. Liwam – Created our own unique version by jumbling up the letters!
  20. Wilbur – This old English word translates into “wild boar,” so use this nickname for a poacher or huntsman.


Unusual Nicknames For William

Using an unusual nickname that steals all the attention in a crowd induces a whole another degree of thrill.

William, being such an elite name, needs a nickname that people ask more about when they hear it out.

So, if you are looking for some uncommon (but marvelous) options for the William in your life, then look no further than this list:

  1. Wiljam – A Hebrew variant of the name William.
  2. Vilmos – A Hungarian version of the name William.
  3. Weilian – For a William who loves the Chinese people and their culture.
  4. Aww – An uncommon nickname for a heartthrob named William who is a sweetheart.
  5. Willa – This nickname resembles the word “Villa.”
  6. Vilhjalmur – Another variant that belongs to Iceland.
  7. Guilherme – This Portuguese nickname carries a rhythm to it.
  8. Guglielmo – An Italian nickname for a man bearing the name William.
  9. Wil-Wil – This nickname bears a nice ring to it.
  10. Cilian – A nickname that rhymes with the name William.
  11. Spilliam – For a William who loves spilling the beans.
  12. Willy-Jelly – A fun nickname for a toddler named William who loves jelly.
  13. Waltz – Inspired by a dance form to be used for a dancer.
  14. Wuss – Use this self-explanatory nickname for a guy named William who is a bit of a wuss.
  15. Wiam – An Arabic nickname that translates into “concord,” “harmony,” and “peace.”
  16. Maw – This nickname ideally translates into “brother-in-law.”


Cool Nicknames For William

How about a cool nickname that can significantly raise your status wherever you go?

Here are a bunch of uber-cool terms of endearments that are perfect for William! Have a look:

  1. Cool-I-Am – In case you want to state the obvious!
  2. Willz – Apparently, adding a “Z” in the end also adds a whole lot of zeal to any nickname.
  3. Skilly – Use this nickname for a multitalented man named William.
  4. Walt – An Old German derivative of Walter, but quite popular among Williams in the US.
  5. Wam – For a cool toddler who can’t pronounce his original name yet.
  6. McSilly – An appropriate nickname for a crackhead who knows he’s one.
  7. Wild – Pick this nickname if the William you know is an adventurer.
  8. Ian – Taken from The Vampire Diaries fame, Ian Somerhalder.
  9. Will-Chill – A nickname for a William who does nothing but chill.
  10. Wakanda – Only Black Panther fans would know! Wakanda Forever!
  11. Iwwy – The essence of this nickname is its meaning, which is “independence,” “ambition,” and “strength.”
  12. Liv – A reversal of the first three letters of the name William.
  13. Wildabeast – Inspired by Wildabeast Adam, the famous professional dancer.
  14. Willy WonkaRoald Dahl’s famous fictional character who was every child’s favorite!


Conclusion: Nicknames For William

So, this was all about over 80 funny nicknames for someone named William. We hope our collection of endearments has helped you choose the one that best fits your loved one’s personality.

Moreover, the beauty of William is that you can create umpteen witty nicknames for it!

So, if you’re feeling creative, then don’t hesitate to put your thinking caps on and make sure to let us know if you devise a great new nickname!


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