60 Popular Nicknames For Whitney

Nicknames For Whitney

Whitney is a gorgeous, beautiful-sounding name that’s been in and out of the top 100 baby girl names for nearly two decades now. If you too have someone special named Whitney in your life and looking for some adorable nickname for her, this article is for you.

In this article, you’ll find a list of 60 popular nicknames for Whitney, meant to help you find funny and cute nicknames to nickname your daughter, sister, girlfriend, fiancee, or wife. So, if you want some inspiration on what to call her, this list of popular nicknames for Whitney will surely help.

Coming up is a trendsetter list that has the ability to let the carpet beneath your feet slip away and let your heart rejoice behind the lists of mesmerizing names compiled for the various personalities that exhilarate you.

Let’s see if your doling out offers you a name that you must want to put to use but before it why not sneak a peek at the understanding that precedes Whitney.

Meaning and Origin of the name ‘Whitney’

Whitney is a name that was attributed to a place in Herefordshire, England. Earlier settlers of the place remember the spelling of it as ‘Witenie’. They were quite forthcoming with the deliberation on it; many believe that the name came from the River Wye that overflowed during a harsh downpour.

The earliest bearer of a soothing name like Whitney was non-other than a writer. The irony of fate lies in hands of a writer and god himself many would claim. Adeline Dutton Train Whitney, who lived from 1824-1906, was a beauty personified American writer with 20 books for children to her credit.

Today’s lot could relate much more to the media-driven attention that stars like Whitney Elizabeth Houston aka ‘The Voice’ or Whitney Cummings, a famous comedian in the States.

Their journey resounds in their name as an affirmation to where one started from and has so far arrived.

Now let’s see if you can cut through the startling lists ahead!


Popular Nicknames for Whitney

Popularity doesn’t always need to come at a cost of going through turbulence. Pampering leads to that too, and recommend it from time to time.

Guessing this could quite aptly describe the instant insta-celebrities that we are accustomed to seeing these days. A balance of the saz and class could be cheery on top that the Whitney you cherish deserves.

  1. Whit-ain’t-gonna-quit – The name and action statement together has to a great way to deal with those who can’t resist getting on the stage.
  2. Whit – Literally, being knowledgeable is in fashion, maybe we both could learn a few things from go-getter Whitney you know.
  3. The Voice – Just like Houston who rocked your boat after the first time you heard her. You should try pampering that inner star of your girl with this too.
  4. Wizz-Kid – Every time she cheers up when you call her the same.
  5. Whit-it – Cause she’s down for a late-night party at the hottest club in town.
  6. Whitney-GoodTimes – After all the joy is just visible on both of your faces.
  7. Voice-over-Whit – Cause others to know that you dream of Siri sounding like Whitney.
  8. Whitney-Star – Cause you have the memory of both clicking a selfie with Whitney Houston Hollywood Star.
  9. Pop-it-Whit – The dance is never the same with her swift salsa steps that leave you breathless.
  10. Whit-Cat – Her eyes maybe look cute though her attributes resemble the cat family.


Cute Nicknames for Whitney

Melodiousness in the voice of hers that could make feel like someone’s singing a lullaby or her adorable face that make s you wish you spent every second with her for the rest of eternity or if you’re just trying to be cute, these upcoming references are personalized as per your wish. Hopefully, you use it as dearly as the Whitney you hold dear.

  1. Winnie – You just reminded her of her fav-cartoon character and definitely, there were some bonus points for that.
  2. Whinney-Whiskers – Every time she whispers and you say did you just know that you were growing whiskers.
  3. The-Whitnails – She has her own blend of polish and the entire school knows about it.
  4. Whinacolate – Sounds drinkable doesn’t it, she visited her neighbourhood coffee shop so often that they named a drink after her.
  5. Luck-Whit – A deadly combo when she’s not expecting great scores but receives Harvard worthy SAT scores.
  6. Cloudy-Whit – When her judgements off the edge but rebounds like a lost memory!
  7. Unagi – When she tries to fake till she’s convinced she can’t make it. Does it remind you of someone?
  8. Whit-men – So, know there’s a whole crowd of lovers always at her doorsteps, and you keep reminding her of that fact.
  9. Bear-neat – When you giggle over her ordering beer and then mentioning neat, please.
  10. NooWhitney – Cause she thinks sushi is a Chinese delicacy and you doubt your faith in humanity.


Funny Nicknames for Whitney

Any time you call your friends over it should always be a memorable time. Chai, coffee, and long lost pictures can complete the reunion that any of you might have planned but without quirky and nicknames that have the possibility to add unique twists to all your conversation, others might feel at a loss. This list is here to give that initial inertia needed.

  1. Whitaker – After all, she binged watch Undertaker matches more than your eyes could take.
  2. Whit-Bang – The guys just couldn’t escape Whitney’s eye-bang.
  3. Hitney-pack – After every rugby match she needed to escape study time by With ice pack sessions.
  4. Black-Whitney – Every time she tries on a new pair of clothes, you can put out a bet that blacks gonna be a part of it.
  5. Oh-My-Whitney – When she’s watching a movie like a baby with food stuck, and coke wet clothes.
  6. Ensure-Whit – When except herself even her pet’s are ensured for.
  7. Whi’s diary – It’s always her diary first and then you.
  8. Wh-aw – Cause your innovative with your vows and wows around her pre-marriage obviously!
  9. Whi-folks – Cause there’s no subtle way of telling her that you and her not so similar.
  10. Wireka – The Indiana Jones in her is still alive!


Cool Nicknames for Whitney

Is the plush factor still missing in her name, or something just feel right. Make sure you pick one of these fashionably latest names and then pluck that one right off your to-do list of things you wanted to accomplish today because it’s pretty much done. With the freedom to pick the right pet name for Whitney, get set and put it to use.

  1. Witnery – When her french taste grows on her just like the old bottle of wine in your collection that you two adore.
  2. Wisney – Cause anime was a childhood right and no one mimics a better Minnie mouse than her.
  3. Ney – The abbreviation best describes her love for the Brazilian soccer player.
  4. Whit-fairy – When even clouds question seeing her who’s the fairest of all?
  5. Late-Whit – Being late a trait every star has learned to acquire just like her.
  6. Whiolet – When she names her corporation something that introduces her love for differentiation.
  7. WStopper – Ramp shows always consider your girl to be the show stopper.
  8. Wild-child – Cause even her antics qualify for front-page news.
  9. W-Girl – When wealth is just what the first letter of her name means.
  10. Whiral – The flame of her style demands viral attention.


Aunt Nicknames for Whitney

Who said your aunt doesn’t want everyone in the neighborhood to remember her as the go-to aunt when you need good food or just want to learn to mend a broken heart. Close to your home and full of wisdom it’s time for you to leave a caring impression on Aunt Whitney. If you’re ready for the task, follow through.

  1. Fancy-Madame – The Paris taste could just be the reason she makes you the best pie ever.
  2. Miss-Whitney– Because the simplest names are what venerable people respond to.
  3. Voracious-Lady – Cause the Shakespeare student in her loves when you recognize some of her best habits.
  4. Girl – Cause which aunt doesn’t love an age-defying term?
  5. Whitney-Beauty – Her flawless persona just got elevated with this.
  6. Miss-USA – You just became her fav-nephew with this, so does her expectations from you!
  7. Maestro-Chef – She will remember you every time a fancy cocktail party happens at her place.
  8. Wholesome-Aunt – The bolstering love in her will move earth and moon for you
  9. Morning-Beauty – When your eyes are lit seeing early in the day her smile that knows everything is gonna be great!
  10. Whit-Star – One of the reasons to live is seeing her overcome all sought of hardships.


Unique Names for Whitney

Don’t lose your wits trying to come up with the most deserving nick-names list to choose from for those wonderful Whitney’s you know and are about to meet. The task is already done for only waiting for you to figure out which one rings the shimmering bell for Whitney!

  1. Whineralla – The Cinderella effect has to work for her vision of a perfect world.
  2. WWW – When she’s not only yours but for the world to know- World Wide Whitney- fits the bill.
  3. West-side-Whitney – She chose the OG Snoop over others!
  4. Ivory-Whitney – When her drinks must resemble anything except the staple white and creamy top.
  5. SnowBallWhit – When every winter she can’t miss having her own fun with the NYC snowfall.
  6. WhitsCreek – Cause Schitt’s Creek makes her lose sight of everything happening around her.
  7. Win-W – She turns arch-rival every time she hears there’s a prize to be won where you both compete.
  8. Whitney-Eggs – Cause her poached eggs are to die for.
  9. Fruitsy-Whitney – She can’t get enough of her daily dose of healthy and all you do is stare!
  10. Classic-Whitney – When her movie preferences are still stuck in Audrey Hepburn’s era.


Recipients of these names are at the justice of their friends. But fair warning we must use it all comes naturally just like your pick of names should. Try a few of the above knit-picked names and maybe both Whitney and you will come to relish it for years of your growing friendship and time to come!

We now bid adieu until next time.

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