90 Beautiful Nicknames For Virginia

Nicknames For Virginia

Virginia has been a lovely name and an absolute favorite among girls for as long as we can remember. It’s a blend of both, class and sass with a fashionable V, and is deeply rooted in history.

Despite all its glory, this name was sorely neglected in the past few years, only to make an eccentric comeback recently.

Well, the name Virginia carries a few potential downsides, one of them being the usual jibes due to its association with the word “virgin”.

However, we think that the magnificence of the name clearly outweighs the parody and this name stands at the forefront of some amazing female titles today!

If you have a Virginia in your life to find a cute nickname for, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination.

After hours of meticulous research, we have brainstormed some of the cutest and funniest nicknames for the name Virginia, each of which will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

But before that, let us first look through what the name actually means and where it originates from.


Origin And Meaning Of The Name Virginia

The name Virginia bears a Latin origin and means “pure,” or “virginal.” In fact, it was in honor of the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I, that Sir Walter Raleigh gave this name to the state of Virginia.

This name carries various distinguished namesakes, such as Virginia Woolf, and has also appeared in characters in several movies, books, and TV series.


Cute Nicknames For Virginia

Selecting a good nickname is a great way to show how much you love someone, and choosing a cute one is an added cherry on top!

If you are looking for an endearment that fits like second-skin on the sugary-sweet girl named Virginia in your life, then look no further than this list!

  1. V – Single-letter titles make the best nicknames.
  2. Verve – Pick this sassy nickname for an energetic girl.
  3. Vee – An English nickname that translates into “Gift of God.”
  4. VJ – Taken from the pronunciation sound of the name Virginia.
  5. Virgy – A cute Latin derivative of the name Virginia, which means “maiden.”
  6. Virgie – Another similar nickname with little variation.
  7. Vig – A delightful contraction of the name Virginia.
  8. Ginny – Perhaps the most conventional nickname for a girl named Virginia.
  9. Gin – Use this nickname for someone who is always seen holding a glass of Gin.
  10. Violet – A color-based nickname that’s as adorable as the original name!
  11. Viggy – Pick this nickname for a chirpy and fun-loving Virginia.
  12. Viola – A cute nickname with a trending “Vi” beginning.
  13. Verg – An Anglo Saxon nickname that translates into “Owns four acres of land.”
  14. Nia – A Gaelic name that essentially means “goal, lustrous, or purpose.”
  15. Ani – Reverse the last three letters Virginia and you’re good to go!
  16. Virgo – For a girl named Virginia who is also a Virgo!
  17. Fig – A synonymous derivative of the shortened version, “Vig.”


Funny Nicknames For Virginia

Are you even doing it right if your chosen nickname does not leave you giggling every time you use it?

Whether you want to indulge in some witty wordplay or pick a punny nickname, we have listed some of the funniest nicknames for Virginia! Have a look:

  1. Wee Wee – Use this for someone who is a crybaby.
  2. Virgin – In case you wish to get playful with your close friend!
  3. Veggie – A good nickname for a vegan.
  4. Guinea – Derived from the “Guinea” in Guinea Pig.
  5. Goofy – A nickname for a goofy girl named Virginia.
  6. Viscy – Funny wordplay around the word “vicious.”
  7. Vacky – Inspired by the word “wacky.” Pick this nickname for a silly lady bearing the name Virginia.
  8. Virgin Mojito – For someone who loves this mocktail.
  9. Vamp – For someone you want to throw an occasional jibe at!
  10. Vexy – An appropriate nickname for a Virginia who annoys at all times.
  11. Woolf – Taken from the last name of the writer, Virginia Woolf.
  12. Jam – A mismatched outcome of playing with the spelling of Virginia.
  13. Nonny Nonny – Yet another comical nickname that’s perfect for toddlers.
  14. Minion – This nickname somewhat rhymes with Virginia.
  15. Geeky – Use this for a techno-geek.
  16. Viry Gash – A slangy nickname that means to be “very cool.”
  17. Nemo – A cute and funny nickname taken from the animated movie, Finding Nemo.
  18. Vanilla – A nickname with a hidden meaning, “plain.”
  19. Vomitrocious – Quite an offensive nickname for a Virginia who makes you want to puke!


Common Nicknames For Virginia

Truth be told, we’re living in a time where taking the traditional route means running short of ideas, but we beg to differ!

Ofttimes, common is good, especially when it comes to keeping a nickname for your favorite person.

If we and you think alike and you’re searching for a conventional (but excellent) title for someone named Virginia, then have a look at the following options:

  1. Virginie – A French derivative of the name Virginia that also means “maid.”
  2. Virginija – A Lithuanian variant of the same name.
  3. Gianna – An Italian nickname that translates into “God is gracious.”
  4. Ginger – One of the best traditional nicknames for Virginia so far.
  5. Nini – A nickname bearing an African origin, and means “melody.”
  6. Jenna – Use this nickname for a friendly, girl-next-door type of Virginia.
  7. Jinny – Indeed a beautiful English nickname that means “springlike.”
  8. Ginata – An Italian nickname that means “flower.”
  9. Gigi – A nickname for someone’s who is as gorgeous as Gigi Hadid!
  10. Vera – A Slavic nickname that means “faith.”
  11. Vi – If you want to keep it short, simple, and yet significant.
  12. Dingle – An adorable nickname that’s often associated with the name Virginia.
  13. Vina – A name with a Spanish origin that means “vineyard.”
  14. Ivy – Makes for a charming nickname for a lady-like Virginia.
  15. Gem – A nickname for someone who is the gem of your life, or perhaps a gem of a person!
  16. Ginny – A traditional English nickname that’s short of the name Virginia.
  17. Goe – Pronounced as “Go.”


Baby Nicknames For Virginia

An impactful name like Virginia would suit a charming grown-up but might look rather weighty for a toddler who is still struggling with alphabets!

If you’re looking for a nickname that’s loved by a baby as much as it’s admired by you, then take a look at the list of some cute nicknames for little ones named Virginia!

  1. Genny – An easy to pronounce girls’ nickname belonging to Hebrew origin.
  2. Genie – Another similar alternative that translates into “well-born.”
  3. Vugu – An endearing way to call out a little Virginia.
  4. Gugu – A Zulu nickname for girls that means “Precious.”
  5. Neena – Hails from America and typically translates into “mighty.”
  6. Viree – Quite a distinctive nickname for a special toddler.
  7. Grace – Derived from the Latin word, Gratia.
  8. Vienna – A nickname bearing a Latin origin and means “From Wine Country.”
  9. Vy – Use this nickname for a lively girl named Virginia.
  10. Gouy – An ancient word that makes up for an awesome nickname!
  11. Vivia – Another Latin nickname that translates into “lively.”
  12. Annie – An English derivative of the name Anna and means “grace.”
  13. Yawnie – For toddlers named Virginia who love their naptime!
  14. Angel – A marvelous nickname for your little angel.
  15. Gina – An Italian derivative of the name Regina that looks good on babies named Virginia too!
  16. Nugget – Use this nickname for a teeny-tiny toddler.
  17. Genius – A nickname for a born genius!
  18. Gee – A Scottish and Irish reduction of the name McGee.
  19. Nigi – Pick this nickname for a sensitive girl named Virginia.
  20. Rigel – A nickname that’s taken from the figure of the Orion.
  21. Baby V – A classic nickname for toddlers and grown-ups alike!


Cool Nicknames For Virginia

There’s no denying the fact that the name Virginia screams sophistication and elegance. However, if you want to ditch this ancient name for something cooler, then look no further than this list!

Here are some of the coolest nicknames for someone named Virginia.

  1. Gene – A girl’s nickname pronounced as “jeen.”
  2. Ninny – This exquisite nickname translates into “flowery blossom.”
  3. Irgie – Inspired by Fergie’s name, and our absolute favorite!
  4. Vag – A super-cool Middle English nickname.
  5. Niggy Piggy – Pick this nickname for a light-hearted woman.
  6. Giggly – A nickname for someone who laughs a lot.
  7. Vervy – Choose this nickname for a sassy girl named Virginia.
  8. Nirvana – An exotic Sanskrit nickname that means “liberation,” or “bliss.”
  9. Lady V – Indeed a fiery nickname for someone with a fiery personality.
  10. Vinnie – A feminine name hailing from the Old English origin that translates into “magical friend.”
  11. Vibey – For someone who throws mellow vibes at you.
  12. Ainie – An Arabic nickname that means “eyes.” Use this for a girl with beautiful eyes.
  13. Vo – An uber-cool nickname that belongs to the Vietnamese origin.
  14. Rive – A Latin nickname meaning “regaining of strength.”
  15. Rive-y – Pick this one for a Virginia who is a water baby.
  16. Renée – A French/Latin nickname that means “rebirth.”



A nickname is something that stays with a person forever, more like becoming a part of their identity. So, if you’re taking the responsibility of picking one for someone special in your life, make sure you leave no stones unturned to find the perfect one!

We hope that our round-up of some of the cutest and most whimsical nicknames has helped you mark the best title for someone named Virginia in your life.

If you are feeling creative and have another stunning endearment in mind, then be a dear and share it with us.

Happy nicknaming!

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