50+ Lovely Nicknames For Violet

Nicknames For Violet

In today’s episode of finding perfect nicknames, we have an absolutely delightful and dainty name with us – Violet.

Straight out of the pages of poetry, Violet brings to the surface images of a graceful lady, who is beautiful inside and out. If this description rings a bell and stands true for your dear Violet, then you must not wait much before deciding upon a nice nickname for that girl!

The name of a flower itself, gathering nicknames for Violet has been like plucking fresh blooms and collecting them in a basket. And we have more than fifty of those! You can go through these charmers, each of which comes with a descriptive message to make your job easier, in the neatly divided lists below.

But before we step into the garden of nicknames, let’s go back in time and understand how this wonderful name came into existence.


Meaning and Origin

A diminutive of ‘viola’, Violet is the name of a bright and beautiful flower that looks best when arranged in a bunch. If we look at Old French, it was called ‘violette’ and in Late Latin, it was ‘violetta’. As nature’s bloom, Violet has multiple meanings. These include love, modesty, virtue, affection, and faithfulness.

It is also seen as a symbol of good luck for women. This explains why it is such a popular name for girls. Moreover, it is the birth flower for people born in February and thus, carries special importance for them.

It might be perceptible that the shade of violet was named after the flower – first being recorded as a color name in English in 1370. Even the color has a range of symbolic meanings, like in Chinese painting, violet speaks of universal harmony because it is a combination of red (yang) and blue (yin), while for western churches, violet represents the time of ‘Advent’ and ‘Lent’ in the Christian liturgical calendar.

One of the first flower names to be used as a first name, Violet emerged in the south of France during the middle ages as a woman’s name. Making itself common in Scotland by the 16th century, it made its place in England as a prominent name in the 1800s. By the 1830s, Violet was in much use in both the U.S. and U.K.

Some of the well-known personalities who bear this name are Violet Archer, a Canadian musician, Violet Astor, an English aristocrat, and Violet Blue, an American writer.

Now that we have stocked up on the knowledge about this name, let’s dive into the pool of amazing nicknames for Violet.


Famous Nicknames for Violet

Going with a famous nickname is a surefire way to crack the nicknaming test. These names have been winning people’s hearts for years and will be certainly appreciated by Violet too. Have a look at the list and pick whichever strikes a chord!

  1. V – For some reason, V sounds like one of the coolest initials out there.
  2. Letty – A pretty obvious nickname for Violet, this one might be on the tip of your tongue.
  3. Olly – For a fun-loving girl who fills your days with love and laughter.
  4. Vivi – For a girl who you would describe as silly yet sweet.
  5. Vilo – The O, in the end, gives a spunky spin to it.
  6. Vetsy – The perfect nickname for a nerdy and sincere girl called Violet.
  7. Villy – A popular pet name, Violet will love to be called by this.


Cute Nicknames for Violet

Do you know what cute nicknames do apart from sounding extremely lovable? Well, they make it easier to ask for favors! Yes, a brilliant trick to use while asking for a favor is to start with a cute nickname.

Call someone by a sweet and squishy nickname, and they will melt in a snap. And that’s when you ask whatever you want.

Now, if you want to use this hack on someone called Violet, or you are simply looking for a cutesy nickname for her, then the options below could be a huge help. Read on!

  1. Voo Boo – A mushy nickname for the girl you just can’t stay away from.
  2. Very Berry – For someone who reminds of tiny delicious berries.
  3. Vanilla Pie – Sugar overload for the baby girl who deserves all the sweetness in the world.
  4. Vio – A cute and peppy pet name for a close friend named Violet.
  5. V-candy – A candy can make anyone happy, and so can your Violet.
  6. Vio-loops – Something yummy whipped up for that little girl who loves fruit loops.
  7. Vanilla Bean – For the newborn who is as tiny and valued as a vanilla bean.
  8. Pie-let – Put in some pie and level up on the cuteness.
  9. Lulu – Informally used to describe something’s excellence, this makes a lovely nickname for a girl who has got it all.


Funny Nicknames for Violet

A pinch of humor is always a good thing to add. So, here we are spicing up the process with some funny and amusing nicknames for Violet.

If Violet fits in any of the situations mentioned below, then the nickname corresponding to that is the perfect pick for you. Explore and laugh!

  1. Veto – A smart nickname for a bossy Violet who always does what she wants.
  2. Vet – An ideal name for someone who just can’t get enough of their pets.
  3. Violin – If Violet is into music, there is no better option than this one.
  4. Why-let – A funny nickname for a curious soul who won’t stop asking questions.
  5. Toilet – Some stinky humor for a Violet who can’t go an hour without using the loo.
  6. Villa – This one is for the rich girl who owns majestic villas.
  7. Vester – Short for the investor, this nickname is someone who keeps getting trapped in investing schemes.
  8. Virus – Let’s pick a mean nickname for that girl you just can’t stand.
  9. Roulette – The perfect name for someone who is an expert at the game.
  10. Violava – An insanely cringy way to call Violet hot.
  11. Crylet – For the cry baby who always carries a box of tissues with her.
  12. Viodebt – This rhyming nickname is for Violet who keeps borrowing money from her friends.
  13. Vio-latte – We just brewed an impeccable nickname for a coffee lover.
  14. Vio-LAN – For a geeky Violet who is on the internet all day.
  15. Omelet – This eggy nickname is for the woman who whips the most delicious omelets.


Cool Nicknames for Violet

We are all set to fire the cannon filled with coolness! Mentioned below are some of the coolest nicknames that Violet can have and we really don’t want her to miss out on them.

So, why not pick one for her and let her know how cool she is!

  1. Vixen – For that super confident and cunning woman who goes by the name, Violet.
  2. VIP – If she is a ‘very important person’ in every meaning of the phrase, then this is for her.
  3. Violent – If she is a tomboy who doesn’t think twice before getting into a fight, then this nickname fits just right.
  4. Pilot – For the courageous woman who sees the sky as the limit.
  5. Vio-threat – A badass nickname for Violet who has a threatening impression.
  6. Vil – Cool and crisp, this pet name will elevate Violet’s personality.
  7. Villow – Modelled in ‘willow’, this pretty nickname is for a nature lover.
  8. Letsy – A pleasant name that can also double up as a pun – ‘let’s see’ for an indecisive person.
  9. Vinner – For a strong girl who wins over anything that comes her way.


Unique Nicknames for Violet

Your darling girl doesn’t deserve an overused and boring nickname. And this doesn’t mean that you have to go through the tedious process of looking for nicknames here and there.

Our collection of unique nicknames for Violet are ready to impress her; you just have to pick one!

  1. Bloom – An elegant name for an ever-blooming soul who is named after a flower.
  2. Velouté – This is a lip-smacking white sauce that will suit a skilled cook as a nickname.
  3. Valentine – An affectionate name for that special someone who is your valentine forever.
  4. Viola – Too pretty for a scientific name, this is another name for the vibrant pansy blossoms.
  5. Violight – If Violet is that friend in need who brings in light in times of darkness, then this creative nickname is for her.
  6. Mylet – A witty way of letting everyone know that she is yours!
  7. Violead – For that boss-woman who is a natural leader.
  8. Lady Violet – To add a royal and sophisticated ring to it.
  9. Violini – That is how the Italians would like to say it.
  10. Ravioli – Another nickname from Italy which a foodie will love.
  11. Vital – An excellent way of letting her know how important she is to you.


Conclusion: Nicknames for Violet

That brings to the end of another exciting journey of finding nicknames. We hope our suggestion helped you pick a suitable nickname for a dear one called Violet, or at least lighted a few ideas to create something of your own.

Keep coming back for lovely nickname suggestions for your loved ones and do write to us if you have more out-of-the-box pet names for this particular one.

Happy nicknaming!

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