80 Charming Nicknames For Victoria

Nicknames For Victoria

Victoria is the sort of name that needs no introduction. The name that is fit for the queen is a name that deserves all the hype. A girl named Victoria is a queen of hearts and worthy of all the good things that life offers.

This name has been etched in history by Queen Victoria, who ruled in England during the 18th and 19th centuries. This period is often reminisced about as the Victorian era, which changed the course of history and has provided memorable milestones in art, culture, and economy of the world.

The name Victoria is the epitome of nobility and refinement. It strongly reflects the image of the long-reigning British queen. Victoria is a woman who is intense, secretive, and sensitive. You must be wondering what this mighty name means and how it originally came about. Here’s what we know.


Origin and Significance of the Name

Victoria is a name that has its roots in the Latin language; it is the feminine version of the word “victor,” which means victory. The name symbolizes victory, conquest, power, and prosperity in every sphere of life.

According to Roman mythology, Victoria was the goddess of victory. Perhaps of this association with Victoria, this has been a classic nickname in royal families. So much so that a whole era of the rule of Queen Victoria has been earmarked as the Victorian era.

There has been no dearth of historical and popular figures who had the name Victoria, from empresses of long-reigning empires to contemporary celebrities, this name has ruled the hearts of people quite literally. Even now it is one of the top names for baby girls around the globe, and the popularity only seems to be increasing.

A prim and proper name like Victoria needs a cool short name that can be used by friends and family. A long name might just be made more fun by tweaking it a bit and coming up with creative nicknames that go well with it.

Read ahead and find out about 80 charming nicknames that we have created for the name Victoria, we are sure you will fall in love with them.


Cute Nicknames For Victoria

The endearing names listed below are as cute as a button and will melt your heart in a moment. If Victoria is the special woman in your life then she deserves an equally special nickname, these names are here for just that purpose.

All aboard the cute names express!

  1. Bee-Vick – For someone who is always busy and has no time to hang out with you.
  2. Queen V – A royal pet name for an equally aristocratic name. The name you should give to the queen of your life.
  3. Beaver – For a cute and cuddly Victoria who is a bit chubby.
  4. Cutie – A name that sells itself, especially for a baby Victoria.
  5. Apricot – We can never get over fruity nicknames.
  6. Valentine – Here is a name for your special someone who will be your forever Valentine.
  7. Gloria – A rhyming nickname for someone named Victoria who deserves all the glory.
  8. Tiara – Sweet, simple, and stylish-everything a nickname ought to be.
  9. Que Sera Sera – Popular saying which means, “Whatever will be, will be.” A sweet and inspirational name.
  10. Tic Tac – You can also lovingly call Victoria after a childhood game.
  11. Vacay – A name that can come in handy for a Victoria who loves to travel.
  12. Curvy – For a woman who is curvy and owns it spectacularly.


Beautiful Nicknames For Victoria

There is no limit to possible nicknames for Victoria. We have handpicked some pretty choices for you to choose from. Each of these nicknames is short, classy, and perfect for the Victoria you happen to know.

  1. Victory – A flattering name for a woman who is like a victory in your life. Also, an apt name for someone who is winning in her life by her hard work.
  2. Vic – Pick this one if you want a casual and laid-back pet name for Victoria.
  3. Vicky – This unbeatable nickname is deservingly the most popular one for Victoria.
  4. Vickie – Here is another alternative way of spelling the above nickname.
  5. Ria – Another perfect choice of nickname that is fit for a diva-like girl.
  6. V – Initials are the perfect nicknames that can never go wrong.
  7. Verity – Any literature geeks in here?
  8. Veci – Veci means “old ones” in Venetian, not in an offensive way but in an affectionate way. If Victoria is your aunt, mother, or even grandmother, this name should be your pick.
  9. Miss V – Add a prefix to the initial to tweak it a bit and add some style to it.
  10. Vi – Another classic short name for someone named Victoria. Also, the name of a telecom network.
  11. Veer – Hindi word for brave, another good choice for a short nickname.
  12. VC – Abbreviation for Video Call, here is a name for a girl who always facetime you at odd hours.
  13. Euphoria – This one is for someone whose presence is enough to send you to heaven.


Funny Nicknames For Victoria

If you and Victoria share a fun relationship, cracking jokes and pranking each other at every available opportunity, then what you need is an equally fun pet name for her.

These witty nicknames for Victoria come with an inside joke which will make you laugh.

  1. Vikings – Superhit historical drama takes you into the world of mystery and crime.
  2. Cavity – Victoria has a big sweet tooth? Here is a name that goes for her.
  3. Victoria’s Secret – A world-famous brand, which is known for its lingerie collection, a name for someone who is hot and model-like.
  4. Wacky – Well, you might know who this name is suitable for.
  5. Evict – A hilarious name for your buddy who is always getting evicted from her home.
  6. Thor – A superhero name for the superwoman Victoria of your life.
  7. Vanity Van – An apt name for someone who is obsessed with make-up.
  8. Vicks – A short and cute name that is also a congestion balm.
  9. Pivot – We hope you remember Ross and thereby his legendary PIVOT! PIVOT! PIVOT!
  10. Vulture – A slightly offensive name, for someone who is calculative and mean.
  11. 450 Volt – Engaging and enigmatic nickname for a woman who sends current down your spine with her smile.
  12. Over-Actor – For a woman who is too much of drama and too much to handle.
  13. TV Tower – Here is how you can take a playful dig at Victoria, who is surprisingly tall.
  14. Waiter – If Victoria waits tables, this is a witty name for her.
  15. Vomit – A gory name that can only be opted for an alcoholic who is often throwing up.
  16. Vamp – Another rude way to call someone who sucks the life out of you.
  17. Icky – A weird name for Victoria, will surely bag a few laughs from your friends.
  18. Cataract – A name after an eye disease, for Victoria who is very clumsy.


Russian Nicknames For Victoria

The Russian version of the name Victoria is Viktoriya, which also means “victory or conquest”. This name has a unique place in the Russian subcontinent and owing to its popularity, it has many nicknames that have a Russian descent.

Have a look at a few of them and see if you like them for your Victoria.

  1. Vika – The primary diminutive name of Victoria, which also has a similar meaning.
  2. Vitya – A common boyish name in Russian, which means vitality.
  3. Vikenka – Another choice for a nickname that suits a girl named Victoria.
  4. Viktoriya – This one is simply the Russian spelling of the same name.
  5. Vikochka – If you need a name that is distinct from the original word, you can pick this one.
  6. Vik – The Indo-European root word which forms the name Victoria, Vik means “pressure or power”.
  7. Vikulya – Here is another elegant spin of the name Victoria which is very popular in Russia.


Cool Nicknames For Victoria

If you are bored with the classic pet names for Victoria like Vic and Vicky, these trendy nicknames for Victoria listed below will catch your eye. These names below are unusual, but they go perfectly for someone named Victoria.

  1. Vial – A small bottle used to contain chemicals, a unique name for a tiny Victoria.
  2. Wine – For someone as intoxicating as wine.
  3. Orion – A constellation name that is right out of the stars.
  4. Vertex – A geeky name from Mathematics for a studious Victoria.
  5. Voice Over – A name that can be used for a girl who is into the music or dubbing industry.
  6. Stevia – A popular sugar substitute that can be used as a pet name for a health-conscious girl.
  7. Tacos – Here is the name which is only for a foodie Victoria.
  8. Vegan – If Victoria recently went all plant-based, then why not.
  9. Activator – A contemporary name for a Victoria who knows how to get things done.
  10. Vote – Perhaps for your wife who has been voted to be the president of your life.
  11. Erica – Here is another cool name that you can pick.
  12. Vindaloo – Indian cuisine fans can be given this peculiar nickname after an Indian curry.
  13. Aviator – A name which is calling out to all the fashionistas out there named Victoria.
  14. Citric – A saucy girl is the one for this name.
  15. Veni Vedi Vici – A phrase attributed to the great conqueror Julius Caesar, it means “I saw, I came, I conquered”.


Uncommon Nicknames For Victoria

If you want a nickname for Victoria that is unheard of and is refreshingly unique, then we have some suggestions for you as well. Find some such pet names below that we bet you could not think of giving to your buddy Victoria.

  1. Winnipeg – A place in Canada that sounds like the name Victoria.
  2. Tori – Made by trimming the edges of the original name, it means a vegetable in the Hindi language.
  3. Victor – The root word for Victoria, which means victory. A good choice!
  4. Curator – If Victoria works in a museum, this name is perfect for her.
  5. Vitoria – We ate up the C and arrived at this name. Isn’t this how a toddler might utter this name?
  6. Trice – Is Victoria the third child? If yes, then this name is set apart only for them.
  7. Erotica – For a physically appealing woman named Victoria.
  8. Velocity – Is Victoria, a science student? Here you have a scientific name that goes well for her.
  9. Terracotta – A type of earthenware made from clay. Use this one for an artsy Victoria.
  10. Vet V – If Victoria loves taking care of animals, you can give her this name.
  11. TV – If Victoria watched too much television, it wouldn’t be wrong to give her this name.
  12. Venezuela – Another fun option to nickname a globetrotter buddy Victoria.
  13. Tourist – A name apt for your buddy whose heart lies in traveling.
  14. Tow-Truck – Chucklesome nickname for a gigantic Victoria.
  15. Vaccine – A name that is trending right now throughout the globe.



We hope you found what you were looking for in our list of 80+ creative nicknames for Victoria, we have tried to include every possible type of pet name, but we are sure you have some nickname suggestions for us as well. Please do send in your creative nicknames, and we will try to include them in our list as well.

Have fun Nicknaming!

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