60+ Beautiful Nicknames for Valerie

Nicknames for Valerie

Hola Amigos! Welcome to another ravishing nicknaming session with us. Up on stage, we have the lovely name, Valerie. This name brings to mind a girl of unimaginable strength, candor, and sincerity.

We think most people who go by this name are brainy, pragmatic, and can quickly find solutions in knotty situations. If you have someone in your life who possesses these traits, then you are super lucky. Won’t you want to appreciate their presence by making them feel special?

If you do, then just surf through this article, and you will find ample nicknames that will make Valerie feel giddy. But before we get to the nicknames, let’s make ourselves aware of the meaning and origin of the name, Valerie.


Meaning and Origin of Valerie

A beautiful feminine name, Valerie is known to have English and French origins. Many believe that it means ‘brave’ on account of its most obvious Latin root in the word, ‘valiant.’ However, it also holds other meanings like ‘strong’ or ‘healthy.’ Moreover, Valerie is often seen as the feminine of the Roman family clan name, Valerius.

If we look at the popularity charts, Valerie entered the trends in the United States in the 1880s and made its way to the top in the year 1959, making it one of the most sought-after names for girls. Sadly, by the 2010s, Valerie’s peak was over, and the name had tumbled down to about where it ranked in the 1940s prior to its rise.

Famous women who are known by this name include British Baroness Valerie Amos, businesswoman Valerie Jarrett, author Valerie martin, French politician Valérie Beauvais, and actors Valerie Bertinelli, Valerie French, Valerie Leon, Valerie Lilley, and Valerie Harper.


Popular Nicknames for Valerie

If you are one of those people who like to be cent percent sure about everything that they decide to do, then our first list of nicknames will probably serve you the best.

These names have stood the test of time and remained favorites for years. They are uncomplicated and reflect pure affection.

Have a look at them and see if you like something for Valerie here.

  1. Val – Cut the name in half, and you will get this pleasant and modest nickname for Valerie.
  2. Vally – A plain yet appealing name that would jazz up Valerie’s vibe.
  3. Erie – what do you think about this cool and casual pet name for Valerie?
  4. Lerr – We think this one leans on the elegant side and will suit Valerie if she is the way.
  5. Vallo – Here is a nickname that will make her feel a hundred times closer to you than before.
  6. Lerrie – A fun and frisky name that Valerie will love to be called by.
  7. V – We have always been big fans of initials. Are you?
  8. Viggy – This one is a perfect mix of cuteness and coolness in one nickname.
  9. Val Pal – This will make a great endearment for your homie if she is called Valerie.
  10. Valzer – A raw and rustic name that will make her sound like the coolest kid around.


Cute Nicknames for Valerie

Whether it is a childhood buddy, a lover or that sibling who you are super close to, calling your loved ones by a cute nickname will always make them feel warm and fuzzy.

The below-stated suggestions are such sugar-coated nicknames for Valerie and will make her love you a little extra whenever you call her by these.

So, go ahead and pick a cute and loving nickname for that special girl!

  1. Riri – Won’t Valerie be honored to be called by the same nickname as Rihanna?
  2. Allie – This cute and cuddly nickname totally has our heart.
  3. Velly belly – Here is a doting name for your dear one.
  4. Valy Bean – This one is for the little girl whose smile can make your day.
  5. Valer Bug – Another one for a tiny tot who has no idea how many faces she brightens up.
  6. Val-love – How about this mushy and thoughtful moniker for your special one?
  7. Vale-rom – If Valerie is someone who loves watching romantic comedies, then you might want to go ahead with this one.
  8. Valentine – Here is a super sweet nickname for Valerie, who has been your Valentine for all the years to come.
  9. Vanilla Pie – If she reminds you of a sweet and scrumptious pie, then this cutesy name is for her.
  10. Vilo – Another adorable and fun-filled pet name for your loved one named Valerie.
  11. Vivi – We love the sound of this name and hope that you like it too.


Funny Nicknames for Valerie

Now, if you are someone who prefers fun and humor over anything else, then there is an exciting section of nicknames coming up for you. You can tease, annoy, and pull Valerie’s leg with these names, which will certainly lead to a hearty laugh.

So, peek into this bag of funny nicknames and pull out an amusing nickname for your friend.

  1. Calorie – This one is for Valerie, who is extremely conscious of her calorie intake.
  2. Whale – A chucklesome nickname for someone who is unusually fascinated by aquatic animals and the world under the sea.
  3. Whiny – If Valerie is someone who keeps complaining and cribbing over things, then you can make everyone laugh with this nickname.
  4. Val-eerie – If Valerie likes to watch horror movies and other eerie stuff, then this wordplay will work well here.
  5. Shall-erie – this one is for the Valerie who keeps procrastinating tasks and lives by the words, ‘I shall.’
  6. Salary – If Valerie is that work colleague who is always finding ways to get an increment in her salary, then this would make a hilarious nickname.
  7. Celery – Here’s another funny nickname that rhymes with Valerie. It will suit the best on someone who is too health-conscious.
  8. Vale-rich – As the name suggests, this one is for a richie rich Valerie who doesn’t have to think before spending money.
  9. Velcro – This comical name will fit her well if she is too clingy and sticky like Velcro.
  10. Vale-rinse – This one is for the cleanliness freak who is seen scrubbing and rinsing things most of the time.
  11. Vale-ran – If Valerie is the star athlete of your school, then this swift-legged girl can be called by this name.
  12. Valaria – A sunny nickname that rhymes with malaria for that girl who gets too irritated by mosquitoes.
  13. Vampire – If Valerie is a fan of the Twilight series, then this moniker will fit her right.


Clever Nicknames for Valerie

Who doesn’t like to sound clever? Well, no one. And you can easily do so by calling someone a clever nickname.

The following bundle of suggestions is full of such names. These names will impress not only Valerie but everyone who hears you say it.

Have a look at them and let us know which ones you like the best.

  1. Valour-ie – For Valerie, who is a braveheart and actively takes up challenges.
  2. Hell-erie – This one is for the evil Valerie, who will go to hell for sure.
  3. Spell-erie – If Valerie has the irritating habit of correcting everyone’s spellings and grammar, then you can call her by this nickname.
  4. Venom – This one sounds like a gangster’s name and will work for Valerie, who always has some satanic plans going on in her mind.
  5. Vale-ring – If Valerie is fond of rings, then she can be called by this pet name.
  6. Voldemort – You will like this suggestion if you are a Harry Potter fan and see Valerie as your enemy.
  7. Vale-rust – If Valerie likes hoarding old things and doesn’t give up on any of her belongings, then this one is for her.
  8. Gallery – This is for Valerie, who you think is an excellent artist and can set up a gallery of her beautiful work.
  9. Vale-race – If Valerie is always in a hurry, then this amusing nickname will be right for her.
  10. Vale-risk – This one is for that girl named Valerie who jumps into a risky decision without giving it much thought.
  11. Vulture – If Valerie gives an impression that she is hostile and ruthless like a vulture, then you can go ahead with this.
  12. Vallerina – The perfect nickname for a ballerina who goes by the name Valerie.
  13. Vanity Val – If the most noticeable thing about Valerie is her sense of vanity, then call her by this name.
  14. Vamp-erie – Pull her leg with this pet name if she loves planning and plotting like a vamp.
  15. Volt – This one is for someone who is full of energy and enthusiasm.


Unique Nicknames for Valerie

Now, let’s bring out some names from the jar of unique nicknames for Valerie. Calling her by a suitable nickname from this list will make her insides jiggle and give her a wide and shiny smile.

We recommend you to consider these suggestions and see if it works for you.

  1. Violet – This is certainly one of the prettiest nicknames out there, and Valerie will love having it.
  2. Val Scale – If Valerie seems to be worried about her weight as she can’t stay away from the scale for too long, then this will make an interesting nickname.
  3. Valeria – Another graceful nickname that will be ideal for a proper lady.
  4. Vale-rouge – If Valeria likes all things red, then this elegant name is for her.
  5. Value-rie – Tell her how much you value her with this silly but sweet nickname.
  6. Valex – Just a cool and classy nickname that Valeri will love to flaunt around.
  7. Valance – What do you feel about this innovative nickname for Valerie, who maintains a perfect balance of all aspects of life.
  8. Wise Val – If Valerie is like that wise old owl from children’s stories who has a spot-on solution for all problems, then go ahead with this one.
  9. Jewelry – This rhymes with Valerie and will suit her if she is fond of jewelry.
  10. Sailor-ie – This one is for Valerie, who loves the sea and will fit well for the job of a sailor.
  11. Valerio – Here is an Italian spin to the name to make it sound a bit more fun.
  12. Valeruski – This Russian variant of the name will definitely stand apart.
  13. Violin – If Valerie plays the violin or likes listening to it, then this too will sound nice to her.


We had a lot of fun building this exquisite list of nicknames, and now, it’s time for you to put on the decision maker’s hat. Have a good look at the names, check for what works for you, shortlist a few suggestions, analyze your options and get to that one nickname that will make things brighter for you and Valerie.

Even if you don’t find the right nickname here, you can twist and turn our suggestions the way you like them and create the name that you like. If you happen to do so, remember to share it with us.

We will be back with another big bag of nicknames soon. Till then, happy nicknaming!

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