70+ Cute and Funny Nicknames for Tyler

Nicknames for Tyler

Thinking of a nickname for your dear Tyler? Don’t worry! as we will serve you with 70+ amazing nicknames for Tyler.

Tyler is derived from Old English and references the profession of tile making and laying. Nearly 570,000 babies have been given the name Tyler in the United States since 1880. It is favored as a male name over the female name by the ratio of 400 to 1.

Although a surname, it should be noted that John Tyler was the 10th President of the United States. He ascended to the position from Vice President when William Henry Harrison died 1 month after inauguration.

Here are 70+ possible nicknames for Tyler (categorized):


Cute Nicknames For Tyler

1. Ty-Ty (tie-tie) – When the family first started talking to baby Tyler.

2. TylerTots – Tater tots were Tyler’s go-to food from ages 1 to 5.

3. Tyleroo – Mom and Dad are Winnie the Pooh fanatics.

4. TieRod – Call Tyler when you need to fix a flat, change a bulb or replace the wiper blades. He’s a natural mechanic.

5. Try-ler – Tyler has an excellent attitude. He’s like Mikey, “He’ll try anything.”

6. T-T-T-T-Tyler (sung) – Think David Bowie Ch Ch Changes.

7. Tyler-yler-yler (sung) – Toora Loora Loora is an Irish lullaby.

8. TylerToys – Tinker toys, Lincoln Logs, Legos – Tyler was a born builder, engineer.

9. Ty-boy – Young Tyler


Funny nicknames for Tyler

10. Tygler (Tiegler) – Tyler is ferocious on the field or golf course. He’s a “tiger”.

11. Tony the Tyler – Tyler has a thing for cereal. Particularly frosted flakes, “They’re Great!”

12. Tytlerlist – Tyler lettered in golf. He maintains a sub-10 handicap.

13. Tippe (tip-py) – When the middle school kids first heard the slogan “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too”.

14. Dyler (dialer) – Old Tyler was an early adopter of cell phones.

15. Textler – Young Tyler never talks on the phone, but he is always texting. He may even text you from across the room.

16. Typhoonler – When they feel Tyler is blowing a lot of hot air.

17. Tyler the Magnificent – Self-dubbed when he dabbled at being a magician.

18. ChefTyler – Tyler is quite the accomplished home chef. He has aspirations of competing on Food Network.

19. PadThailer – Tyler loves his Thai food. The spicier the better for Tyler.

20. TylerPerry – Tyler considers himself quite the comic. He knows he could write a movie script.

21. Sty-ler – Tyler has dry eyes. He’s constantly rubbing and using eye drops. Oh, no! Not another sty.

22. Style-ler – Tyler is a real trendsetter. His jeans fit, he tucks his shirt, he’s classy.

23. Tyreder (tired-er) – Tyler goes to school days and works nights. He never gets enough sleep. Yawn!

24. Typsler (Tips-ler) – Tyler always divides the check. He is a human calculator when it comes to adding a tip and prorating the check.

25. Tylergic – When Tyler has hayfever.

26. Tylerish – When Tyler is acting particularly Tyler-like.

27. Tylute – Tyler started playing the guitar in 6th grade. Now he has mastered most stringed instruments.

28. Party-y-ler (party-I-ler) – Tyler is the life of the party. Toga! Toga! Toga!

29. Ty-chai-latte – The baristas all know Tyler does not drink coffee. The nickname is on his cup before he was through the door.

30. Tylager – Tyler likes his beer just a little too much.

31. Tyleburger – Tyler ate cheeseburgers for breakfast, lunch & dinner during college.

32. Tylericity – When Tyler marches to his own beat and others follow.


Cute boyfriend nicknames for Tyler

33. Tylerrific – Tyler is a terrific boyfriend. He never forgets important dates.

34. Mr. Tylerful – She thinks Tyler is just wonderful. He sent flowers to work (school).

35. Ty-babe – She thinks Tyler is a real hunk. He’s such a good boyfriend.

36. Ty-baby – She needs something from Ty-babe that he really doesn’t want to do.

37. Ty-best – He’s just the best boyfriend ever.

38. Ty-love (British accent) – Tyler’s girlfriend is English. This is the equivalent to his former American girlfriend using Ty-babe.

39. Kissler – She won’t tell her friends, but Tyler is an excellent kisser.

40. Ty-rub-ler – When her neck is tense and she needs Tyler’s help. She knows just how to ask.

41. SugarTyler – He’s not her sugar daddy. He’s not ursine. But he is her SugarTyler.


Cool nicknames for Tyler

42. Tyle (Tile) – A nod to the esteemed professions of tile making and setting. Also, this Tyler doesn’t need the “urrr”.

43. Big T – Tyler has a big personality.

44. Tylerooski – Let the party begin.

45. Mr. President – When the kids learned their US Presidents, Tyler was promoted to office.

46. Ty-law – Tyler leads by example; he always does the right thing. He lays down the Ty-law.

47. TyCobb – When Tyler’s teammates really respected his baseball game.

48. Tylearner – Tyler was an excellent student. He picks up new tasks with ease.

49. Tylerish– Everybody is Irish for St. Patrick’s Day. But Tyler can use this every day if his last name is Sullivan.

50. Tyloot – When you need a $20 bill, Tyler is your man.

51. Tylerman – Ty-boy passes through puberty.

Badass nicknames for Tyler

52. Mr. T – Tyler was a trend setter when he wore a gold chain. The respect came after he had to defend his honor.

53. The T – People often refer to Tyler in the third person. Occasionally Tyler will as well. “The T is going to the game Friday night.”

54. Ty-dog – When you want someone to cover your back, you call the Ty-dog.

55. Ty-lawless – Tyler would rather beg forgiveness than ask permission.

56. Ty-lert – Sirens, red flashing lights. Hit the alarm button. It’s not an alert; it’s Ty-lert.

57. T – You are a badass when you command a whole letter of the alphabet.

58. Tytanium – He is as rare as a precious metal.

59. Tasler – There was the time Tyler was shot with a TASER for science. Did not faze him a bit.

Mean nicknames for Tyler

60. Ty-nerd – The kids were cruel in middle school, but Tyler would have the last laugh after making millions in the computer industry.

61. Miss T – Tyler tried to be a trendsetter when he wore a gold chain. Unfortunately, he lost respect when he could not defend his honor.

62. Bi-ler – Tyler is accused of being bi-polar. This name really gets under his skin.

63. Tyter (tighter) – Tyler was not known for grabbing a check. His wallet was shut tight.

64. Typhoid – Sometimes they treat Tyler like he is contagious.

65. Twyful – When they feel his behavior is awful, they call him Twyful.

66. Ty-worst – Tyler is behaving badly or he just cannot get anything right.

67. Ty-ster – At times, Tyler can be a real monster.

68. Lerry (Leary) – Tyler was played like a Stooge. His last syllable was hijacked for Larry (i.e. The Three Stooges).

69. Tylergic – When people cannot stand to be around Tyler.

70. Tyloser – People can be mean.

Best nicknames for Tyler

71. Tylerooski

72. Big T

73. Ty-law

74. Tylerish

75. Mr. Tylerful

So, there you have it more than 70 suggestions for nicknaming Tyler. Get to know your Tyler before you call him Typhoonler. If you have any interesting recommendations for nicknames for Tyler, let us know in the comment section.

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