50+ Adorable Nicknames for Timothy

Nicknames for Timothy

Extremely popular at some point in the 20th century, the name ‘Timothy’ is like a rare gem today. And this rarity only makes it a winsome name for boys. What makes it even more appealing is the rustic charm and a vibe of sophistication that it carries along.

If someone called Timothy is dear to you, you would certainly have an urge to give them a sweet nickname which will act as a super-cool personalized badge that you bestowed upon them. To provide you with aid on this fun-filled task, we have compiled a catalog of adorable nicknames for Timothy which goes far beyond the run-of-the-mill ‘Tim’!

Before getting to the nicknames, let us go through some engaging facts about the name, ‘Timothy’, and discover where it comes from.


Meaning and Origin of Timothy

Found in the New Testament, Timothy is born out of two Greek words – ‘Timao’ which means ‘Honor’, and ‘Theos’ which means ‘God’. Saint Timothy is known as a companion of Paul on his missionary journeys, who also received two of Paul’s epistles that appear in the New Testament.

He is considered to be of both Jewish and Greek descent. Tradition holds that he was martyred at Ephesus for attempting to protest Artemis worship. The name was accepted in England only after the Protestant Reformation.

If we look at the popularity index, this name has been highly desirable in Australia and New Zealand for a long time now. In the United States, it got some love in the 1960s and 70s and is gradually returning to the game again now.

Well-known personalities who go by this name are Swedish DJ Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, Tim Allen, an American actor, Tim Armstrong, an American musician, Tim Hudson, an American baseball player, and Tim Boyle, an American football player to name a few.

Now that we have amped up our knowledge about the name, Timothy, let’s open the door to the most amazing nicknames for it.


Popular Nicknames for Timothy

Whether it is books, movies, or names, classics are called so for a reason. Pick them, and your things are bound to go well.

Here, we have brought together a range of classic nicknames for Timothy which have been fairly popular for years. Have a look!

  1. Tim – Something that every boy named Timothy prefers being called.
  2. Timmy – If you wish you add a deeper tint of affection to ‘Tim’.
  3. Timon – This Disney name will fit perfectly if your Timothy is anything like that spunky meerkat from ‘The Lion king’.
  4. T – Oh, you should never underestimate the charm of initials!
  5. Timo – Just separate the first four letters and you will have an effortlessly good nickname for Timothy.
  6. Timz – If Tim sounds too commonplace, then dazzle it up with a ‘Z’ at the end.
  7. Teo – This tiny delight is of Greek origin and means ‘gift of God’.
  8. Timato – We tried muddling up ‘tomato’ for a Timothy who loves or hates the juicy vegetable.
  9. Limothy – This one is for that rich guy named Timothy who owns a swanky Limousine.
  10. T-Man – A cool high-school-ish name that Timothy would love.


Cute Nicknames for Timothy

A cute nickname is a treasure for life. It is pure, loving, and a sparkling reflection of a relationship between two people. So, in our inventory of nicknames for Timothy, we have a huge space reserved for cute and adorable ones. Go through the list, and pick your favorite!

  1. Mo – This is probably one of the cutest mono-syllable names ever.
  2. Tim Tim – If you have got a toddler named Timothy, then you might have found just the right nickname for him.
  3. Timy Tot – Yes, we got creative with ‘tiny tot’ here for that lovely kid called Timothy.
  4. Tater Tot – Who doesn’t like those mini, fried pieces of heaven? And yummy little things always make great nicknames for babies.
  5. Toffee Pie – Another foodie nickname for Timothy who is sweet as a toffee pie.
  6. Ti-naughty – At times, naughty kids are super adorable with their innocent shenanigans. If you have a naughty Timothy at home, then this is the nickname for him.
  7. Twinkle – Does the twinkle in his eyes make your heart melt every time you look at him? Well, then this cute kid has a new nickname.
  8. Teddy – A great nickname for kids and adults alike, this one never goes wrong.
  9. Timushy – This one rightly expresses that warm and mushy feeling that you get when you hold baby Timothy.
  10. Tumbly Tim – For the adorably clumsy Timothy who keeps tumbling hilariously.


Funny Nicknames for Timothy

Making someone laugh is the easiest way to win over their hearts. And giving them a humorous nickname will do the trick just right. Now, as far as the name Timothy is concerned, we have enough chuckle-worthy nicknames to make your loved ones laugh. Have a look and tell us how you like them.

  1. Timer – A funny nickname for Timothy who is always in a hurry and keeps rushing you for things.
  2. Ti-Frothy – If you have a Timothy who makes yummy frothy coffee, then honor him with this title.
  3. Tea-mothy – While we are on beverages, let’s consider this punny nickname for a Timothy who loves tea.
  4. Timocha – There we go again! Last beverage-related nickname, we promise. But what can be better than this if Timothy is a fan of this heavenly coffee.
  5. Moth – Calling Timothy by an ugly insect name might be slightly mean, but is uber amusing at the same time.
  6. Otter – See everyone drown in peals of laughter when you call Timothy by the name of the cute and comic animal.
  7. Tan-othy – This one is for Timothy who returned from his summer vacation with the perfect tan.
  8. Tripothy – Is Timothy someone who is always up for a trip? If yes, this creative nickname might be the one for him.
  9. Tickly Tim – If you love tickling Timothy because he is super sensitive to it, then this wacky name is for him.
  10. Slothy – This jocular rhyme to the original name will be just on point if your Timothy is a lazy lad.
  11. Ti-mouthy – Let Timothy know that he is annoyingly mouthy with this witty nickname.


Cool Nicknames for Timothy

Watch the world envy your nicknaming skills as you call Timothy with these upbeat names!

  1. Tiger – Hearing this name instantly paints a powerful image of the ferocious animal. And Timothy will love to be associated with the same.
  2. Titan – Defined as a person or thing of very great strength, intellect, or importance by Oxford, this name will be quite a prestige for Timothy.
  3. Captain T – The sound itself is so energizing that Timothy will feel pumped up every time you call him.
  4. Timba – We just can’t decide whether this nickname is cuter or cooler!
  5. Tony – This one is for a posh and fashionable Timothy who always keeps up with the trends.
  6. Teamer – For a sportsperson who is known for his high team spirit.
  7. Tithonus – Diving deep into Greek Mythology, we found this imperial name that belongs to a mortal prince, the son of Laomedon and Strymo.
  8. Timple – Is Timothy one of those rare people who have dimples to enhance their smile? If yes, then this pretty little name is for him.
  9. Timissile – A nickname based on a weapon name is undoubtedly one of the coolest ideas if you want your friend to feel tough and mighty.
  10. Tempter – This one is for a good-looking Timothy whose temptation can sweep almost anyone of their feet.


Unique Nicknames for Timothy

If you want to make Timothy feel extra special, then you will have to look a bit extra hard for the ideal nickname, beyond the cliche endearments. But now that you have left the hard work to us, here we present the most wholesome list of nicknames for someone called Timothy.

  1. Emo-thy – If your Timothy is an emotional fool like many of us secretly are, then this clever nickname will fit him like a second skin.
  2. Timochio – Is Timothy as insanely lovable as the Disney puppet, Pinocchio? If yes, then this innovative nickname is the option to go with.
  3. T-Monster – We think that this nickname is custom-made for that irritating brother (might be from another mother) named Timothy.
  4. Te Amo – Spanish for ‘I love you’, this lovely nickname has to be saved for someone special.
  5. Tea-bag – Another cool way to address Timothy if he just can’t do without tea.
  6. Timstar – Calling someone a star is a sure-shot way to make them smile. Here, it fits like a puzzle with the name itself!
  7. Timkerbell – Do you believe in the magic of your relationship with Tim? If yes, pick this magical Disney character as a nickname.
  8. Tommy – Used to refer to British soldiers, this name will grace Timothy if he is as brave as an army man.
  9. Mon trésor – This melodious endearment means ‘My treasure’ in French. Go with this if the meaning resonates.
  10. T-hottie – It rhymes, and has a wonderful compliment for him too!


Conclusion: Nicknames for Timothy

All right! We have crossed the nicknaming alley as creatively as we could, and have left behind a heap of adorable nicknames for Timothy. We hope that you pick a few of these for your loved ones and let us know if you do so. And even if you decide to go with something outside this list, we would love to know!

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