70+ Awesome Nicknames For Thomas

Nicknames For Thomas

The name Thomas has sustained its position as one of the most popular names for boys. From Thomas Edison to Tom (Thomas) Cruise, there are thousands of famous personalities bearing this name, and the list is endless!

Since Thomas is such an admired title, there are all the more reasons to find some suitable nicknames that are as marvelous as the original name.

Finding a good nickname for someone named Thomas can seem more like a tedious task than a fun-filled activity.

So, today’s agenda is to acquaint you with our list of some of the most awesome nicknames for Thomas to make your research a lot more fun and easier!

Additionally, each option listed in our round-up of nicknames comes with our two cents worth of opinion to make your nicknaming journey all the way merrier!

But before we get started, let us first find the meaning and origin of the name Thomas.


Meaning And Origin Of The Name Thomas

Thomas is classified as the name of Thomas the Apostle, out of Jesus’ twelve apostles in the Greek New Testament of the Bible. This name is a masculine title that hails from the Aramaic origin and bears the meaning “twin.”

Although this name was recorded as far back as in biblical times, Thomas still holds its records as one of the most sought-after names for males around the globe. In fact, it has also been widely used as a surname among the French and Americans, being the twelfth most commonly-used surname across the United States.

Now that we are familiar with its meaning and origin, let us head straight to over 70 awesome nicknames for someone named Thomas!


Cute Nicknames For Thomas

An adorable name like Thomas deserves a cute nickname to go with it. A great trick to finding a charming nickname is to consider short forms of the original name itself.

If you are looking for a sweet endearment to call out the Thomas in your life, then look no further than this list:

  1. Tee – A short and sweet nickname for someone named Thomas.
  2. Tom – Another commonly-used nickname that we absolutely love.
  3. Tommy – A cute nickname that’s also inspired by Thomas (Tommy) Shelby from Peaky Blinders.
  4. Tommie – Another way to spell “Tommy.”
  5. Mas – Pick the last three letters of the name and boom! You have a cute nickname for yourself.
  6. Mazzy – From Mas to Maz, and then Mazzy.
  7. Moz – Another delightful nickname for Thomas that would look great on teenagers.
  8. Thom – A power nickname for a handsome Thomas.
  9. Tomzy – A great nickname option if the Thomas in your life is a toddler.
  10. Tizzy – Use this adorable nickname for a confused guy named Thomas!
  11. Big T – A nickname for a chubby man named Thomas.
  12. T’Mas – In case you’re only up for shorter nicknames for Thomas.
  13. Timmy – Another feel-good derivative of the name Thomas.
  14. Tim – An easy-to-pronounce nickname for someone named Thomas. Ideal for toddlers who don’t know how to speak yet.
  15. Tam – Typically a cute pet name, but also makes an awesome nickname for boys named Thomas.
  16. Tamango – Inspired by a regional cocktail from Italy.
  17. Teehee – A delightful nickname for a Thomas who is always smiling.
  18. Tiny Boo – A nickname to be used preferably for a young Thomas.
  19. Twinkle – For a Thomas who is the twinkle of your eyes.
  20. Tender Heart – Another cute nickname for someone with a sensitive nature.


Funny Nicknames For Thomas

If the man named Thomas in your life is someone you can rely on, with no conditions involved, then it’s important for you to celebrate him in a way that brings bouts of laughter on his face! So, here are some of the funniest nicknames for Thomas for you to choose from:

  1. Toe – A comical nickname for Thomas named after a body part.
  2. Tom-Tom – Repetitive words often make funny nicknames.
  3. T-Mas – A punny nickname for a guy named Thomas who loves the holiday season! (X-Mas).
  4. Tomkin – This nickname fairly rhymes with Pumpkin.
  5. Tee-Tee – Use this whimsical nickname for a Thomas who always keeps laughing.
  6. Toma – A European version of the name Thomas.
  7. TJ – A short form for Thomas Junior!
  8. Pompous – Pick this nickname if the Thomas you know is arrogant.
  9. Max – This nickname is derived from the last three alphabets of the name Thomas, where the letter “x” replaces “s.”
  10. Doubting Thomas – Another funny nickname for a Thomas who always doubts whatever he is told.
  11. Tommy H – A punny reference to the brand, Tommy Hilfiger.
  12. Thanos – A hilarious reference to the Marvel universe’s fictional supervillain.
  13. T-Dawg – A slangy nickname where the T stands for Thomas, and Dawg stands for Friend.
  14. T-Rex – A chuckle-worthy nickname for someone named Thomas who is also a nerd!
  15. T-XYZ – A nickname with a placeholder (XYZ), wherein you can create your own version that fits Thomas’s personality. For example, T-puff, T-loop, and so on!
  16. Thor – A funny way to address a muscular Thomas who is also a Marvel fan.
  17. Tomato – Because Tomato is funnily similar to the name Thomas.


Unique Nicknames For Thomas

Perhaps all the nicknames that you have read so far just don’t look right on the Thomas you’re searching nicknames for. If you are looking for a unique nickname that sets your Thomas apart from the crowd and helps him make a statement, then glance through the following options we’ve listed for you:

  1. Makis – A Greek nickname for a man named Thomas.
  2. Tomska – Use this distinctive, Thomas Ridgewell-inspired nickname for a very creative guy bearing the name Thomas.
  3. Tomaz – A Portuguese variant of the name Thomas.
  4. Tomasso – A nickname for Thomas bearing an Italian origin.
  5. Tammo – Another unique nickname for a playful boy named Thomas.
  6. Taz – In Eritrean origin, this nickname translates into “king.”
  7. Sam – Reverse the last three letters of the original name and you’re good to go.
  8. Tweetums – A unique, affectionate way of addressing your partner named Thomas.
  9. Tater-Tot – Another uncommon food name that makes an eccentric nickname.
  10. Oma – Taken from the letters in the middle of the name Thomas. This Arabic nickname translates into “Giver of life.”
  11. Mr. T – For those who want to take the classic route.
  12. Tomey – Another variant for someone named Thomas.
  13. Tomislav – A nickname derived from the Old Slavonic verb, “tomiti.”
  14. Homie – Another slangy nickname that’s short for homeboy. Use this nickname for your most trusted friend named Thomas.
  15. Timmy-T – A nickname for Thomas that translates into “Honoring God.”
  16. McThomas – Adding a little Irish touch to the name Thomas!
  17. Thomas the Talented – Use this nickname for a spectacular man named Thomas.
  18. Toto – A quirky Italian nickname for Thomas that looks great on babies.


Popular Nicknames For Thomas

There’s nothing wrong with picking a popularly-used nickname for the guy named Thomas in your life if it strikes a chord with you! To name a few, here are some of the most popular nicknames for Thomas, so have a look:

  1. Thom – A popular nickname for someone named Thomas.
  2. Tomama – Use this nickname for a charming man named Thomas.
  3. Timmie – Another commonly-used nickname for Thomas.
  4. Thomie – This nickname has a nice ring to it!
  5. Tomz – An uber-cool variant of the name Thomas.
  6. Toms – Another great variant that’s slightly different from Tomz.
  7. Thomassy – A sweet way to call out your loved one.
  8. ‘Mas – For those who have a knack for shorter nicknames.


Mean Nicknames For Thomas

If you’ve had your fair share of cute and funny terms of endearment for someone named Thomas, and you now want to learn how to mock them instead, then look no further!

While some of the mean nicknames listed below might appear innocent-sounding, others are downright devastating—use them at your own risk! Have a look:

  1. Massy – Use this nickname for a large-bodied guy named Thomas.
  2. Mr. Tacky – A pretty offensive nickname for a gaudy Thomas who indulges in cheap showiness.
  3. Trickster Thomas – A nickname for someone named Thomas who tricks everybody.
  4. Traumas – Use this for someone who is always sad and gloomy.
  5. Toxic – A nickname for a Thomas who adds negativity to your life.
  6. Magotty – A nickname for an extremely weird person.
  7. Tardy – Pick this nickname for a man named Thomas who is always late.
  8. Mean-muggin’ – For a Thomas who stares at you angrily.
  9. Torturous – A mean nickname for a Thomas who always finds ways to bother you.
  10. Tommy Doggie – Another way to mock a man who acts like a jerk.
  11. Tabbospeez – A sophisticated nickname for an idiot!
  12. Turd – In case the Thomas you know is a contemptible person.


Conclusion: Nicknames For Thomas

The best part about giving a fitting nickname to someone you love is that it strengthens your equation with them. The right nickname never fails to bring a smile to the face and represents a person’s identity to others. This was all about over 70 excellent nicknames for someone named Thomas.

Whether you choose a cute nickname, a funny one, or just a word that barely makes any sense, remember that in the end, it all boils down to having fun and enjoying the process.

If you’re feeling creative and have an innovative nickname for Thomas, then be a dear and share it with us!


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