50 Beautiful Nicknames For Tatiana That Show Off Your Creative Side

Nicknames For Tatiana

Tatiana — one of the most beautiful names that exist. But when it comes to picking a nickname for her, you might feel a little lost. Don’t worry! This article includes a lot of beautiful and creative nicknames for Tatiana that’ll get your creative juices flowing. Let your imagination go wild!

Gone are the days when people only looked for family heritage and biblical figures while looking for a name for their babies. The world has gone global, and so have the names. These days new-age parents find exotic and foreign names for their children that sets them apart from all commonly named kids.

One such strong contender, high on popularity charts, is Tatiana, that comes from Russia.

If you have ever met a woman named Tatiana, we bet you distinctly remember everything about her; such is the mighty impression of this name. Tatiana is a perfect blend of exotic touch together with an impressive history behind it. So if you are interested in giving an outlandish but outstanding name to your daughter, this name might be it.

As is the custom, we will give you some never heard before nicknames for this name today, together with our in-house expert comments on where they fit the best. But before we begin, let’s know a bit about how this solid name came about.


Meaning and Origin of the name

As many of you might already know, the name Tatiana has Russian origins. It has come about from Sabine and Latin languages, from the root word “tatius.”

It is believed that Tatius was a powerful and legendary king of the Sabines; he came from an Italic tribe and lived near Rome. Tatiana is the feminine version of the name Tatius and has been a popular choice for naming royal girls all over Russia. Tatius is a family name that is prevalent all over the Russian continent.

Referring to the name Tatiana, it is crucial to mention Alexander Pushkin’s novel Eugene Onegin in which the name has made a historic feature.

Enough of introductions; let’s get on to the nickname that we have for you now!


Cute Nicknames for Tatiana

When it comes to pet names, the cuter the word, the better it is. Doesn’t it give you butterflies every time your special someone calls you with a melting name made just for you?

If you want such a name for your dear Tatiana, look no further than this.

Here are some delightful nickname options for Tatiana that will win your baby boo’s heart!

  1. Tats – We begin with our personal favorite. We love the chic vibe and the simplicity of this name very much.
  2. Anna – Here is another classic and cute pet name for Tatiana that you cannot go wrong with.
  3. Tutu – Want an endearing name for your lovely Tatiana? Here you go!
  4. Toodles – We don’t say this name; we sing it instead. (toooooodles!)
  5. Nana Banana – Here is a name that sounds awfully adorable for a baby Tatiana.
  6. Tiara – Is Tatiana the queen of your life? Then why give her a plain name, give her a royal pet name, just like this one.
  7. Loony Toons – Cartoonish nicknames are a hit with girls of all ages, a slice of childhood that never gets old!
  8. T Man – You can probably use this funky yet sweet nickname for your best buddy, Tatiana.
  9. Tunny Bunny – Rhyming nicknames have a delightful impact on people, making them feel the warmth of your love in the best way possible.


Funny Nicknames for Tatiana

What’s in a name? Well, as we like to say a whole lot of things. For one, you have a chance of impressing a Tatiana you have been crushing on by giving her a witty nickname that will make her laugh and break the ice between you two.

These amusing nicknames will do the trick.

Thank us later!

  1. Tote Bag – All the fashionistas Tatianas out there are the ones who can pull off this name.
  2. Terminal – Here is a pet name for a frequent flyer or an air hostess Tatiana.
  3. Tea Time – For the love of Tea! If your Tatiana loves Tea as much as we do, she will love this name as well.
  4. Marijuana – Need we say who gets this name right here? ( Calling out all college kids here)
  5. Tyranny – Is your Tatiana, a bossy woman who always has her way with everything? If yes, then here is a name that she deserves.
  6. Tit-anna – Isn’t it amazing how a little hyphen can turn the whole meaning of a name around?
  7. Termite – This weirdly amusing insect name can creep a Tatiana out when you call her this.
  8. Tonne – A heavy-duty pet name for a woman who is equally heavy-duty. Well, you know what we mean!
  9. Tatters – This name is something that might suit a Tatiana who is often shabbily dressed.
  10. Tenant – This hilarious nickname is for Tatiana, who has a bossy landlady and constantly bitches about her rental home.
  11. Tiny – Looking for a suitable nickname for an infant Tatiana? Look no more!


Cool Nicknames for Tatiana

People who like to move with the trends will find a stop here for their nicknaming needs. These contemporary nicknames are so fashionable that they would have been on the cover of a nicknaming magazine; had there been any.

No kidding!

  1. Tanning – Here is how you can call a “beach baby” Tatiana, who sports a sexy tan.
  2. Tata – Alternate way of Saying Goodbye. Isn’t it a weirdly lovely name for your Tatiana?
  3. Ting Tong! – Who’s there? You can use this irritating name for a Tatiana who often drops by unannounced at your house.
  4. Ariana – Pop Star Ariana fans, this one is especially for you. A teenage Tatiana would go gaga over this name. (Irony intended!)
  5. Tiana – Nothing exceptional about this name, but it sounds very chic and classy.
  6. Tenet – Movie nicknames are something that is hit today and shall remain hit tomorrow.
  7. Titan – Largest moon of Saturn; here is a colossal nickname for your best buddy, Tatiana.
  8. Lantern – Perhaps this is what you were looking for. A name with an old-school charm to it, give this name to a Tatiana who lights up your life.
  9. Tyrion – Our cool nickname list would be incomplete without a nickname with a pop-culture reference; this one, as you might already know, comes from “Game of Thrones.”
  10. Tune-in – We envision you using this name for a Radio Jockey or television presenter, Tatiana. ( or even a Youtuber!)
  11. Toni – Inspired by star writer Toni Morrison, we recommend this nickname for someone who loves reading or writing.
  12. Tinion – Here is how you can tease a small Tatiana, or you can also use this name for a baby. ( Tatiana + Mininion= Tinion)


Unique Nicknames for Tatiana

Are you someone who is very picky in choosing nicknames for people in your life? We are here to cater to all your whims and fancies.

Down below, we have curated the most clever nicknames we could think of for the name

Tatiana; these options are bound to catch your eye.

  1. Narnia – Anyone remembers the “Chronicles of Narnia”? The famous book series was later adapted into movies as well.
  2. Tennis Mennace – This tweaked version of “Dennis The Menace” is for a young Tatiana, who is very naughty.
  3. T-Annoy – A little wordplay never hurts anyone, does it?
  4. Nano – Here is how you call a Tatiana who is of short height and petite.
  5. Tattletale – Another option of nickname for a little girl chirping around, innocently saying things that might embarrass people.
  6. Nirvana – A state of utmost pleasure, this pet name is foreign and flattering all in one.
  7. Anime – You can pick this name for Tatiana, who is a fan of Anime.
  8. Tutankhamun – We went a little crazy with nicknames and dug up this buried historical name from Egypt.
  9. Toyota – This random nickname for Tatiana is also an international motor brand.
  10. Tootsie Roll – Here is something sweet for people who like desserts too much!


Russian Nicknames for Tatiana

A stellar Russian name like Tatiyana is bound to have some great nicknames that have stemmed from the parent language.

Here are some nicknames for Tatiana, which come straight “From Russia with love.”

  1. Tatyanna – This is simply an alternative Russian way of spelling the name, Tatiana.
  2. Anya – You might have heard of this classic Russian pet name somewhere.
  3. Tonya – Another valid option for you to select as a pet name for your Tatiana.
  4. Taitiann – This Russian origin name is quite similar to Tatiana, hence makes for an excellent nickname.
  5. Irena – This Greek origin name means “peace” and is quite popular across Russia as well.
  6. Tiana – Meaning “princess,” this short name is perfect for your baby daughter or niece.
  7. Tanya – This is perhaps the most overused Russian pet name for women named Tatiana out there.
  8. Taziana – Do you want a nickname that no one could think of? Here is one that might work.



You’ve just read plenty of awesome nicknames for Tatiana. Hopefully, you’ve found one that would suit your dear Tatiana the most.

Nicknames are a great way to express our love and affection, while also making the other person feel special. These are also fun to use as online monikers when chatting with friends.

Thanks for Tuning in today for our special nicknaming suggestions episode for Tatiana. Did you manage to find something for your dear Tatiana?

We challenge you to find some innovative nicknames for Tatiana and send them to us. We will soon be back with more interesting nicknaming blogs for other exotic names.

Happy Nicknaming!

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