60+ Adorable Nicknames For Susan

Nicknames For Susan

Susan is one of the most beautiful names a woman can have! It’s simple, elegant, and paints an image of a graceful woman in your mind as soon as you hear it. That’s the power this name holds.

If you’re looking to give a nickname to the ‘Susan’ in your life, you’ve made a great decision. Nicknames are known to build close relationships and intimacy. It also shows that they hold a special place in your life and helps make the bond stronger.

However, the best part is that you can end your search as you just happen to be at the right place. In this article, we’ve covered the best and the most adorable nicknames for Susan that can ever exist.

Moreover, we’ve also added a bit of description (with a little pixie dust) to the names so that you don’t get confused between the best ones. Choose the one that fits her personality just right!

But before we dive right into the pool of nicknames, let’s have a quick look at the meaning of the name Susan.


Meaning And Origin Of The Name Susan

The name Susan is derived from sšn in the Egyptian language, which means “Lotus” and means “Lily” in the Persian language. Some say that it also has a Hebrew and Greek origin, and in general means a “flower.”

This name was amongst the most popular ones in the United Kingdom and the United States during the 1940s to the 60s. Although it seems to have dropped from the top 50 choices of names to be given to a child in 2021, it still can be a great option for your baby girl.

Now, as we know about the brief history of the name, let’s move on to the list of nicknames for Susan.


Cute Nicknames For Susan

On your quest to find the best nicknames, be it for your friend, daughter, sister, or significant other, you just cannot miss out on the cute ones.

After all, these are the ones that make their heart filled with love the moment you call them by an adorable name that’s just between you two.

Here’s a list of the cutest nicknames that you can find and use for Susan.

  1. Soozybear – A lovely name for the girl who gives the best bear hugs!
  2. Sugar – The only thing that’s sweeter than her is this nickname.
  3. Soo Boo – Express your love to her with this adorable name that’s only meant for ‘your boo.’
  4. Swan – The bird of love, beauty, and grace. One just cannot resist giving this name to their loved ones.
  5. Oodles – Because she deserves oodles of love!
  6. Sissie – Cute, chic, and loads of sister vibes.
  7. Soufflé – Can be savory or sweet, just like her forever changing moods.
  8. Swiss Doodle – They are super affectionate, outgoing, and playful dogs that love to cuddle. What’s cuter than this name?
  9. Su-Babe – When she’s classy, she deserves a name that’s classier than her.
  10. Snoopy – A cute cartoon character that matches her personality!
  11. Sushi – Call her by the name a traditional Japanese delicacy, because why not?
  12. Smiley – The best nickname that compliments her radiant smile.
  13. Swoon – For the times when she makes you swoon with her elegance.
  14. Snow White – A Disney princess’s name for the princess in your life.


Funny Nicknames For Susan

Now comes the fun part. Add a little spice to her life by calling her names that would make her roll her eyes and let out a giggle the next moment.

Whether she’s bored, sad, or just not her best self, calling her by these funny nicknames would just uplift her spirits. You’ll see a smile on her face, for sure! It’s worth it.

Keep scrolling to find the best nicknames that would make you both roll with laughter!

  1. Soosball – What would a foosball game be called that belongs to Susan? Well, you have your answer.
  2. Snoozy – For the forever sleepy, drowsy, and lazy girl that keeps snoozing her alarm a hundred times.
  3. Soozie-poozie – A classic double trouble scenario!
  4. Swoosh – Give her this nickname when she swooshes to grab the last bite of your meal!
  5. Ooze – Matches with how “Sus” in the name Susan is pronounced.
  6. Sausages – Call her by the name of a yummy food item on the food-truck menu!
  7. Suzeranian – Another funny nickname for the girl that’s as cute as a Pomeranian puppy.
  8. Fufan – Replace the “S” with “F” and watch her puzzled reaction!
  9. Slushie – a frozen drink made with crushed ice. Does she chug sweetened drinks regularly? Then you got the perfect nickname for her!
  10. Sizzler – When she’s hot-tempered and you almost see smoke coming out of her head!
  11. Sansu – When “Su” and “San” switch places.
  12. Sloth – A hilarious name for her when she wants to spend her entire day lazing in bed.
  13. Santa – Give her some Christmassy vibes!
  14. Smirnoff – A super famous vodka brand. Call her by this nickname when she decides to get sloshed.


Popular Nicknames For Susan

Want to give the perfect nickname but worried if you’ll call her by something that’s too tacky? Don’t worry, there are a lot of names that are used commonly for Susan all around the world. They’re charming and classy, just like Susan’s personality.

Here are some of the most popular Nicknames for Susan.

  1. Suzie – A nickname that’s quirky yet sophisticated!
  2. Suzanne – Another variant of Susan, but chicer.
  3. Sookie – This one has a cute touch to it. You’ll get to hear this nickname a lot!
  4. Susannah – Very popular nickname for Susan, especially in the United States.
  5. Sash – Exactly how a nickname should be – short and sweet.
  6. Sanny – A well-known name for Susan that is full of good vibes and positivity.
  7. Uzzi – This one is so cool, it’s like your own rapper name.
  8. Suzette – Susan, but make it French.
  9. Anne – A lovely name that forms an impression of a beautiful and young woman!
  10. Sue – A nickname so charming, it’s almost everybody’s first choice.
  11. Sanae – Refers to rice seedlings in the Japanese language. It’s different!
  12. Sookay – This one’s a bit unique too.
  13. Sobo – Weirdly nice, and perfect for Susan.


Unique Nicknames For Susan

A nickname should be the kind that defines your relationship in a single word. Calling them “baby” or “sweetie” is just too cliché now.

You need to think of a name that is unique and embraces her true being. Also, you need to ensure that she likes it.

The best part is that you don’t have to think much. Find the most unique nicknames for Susan below.

  1. Sunshine – A nickname for the one that brightens up your day!
  2. Sassy – She got too much sass than you can possibly handle? This is the #1 name for her then!
  3. Izzie – A cheeky and cute one for the lady.
  4. Suss – An ideal nickname for Susan.
  5. Senorita – Add a little Spanish touch to her life!
  6. Salsa – A dip that makes every food taste yummier, just like she makes everything better.
  7. Suzanny – Just another way to make her name shine!
  8. Shih Tzu – Call her by the name of the cutest dog to ever exist on the face of Earth.
  9. Soovie – Stylish, trendy, and worth it!
  10. Zeus – The sky and thunder god in ancient Greek religion. Give her the boldest nickname.
  11. Sumo – For the days when she doesn’t want to stop fighting with you!
  12. Sweetheart – Express your love and make it sugary-sweet!
  13. Miss S. – A flattering name that embraces her classy personality.
  14. Shizu-Chan – A super famous cartoon character that’s loved by everyone.


Cool Nicknames For Susan

At last, it’s time for the cool and upbeat nicknames that make her go “Woah, I haven’t heard of this one before!”
These names would literally make you start a trend. Don’t be surprised to see everyone having a friend named Susan stealing the nickname you created in the first place!

Here’s a list of the coolest names for Susan that’ll make her prefer these over her actual name any day.

  1. ZuZu – Doesn’t it sound like the name of the next alien that’s about to invade the world?
  2. SuStar – When she’s a superstar but deserves her personal touch to it.
  3. Zsuzsanna – The Hungarian version of Susan.
  4. Shizzy – Awesome, and pretty cool.
  5. Sweezoo – Bet you haven’t heard this nickname earlier. It’s full of swag!
  6. C-zan – This one sounds amazing, especially when you’re texting each other.
  7. Sunny – Full of warmth and positivity, just like her nature!
  8. Sexie – A cool, hot, and sexy nickname that she’ll definitely adore.
  9. Sapphire – Call her by the name of a precious stone and watch her melt.
  10. Sky – What’s prettier than the sky? The name Sky itself!
  11. Sash – Trendy and voguish.
  12. Slay Queen – A famous term on social media, which means a woman who can kill with their looks.
  13. Super-Su – Because she’s a superhero!



And that’s a wrap! These were our top 60+ picks for our list of adorable nicknames for Susan. You could choose one or as many as you like from the cute nicknames, or unique ones, or any of the above categories and bring a smile to her face.

We’re sure that she’ll love it. Also, if a fresh new nickname idea pops into your head, do let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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