70+ Awesome Nicknames for Steven

Nicknames for Steven

Though it is quite common, the name Steven has a distinct charm. It has managed to retain its appeal through the years and creates an extraordinary impression whenever we hear it. This impression is usually made up of a charismatic man who is knowledgeable, sociable, and knows exactly what to say at any given moment.

This smooth conversationalist is also filled with empathy and the want to help people out of their problems. While sometimes he can annoy you with his intellectual banter, he can also be a huge aid to have around.

We are sure the Steven in your life would also align with at least a few qualities that we just mentioned. Nevertheless, the kind of person he is doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that you love spending time with him and want to call him by a cute and quirky nickname.

So, here we come bearing a list of more than seventy awesome nicknames for anyone named Steven. The small pieces of advice that accompany each suggestion will further assist you in choosing the right nickname for Steven.


Cute Nicknames for Steven

Whether Steven is your childhood buddy, college constant, husband, or your little brother, calling him by a cute nickname will keep reminding him how much he means to you.

If you agree, then have a look at the honey-soaked nicknames that are suggested below for a Steven who you will never want to let go of.

  1. Stu – This tiny nickname is bubbling with love and cuteness.
  2. Stevie – Not only cute, but this nickname is super chic also.
  3. Venn – Call your homie by this classy and lovable nickname.
  4. Sweetheart – If Steven has a special place in your heart, then this common but affectionate nickname is for him.
  5. Sugar Plum – Here is a saccharine nickname for that boy who you love spending your time with.
  6. Sweet pea – This one is for that cutie pie whose smile can instantly brighten up your mood.
  7. Stuffy Bear – How about this mushy nickname for a Steven who gives you the best hugs?
  8. Stef – A simple yet stylish pet name that will amp up Steven’s personality.
  9. Teven – This sounds like a toddler is trying to call Steven, and that makes it absolutely heart-melting.
  10. Snuggle Bug – This one is for your little boy who loves a snuggly sleep session with you.
  11. Li’l Strawberry – Here is another cutesy nickname for the adorable, red-cheeked tiny tot.
  12. Steletubby – If looking at tiny Steven makes you think of those cute and vibrant tubby creatures, then pick this name.


Funny Nicknames for Steven

Let’s get on a super fun ride to discover some of the most humorous nicknames for Steven. If you like watching Steven and other people laugh their hearts out, then try using any of the following nicknames to call him.

Have a good look, and let us know which one cracked you up?

  1. Silly Steve – For a Steven who says and does the silliest things in the most inappropriate situations.
  2. Sweaty Steve – If you think Steve is covered in sweat all the time, then you can pick this funny nickname.
  3. Theiven – This one is for Steven, who has kleptomaniac tendencies and fills his pockets with things that are not his.
  4. Stevino – Does Steven like having cheap wine? If yes, this will make an amusing nickname.
  5. Stevol – This one is for a soft-spoken Steven who you have to ask to raise the volume every time he talks.
  6. Ste-vac – Vac is short for vacuum cleaners, and so this makes the perfect nickname for a Steven who is obsessed with cleanliness.
  7. Ste-volt – Here is a witty and fun pet name for Steven, who is always high on energy.
  8. 7 Eleven – Is Steven one of those friends who are available 24×7 for you? If yes, then go for this one and make everyone laugh.
  9. Sleepy Stu – If Steven manages to make time for a nap even on busy schedules, then this sleepyhead can be called by this nickname.
  10. S-tea-ven – If Steven loves tea and can’t do without a hot cup of it every day, then this will be an ideal nickname.
  11. Tall-ven – What do you think about this nickname for a tall guy who goes by the name Steven.
  12. Stinky – Pull his leg with this nickname if he has an unbearable body odor.
  13. Ste-vent – This one is for Steven, who keeps venting about things all the time.
  14. Stiff-en – If Steven is too rigid and stiff with his ways and ideas, then you would want to go ahead with this name.


Creative Nicknames for Steven

Are you looking for a nickname for Steven that reflects your creativity? Well, you don’t have to break your head over it as we already have an amazing set of nicknames ready for you.

These names are pleasing to both the heart and the mind and will certainly make Steven feel glad to have you in his life. Peek into the list and see for yourself!

  1. Steve Jobs – If Steven is so smart and driven that you can compare him to Steve Jobs, then call him this.
  2. Steven King – This one is for a reader or writer who lives in fiction more than in reality.
  3. Stefan – If the first thing that comes to mind about Steven is that he is a die-hard fan of a show or celebrity, then you can go for this.
  4. Captain America: Did you know that the actual name of this famous Marvel character is Steven Rogers?
  5. Ste-vet – If Steven is an animal doctor or knows about animals more than others, then this will fit him well.
  6. Ste-view – Here is a slightly corny name for Steven to tell him that he’s the best view for you.
  7. Stuart Little – If Steven reminds you of the little white mouse from the kid’s movie, then call him this and make him.
  8. Storm – How about this dashing nickname for a Steven who everyone is usually scared of.
  9. Scotch – If he is always up for opening a bottle of scotch, then this would make a suitable nickname.
  10. Scooby-Doo – A fun and frisky nickname for Steven, who loves petting and playing with dogs.
  11. Estevan – This swanky name is the Greek version of Steven, which means ‘crown.’
  12. Sea-ven – A creative nickname for Steven, who loves sitting by the sea.


Cool Nicknames for Steven

If Snow White’s mother were to ask, ‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the coolest of them all?’, the magic mirror would certainly have said, ‘Steven!’ Yes, from what we think of the name, most boys called Steven are cool as a cucumber and are loved for the same.

So, why not give him a cool nickname too? Go through the list of names below, and you will find what you are looking for.

  1. Steve – This is probably the simplest and coolest nickname that Steven can get.
  2. CR7 – Is he a Ronaldo fan like millions of others? If yes, then he will love to be called by this name.
  3. Weapon – Steven will definitely find this name cool if he is into playing violent games online.
  4. Shawty – An African American slang that is usually used as a term of endearment for a friend.
  5. Steve Don – If he has the vibes of a gangster, then you might want to call him don.
  6. Ste-win – This one is for the champion who wins at everything that he signs up for.
  7. Satan – Call Steven by this nickname if he is always planning and plotting on his evil intentions.
  8. Stealer – If he is into baseball and plays as a base-stealer, then this pet name would suit him.
  9. Sto – A cute and crisp nickname that you won’t resist calling him by.
  10. Young Steve – Just a cool and friendly way to call a Steven who is younger and dear to you.
  11. Sultan – Give him a royal nickname if he loves to act like a King whenever he goes.
  12. ST – Initials often make the most attractive nicknames, and so, here we suggest one for Steven.
  13. Stallion – This one is for a strong and sturdy man who is always up for helping people with his physical strength.
  14. Ste-can – Will you not boost his morale with this reassuring and inspiriting name.


Boyfriend Nicknames for Steven

If Steven is your boyfriend, then you have to check out the following range of nicknames. These heart-melting names will make his lips curl up in a smile and his eyes twinkle with love.

So, have a look at the mushy boyfriend nicknames and pick your favorite.

  1. Honeybunch – For all the sweetness that he adds to your life.
  2. Ste-man – Here is a cool and loving name that will fill him with enthusiasm.
  3. Sweetums – Empty your bucket of love on him with this nickname that is drenched with sugar.
  4. Ste-one – Let him know that he is the one for you in the most stylish and affectionate way.
  5. Soulmate – Tell the world that he is your soulmate and make him feel loved and cared for.
  6. Sugar – A sweet and simple pet name that you use without giving it much thought.
  7. Stu Bear – Here is another cute and cuddly nickname that will make Steven blush hard.
  8. Stewie – A classic romantic nickname that gives soothing vintage vibes.
  9. Venie Genie – If he is someone who always gets you what you want, then he is no less than a genie.
  10. Sticker – This one is for a clingy boyfriend who stays with you like he is stuck to you.
  11. Stiger – Call him a tiger and make him feel fierce and powerful, but in a customized way!
  12. Ste Amo – ‘Te amo’ is how you say ‘I love you’ in spanish. Twist that a bit, and you’ll get this special nickname.
  13. Stay-ven – This name is for the man who you want to stay with you for all your life.


Unique Nicknames for Steven

Now, we are about to open the box of unique nicknames for Steven. These one-of-a-kind names will uplift his spirits and make him love you a bit more than before.

Glance through the list and dig out a suitable one for Steven.

  1. Star – The perfect nickname for Steven, who just shines bright like a star wherever he goes.
  2. Style Icon- This one is for the times when Steven wears the best of his wardrobe and gets talked about as a trend setter.
  3. Heaven – If being with him feels like heaven, then you have found the nickname you were looking for.
  4. Strong Steve – This is what you call a strong, powerful, and muscular Steven who is a great help with logistics.
  5. Stefano – Here, we have a fun Italian flavor to add to the nickname, and we hope you like it.
  6. Steveski – If you want to call him like a Russian would, then this nickname will be just right.
  7. Stepen – If Steven is your stepdad, then this will add some fun to your relationship with him.
  8. Stenn – Just another jolly, short, unique, and cool name that will make him feel great.
  9. Silver Fox – This one is for the middle-aged Steven, who is uber-popular among the ladies.
  10. Stunner – This one is for the times when his friends want to stan for him for his unmatched style.
  11. Stellar – A dapper nickname for a Steven who is born to be a performer and win hearts.
  12. Sterling – Call him by this beautiful nickname and make him feel like he is one in a million.


And that brings us to the end of another fulfilling nicknaming session. We hope that the nickname options that we talked about in this article have helped you ease and quicken your process of deciding on a nickname. Do let us know which of these names suits your Steven the best, and if you happen to have any suggestions that are not on this list, then share those too.

Let’s help each other find the right nicknames for our loved ones and spread the joy. We bid adieu with the promise of returning with more thrilling nicknames.

So. stay tuned!

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