60 Nicknames For Stephanie (Cute and Funny)

Nicknames For Stephanie

The name Stephanie sounds sophisticated and chic. But there are times when nicknames serve a better purpose than official names. If you are on the lookout for nicknames for your Stephanie, fret not! We got your back. We have listed more than sixty pet names that are as cute and irresistible as your little one or your girl.

But first, let’s dig a bit into how and where the name ‘Stephanie’ came into being.

Stephanie derived from the Greek name ‘Stephana’, which is the feminine version of ‘Stephanos’. Stephanos can be translated into ‘crown’ or ‘Garland’. Though the name Stephanie is French in form, it is now a very popular name in the United States, United Kingdom, and other English-speaking countries.

A few well-known figures associated with the name are Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Stefani Germanotta, better known as her stage name Lady Gaga, Stephenie Meyer, author of the best-selling Twilight series, Stephanie Hwang, a.k.a. Tiffany, member of the iconic girl group Girls’ Generation.


Cute Nicknames For Stephanie

  1. Ann – Ann is a lady full of feminine grace and elegance. A perfect fit for fans of classic novels.
  2. Stiffy – P.G. Wodehouse immortalized this name in one of his works. Give this name to your daughter, and she is bound to be as famous as Stiffy.
  3. Nia – Nia is a perfect name for a single girl child tended with the utmost care and showered with love. A parent’s real treasure.
  4. Hunie – Is your girl upset at you over something? Hunie her and win her over in the blink of an eye.
  5. Taffy – A perfect name for a notorious kid who is too cute to be chided.
  6. Sophie – Ideal nickname for a wise and well-behaved Stephanie.
  7. Sunnie – Your daughter, who brightens up your life, deserves this name.
  8. Tae-Nie – A nickname immortalized by the singers Taeyeon and Tiffany. If your girl is into K-pop, there’s no way she won’t love this name.
  9. Phanie – A pet name, not too diverted from the real one. Crisp and short while keeping it real.
  10. Tephanie – Sounds like Stephanie but is actually a pet name. Tricky, yet cute.
  11. Sophia – Sophias are usually kind-hearted, understanding, and empathetic. If she has this personality, then you know what to call her.
  12. Seph – Sounds like a fairy out of the water. A lovely and forgiving name. Is your child one? Then, Seph it is.


Funny Nicknames For Stephanie

  1. Fany-Fany – A name popularised by Girls’ Generation’s member Stephanie Hwang. Her mates call her Fany Fany Tiffany for her funny yet adorable personality.
  2. Ni-ni – A name best suited for the last sister. She has to be a female version of Dennis, the Menace, to be called Ni-Ni.
  3. Step-On-Me – Step on her because isn’t her nickname Step-on-me?
  4. Fi-Fi – It should be used when Stephanie is red with rage. She’ll burst out laughing and go Fi-Fi over her new name.
  5. Steph-acne – A sacred name for Stephanies with acnes. She should be devoted to acne and acne scars to have this name.
  6. Deaf-honey – If she is pretending not to hear you or is ignoring you, call out Deph-honey. She will want to get at you for calling her Deaf but won’t be able to because you just sugar-coated it with a sugary honey, didn’t you?
  7. Stephun-grie – For the ever-hungry lass, who is always rummaging in the kitchen for something to munch on.
  8. Funny – ‘Funny, you’re funny!’ Oh! She really is funny.
  9. Stiff-fany – If she acts too inflexible and unmoving, scream a ‘Stiff-fany’. She’ll give in without fail. She hates to be called inflexible.
  10. Steph-Hug-Me – Your little princess is upset at you for not playing with her. Steph-Hug-Me and get over with the sulking. She’ll fall for it.
  11. Steph-Chubbie – For that chubby little cutie pie.
  12. Sugar-Fan-nie – Stephanie loves sugar, Stephanie loves candy bars, Stephanie loves chewing on jellies. A Sugar-Fan-Nie she is.


Clever Nicknames For Stephanie

  1. Tiff – Do her wrong. You have to tip your Tiff with an expensive gift.
  2. Effie – Effies usually have a chubby face and a warm personality that will make everyone around her as happy as her.
  3. Stevie – A perfect name for an extremely helpful and tomboyish young lady.
  4. Eppie – The name of the beautiful, good-natured girl in the classic novel, Silas Marner.
  5. Sephie – A perfect match for your little lady who acts as sagacious as a grown-up.
  6. Phinie – Because Phinie, the cutie, likes ‘Winnie, the pooh!’
  7. Stephen – Call out this name the moment your girl acts like a rebelling teenage boy.
  8. Stunned-phanie – When your Stunned-phanie steps out looking too gorgeous and leaves you stunned.
  9. Little Bunnie Stephanie – Too sweet to be overlooked.
  10. Teena – A very decent name. A suitable name for Stephanie, who is on the verge of leaving childhood for adulthood.
  11. Stef-Funnie – Some Stephanies can be as funny as their names. If she falls under this category, Stef-Funnie, it should be.
  12. Naughty-Stevie – This one is for those little menaces who have a way of turning the house upside down with their cunning tricks.
  13. Phonie – When she pretends to be what she is not, call her Phonie and spell it out, P-H-O-N-I-E. She’ll drop the drama that instant.
  14. Steffanic – When Stephanie is throwing a tantrum, she is Steffanic.


Popular nicknames for Stephanie

  1. Steph – Steph sounds so incomplete, yet so popular.
  2. Steffi – Does she have a thing for tennis? Is she a tennis-maniac? If so, grab this name. She will be in the news someday.
  3. Annie – For the first sibling who understands her parents the most. The apple pie of the parents is often unintentionally ignored for her younger siblings.
  4. Stephen – A masculine name but nonetheless a lovely one to call your daughter. Especially if she is taking the responsibilities of a son.
  5. Puffy – When Stephanie is a cry-baby, what better name can be there for her than Puffy?
  6. Step – So inflexible and serious, a perfect match for serious young ladies.
  7. Stella – This name is sure to make your girl feel more glamorous than ever.
  8. Strella – Strella sounds like a name taken straight away from Disneyland. Stephanies with long Rapunzel-like hair will do this name well.
  9. Tiffany – The stage name of the legendary Girls’ Generation member, Stephanie Hwang. She’s a beauty, and so is the name Tiffany.
  10. Daphne – One of the most popular nicknames. Stephanies love this name, but many have this already. Call her this if she is willing to join the crowd.


Unique Nicknames For Stephanie

  1. Steffa – A few people have this name. A bit dull but nevertheless unique. Steffa, it is if she wants to stand out.
  2. Stesha – A pet name many Stephanie(s) drool over since it has a royal vibe around it.
  3. Fania – Call her this if she is a Korean drama lover because it sounds like a Korean name, Fani-ya.
  4. Stepha-lina – Your girl is sure to love this name. It’s not only unique but sounds royal too.
  5. Estefania – Sounds like a Spanish queen who ruled the country in the previous centuries.
  6. Stephanina – If she is one with perfect manners, Stephanina is a good fit for her.
  7. Estefany – This name sounds really old because many queens had this name in the past. Isn’t this reason enough for your daughter to love this name?
  8. Elphanie – Doesn’t Elphanie sound so fairy-tale-like? Your daughter will love this a lot if she loves the tales of Little Red Riding Hood and The Snow White, and the Seven Dwarfs.
  9. Stefalia – Can there be a better name than Stefalia for a little one who is as rebellious as a young boy?
  10. Stephangelina – For huge fans of Barbie and for those fellows who love to play angels in disguise.
  11. Stephinia – A feminine name with princess vibes around it.
  12. Stessica – You gave her the name Stephanie when the one she desires is Jessica. Then Stessica will put an end to the trouble.


Stephanie is one of the most popular names. People with this name are usually graceful with a pleasing personality. They are easy-going and often try out of their way to be of help to others.

Sometimes, they may act dramatic, but that is because of their sensitive nature making it impossible for them to hold on to their emotions. They are very skillful and pull off most tasks efficiently. However, they tend to do and give their best in the domain of arts.

Many Stephanies are singers, poets, writers, philosophers, and rulers. We have already mentioned a few Steffanies who are world-famous for their singing and writing skills. Girls and women possessing this name are indeed lucky and blessed.


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