50 Beautiful Nicknames For Stella

Nicknames For Stella

If you adore your beloved Stella and want to call her something unique, this post is for you. In this article, we’ve put together a list packed with adorable nicknames for Stella.

There is a story behind every name but the name Stella has a celestial origin meaning “star” in Latin. This name literally shines because of its meaning.

The popularity of this name can be gauged from the fact that this name is the most common name in the arts and entertainment industry. Actors, musicians, novelists, singers, and models with the name Stella are not uncommon.

They are the people who are gifted, are talented, and have tremendous potential.

Nicknames can be quirky, they can be funny, or they can be cute. However, at times, it becomes pretty difficult to choose the right name to address your loved one.

To resolve this conundrum, we provide you with a listicle of 50 beautiful nicknames for Stella. Before going through the list, let’s get to know what the name Stella means and how it came to be called as it is.


Origin Of The Name

The name Stella is a popular name that is neither too common nor too rare. It is just the perfect proportion of popularity when it comes to names. It is one of the top 100 names of the last decade.

The name Stella was coined by Sir Philip Sidney. It was his poetry collection by the name Astrophel and Stella wrote in 1590 after which the name had gained popularity.

It is sometimes referred to as short for Estelle. Now the name Estelle is popular for being the name of Joey’s manager in the popular American sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Many popular songs such as O Stella by PJ Harvey and Stella by Najoua Belyzel are based on the name Stella. Some popular personalities with the name Stella are Stella McCartney (the famous British fashion designer), Stella Ross-Craig (the British botanic illustrator), Stella Pevsner (the famous author of children’s books), and Stella Stocker (the famous American composer and choral conductor).

The letter analysis of Stella goes like this-

S– The letter S resonates with energy and resilience and self-reliance. It also stands for new beginnings, choices and high levels of energy.

T– It is the twentieth letter of the twenty-six alphabets of the English language. This letter resonates with the ideas of relationships and companionship.

E– The letter E resonates with being curious, entertaining, and free. It also has emotional connotations and represents people who are driven by emotions.

L– This letter L is inspirational, creative, and exudes optimism. It also symbolizes finding happiness in small things.

L– The letter L in a name shows that for the person, actions speak louder than words. They are practical, pragmatic, and doers.

A– The letter “A” is the symbol of self and superiority. This letter in a name shows that the person is confident in his/her own skin and is superior to others.

The name Stella is for a person who is resilient, confident, and full of energy. They have an emotional side that also caters to their creative and optimistic side.

For them, actions speak louder than words. The following list of beautiful nicknames for Stella can be browsed to select one or more nicknames for your beloved Stella.


Common Nicknames for Stella

Some nicknames commonly imparted to a person named Stella are given below:-

  1. Ella – Doesn’t this rhyme with the name Stella? This is a perfect contender for the nickname slot.
  2. Estelle – It is this name for which the short form of Stella is commonly used. However, for some more classy nicknames to be chosen from this list, Estelle is perfect.
  3. Este – This cute, short nickname for Stella is up for grabs.
  4. Starella – The celestial origin of the name Stella is reflected perfectly in the name Starella. Go for it.
  5. Estie – Another cute nickname for Stella to fit perfectly for sweet little Stella.
  6. Estelina – This name exudes class. It is a name class apart.
  7. Stellar – Is it the performance or the person which is stellar? Well, it can be both!
  8. El – Probably one of the most common nicknames for Stella is El.
  9. Tello – You can pick this nickname for Stella if the kid is chirpy and bliss to be around!
  10. Starling – Let this nickname shine like your kid! Bright and high up in the sky.


Cute Nicknames for Stella

The nicknames for Stella are as cute as the name itself. Here is a list to pick the right one:-

  1. Estell – The name Estell is a top pick when it comes to choosing nicknames for Stella.
  2. Stulo – Isn’t this name cute? Sure it is. One can lovingly call their beloved Stella by this name.
  3. Stells – This one is a personal favorite. It sounds as cute as it can get.
  4. Ellen – Also the name of a popular TV show host, the name Ellen is a great pick for Stella’s nickname.
  5. Alle – There are various ways of pronouncing this name and this variability is the reward of picking up this name.
  6. Tellsta – Ask Stella to tell what Stella wants to tell. And that’s a tongue twister right there!
  7. Stelly – Fits perfectly for a cute nickname for Stella. If it were to us to pick a nickname, we would have opted for Stelly for sure.
  8. Stellz – This cute, girly nickname for Stella is also the fanciest nickname that you can get for Stella.
  9. Estee – This name is for someone who is always in a hurry.
  10. Starry – Now wouldn’t this name shine bright high up in the sky.


Cool Nicknames for Stella

The coolness quotient is necessary when picking up a nickname:-

  1. Stella-Boo – You can call your loved one, your partner Stella-Boo. How cool does that sound to you?
  2. Estrella – Estrella is a name that is both cute and sophisticated at the same time.
  3. Rella – For someone who is resilient and reliable, the name Rella is perfect.
  4. Stallon – This might remind you of the famous film star with the first name Sylvester.
  5. Stylo – For a fashionista and a diva, the name Stylo is an apt choice.
  6. Stelly – Why are you even looking at any other name; this one’s a given!
  7. Telly – For someone who is glued to the television screen at all times, this name is perfect.
  8. Ester – Easy, simple, fun nickname for Stella
  9. Tella-Stella – Sounds poetic, right?
  10. Ellena – It is a feminine name for a feminine personality named Stella.


Funny Nicknames for Stella

Names reflect the personality of the person. SO here are some nicknames for a funny Stella:-

  1. Latto – It will be a hilarious situation when you see Latto fetch Latte.
  2. Stalina – Someone in a melodious voice calling out this name will be a treat to listen to.
  3. Estin – Generally this sound will be followed by Martin by=ut hey, this is not a race to find a powered name!
  4. Ellie – Some people link this name to an elephant but what’s wrong in calling a chubby kid Ellie?
  5. Sten – A name that gives strong vibes.
  6. Alena – This name is one that is fun to call and is fun to be heard.
  7. Tellalina – How often do you hear a name as melodious as this one?
  8. Annie – This is a popular pick for a name that shines bright like a star.
  9. Estrella – This one is again a personal favorite.
  10. Atti – A short, sweet call for the Stella you love.


Unique Nicknames for Stella

If it is not unique, it means it is common. Some unique nicknames for Stella are mentioned below:-

  1. Stee – What better nickname could be for Stella than calling her Stee. And you can get a tee with the name Stee on it!
  2. Stelios – This name is going to turn some heads around for it is such a unique one in its domain.
  3. Stylianos – For a stylish Stella the name Syliano is an apt one.
  4. Taleian – Everyone would like to hear a tale from Taleian.
  5. Stenla – A girly-girl nickname for Stella.
  6. Lastie – Now isn’t this a unique nickname for Stella!
  7. Tuna – Remember how Jim from The Office got his nickname from Andy? For someone who loves tuna fish, you call them Tuna.
  8. Lena – That sure is a short, sweet nickname for Stella.
  9. Leia – This Star Wars princess is for a fearless leader, just like Princess Leia!
  10. Stelsa – You call your girl Stelsa and she shall come running towards you to hug you.



There are thousands of ways of calling your loved ones. The list of nicknames for Stella provides you with a myriad of options to choose from. These nicknames are funny, cool, unique, and beautiful in all manners.

For someone who is a shining star in your world, the names you give them are going to reflect the importance you attach to their presence in your life. From Estelle to Tellalina to Stellz, the names bring a twinkle in the eyes of the beholder.

The name you choose reflects the qualities they emanate as a person- what you perceive them to be and what you actually get from them.

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