50+ Lovely Nicknames for Skylar or Skyler

Nicknames for Skylar

The name Skylar has been a popular one for a long time now. This name derives its uniqueness from being used for both boys and girls. In popular culture, the name has been commonly used in both novels as well as movies and television shows. Moreover, the name Skylar has been growing steadily in popularity for being distinctively charming.

Many also associate a cool and sassy personality with the name Skylar. There has also been an air of mysticism attached to this name which adds an extra bit of allure to Skylar.

This article explores some fabulous nicknames for an already fabulous name. All these nicknames have an aura that suits the original name while also living up to the name’s personality.

Each of these names has been carefully selected and also have their own meanings given alongside.


Origin and Meaning of Skylar/Skyler

According to popular belief, the name Skylar means eternal life and beauty. Other meanings behind the name are that of strength and beauty. Many sources believe that the name Skylar has Dutch origins.

The original form of the name was spelled as Schuyler. The name was originally introduced to the United States as a surname. The name was used by Dutch settlers. Following that, the name was also made popular by an important scholar family. Philip Schuyler was a prominent member of this family. Because of this, the name has also come to have connotations of noble or scholarly for many.

Though used for both boys and girls, historically the name was primarily used for girls. The 17th President of the United States named Schuyler Colfax was known to be the first famous personality to use the original form of Skylar.

Let us now look at some interesting nicknames for this edgy name.


Popular Nicknames For Skylar

The name Skylar has been made popular by celebrities, famous personalities as well as popular culture. Following this, it is imperative for the name to have many popular nicknames. The name Skylar gives off strong and sporty vibes.

Keeping the same in mind, let us look at some popular nicknames for the name Skylar.

  1. Sky – perhaps the most popular one for this name, this nickname matches up to the original ambiance for the name with its grandiosity
  2. Skye- another popular one with many, adding an ‘e’ after sky makes it look unique while simultaneously sounding majestic
  3. Skyl – close to the word skill, this nickname indicates what the name Skylar hints about a person
  4. Ky – Ky pronounced as Kai, is a cool and charming nickname to give anyone to make them appear grandiose
  5. Kai – a variation on Ky, this nickname has been made popular by The Vampire Diaries as one of its main villains was named Kai
  6. Larrie – a variation of the second half of the name, this name means lord of the kings
  7. Lar – this short and sweet nickname is a common variation on the name Skylar
  8. Skii – Skii is a popular alternative for Skylar and it also hints at the sport of skiing, additionally matching up to Skylar’s personality
  9. Kyle – this popular nickname is commonly used and indicates a strong personality
  10. Kylie – made popular by one of the Kardashian sisters, this is another popular variation for the name Skylar and is popularly used as a nickname


Cute Nicknames For Skylar

The name Skylar itself is such a cute one that we found no trouble coming up with even cuter variations for the same. These cute nicknames make this name appear even more desirable. With these nicknames, the name Skylar will immediately spark joy whenever you call them out.

Here are some adorable nicknames for Skylar.

  1. Sky Bunny – who does not love to be reminded of tiny and adorable bunnies while calling out their loved one, this nickname is the perfect nickname you can give to someone you love named Skylar
  2. Squirrel – good old animal imagery never goes out of fashion, especially when it is of a cute little squirrel
  3. Snickers – this nickname is perfect for anyone whose personality is sweet
  4. Skittles – another variation is given to someone named Skylar who is sweet and cute
  5. Lil Sky – this is the best way to capture the majesty that the name Skylar comes with and make it adorable
  6. Sky Sky – this repetition makes the name appear to be doubly adorable
  7. Skylove – a combination of two precious elements makes this out to be massively cute
  8. Skylarbug – this adorable nickname screams affection and intimacy and is a perfect substitute as a cute nickname
  9. Skylerkitten – the animal imagery does not stop with this name and we don’t find anyone complaining
  10. Skyechip – this name is as pleasing to the ears as it induces an affectionate and loving vibe among those who use it
  11. Skylarella – this nickname gives off a fairy-tale vibe while being so adorable to listen to
  12. Sky Muffin – a combination of a loved dessert and the blue sky makes this a tender name that is soft and precious


Funny Nicknames For Skylar

Although the name Skylar is anything but funny, a bit of banter associated with some quirky nicknames brings a smile to everyone’s face. If you are looking for a fun and savage nickname that is hilarious as well as smart, look no further.

We have the perfect list for all the funny nicknames for Skylar here below.

  1. Sky Dog – this name gives off an energetic and amusing vibe
  2. Slap-up Skylar – much like the other names on this list, this nickname is humorous as well as agreeable to use
  3. Spider – rhyming with Skyler, is a fun way to call someone and generate a few laughs in the process
  4. Squeelar – another rhyming nickname that is hilarious and amusing to use while being smart and snazzy
  5. Skylarbob – this nickname gives off such a domestic and homely ambiance while being entertaining at the same time
  6. Sky High – both the words give off a grand and lofty feel while not being too heavy
  7. Skylarrie – a combination of two popular nicknames for this popular name is sure to be a funny and elevated one while exuding a lofty personality
  8. Skid – referring to someone falling, this nickname is amusing and a great way to make some harmless fun of our friend named Skylar
  9. Ketchup – this name derives its origins from one letter in the original name but is a great way to address someone while being amusing
  10. Smile – this nickname is such a light-hearted one and perfect for the Skylar in your life who is the reason behind your smile
  11. Killer – not to be confused with an actual murderer, but this nickname is a great way to hint at Skylar’s fantastic talents where he kills it in whichever field, he enters into
  12. Scholar – a jocular way to poke the Skylar who is popularly known as the nerd
  13. Scooter – deriving its name from the first two letters of the name, this nickname is an entertaining and fun one and hints towards the lively Skylar in your life


Cool Nicknames For Skylar

The name Skylar is deserving of some awesome and cool nicknames that are grand and pompous. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a nickname that speaks of your inflated personality and lets everyone around you know about how cool and bold you are.

These cool nicknames for Skylar match up the original edginess of the name while being even more magnificent. These cool nicknames are revered by all.

  1. Skull – this nickname is groovy and glamorous while being high-toned
  2. Skeeter – this nickname is a lovely fit for friend circles where a Skylar is popular and wanted by all
  3. Skyl-o – another popular nickname given by friends to their loving friend which is impressive
  4. Snazzy Skylar – this nickname has the word snazzy within it and is the perfect fit for a chic alternative to the original name of Skylar
  5. Ess – this is such a thoughtful spin on the name and is inspiring and cool at the same time
  6. Big Sky – both of these words have attached to them feelings of grandiosity which is the perfect fit for someone as cool as Skylar
  7. Fidler – rhyming with the original word Skylar, this nickname even has a movie titled ‘Fidler on the Roof’ to its credit
  8. Crab – this beautiful sea creature is funky and also fits the snazzy vibe of a Skylar
  9. Groover – rhyming with Skyler, this name is a wonderful spin on the original name while being happening and voguish
  10. Smash – Smash is an amazing nickname to give someone who is known to be a go-getter


Unique Nicknames For Skylar

The uniqueness of Skylar deserves some unique nicknames of its own. The nicknames listed below are unique and fantastic in their own way. Each of these nicknames has a unique meaning behind them while staying loyal to the original name.

Moreover, all these names have a distinctive kick to them that will not be found with any other nickname.

  1. Stellar – living up to the original meaning behind the name of Skylar, this nickname too hints towards the origins behind the name
  2. Lumbar – this nickname indicates a strong and sturdy personality much like lumbar wood
  3. Space – close to the popular nickname Sky, this nickname gives off an ethereal energy
  4. Blue – something about Skylar makes us all associate this color with the name
  5. Tender – a precious name like Skylar deserves a precious nickname like this
  6. Ska – a unique take on the pronunciation of Skylar, this nickname is quirky
  7. Skylara – this remarkable nickname is a wonderful way to address someone while being affectionate towards them
  8. Skyler-Nova – indicating an inter-galactic event, this name has an astronomical and starry vibe to it
  9. Scaler – this nickname indicates a person scaling great heights in their life and is a unique and special way to address someone
  10. Schuyler – it is always better to go back to one’s roots and a unique nickname for Skylar would be its original form



The name Skylar is novel and magnetic. It attracts positive energies towards itself while inducing an exclusive feeling of eagerness. The name is associated with confidence and willingness while signifying a go-getter attitude. The nicknames on this list match up to these traits while giving a unique twist on the original name.

We hope we were able to help you with some fantastic nicknames that are suitable for the Skylar in your life!

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