50+ Adorable Nicknames For Sawyer

Nicknames For Sawyer

Are you in love with Sawyer in your life and want to call him by a special nickname? If so, this article is for you. Here we have compiled a list packed with over 50 adorable nicknames for Sawyer. Going through this list will help you find the nickname that suits him the most.

Generally, Sawyers are lively and adventurous and sometimes even tricky to understand. They are the soul of any party or gathering. They show signs of maturity from a very young age and are focused and courageous boys.

Calling someone by nicknames is something that brings love and warmth to a relationship. You want something that’s special and memorable, but not too corny or embarrassing.

Sawyer is a cute name, but can you think of some adorable nicknames for Sawyer? Check out this exhaustive list and see if anything catches your fancy.

But before delving into the nicknames, let us know more about the name itself.


Origin and Meaning of the Name Sawyer

The name Sawyer was initially used as an occupational name. It was used to denote people who earned their living by sawing or cutting wood. But through generations and ages, the name became more prominent.

In the current century, Sawyer has become one of the most sought-after names in the US. But a common name doesn’t mean that the nickname has to be so as well.

So, let’s get cracking into the various forms of nicknames we have listed out for you.


Popular Nicknames For Sawyer

Being called by a nickname denotes affection. In the case of popular nicknames, it can range from common short forms to unusual ones. Here’s a list to help you make a customized popular nickname for your beloved Sawyer.

You can use the initial part of the name or even try spelling alternatives as a nickname.

A tip: most people prefer short or compact nicknames that sound both cool and smart.

So, here goes the list.

  1. Saw – this one is probably the most common diminutive of the name Sawyer.
  2. Sy – a cool and compact nickname choice for your beloved Sawyer.
  3. Sawie – this one is probably the most adorable choice among the list of popular nicknames.
  4. Sawy – just a little spelling tweak and you get a simple and sober choice.
  5. Soy-er – add a little fun to your choice of nickname by turning around words.
  6. Sully – a rather common nickname choice in the US that can be used both for guys and girls.
  7. Sayer – don’t want the middle ‘w’? then play along with the name as you wish.
  8. Soso – a popular choice of nickname for anyone whose name starts with ‘s.’
  9. Sawier – a popular variant of the name Sawyer written with an ‘I.’
  10. Sayers – this one has become popular after many people started mispronouncing Sawyer.
  11. Sayres – emphasize the first syllable of the name with this nickname.
  12. Saw-Saw – while ‘Saw’ is the more conventional choice, you can give an additional twist with this form.
  13. Saawy – the double ‘a’ makes all the difference in this case.


Cute Nicknames For Sawyer

Cute nicknames are back in vogue. Some people find these cheesy or corny but that is not all about adorable nicknames. These are endearing ways to address your beloved.

And what’s best is you can go for more than one nickname for your Sawyer. Keep the cute ones for special occasions.

Here’s a list of the best cute nicknames we could think of for Sawyer. A tip: don’t stop at this list. Pick anything favorite, from cartoon characters to fruits, and make your own cute nicknames.

  1. Sawly – an adorable way to address your little Sawyer.
  2. Soybean – if you are having a hard time picking a nickname for Sawyer, go with something healthy.
  3. Seesaw – another endearing variant that can fit best for a child Sawyer.
  4. Sawby – otherwise the name of a chiseling cutter, but you can also find a cute nickname in it.
  5. Sow Bug – customize love bug to fit your beloved Sawyer.
  6. Sweet Cheeks – this one is a popular nickname given by Sawyer from the series, ‘Lost,’ but you can use it for Sawyer as well.
  7. Snuggles – if you love snuggling with your partner, then this one might be the right choice for you.
  8. Saw bear – add a ‘bear to any name and make it sound perfectly adorable.
  9. Soy Boy – use two rhyming words one after another and you have a cute nickname.
  10. Saw Paw – this one is especially for an infant Sawyer.
  11. Soy Bunny – a smart and cute nickname that sounds adorable to anyone.


Funny Nicknames For Sawyer

Funny nicknames best go for peers, friends, colleagues, etc. Usually, they are harmless jibes at someone’s personality, looks, traits, habits, etc.

However, try not to be offensive with the nickname you pick for someone. If it is a harmless joke, then make sure that the person on the receiving end is also okay with these nicknames.

Other than that, funny nicknames create a special bond.

They make you laugh and create wonderful memories that you love to visit time and again. Check out the funny nicknames we have in store for you.

  1. Woody – if you grew up watching Toy Story, then you will surely fall in love with this nickname.
  2. Tom Saw – this one is especially inspired by the fictional hero, Tom Sawyer.
  3. Jigsaw – does your Sawyer love solving puzzles? Then this one might be the perfect fit for him.
  4. Soyester – add an ‘S’ to ‘oyster’ and make an amusing nickname for your Sawyer.
  5. Wuss – this one is for someone shy in your group. But remember not to make it offensive.
  6. Crawler – a funny and relatable nickname for your baby Sawyer.
  7. Wy – a tricky nickname that makes brilliant use of the word ‘why.’
  8. Sonny – the best nickname for a father calling his son, Sawyer.
  9. Socrates – want something for thee thinking Sawyer? This one’s for you.
  10. Lawyer – give a perfect nickname for the logical Sawyer.
  11. Pauper – a fun way to address a friend who is constantly asking you to cover his bills.


Cool Nicknames For Sawyer

Looking for a cool nickname for your special Sawyer? You need not look any further. Cool nicknames can be a compliment on someone’s physique or intelligence.

You can even transform superhero names into nicknames. Cool nicknames can also be short forms of voguish words. Just remember that games or social media handles are not the only places for cool nicknames. You can call your loved ones using a cool nickname to express how much they mean to you.

Here’s the list of cool nicknames for Sawyer that we have for you.

  1. Slayer – this nickname will be a cool way to compliment your beloved’s physique.
  2. Savvy – this one is for a shrew Sawyer with impeccable knowledge about a particular subject.
  3. Saw Dawg – a cool nickname choice for someone looking for a gamer-tag.
  4. Chopper – this one is derived from the original meaning of Sawyer.
  5. Saucy Sawyer – a nickname personalized for a bold and high-spirited Sawyer.
  6. Rey – twist the letters of the original name to get a cool nickname for Sawyer.
  7. Seger – otherwise a common surname, this word which means ‘victory’ can also be used as a cool nickname.
  8. Shazam – have you watched the Marvel Studios movie, Shazam? Then you will surely like this choice.
  9. SBD – short for ‘Silent but Deadly’ is for someone with a cool personality.
  10. Yoda – are you a Star Wars fan? Then you will surely appreciate a nickname derived from the legendary Jedi Master.
  11. Yo Man – a popular form of addressing someone in the present times.


Weird Nicknames For Sawyer

Sometimes, our search for creative and unconventional nicknames goes bad. And they result in weird nicknames.

Nicknames have a wide base. They can be anything ranging from contractions to fictional characters and so on.

But sometimes, we stretch this exercise to a weird limit. This can get us awkward nicknames which you will prefer not to be called in public.

So, let’s check out some of these names that you can avoid while nicknaming your Sawyer.

  1. Wood worker – directly translating the meaning of the name to form a nickname might sound weird.
  2. Sawyl – a complex spelling might squeeze out the fun out of your nickname.
  3. Zomboy/Zombie – a nickname choice that reminds you of an unpleasant being might be best left out.
  4. Madman – do you want to go as far as to call someone crazy? That might not be the best choice.
  5. Wyre – separate the middle portion of the original name and you get this nickname.
  6. Soirée – this one is derived from the French word that stands for a party or gathering. However, it might sound weird as a nickname.
  7. Saki – an unusual word that stands for a South American monkey might be a weird and hilarious nickname choice.
  8. Sawder – this unconventional nickname choice is derived from the word that actually means ‘to flatter.’
  9. Swe – this might be a weird choice because of the shrill sound which it produces when you pronounce it.
  10. Yara – a nickname choice that is not only oblique to the original name but is also a feminine nickname.



There goes a list of 50+ nickname options for you to choose from! Each of these nicknames was specially curated keeping in mind the range of personality traits of Sawyer. Hope you found the perfect nickname for your beloved.

If you have any other suggestions, do let us know. Till then, happy nicknaming!

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