70+ Beautiful Nicknames For Savannah

Nicknames For Savannah

Nicknaming is one of the simplest and sweetest ways of showcasing your love for the special people in your life. The lovely gesture of taking a name and adding a twist to it is one way of deepening love and enhancing relationships.

However, the art of nicknaming can get pretty confusing and bothersome at times. So, if you find yourself befuddled and in need of some help, be rest assured that you have come to the perfect place! In this article, we have carefully curated a varied list of 70+ beautiful nicknames for the name Savannah. Let’s get into it.

Savannah is a name that is filled with pastoral beauty and history. The name Savannah is well-known and carries with it a pizzazz quite unlike any other!

Savannah is popular and kind, she is the adorable woman who touches everyone’s hearts and souls. A feminine name, it also has grace and enjoyment attached to it.

So, before we find some beautiful and perfect nicknames for Savannah, let’s find out more about this name— its etymology, origin, and meaning(s).


Origin and Meaning of the Name Savannah

The name Savannah has two divergent meanings or connotations. First, Savannah is a stunning coastal city in Georgia, in the southern region of the U.S.A. It is the oldest city of Georgia and is separated from South Carolina by the glistening Savannah River. Known for its striking scenery and culture, Savannah has many Spanish influences.

It also has marveling architecture, art, literature, and fashion. So, of course, one can see how this remarkable city makes for a remarkable name!

Additionally, savannah also means a large, plain, and tropical grassland. The word savannah comes from the mid-16th-century Spanish word ‘sabana’, which is a later derivative of the Taino word ‘zavana’. This word means “treeless plain” in Spanish, which is largely what the word savannah also means.

The name Savannah has seen great popularity and is loved widely. Savannah Guthrie, the American broadcast journalist, and co-anchor of NBC News’ morning show, Today, is known for delivering the world’s news to American living rooms.

The actress, Savannah Chrisley from Chrisley Knows Best is another famous and radiant personality. There are many other adored people named Savannah, such as the tik-tok star, Savannah LeBrant, the singer, Savannah Outen, among others.

After learning so much about this beautiful name, we can truly say that half of our hearts are in Savannah oh na na!
Now, let’s look at 70+ nicknames for it. We have provided a large, diverse, and impressive list of nicknames for you to pick and choose from. Enjoy!


Popular Nicknames for Savannah

The following nicknames have been around for a while and are generally loved by all. So, here’s a list of some trendy and well-known nicknames for Savannah:

  1. Savvy — this is the most popular nickname for Savannah and isn’t it just lovely? You can use it for a smart and perceptive person.
  2. Vanny — another common nickname, this one is fun and pleasing.
  3. Savv — a shorter version of Savvy, this nickname is great for both: friendships or relationships.
  4. Vannah — coming from the second half of the name, this is a perfect short-form and it sounds so cute!
  5. Nana — a very well-liked nickname, this one fits super well with Hannah, Anna, Savannah…you get the rhyme! Definitely a safe bet, you just can’t go wrong with a name this right.
  6. Savvah — remove the Ns and you have a nice little nickname, ready to be used.
  7. Van — short and ideal, this nickname has a fun and fab ring to it.
  8. Ava — a tiny and beautiful name on its own, this one is loved, popular, and our personal favorite.
  9. Savan — cutting the last three letters out, this nickname is super cute and a great one for parents to give their kids!
  10. Anna — a famous nickname that goes perfectly with Savannah, nobody can deny.
  11. Annie — another version of Anna, this one just gets sweeter.
  12. Nannie — if Nana is right, this one is righter!


Cute Nicknames for Savannah

Next, we have a collection of adorable, cute, and sweet nicknames for Savannah. These are perfect for heart-warming moments and can be extra helpful in creating a gentle and loving bond with people.

  1. Vannah-Banana — what’s cuter than a fruity nickname?
  2. Van-van — adding a repetition to Van makes it doubly adorable and we are all for it.
  3. Vee — single syllabled nicknames are so very perfect for glorious female friendships with never-ending conversations.
  4. S — xoxo gossip girl?
  5. Ann — we love this short and concise nickname. If you want, you can also spell it as Anne with an E! Anyone thinking of Green Gables?
  6. Saviour — for the savannah who is always there by your side, to help you out and to save the day.
  7. Zanna — Savannah with a Z, sounds very glamorous.
  8. Sana — creating an endearing sound, this nickname is for a beautiful partner in your wholesome relationship.
  9. Sanner — fun and cute, this nickname is adorable and you’ve got to use it!
  10. San-Tropez — inspired by the coastal town in the French Riviera, Saint-Tropez, this nickname is perfect for the Savannah who loves relaxing and traveling!


Funny Nicknames for Savannah

Now, we have an assortment of nicknames that are great for adding fun, frolic, and sweet moments of laughter to relationships. Some are fit for friendships, some for partners, and some for parents and relatives. Take a look:

  1. Savage — for the Savannah who is: classy, bougie, ratchet—sassy, moody, nasty! Don’t just keep laughing. Try it out, Savannah’s going to love it.
  2. Havanna — for the Savannah’s who make your heart feel like it’s in Havana.
  3. Heavennah — this one is for the Savannah who feels like a heavenly presence!
  4. Nano — cute and short with a touch of comedy, this nickname is so charming.
  5. Save — just the perfect nickname for the one who is always in need of a little bit of saving!
  6. Carolina — a hilarious dig at the city, Savannah, which is right next to South Carolina.
  7. HaHa — can it get funnier than this? We think not.
  8. Annah — inspired by the Disney movie Frozen. This nickname is just so pretty!
  9. Sanie — for the level-headed, reasonable, and sane Savannah, who always gives great advice.
  10. Plain-Sane — a funny little dig on the sensible and rational Savannah. Plain Jane would agree.
  11. Vandor — the Savannah who is super industrious with a business-state-of-mind.


Cool Nicknames for Savannah

Let us now look at some nicknames which are fun, fabulous, and cool. Everyone needs some of these!

  1. Savv-Navv — a little rhyming addition always makes a nickname so much cooler!
  2. SV — nothing says cool like abbreviations.
  3. Nonnah — if you’re looking for nicknames for parents or grandparents, this one is perfect for an older Savannah you look up to! This nickname is super sweet and special.
  4. SN — another variant of an abbreviated nickname.
  5. City-girl — a dig on the stunning city that is Savannah, this one exudes coolness.
  6. Vinn — a lovely take on the name, this one radiates tightly-woven, soulful and flamboyant relationships.
  7. Viv — even cooler than Vinn, we just love the sound of this one!
  8. Seven — the luckiest number of all, this nickname is for the Savannah who is your lucky charm.
  9. Van-Der — for the rich and super-cool Savannah, this one is oh-so-classy!
  10. Sanzer — funky and trendy, this nickname is different yet voguish.
  11. Hannah — a pretty little nickname, use this for a pretty little liar! Or for any pretty little Savannah in your life actually.
  12. Safari — this one is tailor-made for the Savannah who enjoys exploring, traveling, hiking, and is in love with the bounties of nature!
  13. Sahara — inspired by the incredibly captivating Sahara desert, use this nickname for someone who soothes you.
  14. SVN — mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the coolest abbreviation of them all?
  15. V-Dawg — for your cool as a cucumber, animal-loving Savannah!


Creative Nicknames for Savannah

Let us look at some different, special, and creative nicknames which add the texture of love to any relationship.

  1. Sara — as pretty as a picture!
  2. Saha — creative and lovely and just what you’re looking for.
  3. Sonnie — with a chance (and a twist)!
  4. Georgie — inspired by the state of Georgia, which is where Savannah, the city, is located.
  5. Vivi — a nickname that is different and striking.
  6. Vendy — a variant of the name Wendy! Sounds German, doesn’t it?
  7. Satree — based on the savannah region’s treelessness!
  8. Satire — for the witty and sharp Savannah.
  9. Sunny — for someone who is radiant like the sun.
  10. Sandy — this one is perfect for the Savannah who loves the beach.
  11. Savv-bear — adorable and perfect!
  12. Zabana — the Taino version of the name.
  13. Zabbie — a shorter and cuter version of Zabana.


Unique Nicknames for Savannah

Finally, let us take a look at some unique, unusual, and quirky nicknames!

  1. Georgia — as we have mentioned above, this is the state in which Savannah is located and it makes for a lovely nickname.
  2. Savina — a different take on the name, this one sounds serene.
  3. See-See — customized for the Savannah who is always alert and has all the info you need!
  4. Stanford-Avon — inspired from Shakespeare’s birthplace, this one is tailored especially for the literary genius Savannahs.
  5. Sabana — the Spanish, mid-16th-century version of the name: we think it makes for a beautiful nickname.
  6. Guthrie — influenced by Savannah Guthrie, this one is perfect for the Savannah who is involved with media, journalism, and some such things!
  7. S-james — inspired by Savannah James, LeBron James’ wife. This one is for the sporty-basketball-loving Savannah.
  8. Vie — rolls off the tongue quickly and beautifully.
  9. Voila — for the one that makes life endlessly fascinating!
  10. Vouge-Nah — this nickname is unique and fantastic. It is ideal for a fashionable and trendy Savannah.
  11. Via — a quirky, short, and unusual take on the name.



There you have it! An extensive list with a large variety of choices— we hope you’ve found just what you were looking for. If you’re still doubtful, take another look and take your time. You’re very close to finding the perfect nickname for your special person!

If you have any further suggestions, feel free to send them to us via email.

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