80+ Popular Nicknames for Sarah

Nicknames for Sarah

Are you looking for a nickname for Sarah? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll show you a collection of more than Eighty popular, cute and funny nicknames for Sarah.

The name ‘Sarah’ along with all its variations is not only a beautiful name but a very old and powerful one at that. A name meant for the christening of a woman, instances of the usage of ‘Sarah’ as a name has been found in many old and religious manuscripts.

Sarah has many positive connotations. No wonder it is so popular in western countries, especially those in the United States of America, and countries in the European continent. Between the seventies and the eighties, Sarah was a popular choice for naming baby girls in the United States. The name has a position in the top ten names for girls in Ireland.

Nicknames are for people you love and are very familiar with. There are innumerable nicknames for Sarah, ranging from beautiful and elegant to funny and quirky.

However, where did the word Sarah come from? What does it mean in the first place? And why is it such a perfect and popular name for girls?


Origin and Meaning of Sarah

While an accurate origin of the name is still murky, it is generally agreed that the name contains Hebrew ties, and was given to women of high rank. ‘Sarah’ in Hebrew roughly translates to ‘woman of significance’, and is closer to the word or designation ‘Princess’. Sarah is a very positive name – the name refers to ‘happiness’ and ‘delight’ in Arabic translation.

The name and the alternate uses of Sarah have been used as a name to christen a woman in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions. The name Sarah was given to Abraham’s wife in the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament of Christianity, as well as the holy Koran of Islam.

Sarah is a beautiful name that holds the potential for untold strength and graceful dignity for a person. Sarah is an appropriate name for people who are bubbly, charming, and are tenacious.

Let’s check out some nicknames for Sarah:


Funny Nicknames for Sarah

Sarah is a pretty name, but you can have fun with it! Some funny and unconventional nicknames for Sarah are:

  1. Que Sera Sera – The Italian phrase ‘Que Sera Sera’ translates to ‘whatever will be, will be’. The phrase was made popular by Doris Day in her song ‘Que Sera Sera’.
  2. Share-Bear
  3. Sushi – Sushi is such a funny and cool pet name for someone named Sarah!
  4. SoSo – SoSo can be a funny nickname for Sarah, it implies a diminutive tone, but in jest.
  5. Sherry
  6. Rawr/ Rawrie – Rawr or Rawrie can be used for kids who just love and are obsessed with dinosaurs! Rawr!
  7. Sarieboo
  8. Sarah Pear-ah
  9. Sally
  10. Sadie
  11. Shelly
  12. Sarie Faerie
  13. Sandy Boo
  14. Sippy
  15. Skipper
  16. Skippity Scoop
  17. Ropa/Europa – A name derived from Jupiter’s moon.


Cute Nicknames for Sarah

Sarah is such a sweet and pretty name, so here’s a list of cute nicknames for people named Sarah:

  1. Sar
  2. Sarah-boo
  3. Sari
  4. Solly
  5. Rolly Polly – This nickname is especially cute for children named Sarah.
  6. Sherry Pie
  7. Sara
  8. Sarah Patootie – This is a cute nickname for people named Sarah, attached with a term of endearment.
  9. Hassa Bear
  10. Sweetie Sare
  11. Sarah Clara
  12. Sissy
  13. Silly Sarah
  14. Shilo
  15. Ra


Cool Nicknames for Sarah

The name Sarah stands for strength and high standards, so it goes that the nicknames should also match that sort of a personality. Here are some cool and suave pet names for the cool Sarah’s:

  1. Ri Ri – Ri Ri is the pet name of the famous singer Rihanna, so it can be a pretty cool nickname for Sarah
  2. Sandy
  3. Rahi
  4. Ary
  5. Sasha
  6. Sash
  7. Shay
  8. Shazza
  9. Sarrie
  10. Shazza Boo
  11. Sassy – Sassy is a GREAT nickname for a person named Sarah who is not afraid to speak her mind!
  12. Sashie
  13. Sonic – Those familiar with the video game Sonic the Hedgehog know how popular this nickname is!


Creative Nicknames for Sarah

People with the name Sarah tend to be boundless in their creativity, beauty, and intellect. So it only stands that people named Sarah can have some really witty, creative names!

  1. Sararah
  2. Sosa
  3. Aria
  4. Harry
  5. Sierra – Sierra is a pretty amazing nickname for people named Sarah.
  6. Shania – After singer Shania Twain, the name Shania has become a popular nickname among people named
  7. Sarah
  8. Ross
  9. Suri – The name Suri has gained much popularity after Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter, Suri.
  10. Rossi
  11. Raha
  12. Sarahminator
  13. Sarah Jane
  14. Rory
  15. Rosa


Best Nicknames for Sarah

Here’s a list of nicknames that are best suited for someone named Sarah. If you are close to someone named Sarah, don’t forget to let them know how much you love them with these cute pet names!

  1. Sarah ConnorSarah Connor is the fictional heroine of the famous ‘The Terminator’ franchise starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
  2. Sarah Lawrence: After the famous university, Sarah Lawrence is a great nickname.
  3. Sallsie
  4. Sasha Belle – Sasha Belle is a sweet name reminiscent of the old world southern American charm.
  5. Rassa
  6. Sarahrella
  7. Sally Cupcake
  8. Silly Sally
  9. Solana
  10. Aria
  11. Solange
  12. Ariana


Aunt Nicknames for Sarah

If your aunt is named Sarah, or your name is Sarah and you are about to be an aunt, then you are in luck! Here are some great pet names you can call Auntie Sarah:

  1. Auntie Sallie
  2. Aunt Sady
  3. Auntie Sara
  4. Aunt Susie
  5. Auntie Susie Q – Susie Q is such a cute and sweet pet name for people named Sarah!
  6. Auntie Sally Pally
  7. Auntie Rah Rah
  8. Aunt Sarie
  9. Auntie Arie
  10. Aunt Soraya
  11. Aunt Sheri
  12. Aunty Rolly
  13. Aunt Sasha
  14. Aunt Shana
  15. Auntie Siri
  16. Auntie Silly Pilly


So you see, the name Sarah has gone through many alterations and radical changes over centuries to have come up with such nicknames.

A lot of these pet names may not bear a lot of resemblance with the actual name Sarah, but nicknames are meant to be funny and emit a sense of familiarity and love.

There are many more nicknames for Sarah, and those are made by people in the spur of the moment. These nicknames are not very common, and you can make up pet names as a game on the go.


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