50+ Charming Nicknames For Sabrina

Nicknames For Sabrina

Nicknames seem to be shadows to names, always coming along, right behind them. They are crucial for defining and building certain relationships, for connecting on a deeper level, for familial bonds and so much more. Coming up with the perfect nickname for someone you love can be a difficult task, the stakes seem too high, don’t they?

So if you find yourself struggling to come with the right nickname for someone, do not despair! You’ve chanced upon the perfect place for finding nicknames. You don’t have to look any further.

In this article, we are looking at charming nicknames for the name Sabrina. We have beautifully crafted a varied list of nicknames that can fit perfectly on your special person.

Sabrina is the kind of name which is magical and fills you up with wonder! It has a subliminal ring to it while also being super fashionable. Sabrina is someone who is the life of a party, a hardworking woman who knows how to balance work and relaxation, someone who is charming beyond measure and has a touch of mystery and danger attached to her persona.

With a heart of gold and a click in her heels, Sabrina is marveling, isn’t she? A name so perfect, we’ve got to find a nickname that sits just as perfectly on her! Let’s start by finding out more about this beautiful name by looking at its origin and meaning.


Origin and Meaning of the Name Sabrina

The name Sabrina has Celtic roots and was derived from the River Severn. Mostly used as a female name, the River Severn was Latinised into ‘Sabrina’ around the 2nd century. The name Sabrina was also the name of an enchanting and glorious Celtic goddess. So, it can also mean ‘a legendary princess.’

Additionally, this name has Arabic roots, separate from the Celtic one. The name Sabrina is also the romanized version of the Arabic root word, sabr, which means ‘patience.’

The name Sabrina has been popularised by different fictional characters through the centuries. The epic poet, John Milton wrote about a Sabrina in his brilliant masque Comus and brought this name into the eyes of high society.

Sabrina was also taken on by John Fletcher, a Jacobean playwright, before Milton in The Faithful Shepherdess. However, this name did not gain as much popularity through the years. The movie Sabrina in 1954, starring the stunning Audrey Hepburn changed that.

The use of this name continued and ultimately gained widespread recognition after the comic book character Sabrina the Teenage Witch which was released in 1962. This was followed by a television series of the same character bringing the name greater renown.

Many famous people have also carried this name, giving it an even greater pizzazz. The amazing Italian singer, songwriter, model, and actress Sabrina Salerno captured people’s hearts and sold over 20 million records worldwide. Sabrina Floyd, an American actress who was part of the famous TV shows Sports Night and Sliders was magnetic on-screen. Sabrina Ionescu, a professional basketball player has won many games for the Oregon Ducks and made her mark.

After our sojourn at the historical journey of this name, let us move on to finding some amazing nicknames for Sabrina. Here’s a list of 50+ charming nicknames for the name Sabrina!


Common Nicknames for Sabrina

First, let us check out some of the commonly used, popular nicknames for Sabrina. You can never go wrong with these!

  1. Sabbie/Saby — simplest and nicest are the nicknames that shorten the name and come with a tone of sweetness. This one is it!
  2. Sab — a shorter version of the name, this one sounds both loveable and trendy.
  3. Brie/Bri — another common nickname for this name, this one resounds intimacy and love.
  4. Rina — taken from the last four letters of the word, this nickname fits perfectly with this name.
  5. Brina — made from the latter half of the name, this one sounds fun, casual, and pleasant.
  6. Saba — doesn’t this one sound divine? Use it for that extra special person in your life. They are sure to feel your devotion towards them!
  7. Sabri — shorter than the original, this one is super fun.
  8. Sab-Tab — a little bit of rhyme never hurt anybody, right? In fact, we think it just made everyone come even closer. Use this to poke fun and entertainment.
  9. Sana — now isn’t that just a beautiful nickname? We love it.
  10. Rin — another sweet, short, and gorgeous nickname for Sabrina. You just can’t go wrong with this one.
  11. Rinnie — makes the nickname even more loving than the previous one!


Cute Nicknames for Sabrina

Next, we have some hand-picked options for the cutest and loveliest nicknames for your lovely Sabrina.

  1. Abbey/Aby/Abbie — a loveable nickname for a loveable person.
  2. Sabre — this one can best be used for someone with a sword-like personality!
  3. Riri — we can’t think of anything that sounds as cute and perfect as this nickname. It’s our personal favourite.
  4. Sisi — for your lovely soul sister Sabrina!
  5. Rinzy — adorable and ideal for a sugary-sweet person in your life.
  6. Sabz — add that -z for that extra zing and see the difference it makes.
  7. Bria — a nickname that sounds this delightful? We adore it!
  8. Brinnie — for a younger sibling or someone you hold close to your heart.
  9. Brinzo — ain’t got anything which is more perfecto.


Funny Nicknames for Sabrina

Take a look at these hilarious and witty nicknames for Sabrina!

  1. Siri — hilarious and ideal for Sabrina who has the answers to all the questions.
  2. Sabri-Sun — for that juicy, fruity, refreshing Sabrina in your life.
  3. Brine — know someone who is salty, witty, and a mystery? This is the nickname for them!
  4. Brainah — yup, you got it, for that super-intelligent Sabrina.
  5. Sobrina — if you ever need a nickname to make your sad Sabrina laugh, this is the one for you.
  6. S-Runner — can’t think of a more comical nickname for the sab-RUN-a who runs away from her problems.
  7. Ab — this one’s cute, funny and perfect for Sabrina who is super healthy and all about that fitness!
  8. Fabrina — first in the list for fabulous-Sabrina nicknames, this one is just lovely, don’t you agree?
  9. Sab-Fab — or, you could go for this one! Rhymes are fab.
  10. Faby — and this is the final of the faburina’s: it’s simple and funny and we think it definitely works.


Cool Nicknames for Sabrina

Let’s dive into some cool diminutives of this wonderful name. Get your dark glasses and a delicious mocktail, Coolios!

  1. S — a single letter, very cool, very Serena Van Der Woodsen! (Xoxo)
  2. Badgalbri-bri — a spin off from Rihanna’s Instagram name, we think this one simply spectacular.
  3. Sabro — for a sibling or a person who feels like one!
  4. Bee — single syllabled and oh so trendy!
  5. Ri — another single syllabled nickname, this one is so fashionable.
  6. Nana — cool as a cucumber, give this nickname to someone who exudes good vibes.
  7. SB — making abbreviations for any name makes it a lot cooler. Try it out!


Classy Nicknames for Sabrina

Next, we have a list of posh and classy nicknames for this magnificent name. Everyone loves to be made to feel elegant.

Check these out!

  1. Sarah — a name that echoes beauty and elegance.
  2. Zara — or, you could go the Z-route and make it classier and cultured.
  3. Sadie — another nickname which means ‘princess,’ this one is beautiful and brilliant.
  4. Zadie — the Z-route takes us right to this wonderful name, carried by the fantastic writer Zadie Smith, give this nickname to a talented artist. It will fit them perfectly.
  5. Briana — this one is so chic, we are obsessed with it!
  6. Brianne — another variant of Briana, this one reminds us of the bold Brianne-of-Tarth. Don’t you think she deserved to sit on that Throne?
  7. Serena — Van Der Woodsen. Mike drop. Surely nothing gets classier than this name.
  8. Sarin — a stunning and serene nickname that is ideal for a gorgeous Sabrina.


Unique Nicknames for Sabrina

Nothing is more charming than unusual nicknames that are specially made for the person you are giving them to. So, take a look at these unique nicknames for Sabrina.

  1. Ira — a nickname that is iconic in every way, this one is short, different, and classy all at the same time.
  2. Ina — another diminutive of Sabrina, this nickname sounds quirky and fun!
  3. Senna — this nickname is unusual, beautiful, and echoes tranquility.
  4. Abrinne — a creative nickname for Sabrina, this is perfect if you’re looking for something quite unlike anything else.
  5. Sabrine — very similar to the original name, yet there’s something quite different about it. Less really is more sometimes.
  6. Ria — a short and superb nickname for someone who brings loads of warmth into your life.
  7. Sina — quirky, cool, and distinct! Give this a try.


As you can see, there are a plethora of choices for nicknames for Sabrina, which means you’re probably going to have a difficult time deciding on the one that best suits your needs. You may want to write down a few names to take with you when meeting her — just in case you forget it later.

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