120 Awesome Nicknames For Robert

Nicknames For Robert

Are you in need of an awesome nickname for your special guy named Robert? Well, we’ve tracked down a lot of them! From Rob to Rabbit, Roblox, and even Ro-beer, these nicknames are great for any man with the name ‘Robert’.

The name Robert rocks. It is the fourth most popular name for the masculine gender. You have made the perfect choice by choosing the name for your little one. But there are times when you cannot and do not want to call him by his real name. Pet names are one of the ways to show love to your dear ones.

If you are looking for some nicknames ideas for Robert, you are on the right page. We have listed cute, funny, and unique nicknames for your dear Robert. But first, let us have a clear idea of when and where the name originates.

Robert is a Germanic name that dates back to ancient times. It is the second most popular Germanic name and is translated as glory, fame, and honor.

Though the name is mostly associated with the masculine gender, it is also used as a family name, in some cases.

Some well-known personalities that have made the name even more popular are the hero of the Twilight saga, Robert Pattinson, Robert Downey Jr. who played the celebrated Iron Man, Robert Boyle, who developed Boyle’s law, and the 19th-century poet, Robert Browning.


Cute Nicknames For Robert

  1. Ro – There is no better pet name for your toddler, who has just learned to be on his four.
  2. Roie – This dude is mama’s pet and siblings’ foe.
  3. Bert – Bert sounds a little feminine but still adorable.
  4. Rio – A little gentleman who acts beyond his age.
  5. Rob – The quietest and the most serious child gets this name.
  6. Bob – Bobs are easy-go-lucky fellows, always living in the present.
  7. Bertie – A name for boys sandwiched between daughters.
  8. Roald – Roald Dahl is famous for his Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Which book is your child going to write?
  9. Roarke – Your child should be a little on the dramatic side to have this name.
  10. Bernie – The gentlest of brothers. As gentle as the name.
  11. Obe – That little heroic fellow, who fears nothing but to stay at home.
  12. Little Rowie – Little Rowies are usually notorious. Rowdy Little Rowie is a handful.
  13. Ron – The pet name of Ronald Weasley. What an honor!
  14. Ronnie – Robert hates this nickname, but mothers love to call them Ronnie.
  15. Berto-boi – Fathers have a way of inventing clumsy names. But then, it is too cute to ignore.
  16. Bertha – He hates this but calling names that one hates is what siblings do.
  17. ROBBO


Funny Nicknames For Robert

  1. Rabbit – Calling your teenage brother rabbit is the easiest way to annoy him.
  2. Ro-busted – This boy is in trouble. His menaces have been Ro-busted.
  3. Row-your-boat – Sing this song every time your little brother burst into tears.
  4. Flop-bert – He turns the most perfect set-up into a mess with his tiny little tricks. Such a flop-bert he is.
  5. Robbins-poppins – Does he love poppins? Let Robbins-poppins grab a pink poppin.
  6. Bob, the builder – If Robert is a builder as charming and loved as Bob, the Builder.
  7. Robust – Robert should be a fellow with gigantic muscles.
  8. Roblox – For online game maniacs.
  9. Low-birth – The best name to annoy and enrage Robert, who did you no harm.
  10. Raw-bird – Is hunting in his blood? Is the missile his companion?
  11. Ro-bat – This boy hates bats.
  12. Law-bird – For the one who abides by every law of the land.
  13. Ro-bug – Ro-bug smashes the poor fellows the moment he sees them.
  14. Robbie the robber – Always sneaking around in the kitchen for a tart.
  15. Robert-teen – When the grown-up adult acts like he is in his teens, throw him this name.
  16. Robo – For machine freaks. Robo sounds more robotic and artificial than robots.
  17. Humbug – Let’s hope his personality is not as rotten as his name.
  18. You’re-dirt – If he never washes, he is You’re-dirt.
  19. Pop-bert – Always pops up when he is least wanted. Pop-berts are nosy menaces.
  20. Ro-bear – Just to irritate the kind-hearted, affectionate soul.
  21. Ro-beer – Ro-beer it is, only if he knows how to load on beer.
  22. Flaw-bert – There is nothing Flaw-bert can do right.
  23. Reboot – Some Roberts are too talkative and know not when to stop. Reboot them to teach them a lesson!
  24. Road-bert – This one is rare but a must-have name if he came into existence on the way to the hospital.
  25. Bertie-tartie-tart – Sing this song whenever he is refusing to eat. Promise him a tart, and it will do the trick.
  26. Birdie-bert – Some boys love those tiny winged creatures more than their lives. Birdie-bert, if he is one.
  27. Ham-bert – Ham-berts love to stuff on hams even after they have had their fill at the dinner table.
  28. HelloRob
  29. RobertBeans
  30. Bobby
  31. Bitty
  32. Robby


Common Nicknames For Robert

  1. Roderick – Roderick Random made a mark in literary history.
  2. Roland – He has got to have a mind as complicated as Roland Barthes.
  3. Norbert – Tends to break the hearts of many women.
  4. Dobbin – Dobbins are loyal and do not hesitate to sacrifice for their loved ones.
  5. Bobbin – For a plump, innocent looking boy.
  6. Roberto – An official pet name.
  7. Rocco – Easy to pronounce- short and crisp.
  8. Robot – This one’s for that no-expression whatsoever fellow.
  9. Albert – For smart and handsome lads.
  10. Hubert – Sounds like a nerd, someone whose favourite hangout is the science lab.
  11. Robright – He ought to be as bright as the shining star to bag this name.
  12. Vert – For an ill-tempered fellow.
  13. Obbie – Roberts hates it when mothers keep on using this name even when they are grown-ups.
  14. Rodent – When he is too tiny to be spotted but is mischievous beyond years.
  15. Richard – Richard is way too rational and logical for his age.


Popular Nicknames For Robert

  1. Rupert – Is he a fan of the Weasley boy? Then Rupert, it is.
  2. Robbie – Robbie has a way with his voice, a gifted singer he is.
  3. Rowan – He must be as funny as Beanie without uttering a word.
  4. Herbert – Should be at least a dreamer, if not a time-traveller.
  5. Roger – Let him take up tennis. Federer will brim with pride.
  6. Robertson – He must love soccer above everything else.
  7. Dobby – The Dobby in Harry Potter is one loyal creature.
  8. Ronald – Intelligent, smart fellows usually have this name.
  9. Bertram – A name that will leave many thinking, whether it’s a name or a surname.
  10. Gilbert – People with this name are often taciturn. They will take no nonsense because they are not one to mess with.
  11. Robin – If he is born on Friday.
  12. Robson – He will make it big.
  13. Leo – There can’t be many names as handsome and effortless as Leo.
  14. Roche – This is the one that never heeds anyone’s words.


Unique Nicknames For Robert

  1. Rodbert – Sounds much like a ruthless monarch who ruled in the past centuries.
  2. Robertino – Let’s hope this guy lives a moral life.
  3. Bobbert – People with this name can never be taken seriously, however serious they are. A unique but sad name.
  4. Aribert – He is not into sorcery, or is he?
  5. Robben – A name we don’t come across very often.
  6. Robertram – For hoarders of classic novels. A perfect blend of Robert and Bertram.
  7. Robertinho – Sounds like a soccer superstar.
  8. Ruprecht – Is he a villain who lived during the Elizabethan times?
  9. Rhobert – Sounds like an insincere person, whose life is shrouded with layers of deceit.
  10. Klobert – This dude has got to be a complete mystery.
  11. Obertino – The hero who actually is mistaken for a villain.
  12. Rudolph – An old-fashioned name. Nevertheless, unique and much loved in the olden days.
  13. Rowbarth – A name much in use in the past years.
  14. Re Ecbert – Not a name that one often comes across. Quite an enigma.
  15. Bertolt – Unique yet made it to the books.
  16. Roborb
  17. RoboNick
  18. Robnos
  19. Robotbo
  20. Robut
  21. NightRob
  22. Bobber
  23. Robird
  24. Boble
  25. BadRobe
  26. Roberest
  27. RobsMe
  28. RabBit
  29. Robify


Bad Nicknames For Robert

  1. Robster – Is he as bad as the name? If not, prepare to receive a blow.
  2. Rude-bert – Well, if he is as rude as his name suggests.
  3. Robber – This is not even a joke. Use only when you are ready to face the consequences.
  4. Roibeard – If you have an issue with his grizzly beard.
  5. Pervert – Not this one! This has got to be the worst name to give someone.
  6. Chrodobert – Doesn’t it sound like a chemical reaction is going on in the laboratory?
  7. Leo-pard – Does he have spots all over?
  8. Rottenbert – Not a wise choice, however naughty he is.
  9. Roberick – Okay, but wait, not a very good choice.
  10. Robrecht – Sounds like a cunning and selfish fellow.
  11. Robertico – He has creepy ticks crawling all over him.
  12. Libertine – Don’t even think of spoiling him by giving this name.
  13. Robactine – Not very refined. Let’s hope he is bacteria-free.


Despite it being a name derived centuries before, the name Robert is still popular to this day. It is common in both English-speaking nations as well as their non-English speaking neighbors.

It is often associated with members of the masculine gender who are reliable, trustworthy, and persistent. They tend to be philosophical in nature and take life more seriously than others.

They are often regarded as conventional and old-fashioned, which is because they favor harmony over conflicts and rebels.

Because of their personality, Roberts have a limited circle and they’re selective of who they get involved with. A few careers best suited for them are instructor, teacher, manager, philosopher, writer, etc. They also do very well in areas that are related to religion and spirituality.

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