47 Clever Nicknames For Preston

Nicknames For Preston

Do you know a Preston yourself? Do you need a nice adorable nickname to call him with? As you know, that’s what we do, give you great nicknames for your friends and family. You’ll find plenty of awesome nicknames for Preston in this article. Read on ahead as we discuss this name at length today.

Do you know the middle name of Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos and Britney Spear’s son? Yes, you guessed it correctly, it’s Preston!

Preston is a perfect English name that comes with a zing of freshness. A familiar name with no fuss, there are many reasons to love this name. Preston is a guy who is the life of the party and a family man. He is someone you turn to on tough days for some comforting words and on happy days to share your joy.

Want to know more about this lovely name? Let’s find out!


Meaning and Significance of the Name

Upon breaking the word Preston according to old English, you get two words; priest and town. Hence, the name Preston can be translated as “Priest’s Town” or “Priest’s Settlement.”

Due to this auspicious and holy translation of the name Preston, many towns and cities are named after it. There is a city in Lancashire, New England, that is called Preston.

Another fun reason to like the name Preston is that it has a load of beautiful nicknames that go well with it.

Come with us as we take you through a fantastic journey of devising delightful nicknames for a guy named Preston, and that’s not all you get our helpful tips and suggestions for each of these names.


Common Nicknames for Preston

First things first! Let’s begin our nickname list with some classic names that go for Preston. If you are unsure what kind of pet name to pick for your Preston, we recommend selecting something from down below.

All these pet names are simple, short, and sweet.

  1. Presto – Now, that’s a no-brainer! Isn’t it?
  2. My Presty – When Preston is your bestie, you can call him Presty!
  3. Sean – Here is another short name with a relaxed vibe for your Preston that we approve of.
  4. Mr. P – This is our signature style of devising fun nicknames that is simple yet effective.
  5. Skippy – Give this name after a renowned peanut butter brand to someone who can never get enough Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  6. Pretty – Mostly used for women, but we advocate gender neutrality of adjectives. So, why not flatter a man by calling him by this name.
  7. Tony/Toni – Simplest nicknames can sometimes be the best ones, just like this one.
  8. Ron – If your friendship with Preston is as epic as Harry and Ron’s, then it be fair to give him this name.
  9. Paris – If Paris is your dream city or your Preston is from France, then this name would fit in effortlessly for them
  10. Pessi – You can give this name to a guy who is always pessimistic about life.


Cute Nicknames for Preston

Love is not all about big gestures, but tiny little things you do for someone, like giving them an endearing pet name. Find some adorable nicknames for Preston that say much about your feelings about them without saying anything much!

  1. Toto – Rhyming syllables for cozy and cute nicknames is a trend that’s never going out of style.
  2. Peek-a-Boo – Here is another snuggly and sweet pet name that you can use for your baby, Preston.
  3. Pastry – This sugar-high pet name is all that you need to make your special guy feel loved.
  4. Sweetums – Doesn’t it sound endearing to call your special guy this way?
  5. Pun – We do intend the “Pun” here! Use this name for a grammar Nazi, Preston.
  6. Tin Tin – Cartoonish nicknames are deservingly the best kind of nicknames.
  7. Pillow Talk – Need a darling nickname for your boyfriend, Preston? Here you go!
  8. Pee Pee Man – This cute and cozy nickname is the one you choose if you want a nickname for your infant, Preston.
  9. Pony – We love this darling nickname for someone as cute as a pony.
  10. Peter Pan – Here is another excellent and delightful fairy-tale pet name for a young boy, Preston.


Funny Nicknames for Preston

Why settle for a boring pet name when we have something funnier for you? Here are some rib-tickling nicknames for Preston that will crown you the king/queen of nicknaming.

  1. Rest Room – Doesn’t this name make you chuckle? If it does, you may as well use it.
  2. Preschool – Here is an apt name for a toddler or your nephew Preston, who is just starting school.
  3. PT – Abbreviation for “Physical Training,” this name will come in handy to take a playful dig at your chubby friend named Preston.
  4. Potty – Excuse us for our potty mouth; we couldn’t help ourselves!
  5. Pesto – Pesto is an Italian sauce made with basil, a good idea to give this name to a health freak or someone who loves Italian cuisine.
  6. Potato – You already know who all should be given this pet name better than we do.
  7. Possum – Use this hilarious pet name for someone who skips out on showering and smells awful.
  8. Stoned – Need we say more about where and whom this amusing nickname will fit.
  9. Restin – Here is a name for the guy who has a “Resting Bitch Face.”
  10. Protein Shake – We found you a suitable name for a Preston, whom you can always find in a gym.
  11. Professor – Wouldn’t it be funny if you call your buddy Preston who lectures you too much as Professor?


Unique Nicknames for Preston

Let’s level up our nicknaming game with some innovative pet names for Preston that you might have otherwise missed out on. Have a look!

  1. Proust – Here is a perfect name taken after a philosopher for someone who is lost in deep thoughts all day.
  2. The Prestige – Christopher Nolan’s movie “The Prestige” inspired this superhit pet name, great for a cinema freak.
  3. Petunia – Do you need a pet name for a Preston passionate about gardening, nature, and flowers? Then, look no further and pick this flowery name for him.
  4. Pirate – This is a perfect name for a rowdy guy who has a questionable level of hygiene and weird ways.
  5. Peon – Isn’t this an ideal pet name for a Preston who has a boring desk job?
  6. Prestorage – You can use this name for someone who hoards things up.
  7. Pen Friend – How about this clever nickname for a guy who lives far away from you? You can also use this for a guy you met online.
  8. Proton – Many of you might know, a proton is a positively charged atom. Your Science geek buddy Preston is the one for this nerdy name.


Cool Nicknames for Preston

If you like to move ahead with up-to-date trends and fashion, our next and final section of nicknames is dedicated to you. You get to give a handle that is in line with all that is happening in the world.

  1. Pressman – Perhaps you can use this fun name for a guy in the media or communication field.
  2. Piñata – A Piñata is a soft container filled with candies that are broken in a celebration. Piñata cakes are all the rage in the baking business these days.
  3. Pester – Secretly tell your friend Preston to stop pestering you will the help of this nickname.
  4. Patty – Here is a lip-smacking pet name for a foodie guy, Preston.
  5. PC – Initials of Indian superstar Priyanka Chopra. Perhaps you can use this as a nickname for Preston. (who might be a fan after-all)
  6. Pity Party – If your guy Preston is found sulking in self-pity, use this name for him. It might cheer him up.
  7. Penguin – A furry cute animal pet name for your cute buddy, Preston. You can also use this for someone who loves the Winter season.
  8. Putin – Does your Preston doesn’t show his age just like Vladimir Putin? Then you can use this name for them.

And that’s a wrap! Don’t wait and pick up your favorite nickname for your special guy Preston today. Always remember life is all about these little joys. If our blog has inspired you to handcraft a nickname for Preston, then we are all ears to hear what it is.

Please do share your own creative nickname ideas for Preston with us.

Until next time!