50 Charming Nicknames For Piper

Nicknames For Piper

There is a sea of names in the world, and we have fished out a unique name today, which will be the star of today’s episode of Nicknaming, and it’s none other than Piper. Piper is your buddy; he is someone who can lighten up the room with his quirky anecdotes and fun impressions.

Brace yourselves as we are back with our long list of awesome nicknames and our customary side notes, which help you make your final pick.

A fun and lighthearted name like Piper has many equally entertaining nicknames possible. If you have met a Piper in your life and could not decide on a possible pet name you can use for them, the names ahead might do the trick for you.

Read on ahead to find what they are, but before that, let us shed some light on this simplistic name.


Origin and Meaning of the Name ‘Piper’

A simplistic name that is as charming as it’s sweet, Piper is a name that makes you fall in love with it. This gender-neutral name means, as is apparent from the name itself, “somebody who plays the flute or pipe.”

Talking about the name Piper, we thought we should mention a childhood story that introduced us to this name. As is the legend, there was once a man called Pied Piper of Hamlin, who entranced all mice of the town of Hamlin. But, when the townspeople refused to pay him for getting rid of mice in town, he eventually rallied all the town’s kids behind him using his hypnotic pipe tunes.

You might have heard of this childish folktale in your younger days!

We cannot help but attribute the modern-day rise in popularity of this name to the portrayal of Piper Elizabeth Chapman, the protagonist of the much acclaimed and equally talked about TV series “Orange Is the New Black.”

Now that we have covered all the bases, it’s time to head straight to what we all are here for, the great nicknames for Piper that we in store for you today.


Popular Nicknames for Piper

As is our routine, we shall open with the most popular choices of nicknames for Piper.

But, first, let’s look at few nicknames that are evergreen for somebody names Piper.

  1. Pip – The base of the name, rightly used as a nickname here for your Piper.
  2. Pipa – People who follow the royals might use this royal nickname for their very own Piper.
  3. Panzy – There is a unique ring to any nickname when the letter Z is added to it.
  4. Polly – This short and cute name you can pick for your sister or aunt, Piper.
  5. Pipers – Isn’t it curious how doing something simple like adding an “S” to the end of the name transforms it into a comfy pet name.
  6. Pipy – Here is another short and super cute nickname for Piper that ticks all the boxes.
  7. Prop – Is this something that people with acting backgrounds will be suited for?
  8. Pepsi – This international brand of aerated drinks is a household name that you might be familiar with.
  9. Purr – Something special for all cat parents out there who also have the name Piper.
  10. Pi – The mathematical symbol of Pi can be an excellent nickname for your nerdy buddy, Piper.


Cute Nicknames for Piper

A loving nickname is a key that can open the lock of any heart. We have special pet names for you down below that have an extra flavor of adoration in them.

  1. RoyalPepper – This endearing name compliments a girl who is royal like a queen and hot like a dash of pepper.
  2. HipHopper – Use this swell nickname for a Piper who has killer moves on the dancefloor.
  3. Pup – Slang for a puppy; there is no surpassing this name in terms of cuteness.
  4. Sweety Pie – We dare you to find a more amiable name for your Piper. We will wait!
  5. Prince/Princess – If Piper is your little guy, he is the prince of your house, and if you choose this name for your lovely little daughter, you can call her princess lovingly.
  6. Sniper – Any Pub-G addicts here? We found a name that you might resonate with.
  7. Apple Pie – This name is for a Piper who has a sweet tooth the size of a mountain.
  8. Peppa Pig – If the Piper you are looking to nickname is a toddler, then you have arrived at the perfect choice of nickname for them.
  9. Candy Striper – We just came up with this; maybe it can fit in with your Piper somehow.
  10. Pipkins – We love the snuggly and loving vibe of this adorable nickname.


Funny Nicknames for Piper

If Piper is your closest buddy, you have the special right to choose a nickname for him/her, which may seem demeaning or sarcastic but is a valid symbol of your relationship, sweet and sour.

Here you go!

  1. Poop – Need we say more? This amusing pet name sells itself with the bouts of laughter it will induce in your friend group.
  2. Poop Face – We had to devise something better using the above name as a base.
  3. Plop – The sound of an object falling in water, a confusing name to choose for Piper.
  4. Diaper – Is that too much Toilet humor from our side?
  5. Grumpy – This name is a worthy title for a moody and irritable guy named Piper, whom you happen to know.
  6. Burp – Oh well! Pick this pet name for those loud burping people named Piper in your life.
  7. Perv – A funny name to give to someone, no doubt, use at your discretion.
  8. Pee Stick/P Stick – This name is suitable for expecting mothers named Piper or perhaps a stick-thin man.
  9. Pom Pom – Just a random name which we came up with, might suit your aunt Piper who has a weird dressing sense.
  10. Porky – Use this pet name for Piper, who can use to do a bit of dieting or exercising, in your opinion.
  11. Prick – Best friends are meant to give each other insulting pet names. So, if Piper is your best buddy, this can be the name you pick for them.


Creative Nicknames for Piper

Still cannot decide upon a name to give to your Piper? Worry not; we still have some cards to deal with.

Here we present our extraordinary collection of unique nicknames for Piper that we bet you cannot find anywhere else.

  1. Pero – Spanish origin names are all the rage right now, and hence we had to mention this one here.
  2. Rapper – An extraordinary personality often demands an equally cool nickname.
  3. Piranha – Is your Piper, a dangerous woman to mess with? If yes, this name might suit her well.
  4. Black Pepper – Sugar and Spice, and all things nice!
  5. PPO – Abbreviation for “Pre Placement Offer,” this unique name might suit a Piper who is looking for a job.
  6. Prez – Slang for President, here is a name for a politically active buddy or a born leader.
  7. Pot Pourie – Traditionally an air freshener, use this name for someone who always smells intoxicating.
  8. Hyper – This self-explanatory pet name is for people who lose their heads in a jiffy.
  9. PR – This name is for those friends living abroad as “Permanent Residents” or dreaming of the day when they do.
  10. Puppeteer – Is Piper, a controlling guy who is pulling strings in your relationship? Then why not use this innovative name for them.


Cool Nicknames for Piper

Our last section of nicknames is dedicated to people who like to keep things trendy and cool.

In this section, we experiment with names, mixing and matching all things vogueish in them.

  1. PPE Kit – A name that comes from the trending buzz around; you could use this for someone who is mortally afraid of germs or perhaps catching viral.
  2. Proxy – Here is a name for Piper, who is always missing from lectures and asking for a proxy.
  3. Pepperoni – If it is your favorite pizza topping, why not make it into the pet name you use for your favorite Piper.
  4. Prada – Want a cool nickname for a fashionista, Piper? Just pick a luxury brand name like this.
  5. Polymer – This chemistry-related pet name might be perfect for a Piper working with chemicals or studying them.
  6. Prickly – Isn’t this a hilarious and witty nickname for a Piper who has spiky hair?
  7. Bagpiper – Is there anything cooler for a young man than a booze brand as a nickname?
  8. Hitchhiker – This name is for Piper with a travel bug.
  9. Grand Prix – The name you give to the Piper who has a speed thrill.



Like all good things in life, we have arrived at the end of our list of 50+ charming nicknames for Piper. We had a blast thinking of all these pet names for your near and dear ones; we hope you had some fun too and, more importantly, found the perfect nickname for the Piper of your life.

If our article has inspired you to make some nicknames for Piper of your own, we beg you to share them with us. They might find a mention in our list of nicknames for Piper you just read. We will be back with some more blog articles with nicknaming ideas for you. So, stay tuned!

Happy Nicknaming!

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