100+ Popular Nicknames for Peter

Nicknames for Peter

We understand that you know someone named Peter, and you are now searching for a nickname for him. Whether Peter is your name, husband’s name, newborn’s name, friend’s name, sibling’s name or maybe the name of your new pet, give a full stop to your search right here because we made a list of more than 100 nicknames for Peter that you have been searching for so long.

In this article, we have put together an elaborated list of some of the best, popular, funny, cute, and cool nicknames for Peter that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Peter is an extensively used nickname for a male. In that case, making a nickname that will stand out from the crowd requires some effort. This huge list below will help you to pick up the best one without much brainstorming. So, keep reading.

Before selecting the perfect nickname for Peter, please allow us to walk you through Peter’s origin and meaning.


Origin and Meaning of the Name Peter

Simon Peter (AD 30- AD 68), also known as Saint Peter, was one of the twelve apostles of Christ. He was the first Bishop of Rome (Pope) according to Catholic tradition and according to eastern Christian tradition, he was the first Bishop of Antioch (Patriarch).

Peter wasn’t his real name but rather a name attributed to him by Jesus Christ. Jesus honored him for his confession or acknowledgment that Jesus is the Messiah of the human race and the Son of God and proclaimed that this acknowledgment would be the foundational principle upon which Jesus would build his Church and thus, making Peter the first-ever Pope in the history of Catholic tradition.

The term Peter has evolved from Greek ‘Petros’ meaning ‘a stone’ and late Latin’ Petrus’ which itself evolved from ‘petra’ meaning ‘a rock’.

The ‘rock’ indirectly suggests Saint Peter’s or Simon Peter’s recognition of Jesus as Messiah, which is the foundational block or foundational principle upon which the Church is built (according to Catholic tradition).

After enough background information regarding Peter, it’s time to head straight to the nicknames we have prepared for you to choose from. Have a look.


Cute Nicknames for Peter

These 30 names will help you to choose a cute name for someone who is Peter.

  1. Peer/Per – a Danish/ Norwegian version.
  2. Pit – a Limburgish version.
  3. Petia/Petya – a Russian touch.
  4. Per
  5. Pehr
  6. Pelle
  7. Pejo – a Serbian version.
  8. Perica – a Serbian version.
  9. Pero – a Serbian version.
  10. Peru
  11. Petr
  12. Pere
  13. Peder – the Danish way of pronouncing Peter.
  14. Petro
  15. Pitter
  16. Peet
  17. Pedro – a Spanish version.
  18. Peio
  19. Peti
  20. Pece
  21. Petra – a German/ Slovak/ Swedish/ Finnish/ Dutch version (feminine).
  22. Peters
  23. Piet
  24. Pika
  25. Ter
  26. P
  27. Piers – an English (British) way.
  28. Petur
  29. Pierre – Norman
  30. Pitaa


Funny Nicknames for Peter

Check out these lame and fun-poking puns for Peter nicknames.

  1. Peanut P
  2. Peter Parker – Peter Parker is an orphaned boy raised by her Aunt who later becomes the famous Marvel superhero the spiderman.
  3. Pumpkin Eater – taken from the nursery rhyme “Peter Peter pumpkin eater.”
  4. Pepsi – named after a soft drink company.
  5. Peter Spider – an idea was taken from the Spiderman series.
  6. Pitiful Peter
  7. RockPit – rock (from the etymological meaning of ‘Peter’) + Pit.
  8. Poor Peter – alliteration.
  9. Pee-eater – Peter is a ‘Pee Eater’. Puns.
  10. Pet-ear – implying the ‘ear of a pet’
  11. Pee-tea
  12. PJ – PJ normally stands for ‘poor joke’ but if someone is named Peter junior then this is gonna be a teasing item.
  13. Peter Piper – a tongue twister.
  14. Peter Pie
  15. Pancake
  16. Pay Peter
  17. CrisPee – crispy Pee/P.
  18. Petekin


Cool Nicknames for Peter

Anything simple, short, and classy is automatically deemed as cool these days. So, check this out!

  1. PT – just simply call these two alphabets or use them as initials.
  2. P
  3. Lil P – if you are giving the nickname to a little boy, just say “Hey, Lil P”.
  4. Big P – perfect for a big muscular gym-freak Peter.
  5. Peep
  6. Pete
  7. PP
  8. Pan – the idea has been taken from a fictional character named Peter Pan from The Little White Bird.
  9. Peedo
  10. Pear
  11. Petrov – the Russian version of Peter.
  12. Pyotr
  13. Pey
  14. Pi
  15. Pier
  16. Petie
  17. Pil
  18. Pitrie


Popular Nicknames for Peter

Here are some nicknames that have been borne by famous personalities from time to time.

  1. Apostle – the first person named after Peter was Apostle Peter.
  2. Parker – taken from the last name of Peter Parker which was the real name of Spiderman
  3. PCap – the nickname of a Scottish actor in a few movies such as ‘The Suicide Squad’ and ‘Doctor Who’.
  4. PJ – the abbreviation of Peter Jackson, a film director, and screenwriter of famous TV series Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.
  5. Charlie Hustle – the nickname of a former American basketball professional.
  6. Pistol Pete – the nickname of an American basketball player, Peter Press Maravich.
  7. Criss – Peter Criss, the real name is George Peter John Criscuolo, a famous pop-musician.
  8. BradPit


Rude Nicknames for Peter

Looking for some rude nicknames so that you can tease and irritate your friend, husband, or whoever he is? Just go through our collection of rude nicknames.

  1. Pissed Peter
  2. Pee Star
  3. Pee Eater
  4. Pity- Pete
  5. Peeper
  6. Panda P
  7. Pee-nut
  8. Puffy Pee


Best Nicknames for Peter

If you cannot decide what to choose and are getting confused more and more, run your eyes over these few names handpicked by us.

  1. Peterson – it is a Swedish descended surname.
  2. Petersen – a Danish/ Norwegian descended surname.
  3. Petruccio – a medieval Italian name.
  4. Piar – Irish touch.
  5. Petie
  6. Petro
  7. Pit
  8. Pead
  9. Peep
  10. PETs
  11. Pea
  12. Trus – the idea was taken from the etymological root “Petrus”.
  13. Petrie
  14. Pier
  15. Pietro
  16. Rocky – since in greek ‘Petros’ means ‘a rock’.
  17. PP
  18. Petah – pronounced as ‘pee-tah’.
  19. PTR – using only initials
  20. Thar
  21. Pitzie
  22. Pedrie
  23. Pedie


We hope we have provided you a lot of options to choose from. If you think we missed some important Peter nicknames please comment down below and let us know. We would appreciate that.


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