80+ Adorable Nicknames For Penelope

Nicknames For Penelope

Hey there! A little birdie told us that you are looking for nicknames for a lovely girl named Penelope. So, here we are at your aid! One of the most enchanting names that a girl can have, Penelope reflects confidence and vibrance as if held by someone who always makes the heads turn to herself.

Thinking of a nickname for a unique name like Penelope might be a bit difficult, and you could certainly use some help. And what can be a bigger help than getting lists of adorable nicknames served to you on a platter, that too with a friendly word of advice attached to each name!

But before heading towards the nicknames, let’s find out how the name Penelope came into existence.


Meaning and Origin of Penelope

The name Penelope is of Greek origin, meaning ‘weaver.’ It was either derived from the Greek ‘pēnē,’ meaning ‘thread of a bobbin,’ or ‘penelops,’ a type of duck.

If we dive into Greek mythology, we will find that she was the wife of Odysseus in Homer’s Odyssey. She is believed to be cared for by a duck as an infant and later was known for delaying and denying her suitors by pretending to weave a large garment while her husband was at sea.

Penelope is a classic name that has been making its way to the top of the charts, given the glamorous image of Spanish actress Penelope Cruz and the fact that Kourtney Kardashian picked the name for her little one. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular names for girls and will continue to be so.

Now that we know all about the name let’s drive straight towards the nicknames!


Cute Nicknames for Penelope

Giving Penelope a cute name will secure your place in her heart forever. Look for a suitable endearment below!

  1. Pin – A petite little name that every Penelope must have been called by.
  2. Pinny – A simple and cute nickname that will suit all Penelopes alike.
  3. Nelly – Sounds like jelly, and that instantly makes it tempting.
  4. Lollipop – What can be cuter than naming her after a loved candy?
  5. Lolo – A pretty nickname for a pretty woman.
  6. Pineapple – If a sweet slice of bright and juicy pineapple reminds you of her, then this is the right choice.
  7. Pudding – You just can’t say no to pudding, and the same goes for our cute-faced Penelope.
  8. Li’l Pie – A lovely name for the tiny delicacy that Penelope is.
  9. Polly – This fancy name of Irish origin means ‘star of the sea.’
  10. Poppy – This vibrant red bloom would make for a beautiful nickname.
  11. Peanut Butter – A rather adorable nickname for someone with a sweet yet nutty personality.
  12. Puppy – A perfect nickname for that puppy-faced kid.
  13. Peony – Another flowery name for the sprightly soul that she is.
  14. Princess – If Penelope hails from a royal family, no nickname would be better than this.
  15. Elly – A cutesy name for a Penelope who loves elephants.
  16. Pixie – A magical name for an enchanting girl like Penelope.
  17. Pip – Crisp and cute; she will definitely love the sound of it.
  18. Pingu – Don’t you remember that delightful cartoon series starring a tiny penguin named Pingu? Of course, you do.
  19. Nell – A pleasant nickname anyone would love to have.
  20. Peppy – An upbeat name for a Penelope who likes to keep up with the trends.


Funny Nicknames for Penelope

Humor is the essence of a nickname for some. If you are one of them, we have got you covered with the most gigglesome nicknames for Penelope. Have a look!

  1. Pope – For a Penelope who is super serious about matters of religion.
  2. Pina Colada – Name her after this popular cocktail if she likes it or has great bartending skills.
  3. Piney – For a cry baby who keeps pining for something or the other.
  4. Elope – This one’s for a Penelope whose eloping made the talk of the town.
  5. Pill – If Penelope is always on some or the other pill, give her this weird nickname.
  6. Pillow – A funny nickname for a sleepy head called Penelope.
  7. Puffy – Another humorous name for a Penelope who can’t get enough sleep and roams around with puffy eyes.
  8. Pine Cone – If Penelope is pretty but haughty, you can easily call her a pine cone.
  9. Pinky – For the one who likes all things pink.
  10. Pepper – For a Penelope who has the ability to spice up even the most boring situation.
  11. Chanelope – If Penelope is that diva who loves make-up, then she would love to be named after Chanel.
  12. Pepsi – Name her after a refreshing drink if she never fails to freshen up your mood.
  13. Polar Bear – For the thick-skinned one who has an exceptional resistance for cold.
  14. Pippi – If Penelope is anything like the robust, red-haired character of Pippi Longstocking from the very famous children’s books, then this will be a nice name for her.
  15. Punelope – If you love Penelope for her witty puns, then this will make an ideal nickname.
  16. Pickle – For a Penelope who is a huge fan of pickles.
  17. Pineloo – If you are annoyed enough by her habit of running to the loo every 5 mins, call her by this comic name.
  18. Novelope – An amusing name for Penelope if she is an avid reader who owns countless novels.
  19. Piggy – If she is pig-like in any sense, this will make for a perky nickname.
  20. Vinylope – For a music buff who has a beautiful collection of vinyl records.
  21. Pinterest – If Penelope has suggestions for anything you ask her, then this will be quite a chuckle-worthy name.
  22. Loopy – For a silly yet sweet friend name Penelope.
  23. Penne – Name her after pasta if she can’t stop talking about food.
  24. Ping – If that’s what her shrill voice sounds like.
  25. Penal – For a law expert called Penelope.
  26. Pinafore – For the girl who you remember wearing pinafores as a kid.


Greek Nicknames for Penelope

Everything sounds graceful in Greek. If you agree, you must have a look at this lovely collection of Greek nicknames for Penelope.

  1. Pipitsa – Who wouldn’t fall for the European charm that this name has?
  2. Popi – This one is just right for a dainty girl named Penelope.
  3. Pinelopi – Spell it a bit differently to revive the Greek-ness.
  4. Penelopia – A bucolic name for a Penelope from the countryside.
  5. Pene – A nice name for an artist, isn’t it?
  6. Nelly – A sprightly name for your sunshine.
  7. Penney – This Greek nickname will perfectly suit her if she has an astounding collection of pens.
  8. Pennie – This one sounds like it is made for a doll.
  9. Pennelope – A dramatic pronunciation will do the trick.
  10. Penelopa – This name is the best souvenir that you can get her from Greece.
  11. Penna – For a boss woman like Penelope.


Spanish Nicknames for Penelope

A Spanish touch can take any name to whole another level. Try these pretty nicknames on Penelope and you won’t regret it.

  1. Penelopa – A classy name picked right from the streets of Spain.
  2. Peni – A charming girl deserves an equally appealing name.
  3. Penina – To keep it sophisticated and decadent.
  4. Peneli – A sweet Spanish nickname for your loved one named Penelope.
  5. Pelcha – An extraordinary name for a special girl.
  6. Pena – A tiny piece of vibrance for Penelope.


Creative Nicknames for Penelope

A creative nickname is a sure-fire way to make anyone smile. Keep exploring and pick the right one for Penelope.

  1. Penny – If she reminds you of the cool character from The Big Bang Theory, then just go with this.
  2. Nelo – This sure has a spunky tone to it.
  3. Lopster – Give a little twist to lobster, and you’ll have a dapper nickname for Penelope.
  4. Plucky – A perfect nickname for the bravest woman around.
  5. Pearl – We’re sure Penelope is as precious as a pearl to you!
  6. Pinelucky – Is Penelope your lucky charm? If yes, then you have found what you need.
  7. Sweet Pea – Cute and affectionate, this nickname is a no-brainer.
  8. Lola – For a sassy Penelope who makes you think of the Lola Bunny, a Looney Toons character.
  9. Pinocchio – For a clumsy yet adorable kid called Penelope.
  10. Rebelope – For that badass girl who only listens to herself.
  11. Pintage – For a lover of all things vintage!
  12. Pinestar – If Penelope is your personal superstar, you can happily call her by this name.
  13. Cinelope – Is Penelope a cinema enthusiast? If she is, then you’ve hit your jackpot!
  14. Single Pingle – For a friend who is single and ready to mingle.
  15. Pin Win – For a Penelope who is an absolute winner at everything she takes up.
  16. Prin – Short for principal, this will make a great nickname if she is your priority, always.
  17. Plippy – Quite a fun name for a young lady.
  18. Picasso – For that art genius named Penelope.


Conclusion: Nicknames for Penelope

So, there we have more than eighty awesome nicknames for Penelope for you to choose from. We hope it will help you pick or create a nickname that stands out and impresses your dear one. Also, this list is not going anywhere, so take your time and choose meticulously!

And if you think you have more suggestions for nicknames for Penelope, do share with us.

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