60+ Awesome Nicknames for Owen

Nicknames for Owen

Few friends in life hold a special place in our hearts. While there are many ways to express your love for your friends, giving them awesome nicknames is something you must do.

If your best buddy is named Owen, and you need a nickname as great as he is, you are at the right place.

We are here to help you with not one or two but more than 60 awesome nicknames for Owen, and you will like each of them for sure!


Meaning and Significance of the name

Owen is a popular masculine name that comes from the Welsh language. It means “young warrior or a well-born boy.” It is believed that the name Owen came from two words, “Owain” and “Eoghan.”

This name is closely related to the Greek word “Eugenes.” Eugene is a combined term with “eu” and “genes” that denote birth and good. So, taken together, Owen means a person who is born in a good and cultured family. Owen is a symbol of prosperity and good luck.

Now that you know all that there is to know about this name let’s head onto our list of awesome nicknames for Owen.


Popular Nicknames for Owen

Every great name comes with a set of common nicknames used with it. Here are some great classic pet names for Owen for you to choose from.

  1. Owie – This is a classic pet name that you can use for your Owen, no matter if he is elder or younger to you.
  2. Olly – Here is another of those nicknames that always work like a charm.
  3. Nono – Not all nicknames have to be heavy on adjectives and humor; some basic nicknames work just as well.
  4. Nic – Are you a fan of super short nicknames? If yes, here is a name that you might approve of.
  5. Theo – This beautiful name means “gift of God,” it would be perfect for your newborn son.
  6. Mr. O – If you are confused about choosing a nickname, just take the first letter of a person’s name and use a Miss/ Mr. with it, and you have a nice nickname ready.
  7. Br-owen – When Owen is your brother’s name, just merge the two words and arrive at this great name.
  8. Elowen – Here is another pet name for Owen that is straight and simple.
  9. Owens – Add an S to the original name, and you will get this simple yet sweet nickname for Owen in an instant.
  10. Neo – Neo is a word that denotes that something is new or recent. It will be quite amusing to use this for a newborn baby, Owen.
  11. Oreo – Chocolatey and creamy Oreos are everyone’s favorite. Why not use this as a nickname for someone with a sweet tooth.
  12. Owyn – This is simply an alternative way to spell the same name. If you prefer nicknames as close to the original name as possible, this is your pick.


Cute Nicknames for Owen

If cutesy nicknames are close to your heart, then we invite you to have a look at our dedicated nickname list of cute pet names for Owen.

All aboard the Cutesness Express!

  1. Winnie – Using cartoonish nicknames is a perfect way to smoother your toddler with love and adoration.
  2. Oswald – Do you remember the cartoon series Oswald that starred a fun-loving octopus who is friendly and kind? This name will take your Owen back to his childhood days.
  3. Baby Boo – If you are looking for a cutesy nickname for your newborn nephew Owen, here is a great name that should be your pick.
  4. My Moon – As sweet as a nickname can possibly get! If your spouse named Owen is angry at you, this sugar-coated name will melt their heart in no time.
  5. Nello Mello – A rhyming nickname is a great idea to turn an otherwise boring nickname into a sweet and nice pet name.
  6. My Own – Make your man named Owen blush with this romantic wordplay-based pet name for him.
  7. Elmo – We just can’t seem to have enough cartoon-based nicknames for this name.
  8. Ozzie – This cute and fuzzy sounding same is also the name of the musical artist, so if Owen has a taste for music, he might be the one for this name.
  9. O Man – Need we say more about this fun-filled and energetic way to address your guy, Owen?
  10. One and Only – Impress your crush named Owen with this lovey-dovey nickname that will melt his heart.


Funny Nicknames for Owen

If making people laugh with weird antics and witty anecdotes is your thing, you must choose a funny nickname for your guy, Owen.

Here are some hilarious nicknames specially curated for you.

  1. O Boy – Here is another cheery name that you can use for an Owen you are close to.
  2. Owenator – This fun and witty name is inspired by “The Terminator,” use this for your best buddy.
  3. Night Owl – If Owen is most productive during late nights, he deserves this nice pet name for himself.
  4. Big Man Owen – There are no rules when it comes to nicknames; anything that you might like is a valid nickname.
  5. Otter – Tease your best friend Owen by calling him a meat-eating, smelly, and lazy carnivorous animal, an Otter.
  6. Oatmeal – Here is a sarcastic way to call an Owen who eats healthy and obsesses over his weight.
  7. Odd Duck – Use this offensive nickname at your risk.
  8. Overrun – Give a rash-driver Owen an indirect warning to drive safely with this name.
  9. Ouncy Bouncy – We recommend this amusing pet name for someone who is slightly heavy and overweight and has the name, Owen.
  10. Wendy’s – Does this name ring a bell? It’s a famous fast-food chain restaurant; best to use this for a foody guy.
  11. Frozen – It would be pretty cool if you could use this name for a guy named Owen who liked the Disney movie, Frozen. Alternatively, this can also work for someone who hates winters and is always cold.
  12. Brownie – How would you nickname a person who has a flair for baking delicious treats? Well, why not call him “Brownie”?


Annoying Nicknames for Owen

Do you need an off-beat nickname for Owen to irritate him? Well, we have just what you need!

Have a look!

  1. Ouch! – The best way to annoy your buddy Owen with a nickname is by using a nickname that is not a nickname at all.
  2. Ooo – use this weird nickname like a hooting sound; rest assured, Owen will get irritated with this stupid nickname in no time.
  3. Biden – How about this political name that can surely get some conversations started?
  4. Olin – Here is another similar-sounding name that you can choose.
  5. O+ – This is a blood group that is a universal donor, will suit nicely with your friend Owen if he lends a helping hand to everyone.
  6. Colon – Need we say more about this slightly distasteful name that no one would like having as a pet name?
  7. Oompa Loompa – There is not one person who would like having a pet name as fictional dwarfish chocolate-making workers.
  8. Oyster – It might irk some people to be nicknamed as a sea creature.
  9. Bowen – Take a dig at someone’s name by implying that they bow down to their bosses too much.
  10. Onion King – If Owen is in tears at every emotional scene in a movie, there is no better name for him than this.
  11. No One – Whom did you call? No one, Owen! (get it?)


Creative Nicknames for Owen

Go creative with the nicknaming exercise with a nickname that no one could have thought of.

  1. Oslo – Oslo is the city of Norway; if Owen is a travel freak, then this name will suit him well.
  2. Oh my! – If you wish to go really creative with nicknames, then try out this off-beat name and see how your friend Owen likes it.
  3. Orion – Isn’t it romantic to give a pet name to your spouse that is right out of the stars?
  4. Niño/a – This word is Spanish for a baby; you can use it for your younger siblings or nephew named Owen.
  5. Otto – Did you know that Otto means wealthy in German?
  6. Venom – Doesn’t this sound the sort of name a rapper might have?
  7. Logan – Logan is an American superhero movie starring Hugh Jackman. You can use this name for a guy who is angry and strong or just a fan of Hugh Jackman.
  8. Anime – Anime is getting popular these days with teenagers; if your teenaged son is also obsessed with Anime, you can also call him that.
  9. Neon – Neon parties are all the rage these days; if you met your Owen at a party, then this might be the perfect nickname for you.
  10. Omen – Omens is a phenomenon that tries to predict the future. Perhaps you can use this name somehow.
  11. Ollivander – There is no need to introduce this name to a true Harry Potter fan.
  12. Odin – If you are a fan of short nicknames, this might work out for you.
  13. Olaf – We are melting for this nickname, and you all know why!


Unique Nicknames for Owen

If you haven’t found a nickname that you came looking for, don’t lose hope.

We have our section of truly exquisite nicknames to help you.

  1. Newton – If your buddy Owen is a brainiac, he is will be perfect for this name after a famous scientist.
  2. Octagon – An Octagon is an eight-faced polygon; give this name to Owen, who is a “Mathhead.”
  3. Oz – A person obsessed with Netflix will recognize this short name coming from a dram and thriller series.
  4. O dawg – This urban lingo-based nickname will be best suited for a teenager.
  5. Ocean – Who doesn’t love the wide-open ocean and beach? This one is for all nature lovers.
  6. Protozoan – We bet you could not have come up with this outlandish pet name that rhymes with Owen and is a type of microorganism. Use it for a nerdy guy!
  7. Semi-Colon – If Owen is a grammar Nazi, we have just the right name for him.
  8. Snowen – We all have one of those friends who get super excited over the snow; Owen is one of them; here is a tailor-made pet name for him.
  9. Noah – If you are looking for a religious pet name that sounds similar to Owen, here is an option that ticks all the boxes.
  10. Oren – This similar-sounding nickname comes from Hebrew and means a pine tree.
  11. The Crown – If royal gossip is something you are keen on, here is a pet name that is bound to convince you.


So, these were some awesome nicknames for your special guy, Owen. We hope you have found the perfect nicknames that suit’s your unique relationship. If you come up with any other fun nicknames for Owen, do share them out with us.

We would be happy to share them here. We will be back with some more cheeky and cheesy pet names for people in your life.

Happy Nicknaming!

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