50 Cute Nicknames For Oliver

Nicknames For Oliver

Whether it is in school, college or workplace, we bet you have met someone by the name of Oliver. It is an absolute guy next door name, which has an eternal charm to it. In fact, Oliver is the number five most popular boy name in the US, according to 2018 Social Security Administration data.

Oliver is a happy-go-lucky guy, loved by all and very good with the ladies. So, no matter where and how you met your Oliver, it would be a good idea to give them a nickname as affectionate as they are.

Owing to the popularity of this name it is possible that there is more than one person named Oliver in your life, with whom you share a relationship. You might need some fun nicknames to give to a guy named Oliver and for that, we have got you covered.

In this article, we have come up with 50 cute nicknames for a guy named Oliver. Some are cute and melt your heart while some are amusing and will make you laugh so read on and you are bound to find one you love. But before that let’s know a little bit about how this name came about.


Origin of the name Oliver

The name Oliver has mixed origins from English, French, and Latin. Probably that is the reason this name is so widespread all over Europe and America. We will try and cover what each of these speculations is in brief.
Oliver is believed to have been originated from the English word Áleifr, which means “descendant of ancestors”. This name symbolizes wisdom, charm, and loyalty.

Another probable source of the name comes from the Latin word Olivarius, which means an “olive tree planter”. The biblical olive tree often symbolizes fruitfulness and harmony. Extending an olive branch signifies an offer of peace. Therefore, the name Oliver was a symbol of peace, harmony, and prosperity.

Oliver was and still is an extremely popular choice and is a very common name chosen by American parents for naming their little baby boy. This name also has been immortalized by 19th century classic novel by Charles Dicken, Oliver Twist. The captivating story of a young orphan boy, Oliver is something that nobody can forget.

So now that you know all about the name Oliver, let’s get on and give you some amazing nicknames for it as well.


Cute Nicknames for Oliver

These nicknames come with an extra pinch of cuteness added to them. If the Oliver in your life is very close to your heart, you can express that by finding an equally endearing name to call them. We are sure these names will melt your heart and make you smile.

  1. Olive Oil – This is perhaps the first stupid yet cute nickname that comes to mind for Oliver.
  2. Ollie – The most adorable and popular nickname for Oliver, no doubt.
  3. Milo – A name as sweet as the yummy Milo drink that every child loves.
  4. Sweet O – Here’s a hack to the cute nickname, just use the word sweet.
  5. Olicake – Tell someone that they are special for you, by calling them this.
  6. Solid 10 – Sounds kind of similar and makes for a very flattering pet name.
  7. Wall E – Names that come from movie titles are always a hit.
  8. Willow – For an Oliver who is tall, dark, and handsome.
  9. Levy/Levi – Short and stylish, that’s how we make our names.
  10. Elmo – A name after a cartoon character, to take you back to childhood.
  11. Olaf – Some nicknames are worth melting for!


Funny Nicknames for Oliver

A tinge of sarcasm, an inside joke, or a playful dig are inherent ingredients to a noteworthy nickname. These witty nicknames will surely lighten the mood around when you use them. All aboard the Chuckle Express!

  1. Oily – If you happen to know an Oliver with Oily skin, let’s take a playful dig at them.
  2. Only-O – When he is the only one for you.
  3. Rollie Pollie – If Oliver happens to be a bit chubby, then why not.
  4. Colliflower – This one is for a vegan Oliver!
  5. Evo – Take random letters from the name Oliver and jumble them up, there you have a cute and unique nickname.
  6. Ole-Ole-Ole – Any Bollywood songs fans out here?
  7. Hangover – You probably know which people are best suited for this name. Sounds similar as well.
  8. Owlio – If the Oliver you know happens to be a night-owl? Well, then this name is custom-made just for them.
  9. O Lover – You see what we did there! Please pick this amusing and innovative name (which sounds exceedingly like Oliver) to address your loved one.


Cool Nicknames for Oliver

If you like safe play when giving nicknames, these are the ones that will catch your eye. Whether it is your friend, cousin, colleague, or even your senior at work, you cannot go wrong with these popular nicknames for Oliver. Have a look!

  1. Olly – This one is like Ollie but with a different spelling, pick whichever sails your boat.
  2. Olive – A cute little baby boy Oliver who is as tiny as an olive, is the one for this name.
  3. O Man – What a fun nickname to give someone. (Tip- Say it like Oh Man!)
  4. Leo – Wouldn’t this be just perfect for someone whose zodiac sign happens to be Leo too!
  5. YOLO – Cause you only nickname once😉
  6. Oliver Twist – A literature geek Oliver will absolutely love a name right out of a classic novel.
  7. Vivo – A techie guy, deserves a nickname that is techie too.
  8. Olivier – What happens when Oliver goes to Europe and comes back with a funny accent? Well, he becomes Olivier.
  9. O Monster – A super fun way to address a bro or a friend, you share a fun rapport with.
  10. Olivenite – This is the scientific name of a mineral, is one of a kind name to give to Oliver. Geek mode on!


Bad Nicknames for Oliver

Who said all nicknames must be happy, cute, and endearing, some can be bizarre and really annoy people who get them. Here are some names which will be fun to give but not so much to receive.

Pick them at your own risk!

  1. Oli-poo – You cannot help but smile hearing this cute and funny name. Although on the other side, it’s not so much fun to be called poo.
  2. All-over – Rhymes with Oliver but this name just sounds kind of mean and vague.
  3. Oldie – Nobody likes being called old, precisely why this is a hysterical nickname to give.
  4. Booger – Sounds like Oliver and specially made for the one who is always picking nose boogies.
  5. Oli-virus – Has no connection to the original meaning, but it’s always fun to name people bizarre names, that keep them wondering. How amusing it is to call someone literally a virus.
  6. Olaoluwa – We know you don’t get it, honestly neither do we. Here is an utterly senseless and confusing name for you.
  7. Foreigner – A subtle dig at someone, who has a weird made-up accent, rhymes with Oliver as well.
  8. Whomping Willow – We can never run out of Harry Potter references. This is for someone who is hot-headed and a bit on the heavier side.


Unusual Nicknames for Oliver

Nicknames that are unique make the bond truly everlasting. This is where you will find the names that you will find nowhere else. They are quirky, unique, and will be exclusive to you. Have a peek and see which ones you like the most.

  1. Willy-Nilly – Nicknames are something to be accepted willy nilly.
  2. Olympic – This is one is somewhat farfetched, but perfect for a sporty and competitive guy.
  3. Violin – A musical name for a musical man.
  4. Kiddo – What an endearing and unique way to call someone who you care for like a baby.
  5. Clover – If your friend is lucky for you like a four-leafed clover.
  6. Liv – Just a cute and lazy nickname, made by skipping the end and beginning letters.
  7. Alvin – Remember Alvin and the Chipmunks?
  8. Ollivander – Harry Potter fans need no introduction to this name.
  9. Aglio-Olio – If your friend is as inherent to your life, as Aglio-Olio is to Italian cuisine.
  10. O-5 – If Oliver is the fifth child or has a birthday on the 5th, then why not use this quirky name.
  11. Orion – If the Oliver in your life is a star, then name them after a constellation.
  12. Ozzie – This one has a warmth about it, for someone special in your life.



So, these were 50 cute nicknames for Oliver. We hope you have found one that you love and are going to give it to an Oliver who holds a special place in your heart.

We tried our best to include different varieties of possible names but if you can think of any more nicknames for Oliver, we will be happy to include them in our list, so please do send them across.

Happy Nicknaming!

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