80 Beautiful Nicknames For Nicole

Nicknames For Nicole

Nicole is a name that screams both, classy and sassy at the same time. From Nicole Scherzinger to Nicole Kidman, even Hollywood is brimming with celebrities who possess the same name. Not only does it have a voguish tone and is easy to pronounce, but it’s also one of the most popular names for females.

Despite its popularity, it may be somewhat challenging to come up with a fitting nickname for Nicole, especially if you’re keen on choosing something as unique as the original name.

Luckily, with this article, we are here to equip you with some of the most endearing nicknames for someone named Nicole.

To help you make the right choice, we will also give our two cents about each nickname, so that you enjoy picking the best title for them just as much as you’ll enjoy using it for your loved one!

Before we dive into the pool of nicknames for a girl named Nicole, let us learn a little about the meaning of this adorable name.


Meaning Of The Name Nicole

Typically, Nicole is a French name used among females. It is derived from the masculine name, Nicholas, which is of Greek origin.

Nicole is a compound name from words like Nike and Laos, which translate into “victory,” and “the people” respectively. Therefore, it bears the meaning “victory of the people.”

Now that you know the meaning and origin of the name, let us head to our list of some of the greatest nicknames for Nicole!


Short Nicknames For Nicole

Some people like zig-zagging their nicknames to a long touchdown run, while others believe that keeping it short yet spunky is the real deal.

If you’re one of the latter and are searching for a precise nickname for Nicole, here are a few that we absolutely love. Check them out!

  1. Cole – A classic nickname if you want to ditch the ‘N’ ring to the original name.
  2. Nik – The ideal short and sweet way to call a Nicole.
  3. Nikks – Use this for a high-spirited and peppy woman.
  4. Nika – A Croatian rendition to the name Nicole.
  5. Kiki – A fun and sparky nickname.
  6. Niko – A Finnish version of the name.
  7. Nicki – An all-time favorite nickname used for many girls with this name.
  8. Nikkz – A suitable nickname for an outdoorsy girl.
  9. Ole – Nicknames do not necessarily have to make sense!
  10. Nico – An Italian nickname.
  11. Nics – This nickname is a delight to the ears.


Cute Nicknames For Nicole

The Nicole you are exploring nicknames for deserves a title that is filled with light and sweetness. We have got you covered with various options!

Listed below are some of the cutest nicknames for someone named Nicole that will suit her like second-skin. Let us take a look:

  1. Snooki – Inspired by Nicole Polizzi’s popular nickname from her role in Snooki and JWoww.
  2. Coco – A cute name for a little girl with the name Nicole.
  3. Nini – Hands down, the epitome of cuteness.
  4. Cocolicko – For a Nicole who looks breathtakingly gorgeous.
  5. Ni-Mono – Another great alternative if you want to keep it unique.
  6. Coley – A mushy way to address a loved one.
  7. Nicolina – A chic nickname with a Spanish ring to it. Pick this for a charming girl.
  8. Coli Bear – For your chubby-looking loved one, probably a little girl.
  9. Nico-Late – An ideal nickname for an eternally late-coming friend or family member.
  10. Co-Lita – A name with a hint of French can never go out of style.
  11. Nicky Mouse – A lovable and sweet nickname for your beloved, preferably a toddler.
  12. Nana – This ridiculous-sounding name is actually a great option.
  13. Lolita – Use this for a feminine woman bearing Nicole.
  14. Nini – A nickname that ideally translates into “melody.”


Cool Nicknames For Nicole

They say cool nicknames are like parking spots, the finest options are always taken. Also, there’s no denying the fact that Nicole is such a cool name.

But, if you’re looking for an even cooler nickname that creates a statement everywhere, here are some cool and dashing endearments for people named Nicole:

  1. Kohl – Taken by Nicole’s pronunciation, (Ni-Kohl).
  2. Nikoletta – A Hungarian version for someone with the name Nicole.
  3. Lina – If you want to go all Italian with your nickname.
  4. Nikolai – This pet name carries a Russian tone to it.
  5. Nee-Kola – Inspired by the pronunciation of Nicola, another French name.
  6. Nike – Choose this cool name, or should we rather say, just do it! This is also a Greek title that means “victory.”
  7. Nicolò – Another option for a Nicole with an Italian origin.
  8. Nicanora – Go Spanish, or go home.
  9. Nicolette – Lengthier than the original name, but sure is the cooler one.
  10. Nichole – Typically mistaken for a boy’s name, but is not gender-specific.
  11. Nick-O – A cool screen name for a girl with the name Nicole.
  12. Nicholl – A medieval name if the girl is a classic literati.
  13. Neeko – An imaginative nickname for Nicole.


Creative Nicknames For Nicole

The thing about nicknames is that if you are not going all creative, you are not doing it right! Nobody wants to be called out the way thousands of other women are.

Therefore, it’s important that you find a creative nickname crafted with ingenuity and a dash of finesse, especially for a name like Nicole!

If you are seeking innovation, here are some of the most creative options that we have compiled for you to choose from:

  1. Zinger – Taken by the surname of Nicole Scherzinger, the stunning American singer, and songwriter.
  2. Atlanna – Inspired by Aquaman’s mother, Atlanna, the character which was played by Nicole Kidman.
  3. Warrior – Another interpretation to Nike, the name that means “Goddess of Victory.” Use this for a fierce lady with this name.
  4. Nickelodeon – Keep this one for someone who enjoys watches cartoons.
  5. S-Nickers – For a Nicole with a sweet-tooth.
  6. Nicki Minaj – Adapted from Nicki Minaj, the popular hip-hop singer.
  7. Nicoury – A nickname for a courageous woman.
  8. No-el – The best nickname for Nicole who is a Christmas lover.
  9. Nik Naks – Inspired by the British corn snacks, ideal for a sweet girl.
  10. Nikita – A pleasing nickname with an Indian origin.
  11. Niki Tricki – Another incredibly creative name, preferably for a cunning one!
  12. Ni-Cola – Use this nickname if the girl is fond of drinking Coca-Cola.


Funny Nicknames For Nicole

What’s the point of keeping a nickname if it doesn’t give you a good laugh every time you hear it out?

Have a look at our list of funny nickname options for someone named Nicole and get a giggle out as you scroll through the list!

  1. Icky – Not the most amiable nickname out there, but indeed a fun way to tease the Nicole in your life!
  2. Cola – Cole might be a well-known nickname for Nicole, but this definitely isn’t.
  3. Lickhole – Get all coy and frisky with this one, but at your own risk!
  4. Nickel Tickle – For someone who is insanely ticklish, or perhaps likes to tickle.
  5. Nickel – A hysterical way to call a friend who is also a gold-digger.
  6. Nicky The Vampy – The Vampire Diaries fans will know.
  7. Stinky Nikki – Use this downright direct nickname for a Nicole who stinks.
  8. Nicolie – A not-so-friendly nickname for someone who constantly lies.
  9. Nico-lure – For a flirt named Nicole, maybe.
  10. Nic-Hole – Another nickname to use at your own risk.
  11. Nic-Troll – Use this for a compulsive online stalker named Nicole.


Unique Nicknames For Nicole

If you are searching for a nickname that will turn heads, we have compiled a list of some unique ones that will leave you in awe! So, look no further than these names:

  1. Pickle – Fairly rhymes with Nicole, and is a cute nickname for a loved one.
  2. Nick-Lee – Perhaps for someone who has a knack for martial arts.
  3. Koko – A name with a Japanese origin.
  4. Neek Neek – Another perky name for a girl named Nicole.
  5. Nicolays – For someone who is a fan of potato chips.
  6. Coy Coy – Use this nickname for an affectedly reserved or shy lady.
  7. Nikki Fart – A funny way to call out someone who farts a lot!
  8. Ne-Coli – A bizarre nickname that typically rhymes with E-Coli.
  9. Neenaw – A quirky nickname for a little girl bearing the name Nicole.
  10. Coolio – A nickname that is taken by an informal way of saying “Okay.”
  11. Nickibug – For someone who is as cute as a bug’s ear!
  12. Nio – A lovely nickname that means “bright.”
  13. Snick-Ole – Another cool variant for the name Nicole.
  14. Knicks – After the famous New York Knicks.
  15. Nutty-Nicole – A zesty nickname for a lively lady.
  16. Nick The Prick – A derisive nickname if the Nicole in your life is an unkind person.
  17. Ni-Coleslaw – A hysterical reference to the Coleslaw salad.
  18. Coala – Pick this Koala inspired name for an adorable girl.
  19. Nixie – An Old German nickname for someone named Nicole.


Final Takeaways

Nicknames are a great way of expressing your fondness for someone you love. We hope that our collection of nicknames has helped you find the perfect moniker for the Nicole in your life!

Remember, the one you finally choose doesn’t necessarily have to make sense. Just a hint of clever wordplay, a whole lot of fun, and voilà! You’ll have the best nickname in no time.

Lastly, if you can think of some other cute and funny titles for a Nicole, then hone your creative instincts, and don’t forget to share them with us!


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