50+ Awesome Nicknames For Nicholas

Nicknames For Nicholas

From Nick (Nicholas) Jonas to Nicholas John “Nick” Robinson, you must know about some of the hottest celebrities pulling off this dynamic name. Nick is the ideal title for a guy-next-door kind of boy, who you know sparkles with both, exuberance and wit at the same time! Also, it bears a biblical connotation alongside its spirit of masculine panache.

Whether it is your boyfriend, brother, or best friend, we bet that the man named Nicholas in your life is extremely dear to you. This is why, in today’s article, we have handpicked over 50 fantastic pet names for your loved one. Additionally, each nickname accompanies our friendly opinion or a short description so that you dig out the best one among them all!

But before getting started with the list of nicknames for Nicholas, let us first explore what this name actually means and where it hails from.


Meaning And Origin Of The Name Nicholas

The name Nicholas bears a Greek origin and translates into “people of victory.” It is a derivative of Nikolaos, a Greek name that developed from a combination of components, such as nikē and laos, meaning “victory,” and “people” respectively.

Nicholas also shares its foundation with the name Nike, which is titled after the Greek goddess of victory. Furthermore, this name has also been recorded in the New Testament and a well-used title in literature, primarily in Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens.

Another familiar namesake is St. Nicholas, who is identified as the patron saint of sailors, mechanics, schoolchildren, brides, scholars, travelers, and bakers.

Despite the fact that Nicholas was temporarily mislaid a few years back, this name has stepped its way back into the list of some of the most solid and attractive titles for boys. In fact, between 1993 to 2002, Nicholas was one of the Top 10 names throughout the West, and rightfully so!

Now that we are somewhat familiar with this name, let us head straight to over 50 awesome nicknames for a guy named Nicholas.


Cute Nicknames For Nicholas

A great way to bring a smile to your loved one’s face is to pick an ultra-cute nickname for him that expresses how much you love him.

So, gear yourselves for some delightful fun and have a look at the options we have listed below for you:

  1. Nick – The most commonly-used nickname for Nicholas there ever is, and indeed a cute option!
  2. Nicky – Don’t worry, this sweet pet name looks as lovely on a guy as it does on girls!
  3. Nicksie – An adorable name that you can probably use for a guy named Nicholas who is younger than you.
  4. Nibbles – Pick this darling nickname for a young boy bearing the name Nicholas.
  5. CeeKay – Shorten Nicholas to Nick, and observe the emphasis on the most prominent syllables; C, and K.
  6. Nicktoons – Use this nickname for a toddler named Nicholas who loves watching cartoons all day.
  7. Nickiboo – A dainty way of addressing your boo if he is named Nicholas.
  8. Nicho Bug – This nickname is meant for a bae who is cute as a bug!
  9. Knickens – An absolutely ideal nickname for a guy who is a big-time Knicks fan.
  10. Cola – Taken from the middle-few letters of the name Nicholas. (We have ditched the H, though).
  11. Knickers – This is just a cute way of calling out a little one who is always seen in his undies!


Funny Nicknames For Nicholas

Some would say that picking a funny nickname for someone whom you hold dear to your heart is quite a risky business, but we beg to differ!

If anything, it adds a lot more fun and laughter to your equation with your loved ones and offers them a reason to come back at you with another whimsical endearment!

If you are up for a little (read: a lot) humor, then look no further than this list:

  1. Knocked out – Pick this nickname for a guy who is always knocked out.
  2. Nutty – Use this nickname for a man named Nicholas who is a bit of an idiot.
  3. Nicker Trash – This is a comical nickname for someone you love to throw a jibe at.
  4. Nugget – There is something incredibly whimsical about food nicknames, especially this one!
  5. Neckbone – This is another word for a guy you want to call out a loser.
  6. Nemo – A cute and funny pet name for a man named Nicholas with a very short height.
  7. Nobo – A playful, made-up nickname for someone who is a noob.
  8. Nomp – This is another word for a dumb person, in case you do not want to be too direct!
  9. Noodle – Funnily tease your skinny-looking pal named Nicholas using this nickname.
  10. Numbnuts – An ideal funny nickname that you can use for someone who makes zero sense.
  11. Notty Nicho – A nickname for a naughty guy who loves getting into trouble!
  12. Nippy – Use this nickname for someone who keeps jumping and bouncing wherever he goes.


Russian Nicknames For Nicholas

Russian nicknames are extremely beautiful and are layered with different meanings. However, a friendly word of advice—they often sound quite confusing to someone who doesn’t speak the language.

Wondering what are some of the greatest Russian nicknames for Nicholas are? If yes, then look no further than this list:

  1. Nikolai – This nickname is an Anglicization of Nikolaos, a popular Greek name.
  2. Koyla – A Russian derivative of the name Nicholas, that is also synonymous with that of a small bird.
  3. Mikoláš – This nickname is another derivative of Nicholas, and translates into “victory of people.”
  4. Nika – A playful Russian nickname for someone who is always on the move.
  5. Nikanor – This is a very powerful-sounding nickname, so you can use it for a strong man named Nicholas.
  6. Nikon – A sweet and simple Russian endearment for a man bearing the name Nicholas.
  7. Nikolai – This is an East Slavic variant of the original name Nicholas, and translates into “victory of people.”
  8. Nil – In case you like keeping it simple, yet significant with a dash of suave!


Italian Nicknames For Nicholas

You must be familiar with the fact that Nicholas is quite a popular and well-received name among the Italians.

Whether the person you are searching nicknames for is from Italy or just an explorer who loves the vibes the country offers, picking an Italian nickname is actually a cherry on the cake because these variants make amazing pet names!

Have a look at some of the best Italian nickname options for Nicholas that we have listed below for you:

  1. Lo Grasso – A giggle-inducing Italian nickname that translates into “the fat one.”
  2. Nikola – This is an eccentric Italian variant of the original name Nicholas.
  3. Nicolò – A smart choice for a smart man who wants to make a style statement.
  4. Niccolò – Yet another Italian variant for the name Nicholas, but with an extra C in its spelling.
  5. Nico – This is a short and fun-loving Italian nickname that you can use for a high-spirited guy named Nicholas.
  6. Nicolao – We absolutely love this nickname for its uniqueness and the air of charisma it creates!
  7. Nicolas – Pretty much the same, except, this nickname does not involve an H.


Unique Nicknames For Nicholas

We know that finding a unique nickname that feels like it’s just made for your loved one might seem a far-fetched dream, but it really doesn’t have to be anymore!

Scroll through some of the most unheard of, stellar nicknames for Nicholas that we know you are sure to love:

  1. Nic – This nickname is created by using the first three letters of the original name.
  2. Nix – Quite a sporty nickname that you can use for a guy who is a player.
  3. Klaus – A similar-sounding nickname to the original name. Also, if you are a The Vampire Diaries fan, then you’ll know!
  4. Chol – This is a unique nickname formed by using the letters in the center of Nicholas. This Latin endearment translates into “cohesion,” or “solitude.”
  5. Pickle Nick – A humorous nickname for someone you absolutely love to tease!
  6. Nio – Yet another short and simple nickname for Nicholas, and certainly one of our favorites.
  7. Nicotine – Use this nickname to mock a chain-smoker.
  8. Saint Nick – Named after the popular Christian Saint, St. Nicholas.
  9. NickJr – Use this ingenious nickname for your little one with this name.
  10. Nickelodeon – This nickname is derived from the cartoon channel with the same title.
  11. Hola – A pleasant nickname that translates into “Hello!” in Spanish.
  12. Salohcin – A pet name for Nicholas that is formed by reversing all the letters.
  13. Nickolaz – For someone who loves to add a touch of spunk to his life!


Conclusion: Nicknames For Nicholas

So, this was all about over 50 awesome nicknames for someone named Nicholas. We hope that our attempt to arm you with all the greatest nicknames for your loved one has helped you pick the title of your choice.

Remember, in the end, it all boils down to having a little fun and choosing a term that mirrors their wonderful personality. Lastly, in case you are feeling creative and have another extraordinary nickname for Nicholas in mind, then be a dear and make sure to share it with us!

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