100+ Creative Nicknames for Natalie (Cute & Funny)

Nicknames for Natalie

Are you looking for some really cool nicknames for Natalie? If yes, you are in the right place. Here, we have a list of 100+ cute and funny nicknames for Natalie.

Natalie, a feminine name, is of English and French origin. The Latin word Natale, meaning birth, serves as its root. Since 1880 the United States has had over 300,000 girls named Natalie. There were three distinct surges in popularity (1960s, 1980s, 2000s).

The following is a categorized list of 100 possible nicknames for a Natalie.

Cute Nicknames for Natalie

1. NatNat – This is the way grown-ups talk when they meet baby Natalie.

2. LeeLee – This is the other way grown-ups talk when they meet baby Natalie.

3. Natatat-tat – This is just fun to say when Natalie is in the room.

4. Lil’ Nat – Natalie was fine with this until she reached grade school.

5. Natalittle – It does not take much to make Natalie happy.

6. Natalot – Bring it on. Natalie wants more.

7. Ta-Ta – This nickname is cute for a toddler. Different connotation later in life.

8. Catalie – That first Halloween mom dressed Natalie as a kitten. A nickname is born.

9. Natalweee – Just having fun with little Natalie.

10. Atagirl – Through those formative years she received lots of encouragement. They just started calling her, “Atagirl! Atagirl!”

Funny Nicknames for Natalie

11. Nastalie – This Natalie has a mean streak.

12. Naturalie – This Natalie is at one with the Universe. Things just come naturally to her.

13. Tally-Ho – This Natalie is British and she rides horses in a proper manner.

14. Nutalie – This Natalie is goofy be nature. She’s nuts.

15. Notalie – It’s hard to get this Natalie to agree to anything.

16. Nudealie – After Natalie organized the visit to the nude beach in Europe, her name would never be the same.

17. Ratalie – The vandals were wrong, but Natalie paid the price for identifying them.

18. Neatalie – Do not leave your dirty dishes in the sink. Natalie may have a conniption fit.

19. Sadalie – Ahh, cheer up Natalie. No one wants to see that sad face.

20. Badalie – Natalie is a rule breaker and she does not care. She has a bad streak.

21. Hatalie – Natalie is a hat girl. She looks good in any hat. Baseball cap, Cowboy hat, even those Kentucky Derby “fashion” monstrosities.

22. Chatalie – She is chatty Natty. Natalie can talk a blue streak.

23. Nata-lie – Natalie is a chronic liar. She can’t help herself.

24. Madalie – Natalie is an angry woman. Do not cross her.

25. Happilie – One day Madalie woke up and changed her attitude. Now she spreads understanding and joy.

26. Splatalie – Her blouse, her carpet, her car. Spots everywhere. Natalie is not good with soup or coffee.

27. Nap-alie – Natalie suffers from sleep apnea. She often falls asleep in meetings, class. “Somebody, elbow Natalie. She’s snoring.”

28. Gnatalie – She just doesn’t get it. Why do the gnats, and other flying pests, always attack Natalie?

29. Hotalie – This Natalie always runs a low-grade fever. (Other definitions left to reader).

30. NewYearNat – Natalie is the life of the party until the ball drops at the stroke of midnight.

31. NataliePalmer – Natalie starred on the high school golf team. Watch your wallet; she has been accused of sandbagging.

32. SuperNatalie – When there is no apparent explanation, SuperNatalie is suspected. No grainy videos taken in the dark required.

33. Neutralie – This Natalie rarely takes sides. She’s like Switzerland, always neutral.

34. Mintalie – Natalie is known for her fresh breath. Brushes after every meal. No morning breath here.

35. Natalade – Iced tea, lemonade, hard or soft. Natalie is the master mixologist. Behind the bar or at the counter she is Natalade.

36. Rudealie – Natalie is short on manners.

37. Crudealie – Natalie really needs to work on her vocabulary. She swears like a sailor.

38. Hintalie – Do not share a secret with this Natalie. She may not spill the beans, but she will leave hints.

Unique Nicknames for Natalie

39. Natty – This Natalie has a quick wit and a sharp tongue.

40. Talia – Dad was a big “Rocky” fan. Yo, Adrian was played by Talia Shire.

41. Natalya – This Natalie has a dark Eastern European flavor to her.

42. Flatalie – The middle school kids were cruel to the late bloomer.

43. Natgirl – Natalie’s superhero alter ego. “Nat-girl, Nat-girl! Where do you come from? Where do you go? …”

44. Nationalie – Natalie is extremely patriotic.

45. Internationalie – Natalie knows her foreign affairs. She interned at the United Nations.

46. Dadalie – Need your tire changed, picture hung, drain tightened. Call Natalie. She has some dad skills.

47. Dudealie – Duuude. Natalie is educated, a professional yet in casual circumstances she may still
toss a “Duude” at you.

48. Prenatalie – Natalie is ready to have a child.

49. Nestalie – Prenatalie is preparing the homestead.

50. Knotalie – Slip knots, square knots, half hitch even a noose. Natalie knows her knots. Watch out or you
will be hog-tied!

51. Nat-race – Natalie pulls on her boots and faces the world each day. It is her own personal rat race; she is the living Natrace.

52. Nataliban – Natalie will go to any extremes to get her way.

53. Natalista – Natalie was quite the activist in college.

54. Natsgiving – It is her show. Stay out of the kitchen. Natalie has a new persona on Thanksgiving.

55. Noodlie – Natalie has a thing for pasta, spaghetti, linguine, rigatoni, ravioli, red sauce, white sauce,
olive oil & parmesan.

56. Tally – Natalie often served as the official scorer. Not everyone can keep the official scorebook and play second base.

57. NatalieKingCole – Natalie has a beautiful voice. Acapella or harmony, Natalie is a show stealer.

58. Farmalie – Natalie has a green thumb. She can grow anything. Just look at her victory garden.

59. Believe – Miracle on 34th Street is Natalie’s favorite movie. She always mimics 8-year-old Natalie Wood,
“I believe. I believe.” Natalie believes in Santa.

60. Brinksalie – Natalie watches her pennies. Has a subscription to Forbes.

61. Natalympian – Natalie single-handedly led her high school track & field squad to the state finals.

62. Natoku – Drawing on her impressive mathematic ability, Natalie is a sudoku master.

Cool Nicknames for Natalie

63. Nat – Nat is just a good egg. Everyone likes having this Natalie around.

64. Nate – This Nat is an animal on the court or field. Get the ball to Nate.

65. Nats – Sometimes you use Nat, sometimes Nats. You take your read from Natalie’s vibe.

66. Big Nat (on-campus) – Natalie has a presence be it in the classroom, on the quad, or at the game.

67. Natster – Tap the keg. The Natster has arrived.

68. Radalie – Natalie can shred on her skateboard or snowboard. She’s totally rad.

69. Lee – Reserved for Natalie’s close friends.

70. NatCat – Rrrarrr! Natalie channels her aumakua (spirit animal).

71. ChefNat – Natalie is an excellent home cook. She aspires to compete on Food Network.

72. DragNat – No, Natalie does not lay the make-up on as thick as a drag queen. She’s a super fan of television’s Dragnet. Sgt. Joe Friday, “Just the facts, ma’am.”

73. T-girl – Heh, T-girl. It’s a girl’s night out. Natalie and her crew are on the loose.

74. TT – Same night. Different crew.

75. Al – Natalie worked her way through school as a bicycle mechanic. She signed all her shop tickets “Al”. She feels like an Al when she has a wrench in her hand.

76. AuntNat – Natalie was not really an aunt, but all the kids in the neighborhood wished she were theirs.

Creative Nicknames for Natalie

77. Knatty – This Natalie is always dressed to the nines.

78. Totalie  – This Natalie is all in. No holding back.

79. Naughtalie – This Natalie is naughty by nature. Keep an eye on her.

80. Note-alie – Natalie is meticulous about details. If you miss the meeting or class, see Natalie she has the best notes.

81. Batalie – Natalie has been accused of having bats in the belfry.

82. Internat-alie – HTML, jpeg, C++, need a web page, see Natalie.

83. Neat-alie – Natalie likes her hip huggers. She’s keen, man. Real keen.

84. Dabalie – Natalie did not live the lifestyle. She just liked the dance move. Natalie would throw a dab for a good grade or a score on the ballfield.

85. Allie – Natalie has a warm soul. Allie is the type of person with whom you want to spend Saturday afternoon making soup.

86. Thatalie – Marlo Thomas was That Girl. This Natalie is that one. She’s that Natalie.

87. Natalatte – Natalie loves her latte, But she’s careful only two a day.

88. Nataleap – Natalie was a jumper. Long jump, triple jump, high jump. She just loved to leap.

89. Hippielie – Break out the fringe, beads, and lava lamps.

90. BeatNikalie – Coffee houses, poetry readings, snapping fingers. Natalie is a modern-day beatnik.

91. Nauticalie – Natalie the sailor woman. Natalie the sailor woman. She’s strong to the finnich cause she eats her spinach. She’s Natalie the sailor woman.

92. PhatNat – HipHop Natalie has a handle.

93. StatNat – Natalie is a mathematics whiz. She aced her Statistics & Probability courses.

94. NatalieDickinson – Natalie was an English major. She is sure she could write the great American novel if only she could nail the first line.

95. Natter (British) – Natalie can talk and talk. She does not even need a subject.

96. Gamsalie – Years of exercise have blessed Natalie with a great set of gams.

97. Natalicious – When Natalie gets to baking, everyone wants dessert before dinner.

98. Natastic – When Natalie feels fantastic everyone feels fantastic

99. Natabulous – Same for fabulous.

100. Finalie – When the day is done, Natalie has finally reached the finale.

Best Nicknames for Natalie

1. Nat
2. Nate
3. Natty
4. Allie
5. Lee

So, there you have it 100 nicknames for Natalie. Get to know your Natalie first. Make sure she is Thatalie.

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