100+ Creative Nicknames for Michael (Cute and Funny)

Nicknames for Michael

Are you looking for a sweet nickname for your loveable one? Does this seem hard to get good nicknames for Michael? Don’t worry we have brought a list of more than 100 cute and funny nicknames for Michael from which you can choose a perfect nickname for your dear Michael.

Believe me, finding nicknames is a fun and enjoyable task. This is what we will explain in this article. Here, we will discuss numerous suitable nicknames of Michael. The details of each nickname with meaning will be given so that you can easily choose a fitting nickname for your dear one.

Firstly we will go through the descent and meaning of the name Michael in brief.


Descent and meaning of Michael

Michael is a boy’s name, and this scriptural name was taken from the Bible. Michael is a masculine name that originated from Hebrew. If we break the name Michael into ‘miy’= who; + ‘el’= god; that is ‘who is God’. The name basically suggests the one ‘who is like God’.

Michael was an archangel in the Bible. In the Old Testament, he was named as a ‘protector of Israel’ and in the New Testament, he is pictured as a patron saint of a soldier.

It is really awesome to have a name after some character of the Bible and will equally be cool to have a nickname based on a famous personality, Michael Jackson. Besides being an archangel, the name is also popular for American pop singer-songwriter-dancer Michael Jackson whose contribution to art is known to all.

Today ‘Michael’ is an amazing and popular name for men all over the world. Michael is the name of a cherub, which God carries.

So, without further delay let’s have a look at our collections of nicknames for Michael.


Cute nicknames of Michael

Here we have given some sweet and suitable nicknames for a baby boy, named Michael. These can be used to show how important they are to you.

  1. Mike
  2. Mick
  3. Micky
  4. Mikey – Comical name, you can use instead of Michael.
  5. Myke
  6. Mikes
  7. Mitch
  8. Michi
  9. Mikestar
  10. Mike – An amusing name of Michael.
  11. Mickey
  12. Mikle
  13. Mitt
  14. Mikel
  15. Michaelangelo
  16. Micael
  17. Mikael
  18. Mol
  19. Mikki
  20. Mack
  21. Mac
  22. Micka
  23. Makey
  24. MJ – in honor of famous Michael Jackson.
  25. M – first later Michael and the first later of the surname. For example- Michael Douglas will be called ‘MD’. Short and simple.
  26. Mikko
  27. Miks


Funny Nicknames for Michael

Funny nicknames are specially used by friends or siblings to tease or irritate each other. These names might not be that hilarious but puns used here will definitely bring that smile for sure.

  1. Mika Mika – rhymes with the famous ‘Pika Pika’ song.
  2. Mikachu – rhymes with Pikachu from Pokemon.
  3. Muck
  4. Micro
  5. Macko – it is a nickname of MJ.
  6. Wireless Mike
  7. Dyke – rhymes with Mike.
  8. Bike – rhymes with Mike.
  9. Mikehold – hold the mike.
  10. Mike ill – ‘mike is ill’, a sound variation of Michael
  11. Michold – ‘Mich/Mike is old’, to tease a friend.
  12. Mighty Mike
  13. Yikes
  14. Muck
  15. Muckle
  16. Lyke
  17. Like
  18. Macro


Creative Nicknames for Michael

These few nicknames are different variations of Michael; some are of a different language or based on famous characters.

  1. Jordan – if he plays basketball well. Michael Jordon is a legendary basketball player.
  2. Michal – sounds alike
  3. Micael – variations
  4. Mykell
  5. Mikhail
  6. Michai
  7. Khal – based on a character from Game of Thrones, Khal Drago.
  8. Mihai
  9. Miku
  10. Milkha – famous Indian athlete.
  11. Khail
  12. Mikeall
  13. Michadow


Cool Nicknames for Michael

These are some of the really cool nicknames for your dear Michael.

  1. Mikhi
  2. Micah – pronounced as ‘my-kah’
  3. Matty
  4. Mat
  5. Misha – Russian touch
  6. Angel – as if Angel Mike.
  7. Big Mike
  8. Mikha
  9. Misky
  10. Kale – pronounced as ‘kel’
  11. Mikaela
  12. Mikayla
  13. Kayle
  14. Micky mick
  15. Maycol
  16. Micha


Short Nicknames for Michael

Usually, we love to refer our closed one or adorable one with a short name, to expose our love to different situations. We have shortlisted some suitable short nicknames for Michael, which you can use to address Michael.

  1. Lil M
  2. Mic
  3. Miko
  4. Mici
  5. Mi
  6. Mico
  7. Miks
  8. Mici
  9. Li
  10. Lici
  11. Mhil
  12. Lemi
  13. Meli
  14. Limi
  15. Lims
  16. Mils


Cute Boyfriend Nicknames for Michael

Girls love to call boyfriend by names from time to time. Here we are to help you if your special one’s name is Michael.

  1. Mickie mouse
  2. Michael baby
  3. Michael Luv – A cute pet name for Michael.
  4. Michael Boo
  5. Miky Coco
  6. Michael Mouse
  7. Micha bullion
  8. Michael Prince – A sweet, adorable name of Michael, to make out how precious he is.
  9. O-Mickey
  10. Micky lee
  11. Aww Mykel
  12. Aww Miki
  13. Miky Limy
  14. Miclly
  15. Sunny-Miky
  16. Mykayle – my Kayle
  17. My mike
  18. Mykhal – my Khal
  19. Mickah
  20. Mickahoo
  21. Mikachuu – cute way of calling Pikachu.
  22. Myell – ‘my ell’
  23. My angel – since this name comes from the archangel Michael. So this can be a good nickname for Michael.
  24. Captain Mike
  25. Mack baby
  26. Mickys
  27. M
  28. Michake
  29. Miha
  30. Miky-Miky
  31. Mr.Kaile
  32. Angel face – It is a commonly used nickname or anyone. But since Angel is one of the nicknames of Michael, this nickname would be a good one for someone named Michael.
  33. Ell baby – To make it cuter, add baby after any nickname.
  34. Love Angel


Best Nicknames for Michael

Still, confused about what to choose from? We understand your dilemma. Here are our handpicked nicknames for Michael that will help you to decide. Those are the best ones and widely preferred nicknames for a beautiful person named Michael.

  1. Mikhail
  2. Mitch
  3. Mitt
  4. Mich
  5. Micki – can be pronounced in two different ways; ‘mai-kee’ or ‘ mee-kee’
  6. Micah
  7. Mickie – pronounced as ‘mai-kee’
  8. Micks – pronounce it as ‘mikes’ or ‘meeks’
  9. Kaile
  10. Mickys – we came across tons of Mikes. But I barely know any Mickys other than the famous Micky mouse.
  11. M – short and simple.
  12. Wacko Jacko – if he is fond of dancing or a die-heart fan of legendary Michael Jackson.
  13. Mikesh – An Indic touch to the nickname. Pronounce it as ‘meek-esh.’
  14. Mack
  15. Mac
  16. Mikeyy
  17. Mig – from the nickname Miguel.
  18. Michel
  19. Ael


Famous People Named Michael

When you need to find nicknames for a particular name, nicknames of famous people are the best way to start with. Some famous personalities are listed down below:

  • Michael Jackson – Michael Jackson was a famous American pop star (1958-2009) globally known as “King of Pop”.
  • Michaelangelo – brilliant Italian sculptor of the 16th century.
  • Michael Jordon – legendary basketball player from America.
  • Michael Douglas – American actor.
  • Michael Phelps – former American swimmer.
  • Michael Clifford – famous guitarist.

You can also help us by telling us any good nicknames for Michael that we have missed.


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