50+ Charming Nicknames For Meredith

Nicknames For Meredith

Have you met a sweet and smart woman named Meredith recently? Are you in the phase of your relationship where calling Meredith by her proper name seems too formal? Are you confused about what nickname would be suitable for her? Then, we are here to save the day. In this article, you’ll find plenty of adorable, funny, and charming nicknames for Meredith that are sure to put a big smile on her face.

Nicknames are a small token of appreciation and care to your loved ones. The best relationships in life can be made better by adorning them with a beautiful nickname, and that’s precisely what we do. Our job is to hunt down all sorts of charming nicknames and bring them to you on a platter.

And today, it’s all about the name Meredith, what it means, and some charming nicknames that go well with this name. If you have a liking for this name or like someone with the name Meredith, then you might like our list of some great nicknames for Meredith.

All these charming nicknames come with a bonus tip from us, suggesting amusing ways to use them well.


Meaning and Significance of the Name ‘Meredith’

Meredith is a name that stems from the Welsh language and is a widespread feminine name in Wales. Meredith means “Great lord or magnificent,” which is a favorite name for religious parents to name their baby. Although it was initially perceived to be a feminine name, it is used for both boys and girls these days.

If you have binged on the American comedy series “The Office,” you undoubtedly remember the character of Meredith Palmer, played by Kate Flannery. The socially inappropriate ways and sexually aggressive character of Meredith left us all in splits throughout the show.

The wait is over; let’s begin our nicknaming suggestions for Meredith!


Common Nicknames for Meredith

Our first stop for today is some common-place street names for Meredith that you might already be familiar with. If you are new to nicknaming, how about starting simple and picking a plain name from below.

  1. Mary – This classic short name has everlasting charm and will catch the eye of people with religious sentiments.
  2. Edith – Find some great nicknames for Meredith by chopping some letters from the name.
  3. Elizabeth – Have a taste for Victorian nicknames? This one is for you!
  4. Rome – This name is best-suited for a Meredith who has a travel bug.
  5. Moira Rose – The legendary performance of Catherine O’Hara as Moira Rose on the award-winning series “Schitt’s Creek” inspired this fun name.
  6. Moory – Here is our personal favorite pet name for Meredith.
  7. Miss Tidy – Here is a suitable name for a compulsive neat freak who always has a broom in hand.
  8. Mujer – Spanish for a woman; pick this name for Meredith if you have a taste for exotic nicknames.
  9. Merry – If your Meredith is a happy-go-lucky woman, then this cheery name will suit her well.
  10. Eddy – We love the warmth of this cute and straightforward pet name for Meredith.
  11. Remmy – How about this peppy pet name that is laid-back and lovely.


Cute Nicknames for Meredith

Calling your special someone with a cute and loving pet name is all it takes to settle silly fights. Use these endearing nicknames for Meredith to see a beautiful smile on her face and her eyes glitter with joy.

  1. Merlot – This name after a wine brand is for a woman who is as intoxicating and addictive as wine.
  2. Elmo – Cartoonish nicknames are the best kind of nicknames.
  3. Red Riding Hood – Here is another excellent pet name for a toddler Meredith which comes straight from the land of fairytales.
  4. My Doll – It is impossible to stay angry at someone who calls you “My Doll” lovingly!
  5. Mozart – Nickname after a musical legend, for your Meredith who has a passion for music.
  6. Grammy – Here is how you can flatter a Meredith; call her after a world-renowned award to express your feelings of love and appreciation.
  7. Mama Bear – Isn’t this name oozing love and adoration? It is best suited for your mother or Aunt Meredith, who spoils you.
  8. Mermaid – A little girl named Meredith will swoon over a fairytale-inspired nickname for herself, like this one.
  9. Roomie – Here is a name for your flat-mate or hostel room buddy named Meredith.
  10. Reserved – Melt the heart of your special lady Meredith with this doting pet name.
  11. Mittens – We recommend this lovely nickname for a Meredith who is a “Boss Baker.”


Funny Nicknames for Meredith

Life is all about finding joy in little things of life, like giving an amusing nickname to your friend Meredith. Funny nicknames are the best tool to tease your buddy Meredith and have some laughs.

We have got you covered with that, have fun!

  1. Bloody Mary – Bloody Mary is folklore of a ghost or a phantom that appears if you chant her name while looking in the mirror. Spook your buddy Meredith with this name.
  2. Reddit – Isn’t it a good idea to name a Meredith who is glued to her phone after this social media forum?
  3. Meter – There are many different scenarios where this name will fit in for a Meredith.
  4. Dim Witted – Insulting nicknames for close friends never fail to spread a few smiles.
  5. Meringue – We have a particular corner in our heart for a dessert-infused pet name for the sweet people in our life.
  6. Dead – Do we need to sell this gory nickname to you?
  7. Murder – Is that too much dead guy humor for you all, or should we keep it coming?
  8. Mercury – Mercury is a metal with a low melting point and the planet’s name closest to the sun. Both these reasons validate using this name for a hot-headed Meredith.
  9. Merlin’s Beard – This unique nickname for Meredith is for all Harry Potter fans out there.
  10. Radio – Do you need a name for a chatterbox Meredith who is always yapping? This name might come in handy for you.
  11. Mud Pie – Here is a pet name for a Meredith who has a sweet tooth the size of a mountain.
  12. Merry Go Round – Use this name to call a Meredith who makes your world go round and round.
  13. Meteoroid – We found you a witty nickname for Meredith, which is quite literally out of this world.


Short Nicknames for Meredith

The length of a nickname can sometimes be the deciding factor in the popularity it gets. Short nicknames are easier to remember and slip into conversations effortlessly.

Here are some tiny nicknames which are fun to use.

  1. La Mer – La Mer is French for “the sea,” you just found a perfect name for a Meredith who is a beach baby.
  2. Mira – Here is a popular feminine name that is used to denote a wonderful woman.
  3. Meme – Use this new age nickname for a girl whose “Meme Game” is always on point.
  4. Rider – Paint the picture of a sexy and robust Meredith by giving her this name. Brownie points on using this name sarcastically for a Meredith who is a terrible driver.
  5. Myth – If you want a name to confuse your Meredith, then you can use this one.
  6. Mare – A mare is an evil entity according to German and Slavic folklore that induces scary dreams. (Hence, they are called Nightmares) Use it to address a Meredith you are mortally afraid of.
  7. S’more – Call your camping buddy or best friend with this sweet delicacy that is everyone’s favorite.
  8. Med – Perhaps this short name can work for a nurse, doctor, or biology student. (Even a woman hooked on prescription drugs)
  9. Demi – It is always a good idea to nickname the woman in your life as a gorgeous Hollywood celebrity.


Creative Nicknames for Meredith

If you need a nickname for Meredith that is innovative and interesting, then the “Nickname Wizard” is here to grant your wishes.

Here are some creative nickname ideas for you that will make you go, “How come I did not think of that?”

  1. Code Red – What do you call a dangerous woman who can get people in trouble? This is what!
  2. Mercedes – This name calls out a Meredith who has big bucks
  3. Mediator – Here is a name for the Meredith of your group, who is an expert in settling feuds.
  4. Mother Earth – Can you think of a woman who can be called with this name?
  5. Andromeda – Andromeda is the name of the nearest galaxy to the Milky Way. This name will fit a Meredith who is fascinated with astronomy like a glove.
  6. Hoarder – The name says it all. You can also give this name to a woman who shops way too much.
  7. Death Wish – This name is for a cinema lover Meredith, that comes from two different action movies. Both these movies were inspired by a novel by Brian Garfield with the same name.
  8. Droit – French for “law,” this nickname will be perfect for a law student or an attorney.
  9. Le Meridien – It is best to use this nickname inspired by a chain of luxury hotels for a loaded Meredith.
  10. Marie Curie – We bet you already know a hard-working and intelligent Meredith who deserves a nickname after a Nobel prize-winning scientist, Marie Curie.


That is all from us! We hope we inspired you to pick a great name for the Meredith of our life. You can also tweak any of the terms above and create a unique name yourself. There are no rules when it comes to nicknames. Stay tuned, as we will be back soon with some more great nickname ideas for the people you hold dear.

Happy Nicknaming!

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