60+ Cute Nicknames for Melissa

Nicknames for Melissa

The name Melissa is a sweet name overflowing with gentleness and sweetness… quite literally! A beautiful name, Melissa is a name for women. The name has been used by many people who are known to have been influential and famous in their respective fields of work.

Those who possess the name Melissa are strong people full of generosity and great work ethics. Some famous people who go by the name Melissa are:

  • Melissa McCarthy, an actress
  • Melissa Fumero, an actress
  • Melissa Benoist, a performer, and activist
  • Melissa Gilbert, a television director
  • Melissa George, an entrepreneur
  • Melissa “Missy” Eliot, a singer
  • Melissa Etheridge, a musician
  • Melissa Marquez, a scientist
  • Melissa Auf der Maur, a singer and songwriter
  • Melissa Hamilton, a ballet dancer

These are just some famous people who are named Melissa. If you are or know someone named Melissa, boy, you do have some very big shoes to fill!

While it is definitely a cute name, what does Melissa mean? What are the origins of this name?


Origin of the Name Melissa

Melissa is a lovely name that has Greek roots. It is derived from the Greek word for bee – mélissa (μέλισσα). The Greek word for bee is further derived from the Greek word for honey – meli (μέλι). So now you know why the name Melissa is so sweet!

Instances of the usage of the name Melissa can be traced back to ancient Greek literature. Melissa was a nymph of the mountains who took care of the king of the gods, Zeus, in his infancy. She fed the great God honey, for which Zeus developed a permanent taste.

The name Melissa is so very beautiful and sweet on its own, but here are some ideas for pretty nicknames. There are various pet names under every category and plenty for you to choose from!


Cute Nicknames for Melissa

Melissa is a pretty big name, so here are some absolute cutie pie monikers you can use for yourself, or someone named Melissa!

  1. Mellie
  2. Mimi
  3. Momo – Momo is a cute name for the exploring foodie in your life. The nickname actually stands for a type of dumplings that are made in South East Asia.
  4. Mina
  5. Essie
  6. Smelly Cat – If you are a fan of the famous television show F. R. I. E. N. D. S, then this nickname is just right for you! Smelly Cat is the name of the song written by one of the characters, the ditzy and lovable Phoebe.
  7. Mille-Feuille – Mille Feuille is a lovely French pastry and is a delicious concoction of the delicate and the soft.
  8. sweet
  9. Honey Pie
  10. Melly Jelly
  11. Honey Bee – Melissa has ties to both the words honey and bee, so Honey Bee is a sweet and cute nickname for Melissa.
  12. Melissa
  13. Melly Pie


Funny Nicknames for Melissa

If the Melissa you know like humor and can take a joke, these funny nicknames may just be for you. Take your pick from this list of hilarious nicknames for Melissa:

  1. Mojo Jojo – If you love watching cartoons, then you should be familiar with Mojo Jojo from The Powerpuff Girls. Mojo Jojo may be a villain on the show, but it is a very funny and creative name for Melissa.
  2. Caramel
  3. Liza MinelliLiza Minelli is a magnificent actress and singer. She’s an amazing person, so her name as a moniker for the name Melissa is really funny and great.
  4. Lizard – If the Melissa you know has a sense of humor, Lizard can be a funny and endearing pet name for
  5. Melissa
  6. Busy Bee
  7. Lizzy Bear
  8. Melly Boo
  9. Mel Gibson – Mel Gibson is a hilarious and ludicrous nickname for someone named Melissa, and can be used in a teasing manner.
  10. Lomi
  11. Sooki


Creative Nicknames for Melissa

Melissa is a lovely name, and you can be creative with the nicknames. Here’s a brief and comprehensive list of pet names for Melissa that are pretty unique creative.

  1. Lima – People are pretty much divided when it comes to lima beans, but Lima as a nickname is great when it is used as an endearing and loving term for Melissa.
  2. Melia
  3. Millie
  4. Sally
  5. Mia
  6. Mini
  7. Isa – Isa is a pretty nice and quirky nickname for Melissa.
  8. Ellie
  9. Miss
  10. Simi – Simi is a quite unusual a d creative pet name for Melissa.
  11. Mina
  12. Mela/ Mella


Cool Nicknames for Melissa

Melissa is an old fashioned name, but the accompanying sobriquet doesn’t have to be! Here are some very cool nicknames for the name, for the cool Melissa in your life!

  1. Issa
  2. Izzy
  3. Ems – Ems is a short pet name for Melissa, and can be used for the cool cat Melissa in your life.
  4. Big M – Big M is a pretty intimidating and cool caricature of the name Mélissa. So if you know Melissa with this kind of personality, this nickname is perfect for them.
  5. Emma – Emma is a proper name completely different name, but when it comes to nicknames, anything goes. You can use the pet moniker for a Melissa you know.
  6. Essa
  7. Mulan – Mulan is the titular hero of the Disney animated film, Mulan. Mulan is pretty much a demagogue and a rebel, so the name Mulan as a pet name for Melissa is amazing.
  8. Magic M
  9. Malia
  10. Sizzle


Common Nicknames for Melissa

The usage of the name Melissa has waned in recent years. However, the name is not too redundant and plebian. Here are some common names for Melissa.

  1. Liz
  2. Lizzy
  3. Mels – Mels is a sweet nickname.
  4. Lisa
  5. Elle – Elle is a cute and nice nickname for Melissa.
  6. Ella
  7. Missy – Missy is a pretty common nickname for Melissa. It is a sweet and girly name and can be used as a standalone.
  8. Mel
  9. Liz
  10. Sissy
  11. Sosa
  12. Lily
  13. Lilac – Lilac is a very pretty color and can be used for Melissa who has a strong artistic taste.
  14. Milly
  15. Lil M


Melissa is a beautiful name worthy of greatness. People who are named Melissa are known for their creativity, determination and generosity, and kindness in the face of tough times.


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