120+ Adorable Nicknames For Matthew

Nicknames For Matthew

The name Matthew was recorded as the third most popular name for boys across America during the 1980s and ‘90s and still retains its position as one of the greatest boy titles beginning with M. This name is clearly the epitome of class and effortlessly echoes a man’s engaging personality.

With a fashionable name like Matthew comes the responsibility to find a suitable title that does justice to the original name. That’s why, today, we have done all the legwork for you and handpicked over 120 adorable nicknames for someone named Matthew. Additionally, each nickname comes with our friendly opinion to help you make the best choice!

But before we get started, let us first get to know a little about what this name means, and where it originates from.


Meaning And Origin Of The Name Matthew

The name Matthew belongs to English origin and is a derivative of the Hebrew name, “Matityahu,” which means “Yahweh’s gift.” This can also be translated as “God’s gift.” Matthew is the name of the first book of the New Testament, written by a disciple of Jesus Christ with the same name. During his three years of ministry, Matthew was one of the twelve ministers who walked with God.

This name was also taken by “Matthaios,” which is a Greek name. This further became “Matthaeus” in Latin, and ultimately turned into “Matthew.”


Cute Nicknames For Matthew

A cute nickname makes an excellent choice for lifting our spirits in an instant. Moreover, if the Matthew you know is a delight to be with, then getting him a nickname alike would make him all the way more adorable!

Here are some of the cutest pet names for Matthew that we love:

  1. Mays – A nickname that looks super cute on a young Matthew.
  2. Matty A/B/C – It can be any other alphabet. Just pick the initial of his surname and you’re good to go!
  3. Wonderby Matthew – For a Matthew who takes everyone by surprise!
  4. Big Boy Matty – A feel-good nickname for a little one named Matthew.
  5. Mmmm-hottie – Use this nickname for a handsome Matthew.
  6. Mac – A nickname for a Matthew who loves Mac n Cheese!
  7. Mack – Another similar variant of the nickname “Mac,” but with a different spelling.
  8. Maz – The perfect blend of cute and classy.
  9. Math – Would make quite an interesting and ironic nickname for someone who hates math!
  10. Matty Cakes – For a guy named Matthew who is cute as a cupcake.
  11. Mookie-Pookie – A little too sweet nickname for Matthew.
  12. Mattie Poo – This nickname would look utterly cute on babies.
  13. Eww – Another cute pet name for babies who poop all day long!
  14. Mattel – Inspired by the multinational toy-making company.
  15. Matty Boy – A cute nickname for a groovy Matthew.
  16. Matters – For a Matthew who matters to you. Enough said!
  17. Munchkin – For the apple of your eye.
  18. Mad Hatter – Inspired by the colloquial phrase “Mad as a Hatter,” which is a lighthearted way of calling someone crazy!
  19. Monkey Buns – A lovable nickname to call out your sweetheart.
  20. Matty Patty – Rhyming words make the most adorable nicknames!
  21. Mattatat – Looks pretty random, but sounds lovely for a nickname!
  22. Mate-y – In case the Matthew you know is an Australian or lives in Australia.
  23. Matty Ice – Resembles Natty Ice, doesn’t it?
  24. Squeezy – For someone you love snuggling with.
  25. Matterhorn – For a Matthew who is unapologetically loud.
  26. Mattie – Another sizzling nickname for a cute-heart named Matthew.
  27. Matticus Finch – Taken by the protagonist of To Kill A Mockingbird, Atticus Finch.
  28. Mattchu Picchu – Pick this nickname for a Matthew who loves heading outdoors for a hike!
  29. Marbles – Who doesn’t love marbles anyway?
  30. Manny – An adorable, good-boy pet name.


Funny Nicknames For Matthew

Funny nicknames are hilariously-fun for everyone, including the person you use the nickname for! If you are all game for a hysterical pet name for Matthew that brings truckloads of chuckles, then look no further than this list:

  1. 7:7 – An unusual and extraordinarily punny nickname for Matthew, with reference to a famous Bible verse, Matthew 7:7.
  2. Mooky – Use this for a Matthew who is a bit of a klutz.
  3. Matewww – A nickname for someone who stinks.
  4. Momoberry – Pick this one for a stylish, quirky, and sophisticated Matthew.
  5. MOP – Quite an offensive nickname that’s short for “Mortally Obese Person.”
  6. Mattato – For a Matthew who looks and acts like a potato.
  7. Manimal – Funnily use this for a Matthew who behaves recklessly.
  8. Matato Matata – Inspired by the worry-free phrase, Hukana Matata.
  9. Matt the Cat – Use this nickname for a flexible boy.
  10. Wacky – From Matt to Wack, and then straight to Wacky!
  11. MattCat – For a Matthew who is fond of keeping cats around.
  12. Match – Appropriate for a Matthew who is as thin as a matchstick!
  13. Moo – Inspired by the sound that cows generally make.
  14. M&M – Keep this nickname for an obsessive chocolate lover.
  15. Mental – A funny nickname to suit an idiot.
  16. Mattchu – A comical nickname inspired by the sound produced by sneezing.
  17. Chu – In case you want to further shorten the sneeze sound!
  18. Mattress – A funny jibe at a Matthew who loves his sleep!
  19. MattAttack – Quite a direct nickname for someone named Matthew who is also a heart patient.
  20. Matty Watty – Another whimsical nickname that we love.
  21. Mashu – Inspired by Asian pronunciations.
  22. Mattricia – You can tease Matthew using this name if he has a girl (wife, girlfriend, mother, sister) named Patricia in his life.
  23. Fat Matt – Best for a chubby guy. (Warning: Use it only if you’re sure you won’t get punched in the face!)
  24. Maddie – For a crazy Matthew that you know of.
  25. Macadamia – A subtle pet name for an insane person.
  26. Macked-Out – Use this nickname for an old-fashioned guy named Matthew.
  27. Mad Dog – Perhaps you could use it for a friend.
  28. Momos – Food names make the funniest nicknames!
  29. Maggot – Use this nickname for a weird person named Matthew.
  30. Minion – A funny way to call out a Matthew who is as playful as a Minion.
  31. Marijuana – For someone who..you know, gets in a lot of trouble!
  32. Mastablasta – An ideal nickname for a party freak.
  33. McMessy – Use this nickname for a messy guy named Matthew.


Cool Nicknames For Matthew

Looking for a nickname that will turn heads wherever it’s used? Below, we have listed some of the coolest nicknames for Matthew, for you to choose from. Have a look!

  1. Matty Cool – For a Matthew who is cool and he knows it!
  2. Mata – A Gaelic pet name for Matthew that also happens to be the name of a footballer.
  3. Meowsers – A slangy pet name that means “awesome, or “cool.”
  4. Makaio – A Hawaiian variant of the name Matthew.
  5. Hewmorous – A nickname for a Matthew who makes everyone laugh.
  6. Mattachussettes – For someone who belongs to Massachusetts.
  7. Motya – Belongs to a Russian origin.
  8. Ya boi Mateus – Another cool nickname that we love.
  9. Meatloaf – Another stupendous food nickname for a foodie!
  10. Diplomatt – Use this nickname for an adventurous Matthew.
  11. Emmy – Pronounced as “Eh-me!” just like how the letters M and E sound together.
  12. Mattematics – An appropriate nickname for a guy who is a mathmagician!
  13. Wehttam – An uber-cool nickname derived by reversing the original name.
  14. Mattrick – It rhymes with a hattrick.
  15. Mathuin – An Irish derivative of the name Matthew that also translates into “bear.”
  16. Mattasaurus – Resembles the Thesaurus. A nickname for someone who knows it all.
  17. Matted – Keep this one for a Matthew who has unruly hair.
  18. Bath Matt – Ideal for a muscular Matthew who is always shirtless!
  19. Major – Combines both, Matthew and junior.
  20. Mad-Lad – For a lad who knows he’s mad.
  21. Theu – An awesome nickname pronounced by the last four letters of the name.
  22. Weh – Reverse the last three letters of Matthew and boom!
  23. Mayhem – Use this for a Matthew who creates a tumult wherever he goes.
  24. Materazzi – Taken by the last name of the popular former Italian footballer.
  25. Margarita – A cocktail-inspired nickname for a bibulous Matthew.


Popular Nicknames For Matthew

There are several reasons why going ahead with a popular nickname for Matthew is an excellent choice. First, these tried and tested pet names are supremely classic, and second, they save you the risk of choosing a nickname that leaves others baffled when they hear it!

So, here is a list of some of the most popular nicknames for Matthew that we’re sure you will love:

  1. Matt – Perhaps the most commonly-used nickname for Matthew.
  2. Matty – Suitable for a naughty little Matthew.
  3. Mato – The perfect blend of cute and cool.
  4. Matto – An extra T, because why not!
  5. Matheu – A similar nickname with a different spelling altogether.
  6. Mats – For a playful guy named Matthew.
  7. Mat – Another popular nickname that we simply adore.
  8. Mattaus – A Hebrew nickname that translates into “Gift of God.”
  9. Mattie – A nickname with a jovial ring to it.
  10. Mattieu – Another famous nickname with a little tweak in its spelling.
  11. Matz – For a Matthew who belongs to Gen-Z.
  12. Matias – A nickname of Greek, German, and Hebrew origin.
  13. Mateusz – A complicated one for a complicated Matthew.
  14. Mao – A Japanese nickname that translates into “True Center.”
  15. Mateo – A Spanish derivative of Matthew.
  16. Huey – This nickname means “Bright In Mind And Spirit.”
  17. Hewy – Ideal for a toddler named Matthew.
  18. M’ew – For someone who likes to keep it short.
  19. MJ – An abbreviation of Matthew Junior.
  20. M – Single initials leave a brilliant impression!
  21. Maaz – An Arabic nickname that means “protected.”
  22. Mayo – A nickname of Irish and Gaelic origin.
  23. Hugh – Taken from the “Hew” in Matthew that develops into Hugh.
  24. Madagascar – Inspired by the popular movie with the same title.
  25. May – Ideal for a Matthew who is born in May.


Unique Nicknames For Matthew

The feeling of picking a special, distinctive nickname for someone you love is simply unparalleled. If you think the Matthew in your life is unique and deserves a never-heard-of pet name that sets him apart from the crowd, then look no further than this list:

  1. Mojo – If the Matthew in your life is your lucky charm.
  2. Matteo Alacran – Taken from The House of Scorpions.
  3. Matencesse – This nickname rhymes with “Frankincense.”
  4. Mattholomeu – One of Jesus Christ’s followers was known as Bartholomew.
  5. Door Matt – An insinuation of the word “doormat.”
  6. Matthuselah – Quite a unique nickname to honor the oldest man to ever live.
  7. Maiu – A nickname of Gaelic origin.
  8. Maitiu – An Anglo-Saxon nickname for someone named Matthew.
  9. Matey – Channel the inner pirate within you!


Conclusion: Nicknames For Matthew

There’s something extraordinary about nicknames—no matter how cute, funny, or unique they sound, they always connect people emotionally. Whether it’s the men in your family, your boyfriend, your best friend, or someone else, nothing beats the bond you share with Matthew!

And, the fact that you’ve found the right endearment makes your relationship even more meaningful.

We hope that our round-up of over 120 awesome nicknames for Matthew has guided you through your nicknaming journey. If you can think of another cool, interesting pet name, then remember to share it with us!


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