50+ Cute Nicknames For Mason

Nicknames For Mason

Alongside its increasing popularity, the name Mason bears a very warm and amiable tone. Ever so classic and handsome, yet stylishly young, this title offers a high-spirited aura, and this is why we are completely in awe of it!

If you are blessed with a guy named Mason and looking for a great nickname that will fit him like a glove, then your search ends here! In this article, we have meticulously handpicked over 50 cute endearments for the special guy in your life. Additionally, each nickname is accompanied by a friendly, one-liner description so that you pick the best jewel from our treasure!

But before heading straight to our list of nicknames for Mason, let us first find the meaning of this name and where it hails from.


Meaning And Origin Of The Name Mason

Mason is a sought-after name for boys, bears an English origin, and translates into “worker in stone.” The mega-popularity of this title is testified by the fact that it leveled as high as the number 2 position in 2011, and has managed to retain its spot among the best names ever since.

Ideally, this occupational surname had been seeking moderation for quite a few years now, and in the past few years, Mason has spawned as a fresher-sounding alternative to the name Jason! This name has received massive reality-show attention ever since it was picked by Kourtney Kardashian for her newborn in 2009. Mason has been loved and used by various other celebrities, including Kelsey Grammer (for his daughter), Kevin Richardson, and Melissa Joan Hart.

Another two famous cute werewolf namesakes on the TV are Mason Lockwood from The Vampire Diaries and Mason Greyback from Wizards of Waverly Place—poles apart from the wholesome image of this name!

Now that we are familiar with the meaning and origin of this name, let us dive right into our list of over 50 awesome nicknames for Mason.


Popular Nicknames For Mason

A popular nickname is usually a shortened form or a derivative of the original name. Plus, it is best to keep if you want others to be able to identify your loved one’s real name in an instant. Listed below are some of the most commonly-used and admired pet names for Mason, so have a look:

  1. Mase – Probably one of the most popular pet names for a boy named Mason.
  2. Mace – The same nickname as above, but with a little variation in the spelling.
  3. Son – This is a nice nickname to use for your son if he bears the name Mason!
  4. Macy – This one might seem like a girly option but looks quite cute on boys as well.
  5. Masy – Another similar nickname for Mason which is tweaked by an S!
  6. Mae Mae – We bet this nickname would be loved by a young toddler bearing the name Mason.
  7. Sun – Pick this popular nickname for a boy named Mason who brings sunshine to your life!
  8. Sonny – A playful nickname to give to a cheerful boy named Mason.
  9. Sunny – We love this nickname for the casual, boy-next-door kind of ring to it!
  10. Macie – A sweet nickname that you can use for a child who is dear to your heart.
  11. Maso – This nickname for Mason comes with an eccentric Spanish touch.
  12. Mass – A great nickname to pick for a bulky man named Mason.
  13. Masson – Just put the additional S and you are good to go!


Cute Nicknames For Mason

Pet names sure may come in all forms and shapes, but the best ones are always swoon-worthy! So, if you are up for some nickname fun dipped in cuteness for the special guy named Mason in your life, then look no further than this list:

  1. May – This is a sweet nickname for a boy who was born in the month of May.
  2. Ma – A short, yet wholesome abbreviated rendition of the name Mason.
  3. Maamaa – A delightful unisex nickname that you can pick for your mama bear!
  4. Masi Bear – Use this pet name for a guy named Mason who is your snuggle buddy for life.
  5. Maso Munchkin – This is an ultra-cute moniker for a boy who is your sweetest little munchkin.
  6. Maisy Daisy – This is a rather girly but loving nickname for someone bearing the name Mason.
  7. Man Pie – A charming nickname for a man whose sweetness you would love to devour!
  8. My Passion – Pick this pet name for a man named Mason you are extremely passionate about.
  9. Marshmallow – We love this nickname for the cute tone to it.
  10. Minion – A pet name for a man named Mason who adds fun and joy to your life.
  11. Muffin – In case you are looking for an affectionate nickname to address the love of your life.


Creative Nicknames For Mason

It is true that a dash of creativity and ingenuity adds a lot more sparkle to any ordinary nickname. This is why we have assembled some of the most thoughtful endearments for the man named Mason in your life, which will feel as if they were made just for him! So, scroll through the nicknames:

  1. Lego Man – This is a clever pet name that is inspired by the original meaning of the name Mason (worker in stone).
  2. Masemellow – A confectionery-inspired pet name for a man named Mason who bears a sweet tooth!
  3. Ma Son – This is yet another clever and punny moniker to pick if the special guy named Mason in your life is your son!
  4. Stoneheart – A nickname that is culled from the literal meaning of the name Mason.
  5. Stoney – You can either go with this one for its literal meaning or simply use it for a man named Mason who is always high!
  6. MaDon – Pick this nickname for a guy who bears a badass personality and is proud of it.
  7. NaySon – A witty and real-life nickname to gift to your son named Mason if all he says is “No!”
  8. Hasten – This nickname rhymes with the name Mason, and you can use it for someone who is always in a hurry.
  9. Ma Money – A great nickname to pick for a rich kid. Enough said!


Funny Nicknames For Mason

A funny nickname is an excellent way to tease someone you love and add just the right amount of humor to your equation with them. If the guy named Mason could use a minute’s laugh with a whimsical nickname that you can pick, then look no further than this list:

  1. Moody – Use this nickname for a guy whom you can never predict!
  2. Mindless Mason – This is just another funny phrase for a man who is a complete idiot.
  3. Mooky Mason – Pick this pet name for a guy named Mason who acts like a contemptible person.
  4. Mojito – This is a fitting nickname for a big-time alcohol lover.
  5. Mahsive – A punny and clever wordplay on the word “massive.” You can give this nickname for a bulky guy named Mason.
  6. Malteaser – This nickname is meant for a man who acts like a crazy blonde on the inside, and a brunette for show.
  7. Maple – This is a sauce-inspired nickname for Mason that sounds incredibly hilarious to us!
  8. Mr. Pun – Use this comical pet name for a guy who loves cracking jokes.
  9. Mashin’ – A nickname for a party freak who wants to have a good time.
  10. Messy Mace – This is a fitting nickname for a guy who is incredibly awkward in handling everything.


Unique Nicknames For Mason

Is the special man in your life the talk of the town? If yes, then it is best that you get him an exceptional nickname that stands apart as much as he does. Take a look at some of the most unique pet names for a guy named Mason:

  1. Maze – This eccentric nickname for Mason echoes the perfect blend of cool and classy.
  2. Mainny – Use this nickname for a long-haired guy who loves to flaunt his “mane!”
  3. Master Mason – This is an ideal nickname for a man who is the jack of all trades.
  4. Ace – Pick this pet name to appreciate a man who aces all the walks of life.
  5. Macen – This extraordinary nickname is an English variant of the name Mason.
  6. Masen – A masculine nickname for Mason that bears Old French/Old English roots.
  7. Macian – Use this quirky pet name if the guy named Mason you know is a German.
  8. Nosam – A nickname that is formed by reversing all the letters in the name Mason.



This was all about over 50 cute nicknames for a man named Mason. Nicknames are representative of a healthy relationship that constitutes nothing but a galore of love and affection.

So, make sure that you choose the right one for your loved ones. We hope that our roundup of nicknames has helped you decide which one you like the best, or at least fuelled you to come up with a title of your own.

If you have another brilliant nickname to share that you think is worth adding to our list, then be a dear and share it with us. Happy nicknaming!

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