60+ Beautiful Nicknames For Maria

Nicknames For Maria

The name Maria is the perfect blend of sweet and savvy and is one of the most popular female names ever known. This moniker echoes femininity, and although to some, it might appear quite common, yet it’s an all-time classic!

Choosing a fitting nickname for someone with an already elegant name can sure seem like an arduous task if you are not equipped with the right options. Therefore, today, we have vetted some of the most beautiful nicknames for someone named Maria. To assist you even further in your nicknaming expedition, each of our options is accompanied by our two cents worth of opinion that will help you make the right choice.

But before we dive deep into over 50 nicknames for Maria, let us first explore what the name actually means and where it comes from.


Meaning And Origin Of The Name Maria

Being one of the most increasingly popular names for females across the globe, Maria is a Latin diminutive of the name Mary, which is derived from Miryām, a Hebrew name. This name is believed to hold the meaning “lady of the sea,” or “wished-for-child,” and bears biblical origins.

In fact, the earliest records of the name Maria are spawned from the New Testament of the Holy Bible. Another interesting fact about Maria is that ofttimes, it is also used as a middle name for males, as was the case in various Central European territories several years back.

Now that we know Maria a little better, let us head straight to some of the most endearing nicknames for this stunning name!


Cute Nicknames For Maria

Such an adorable name like Maria deserves an equally cute nickname to go with it. If the Maria in your life is a sweet girl who spreads bouts of smiles around, there’s nothing better than gifting her a pet name that leaves her twinkling!

So, here are a few nicknames you can choose from:

  1. Mia – One of the most common nicknames for Maria and our absolute favorite!
  2. Mari – A short and sweet nickname for a little girl named Maria.
  3. Ria – Taken from the last three letters in the original name.
  4. Aria – An Italian name that translates into “melody,” and “air.”
  5. Mimi – A delightful nickname for a baby girl bearing the name Maria.
  6. Mamie – Quite a cool nickname for someone named Maria.
  7. Airam – Derived by spelling the name Maria backward.
  8. Ave – Ave Maria! If you know, you know!
  9. Marika – A noteworthy nickname for a Maria who bears Polish origins.
  10. Mar-Mar – Use this pet name for a Maria who loves some mischief.
  11. Mariah – A nickname for someone who is a Mariah Carey fan!
  12. Ari – Taken from the three middle letters from the name Maria.
  13. Mar – This Portuguese and Spanish endearment means “sea,” and is a plausibly great nickname for Maria.
  14. Ree – Another lovable nickname of Hebrew origin that means “to bind.”
  15. Em – Pronounced like the letter “M” and is derived from the first letter of the name Maria.
  16. M – In case you want to keep it simple, yet significant!
  17. Marie – Named after the flower “Marie gold,” and makes for a darling nickname!


Funny Nicknames For Maria

The best part about choosing a funny nickname for someone you love is that it not just lightens the mood and leaves everyone giggling, but also helps you establish a stronger equation with the person you are searching nicknames for.

If you are in the mood for a chuckle-worthy nicknaming session, then have a look at these comical nicknames for someone named Maria:

  1. Moo – A funny nickname inspired by the sounds that cows make.
  2. Margarita – Use this nickname to tease a Maria who drinks a lot.
  3. Macked-Out – A subtle way to call out an old-fashioned and uncool girl named Maria.
  4. Mad-Nuts – Another hysterical nickname to address a crazy woman with this name.
  5. Maggot – Use this nickname for a Maria who is a bit of a weirdo.
  6. Minion – A cute but funny pet name, preferably for your younger sister.
  7. Merlot – Pick this appropriate nickname for someone named Maria who is also a wine lover.
  8. McFury – Use this nickname for a Maria who is always raging with anger.
  9. Mad Hatter – A nickname to funnily describe someone who is stupid.
  10. Marinate – Use this nickname for a Maria who cooks really well.
  11. Marshmallow – This nickname is sure to leave people snickering.
  12. Mini M – A funny nickname for a girl with an extremely petite profile.
  13. Mimosa – Because we have a penchant for cocktail-inspired nicknames!
  14. McMooky – Use this one for a foolish girl named Maria.
  15. Meow – Another hilarious nickname inspired by sounds that cats make.
  16. Marrrr – A riotous nickname that majorly stresses on the last four “Rs,” when pronounced.
  17. Mookie-Pookie – A delightful and equally embarrassing nickname if you choose to use it for a grown-up!
  18. Mother of Dragons – Use this nickname for someone named Maria who is a big-time Game of Thrones fan.
  19. Mariagherita – A punny, pizza-inspired nickname for a major Margherita lover.
  20. Meme – A playful pet name for someone who always jokes around you.


Russian Nicknames For Maria

In the Russian tradition, names are quite a big deal. Since most of the Russian names are ridiculously long, (Take Leo Tolstoy’s name, for example, whose original name is Lev Nikolayevhich Tolstoy) therefore, these nicknames or diminutives are used to communicate between two people to reduce confusion.

If you have a knack for such nicknames and want to pick a Russian pet name for the Maria in your life, then look no further than this list:

  1. Masha – A common Russian nickname for Maria that translates into “bitter.”
  2. Mashenka – A Russian nickname for girls that means “star of the sea,” and “willpower.”
  3. Mashunechka – Another versatile pet name to go for if you are looking for something unique.
  4. Mashunya – An extravagant Russian diminutive of the name Maria that we love.
  5. Marusya – This Russian nickname for Maria also means “bitter.”
  6. Mashka – A classic Russian nickname that is another form of the English Mary.
  7. Manka – An exquisite nickname that is ideally meant for a left-handed individual.
  8. Manyechka – Another popular Russian nickname for Maria.
  9. Manya – This nickname is pronounced exactly how it is spelled, Ma-nya.


Mexican Nicknames For Maria

Quite a funny point of confusion for non-native speakers are nicknames that hail from Mexico. Despite the fact that even English pet names possess different variations for their names, in Spanish, it’s not a piece of cake to always identify the relationship between the nickname and the name.

Thus, if the Maria in your life is a Mexican, here are the list of options you can choose from:

  1. Mari – A lovely Mexican nickname that translates into “beloved,” or “drop of the sea.”
  2. Mariquita – This nickname carries the same meaning as above. Perhaps you can use it for a Maria who likes to dance!
  3. Maruja – This nickname is a diminutive variant of the baptismal name María.
  4. Marijose – Pronounced as mah-ree-KHO-seh, with emphasis from the next to the last syllable.
  5. Marisé – This nickname is often used in honor of St. Joseph.
  6. Mariajo – Another excellent nickname with a melodious ring to it!
  7. Marisol – This nickname is a shortened form of Mary of (the) Solitude, María de la Soledad. This title was given to Virgin Mary.
  8. Maricarmen – A marvelous nickname that translates into “star of the sea.”


Italian Nicknames For Maria

Whether you are simply in awe of the way Italian nicknames have you roll off your tongue or know a Maria with Italian roots, the web is brimming with choices to nickname your beloved. Just like several other romance languages, Italian nicknames either originate in Latin or might be Latinized variants derived from other languages.

So, today, we have picked the best Italian nicknames for someone named Maria. Have a look:

  1. Angelica – Not a diminutive of Maria, but indeed a magnificent nickname for a cute girl named Maria. Also, it translates to “angel.”
  2. Mia – A sweet-sounding Italian nickname that translates to “mine,” or “darling.”
  3. Amore – Meaningful, direct, and probably the most sought-after nickname for a Maria you love.
  4. Tesoro – This nickname is pronounced as teh-soh-roh. It translates to “treasure,” so you can use it for someone whom you cherish.
  5. Vita Mia – A nickname to fondly address a woman as your “life.”
  6. Mimmo – This nickname is pronounced as meem-moh. A sweeter word for a little baby.
  7. Patatino – In case you want to go all the way Italian to call out the Maria in your life!
  8. Marianne – This gorgeous name symbolizes the spirit of liberty, equality, and fraternity.


In The End

So, this was all about some of the most beautiful and chicest nicknames for someone named Maria. Did you know that research claims that using pet names for someone in your life is a sign that your relationship with them is strong?

Well, now you are armed with the greatest options to gift a term of endearment to your loved one! We hope that our list helped you find just the right title to call out the Maria in your life.

In case you are feeling creative and come up with another fantastic nickname, then don’t forget to let us know because sharing is caring!


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