80+ Lovely Nicknames For Margaret

Nicknames For Margaret

Indeed a timeless classic, the name Margaret has bagged endless appreciation for its fluency and dexterity. From Margaret Atwood to Margaret Thatcher, many notable personalities have carried this name and hit it off.

As pleasing as it sounds to the ears, there’s no denying the fact that it may feel a little bit too formal for everyday use.

So, this calls for a great nickname to honor the special someone named Margaret in your life!

A nickname is like your own tailored way of expressing your affection towards your loved one and you will be using it for a long time to come, so you’d want to pick a title that’s cherished by both—you, and the person you are using it for.

If this seems like a time-taking task, don’t worry! We have brainstormed some of the loveliest nicknames for the name Margaret, and a bit of background for each one to help you make a perfect choice.

But before we get started, let us have a closer look at what Margaret actually means.


Meaning And Origin Of Margaret

The meaning of Margaret is just as beautiful and feminine as the name. It is of Greek origin and is taken from “Margaron,” which translates into “Pearl.”

It spawns as far back as the 4th century and is popularly known after Saint Margaret, who is held in high regard for escaping a dragon. Often used by Christians, this name of royalty is no less than a masterpiece.

Now, we are going to have a look at some awesome nicknames for Margaret.


Cute Nicknames For Margaret

One of the best ways to show someone love and affection is by giving them an endearing nickname. If you are looking for something cute that makes the Margaret you know swoon with joy, then look no further than this list.

  1. Pearl – Go literal with the nickname.
  2. Daisy – Also, flowers make the cutest nicknames. Margaret in French is Marguerite, which also means Daisy.
  3. Etta – Shorten the origin name to get a creative nickname.
  4. Garet – An English title that translates into “Brave with a spear.”
  5. Gigi – A cute nickname for all generations of girls.
  6. Gretel – Taken from the fairytale, Hansel and Gretel.
  7. Madge – Another adorable nickname for someone named Margaret.
  8. Mag – If you want to keep it short and simple.
  9. Maggie – An ageless nickname for Margaret.
  10. May – Another simple nickname if you don’t wish to go overboard with the ingenuity.
  11. Midge – This nickname means “Who resembles God?” and bears a Hebrew origin.
  12. Ret – A derivative of the name Margaret.
  13. M – A one-letter nickname if using longer ones are too mainstream.
  14. Marg – Using the beginning of the name Margaret.
  15. Margaery – Inspired by Margaery Tyrell, the wife of Tommen Baratheon from The Game of Thrones series.
  16. Maisie – A delightful diminutive of the name Margaret.
  17. Megan – For the Megan Fox fans out there.


Funny Nicknames For Margaret

What’s the point of immersing yourself in a pool of nicknames if you do not enjoy using it as much as choosing it?

From playful tags to punny ones, here is a list of some of the funniest nicknames for Margaret that will leave you chuckling!

  1. Mug – A comical nickname, best for a toddler who still struggles to pronounce her name.
  2. Meemaw – As Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory affectionately addresses his grandmother.
  3. Margarita – For a woman who is a margarita lover.
  4. Mini – Ideal for a young girl bearing the name Margaret.
  5. Moo – Comical animal sounds make pretty hysterical nicknames.
  6. Missy – For someone who acts like the boss in a room.
  7. Meow – Another animal sound for a funny nickname.
  8. McRet – For a Margaret who loves McDonald’s.
  9. Monkey – Use this for someone who loves jumping around.
  10. Marshmallow – Food names are a great choice for nicknames.
  11. Minion – Named after the fictional characters in the Despicable Me franchise.
  12. Meany – Choose this nickname for a mean Margaret.
  13. Mooky – A funny nickname for a kooky, intelligent, and cool woman.
  14. Meep – An unusual, high pitched sound.
  15. Murmur – Use this for a gossipmonger.
  16. Gugu – A chuckle-worthy nickname for someone you’re fond of.
  17. Rando – Use this for someone who is a bit of a weirdo.
  18. McGeeky – For a Margaret who acts like a geek.


Unique Nicknames For Margaret

A nickname is an essential part of feeling a sense of “belongingness,” especially if you’re the only one bearing it. Who says you have to settle with monotonous endearments for your loved ones?

To help you choose the best, we’ve done all the legwork and listed some of the most distinctive nicknames for Margaret! Have a look.

  1. Mae – A typical pet name with a unique spelling.
  2. Margot – A French nickname that means “Pearl.”
  3. Gorg – Pick this for a gorgeous woman.
  4. Maria – A form of Mary, but another awesome nickname for Margaret. Typically used to refer to Virgin Mary.
  5. Greta – Use this Greta Thunberg inspired nickname, perhaps for a nature lover.
  6. Reta – A shorter variant of Greta.
  7. Emi – Taken from the initial M.
  8. Arga – An Indonesian name that means “Mountain.”
  9. Rita – Derived from the word margarita.
  10. Mette – A unique descendant of the name Margaret.
  11. Mars – A Greek nickname meaning “God Of War.”
  12. Gary – Use this for a tomboyish girl.
  13. Garrett – Might sound masculine, but a pretty unique nickname for a girl.
  14. Madge – Reminds us of The Simpsons.
  15. Ettie – A Persian title that translates into “Myrtle leaf.”
  16. Gogo – Indeed a zany but quirky nickname for someone named Margaret.
  17. Magi – Inspired by the fictional story, “The Gift of the Magi.”


Irish Nicknames For Margaret

Good nicknames are like diamonds. Only a few get their hands on the best ones.

You might be surprised to know that not only Americans but others throughout the world enjoy using Irish nicknames for their beloved.

So, we have got you covered with some of the greatest nicknames hailing from The Emerald Isle!

  1. McNugget – A great option for a child.
  2. Bridget – An Irish nickname derived from the word “Brigh,” and means “Power.”
  3. Mairead – The Irish version of Margaret.
  4. Maggyy – Another variant of the name Margaret from Ireland.
  5. Peggy – Derived after a long transition Marg to Peggy.
  6. Drill Bit – Use this for someone who is a bore.
  7. McMischief – An ideal nickname for someone who is known for welcoming troubles.
  8. Peg – A shorter version of Peggy.
  9. Cat-Lick – A punny version of “Catholic,” and fairly rhymes with Margaret.
  10. Meabh – Pronounced as Maeve, this nickname means “Intoxicating.”
  11. Kayleigh – A nickname for a slender girl.
  12. Shay – In Irish, this title means “Noble,” or “Hawk-like.”
  13. McMerry – Choose this nickname for a jolly person bearing the name Margaret.


Unusual Nicknames For Margaret

By now, you must be familiar with the fact that the name Margaret carries a variety of nicknames.

While some, such as Meg, Greta, and Maggie are pretty common, others are downright odd; but hey! We’re not complaining.

So, if you are searching for an unusual (in a good way) nickname for a name like Margaret, have a look at the options that we have listed out for you.

  1. Iron Lady – Inspired by the nickname of Margaret Thatcher.
  2. Margaux – A French nickname that’s a diminutive of Margaret.
  3. Molly – Hails from the Hebrew origin and means “Star of the sea.”
  4. Rhett – Usually a boy’s nickname, but looks ultra-chic on girls too.
  5. Arty – A fitting nickname if the Margaret you know has a penchant for artistry.
  6. Mia – An uncommon but classy nickname for Margaret.
  7. Mara – This nickname means “Joy” in Arabic.
  8. Groggy – Use this for a sleepyhead.
  9. Mags – A shortened version of Margaret.
  10. Groot – Taken by the fictional character appearing in the Marvel Comics.
  11. Marjorie – This nickname is a medieval variant of the name Margaret.
  12. MarGreedy – Use this for a self-indulgent girl as a harmless jibe (At your own risk!)
  13. Argarette – Simply ditch the M and tweak the spelling!


Scottish Nicknames For Margaret

Truth be told, Scottish nicknames are Pure dead brilliant!

If you intend to choose one for your dearie, listed below are some of the finest old Scottish endearments that not just go back to Grandma’s day, but also for ages beyond!

  1. Greer – A Scottish name that means “Vigilant,” or “Watchful.”
  2. Mairead – This nickname is the Scottish variant of the name Margaret.
  3. Hen – Not to be confused with the feathery bird, this nickname represents a female among the Scots.
  4. Nugget – Use this for a fool!
  5. Geggie – A Scottish slang for “Mouth.”
  6. MaRoon – A nickname for a chubby girl. “Roon,” means “Round.”
  7. Eilidh – A popular Gaelic nickname that’s pronounced as “Ay-lee.”
  8. Gommy – A typical Scottish insult that means “Simple-looking.”
  9. Monadh – A wonderful title meaning “Moorland covered mountain.”



In case you’re curious about its popularity, the name Margaret is currently ranked at 169 among the most sought-after female names!

Such a beautiful moniker deserves a lovely nickname to go with it. We hope that our list has helped you set your heart on the name you want to address your Margaret by, or inspired you to curate one of your own! If you have another unique nickname in mind, don’t forget to share it with us.

Happy nicknaming!


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