80+ Cute and Funny Nicknames for Madison

Nicknames for Madison

In 2018, Madison was one of the top 25 girls’ names in the US. Almost everyone knows at least one person called Madison, so it can sometimes be difficult to find a unique nickname that is personal to them, however, in this article, you can find some of the cutest, smartest, funniest and most unique nicknames for Madison!

Classic Nicknames for Madison

Of course, there are the obvious classics that suit most Madisons. Clearly these aren’t unique and other people will use them, but if you are looking for a suitable nickname which is short and easy to remember for your Madison, then you can use one of these:

  1. Maddie
  2. Maddi
  3. Madi
  4. Madie
  5. Mady
  6. Maddy

These are all shortened versions of the name Madison, just with different spellings, but the same pronunciation. Whichever spelling you choose should probably be based on your Madison’s preference, as they will be the one writing it!

  1. Mads
  2. Madds
  3. Madz
  4. Maddz

These four are again the same pronunciation, but different spellings. They are all nicknames which could be used for a Madison who is laidback, friendly, and chirpy.

Cute Nicknames For Madison

These are the names for the Madison who everyone likes and has a really sweet personality, or for a younger or baby girl. Some of these can be very personal to specific Madisons, whilst others may suit anyone, but these are the cutest nicknames a Madison can have:

  1. Lil Maddy – for a cute little Madison.
  2. Lil Mads 
  3. Lil M – for a Madison who loves rap music (like Lil pump)
  4. Mini Madz
  5. Mini Maddy – perfect for a short bubbly Madison.
  6. Mini Madster
  7. Maddie Moosh
  8. M – Single lettered super cool name for Madison.
  9. Em
  10. Emmy
  11. Maddoo – name her after famous Indian sweet ‘Laddoo.’

These are all the nicknames you could give to a Madison who is quite small, or who has a shy personality, but they also fit girls who are sweet and very friendly.

  1. M&M – Nicknaming her after popular M&M candy.
  2. Maddie Marshmallow – for Madison who is as soft as a marshmallow.
  3. Mini Marshmallow 
  4. Maddie Muffin – for Madison who is as delicious as a muffin.
  5. Maddie cake – Is your Madison as sweet as a cake? If yes, then this is a perfect name for her.

These could all be used for a girl with a sweet tooth, who loves food, especially candy! However, they could also be used for a Madison who is cute, sweet, or very small!

  1. Maddie Moo
  2. Maddie Moo Moo
  3. Madi Bear

For a Madison that doesn’t mind being given an animal-themed nickname! These are the type of nickname which suit a girl who is often clumsy or not very careful and is always accidentally getting into trouble, even though she is a lovely person.

Funny Nicknames for Madison

Here are the nicknames which you use rarely, but are worth it to see the look on Madison’s face. Some of these will be suited to specific personalities better than others, but all of these names are great for a girl who has a sense of humor.

  1. Maddie Bean
  2. Maddiesaurus
  3. The Madisaur
  4. Madzila
  5. Baddie Maddie
  6. Maddie McBaddie
  7. Monster
  8. Monkey

All of these names are perfect for a girl who knows a joke when she hears it and has a personality that often makes her the laughing stock of the group. Some of them are more out there than others, but they can all be funny in the right situation!

  1. Ma Ma
  2. Adi
  3. Addy
  4. Adz
  5. Maddy Daddy 
  6. Maddycake
  7. Madicakes
  8. Thickmadz
  9. Maddaroni
  10. Madagascar

These are the nicknames for Madison who is just plain weird. All of them are funny, but only if everyone understands the joke and has a specific sense of humor – just make sure that your Madison actually understands the name!

Cool Nicknames for Madison

These are the nicknames for the girl who keeps things fresh. If your Madison is cute, funny, relaxed and takes a nickname well, then these are the best names for her:

  1. Big M
  2. Big Madz
  3. Maddie Madz
  4. Madster
  5. Madzies
  6. Maddie girl
  7. Maddiegal

These are some relatively common nicknames that can be given to a Madison who keeps it cool and lives in the moment.

  1. Dee dee
  2. Maddie B
  3. Maddie boo
  4. Madders

For a Madison who likes to have a more uncommon nickname, these are perfect as they use a mixture of cool and funny, but also have a unique twist. Nicknames like these fit best with girls who are bubbly and friendly, but also relaxed and funny.

Clever Nicknames for Madison

Of course, there are also great nicknames for Madisons that use both class and humor, as well as wordplay to create the perfect personal nickname. These are a few examples, but lots of these can have different spelling variations to suit the girl that the name belongs to.

  1. Maddy-ness
  2. Moodyson – for a very moody Madison
  3. Mad Hatter
  4. MadsMads
  5. M-Dawg – a crazy gangsta name for Madison
  6. Mad Dawg
  7. Mad Dog – a perfect name for a Madison who looks like a mad dog when she is angry.
  8. M Dog
  9. Madatron
  10. Madgal – if she does crazy things this is the name she needs.
  11. Mad to the bone

If your Madison is someone who can sometimes get a little bit crazy, then these nicknames with variations of ‘mad’ are both a great name and a cool take on their personality. However, all of these could be used for a funny, cool, or cute Madison as well, but they are in this section because they involve a clever twist.

You should also note that there are various other spellings of Madison which could be used as a nickname or alternate spelling for your girl:

  1. Maddison
  2. Madyson
  3. Madysson
  4. Madisson
  5. Madisyn

Best Nicknames for Madison

Overall, these are all great nicknames, but the best name for your specific Madison depends on her personality and also which she likes. However, in each category, the most popular and most suitable names for a Madison are:


  1. Maddie – great for a girl who likes a simple nickname
  2. Maddy – again great for a simple girl, but also uses a fancy spelling
  3. Mads – Easy and simple but also recognizable with the name ‘Madison’


  1. Lil M – Cute, especially for a younger Madison
  2. Maddie Muffin – Great for a girl who likes to eat
  3. Madi Bear – Again cute for a younger girl


  1. Maddie Bean – Great as a nickname with friends, especially for a Madison who likes beans
  2. Maddiesaurus – Another funny nickname, which works with friends and family


  1. Madster – For a girl who likes to keep it cool
  2. Madders – A Madison who is great with the boys
  3. Big Madz – The cool mum of a group of friends/the tall one.
  4. Dee – sounds cool, isn’t it?


  1. Mad Hatter – A Madison who is pretty crazy, but has a great personality
  2. M-Dawg – Keeps it cool, but also has a wacky side.
  3. Addie – Maddie without ‘M’.


These were the amazing nicknames for Emma that I can suggest to you. I hope this article is helpful to you in finding a perfect nickname for your dear Emma. Please let us know in the comments which one of these nicknames you have your eyes on.


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