50+ Awesome Nicknames For Maddox

Nicknames For Maddox

Welcome to the abode of awesome nicknames! We know you are looking for a nice nickname for Maddox and we are here to lead you straight to the big pile of fun and feisty nicknames for Maddox. Divided into subsections, you can easily search for the kind of nickname you want, may it be cute, cool, or creative.

Moreover, each of these suggestions comes with a useful note of our interpretation of the name, to make the process hassle-free for you.

Now, let us take a guess at what Maddox might be like. We love decoding a person’s personality just by their name, and honestly, Maddox was a challenge. However, we do have a vague picture of what we think a person of this name would be like.

Friendly, amiable, thoughtful, and pragmatic are some of the adjectives that come to the surface when we think of Maddox. Ready to go any length for his loved ones, Maddox is certainly someone who recognizes the intricacies of life and is super spiritual too. Following up on that, we feel like he believes in taking utmost care of his physical and mental health.

If these things are true for your Maddox by any chance, then he is definitely a keeper. And giving him a nickname, a bare minimum!

So, join us on this exciting ride where we’ll find fabulous nicknames for Maddox.


Meaning and Origin of Maddox

Primarily used as a male name, Maddox is of English origin and holds the meaning, ‘Son Of Madoc.’ Beyond that, ‘Madoc’ is also a Welsh name meaning ‘fortunate’ or ‘benefactor’s son.’ If we dive deep into Welsh mythology, we will find the story of Madoc, the legendary Prince.

In the 12th century, this prince sailed to the New World three hundred years before Christopher Columbus. The supposed son of a real prince of Gwynedd in Wales, Madoc was forced to hit the high seas to flee the bloody dispute at home among his father’s many heirs.

He and his fellow seafarers allegedly reached America in the 1100s and intermingled with the Native Americans which resulted in a tribe of Welsh Indians speaking a form of European languages somewhere on the American frontier. Many historic and anthropological attempts have been made to prove these legends, but none so far successful.

The most well-known person who goes by this name is Brad Pitt’s son, Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt.


Popular Nicknames for Maddox

There is no chance anybody could dislike the following nicknames. They are everyday names that we tend to hear around us and are used much more than anyone’s original name.

If you are looking at avoiding risks, then these no-brainer nicknames are made just for you. So, go ahead and pick one!

  1. Maddy – A cool mix of mischief and modesty, this nickname is a hit.
  2. Maddo – Amp up the chicness with an O in the end.
  3. Dox – A simple and smart nickname that Maddox will love.
  4. Doxy – Twist the name any way you want if it is for your best buddy.
  5. Max – One of the most common nicknames, this is a pretty safe option.
  6. Madz – Any name ending with a Z is simply happening.
  7. MD – Initials are an all-time winner.
  8. Maxy – A lit and lovely name to call Maddox by.


Cute Nicknames for Maddox

If Maddox is the love of your life or if he is the kid who lights up your world, then the bunch of names that follows is a paradise for you. These cute and cuddly nicknames will serve as a reminder of your love forever and always!

Have a glance at them and you will know.

  1. Muddle – Anyone would want to pick this cutie patootie name for a loved one.
  2. MyDox – Tell the world that he is your, in the most adorable way possible.
  3. Marshmallow – These fluffy bits of sweetness would make a great nickname for little Maddox.
  4. Madaron – Customized ‘macaron’ for Maddox if he is as irresistible as this dessert.
  5. Mad Pie – A sugar-soaked pet name for your favorite mud pie.
  6. Li’l Dino – If Maddox is a naughty tiny tot, then this one would feel right for him.
  7. Doughnut – For baby Maddox who is a dose of yumminess.
  8. Mon Amore – For the times you want to go French and shower some love on him.
  9. Mini – This one is for the little shy boy who has your heart.
  10. Mush Ball – Another cute and cuddly nickname for a dear one.
  11. Muffin – If Maddox reminds you of sweet and soft muffins, then pick this one.
  12. Momo – Go melt his heart with this uniquely cute nickname.
  13. Li’l Monster – A fitting name for the mischievous cookie monster called Maddox.


Funny Nicknames for Maddox

We have all heard the quote, ‘laughter is the best medicine.’ And if you believe in it, then here is a golden chance for you to make everyone laugh. Just call your pals by a funny nickname and that will surely crack the listeners up.

The amusing names that are mentioned below will help you do that.

  1. Dodo – The classic nickname for anyone who is slow-headed and naive.
  2. Moody Maddy – If Maddox’s mood swings give you major trouble then this one’s for him.
  3. Maddoze – This one is for that sleepyhead who can take a nap anytime, anywhere.
  4. Mt. Maddox – A gigglesome nickname for a guy who is as strong and sturdy as a mountain.
  5. Mid-dox – If having a conversation with Maddox is super irritating because he always cuts you in the middle, then this name would make him laugh.
  6. Maddust – A humorous pet name for an untidy boy whose things are usually covered in dust.
  7. Mad-due – For a Maddox who is always running late for everything.
  8. Maid-dox – This would crack everyone up if given to a Maddox who is a cleanliness freak and is busy cleaning his space for most of the day.
  9. Shadowx – If Maddox follows you like a shadow, then this annoying person deserves this pet name.
  10. Messy Maddy – If Maddox doesn’t care about his messy surroundings, then this is the perfect nickname for him.
  11. Mc’D – For someone who is always up for a burger from McDonald’s.
  12. Brandox – If Maddox is that rich kid who keeps flaunting his branded belongings, then this nickname will sound super funny.
  13. Gradox – For a Maddox who is a bit too concerned about his grades.


Creative Nicknames for Maddox

If you are a sucker for all things creative like us, then this list of creative nicknames for Maddox will cheer you up. Go for any of these and it will become a memory to cherish for both you and Maddox.

Do let us know which one you liked the best!

  1. Mad Hatter – A Disney character that we all enjoy, just like you enjoy being with Maddox.
  2. Madzter – A sprightly nickname that reflects Maddox’s fun-loving personality.
  3. Mad Rocks – For a rockstar who has filled your life with uplifting melodies.
  4. Doc – This is the right fit for a writer whose life is spread out in documents. Or, for a doctor!
  5. Mad Dog – Just a funky name that your high school best friend would like to be called by.
  6. Granddox – An adorable name for your grandpa if he goes by the name Maddox.
  7. Madicine – For the perpetually ill friend whose medicine box accompanies him wherever he goes.
  8. Moose – This creamy dessert can lift up your mood just like Maddox does.
  9. Ma-dream – This will sound like ‘my dream’ and that is exactly what Maddox is.
  10. Mufasa – This majestic lion king from Disney will make a great nickname for him
  11. Oxy – A cute and cheesy pet name that says that Maddox is your oxygen.
  12. Clocks – It rhymes with Maddox and will be the perfect pet name for someone who is always on time.


Unique Nicknames for Maddox

Jazz up Maddox’s mood with an upbeat and unique nickname if he is bored with the run of the mill Maddy and Max. These meaningful nicknames will get him excited for sure. So, don’t wait for too long before you pick one for him.

  1. Moonlight – Nothing is more pleasing than this beautiful white light in the night. Call Maddox by this name if he makes you feel the same.
  2. Dagger Dox – A badass nickname for Maddox to give him that gangster feel.
  3. Mad Devil – This one is for a Maddox who never fails to shock you with his evil intentions.
  4. Mox – This would suit an influential friend who can get anything done in no time.
  5. Mad Lad – If craziness is synonymous with Maddox, then this nickname would make a great option.
  6. Mr. M – This might make him sound like a big business tycoon, and boost his charisma.
  7. Baddox – For a bad boy who takes pride in being that way.
  8. Fox – Associated with cunningness, this animal name would fit a clever fellow like Maddox.
  9. Dot – This lovely name of Greek origin means ‘gift of God.’
  10. Maggot – A cruel nickname for someone you hate, this might act as an outlet for your anger.
  11. Major – This rowdy and respectful nickname will make him feel super happy and confident.
  12. Maddy Laddy – Just a fun way to call that lad mad.


And here, we come to the end of this joyride. We hope a few of the above nicknames clicked with you and are worth considering for your Maddox. You might also get inspired by some of the suggestions to create your own dashing nickname for him. If you do, don’t forget to share it with us. We wish lots of love and luck to you and Maddox.

Keep returning to find the right nicknames for all your loved ones!

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