50+ Popular Nicknames for Lucas

Nicknames for Lucas

For the parents who are still searching for names for their baby boy, can consider ‘Lucas’ as an option. It is a cute name and successfully gives off a positive vibe. When a person closes their eyes and imagines someone with the name of Lucas, the image that comes to their mind is very pure and peaceful, far away from the problems and hullabaloo of the current world.

Lucas sounds like the name of a friendly person. It has always been a very popular name in the United States and with time, this popularity has in no way decreased. Rather, the popularity of this name has increased more and more with the passing of years.

In the year 2018, Lucas was considered as one of the top 10 boys’ names in the United States as opposed to the years 2010 and 2000 when the name was ranked amongst 50 and 100 top names respectively.

Nicknames are something that brings people closer. Only the people who are close to us, call us by our nicknames and that brings another level of intimacy in the relationship. There are innumerable nicknames for the name Lucas and they range from elegant to funny, graceful to cool and quirky.

But before considering nicknames for someone, it is important that one thoroughly knows the meaning of the name and where it originated from. Knowing the meaning and origin of the name will also help the parents understand the implication of the name and why it has gained more and more popularity over time.


Origin and meaning of Lucas

The name Lucas has different meanings in different countries, languages, and cultures. In American, Latin, and Spanish, it means ‘light’ or ‘the bringer of light’ while in Greek, it means ‘a man from Lucania’. Lucania is a place in the southern region of Italy and is a land of historical importance.

Apart from these, the name also has biblical meaning. The meaning of Lucas biblically is ‘luminous’ or ‘white’ which is also similar to the other meaning ‘light’.

Lucas also has associations with the name ‘Lucius’, from the Latin Lux, which also has the same meaning- ‘light’. The biblical figure Luke can also be associated with Lucas and they both have the same etymological origins.

Lucas is an appropriate name for people who are calm, charming, peaceful, and friendly. The name exudes a positive vibe and attracts people for its tranquil and harmonious nature and the seeming absence of any violence or disturbance. The name Lucas has been around for centuries and still manages to be a very popular name.


Famous people by the name of Lucas

  • Lucas Cranach the Younger – He is a Renaissance painter from Germany and was born in 1515. His name is proof that this name has been around for a long time now.
  • Lucas Jade Zumann – This is an American actor born in the year 2000.
  • Lucas Arzan – he is a Puerto Rican football player born in the year 1999.

There are various popular fictional characters that carry the name of Lucas. Few amongst them are:

  • Lucas Goodwin from the Netflix series “House of Cards”.
  • Lucas Gottesman is a character from the popular series “Pretty Little Liars”.
  • Lucas Sinclair is one of the main characters in the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things”.


Cute nicknames for Lucas

After naming a baby, the parents, the relatives and the loved ones of the baby rarely call the baby by the full name.

They prefer calling the baby by their cute nicknames to show their affection towards the baby. It establishes a greater bond between the baby the loved ones.

These cute nicknames also become a good memory for the baby that they can revisit once they do grow up. Some of the few cute nicknames that one can choose to call someone by the name of Lucas are:

  1. Luke
  2. Luca
  3. Lucy
  4. Lucia
  5. Lucky
  6. Lou cake
  7. Lou
  8. Louie
  9. Lukie
  10. Lucy pie


Funny nicknames for Lucas

Friends have a relationship that is very pure and untainted by other vices of human nature. People who are friends fight, make fun of each other, love each other, and have each other’s back- all at the same time. Friends are not afraid to point out the mistake of another friend and correct them if needed.

They have the kind of right on a person that no one else has and they never fall behind to make fun of each other. Some funny nicknames for the Lucas are:

  1. Lu
  2. Lukzy
  3. Lukeyboi
  4. Luky puky
  5. Lukin
  6. Lukz
  7. Lulu
  8. Lucy bug
  9. Luco
  10. Lukie lou


Good nicknames for Lucas

The popular name that Lucas is, it has got a variety of good nicknames. The popularity of the name Lucas has been for centuries because it is a good name. And a good name as such deserves nicknames that can match up to the quality of the name.

Here are few of the good nicknames that you can consider for a person named Lucas, be it your friend or your colleague:

  1. Louis
  2. Lucardo
  3. Lucario
  4. Cass
  5. El
  6. Lola
  7. Cassie
  8. Cal
  9. Callie
  10. Loco


Spanish nicknames for Lucas

The origin of the name Lucas is Latin. However, there are various Spanish nicknames for Lucas in your life:

  1. Cholo
  2. Calaca
  3. Chato
  4. Cabron
  5. Lengua larga
  6. Chulo
  7. Chiquito
  8. Lobo
  9. Lindo
  10. El cerebro


Cool nicknames for Lucas

Even though Lucas is an old-fashioned name, the person with this name might be a cool cat. In that case, here are the nicknames for him:

  1. Elz
  2. Big L
  3. Lizzle
  4. Lucai
  5. Liz
  6. Lica
  7. Lee
  8. Lila
  9. Ly
  10. Clue


Cute boyfriend nicknames for Lucas

Lucas might be the name of the special person in your life and you might feel like using endearments to call him. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Luca boo
  2. Lolly polly
  3. Silly lolly
  4. Luca bear
  5. Lucy cupcake
  6. Lally cally
  7. Lilly cilly
  8. Cah cah
  9. Lucy jelly
  10. Lizza cake


Every person with the name Lucas has an amazing name and deserves all the amazing things in their life. For the people who have a Lucas in their life can now, after reading this list of amazing nicknames, call them by numerous nicknames ranging from cute to funny to elegant.

So which one did you choose from the list and found alluring? Don’t forget to share it with us!

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