120+ Popular Nicknames for Logan

Nicknames for Logan

If you think that ‘Logan’ is too short a name for a nickname, you are absolutely wrong. Admitted that Logan is a very short name with only two syllables but that should not exclude Logan from having a nickname. In this article, we’ll show you more than 60 popular nicknames for Logan.

It is hard to find a nickname for Logan because of how short it is, but the struggle makes the nickname even more special. This name gives off an aura of strength, strong personality, and unwavering spirit.

This name is extremely popular for a long time now in a lot of places. It has got increasingly popular with time and even became one of the top five popular names in the year 2017.

Logan can give off a strong vibe while also sounding friendly and approachable. It also pairs well with numerous middle names and thus becomes one of the top choices for people who have already chosen a middle name for their baby.

The popularity of the name Logan in recent years is somewhat because of the popular character of Wolverine who is known as Logan and the characters named Logan in a number of popular video games including Call of Duty.

Logan is a unisexual name even though its popularity as the name of a girl has visibly decreased while its popularity as the name of a boy has increased. But the advantage is that if you like the name Logan and have already chosen it before knowing the gender of the kid, you will not have to change it under any condition.


Origin and meaning of the name Logan

Earlier, the name Logan was used majorly an Irish surname- O’Logan. But with passing time it started getting accepted as a first name and even became very popular.

Logan is also a place in Scotland. Therefore, the name also comes from Scottish origin and has gained popularity in a lot of places. The Irish surname means ‘descendant of the warrior’ while the place in Scotland means ‘little hollow’.


Cute nicknames for Logan

The people around us and the loved ones tend to never call us by our full names, even if they are the people who choose the name for us. From the time we are born and are given the name, we rarely have any memory where these loved ones call us by our full names.

Their love and adoration make them come up with a cute nickname by which they always call us. Even though Logan feels like a name that gives off a strong and sturdy vibe, Logan can also be a sweet and cute person. So, here is a list of cute nicknames for Logan:

  1. Logey (Lo-gee) – Sounds like a low key with a hard “g” in place of the “k”. This would be a pet name for baby Logan.
  2. Logs – Logan would be called this as he was growing up. “Logs, go long!”. “Heads up, Logs!”.
  3. Lil’ L – Family and friends used this name until eight-year-old Logan threw a tantrum.
  4. Logie
  5. Logie one Kenobi
  6. Logie bear
  7. Lolo
  8. Logy wogy
  9. Lo
  10. Loki
  11. Logangstar
  12. Logang
  13. Loges
  14. Logie poggie
  15. G-Man – Sure, Logan is only 3, but he’s the G-Man. “G-Man, go outside and play.”
  16. Ganny – Oh, Ganny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling…
  17. Loggerboy – Little Logan liked the idea of braving the great outdoors.


Funny nicknames for Logan

The Logan you know might be the life of the party. He might be the person making people laugh all the time, be it school or a sleepover. Humour might as well be his second skin.

For such a Logan, he is sure to be able to take jokes on himself and laugh that off. Here are a few funny nicknames that this Logan definitely deserves:

  1. Logaine – When Logan started losing his hair in college, he accepted it, but that didn’t stop his friends from making a play on Rogaine.
  2. Flowgan – This Logan has a mane of which Fabio would be jealous.
  3. Slogan – Logan is the “idea” guy. Go to him when planning a pledge drive or developing a new product.
  4. Slowgan – This Logan takes things slow and steady. The job will get done just not today.
  5. Logantic – Logan is larger than life. Gigantic.
  6. The Amazing Logan – Logan captivates the room as he reads minds and performs feats of prestidigitation. Channel Kreskin.
  7. Gander – Logan’s voice had a terrible cracking phase. That combined with his deviated septum caused a honking reminiscent of Felix Unger. Ergo Logan would be known as the male goose.
  8. Logjam – Logan suffers from gastrointestinal issues but maintains a healthy outlook.
  9. Lobama
  10. Loganberry
  11. Lodaddy
  12. Loaf
  13. Login
  14. Blowgun – Logan has the gift of gab. At times he can be a bit of a blowhard.
  15. Mowgan – Logan had quite the successful lawn mowing business during his high school years.
  16. Lo Mein – Logan loves his Chinese food. He mastered chopsticks when he was 7 years old.
  17. Lowball – You do not want to dicker with Logan. He has a reputation for squeezing every dime out of a deal.
  18. Locan’t – Logan is like Eeyore. He feels there is always a cloud over his head.
  19. Rowgan – When Logan joined crew. Stroke. Stroke. Stroke.
  20. Logon – Logan is forgetful when it comes to passwords. He often finds himself in logon help to recover his account.
  21. Loganicle – Each night Logan would come home and review his day in detail to anyone who would listen. When chronicling he is known as Loganicle.
  22. Logano
  23. Loganoff stroganoff
  24. Lego
  25. Logo
  26. Log
  27. McLogan – One too many happy meals for Logan. That steady diet of Big Macs has earned him a special designation at the Golden Arches.
  28. Loganomics – Logan uses his unique spin on personal finances to maintain shelter, transportation, and a full belly. It may look like a shell game, but Logan somehow manages to pull a rabbit out of his hat.
  29. The Logan Ranger – Who is that masked man?
  30. Oganlay – Someone just learned Pig Latin.
  31. Loganista – Logan was quite an activist in college.


Cool nicknames for Logan

The name Logan gives off the vibe of a strong person who can fight for the right. This kind of personality is very cool. Logan can even be that person in school that is considered cool by everyone.

To match up to such a cool personality, Logan definitely deserves a nickname that matches up to his coolness. The cool nicknames that can be considered for the cool kid Logan are as follows:

  1. Loganiski – It’s not a tailgate without Loganiski.
  2. Loganator – He’ll be back.
  3. L-dog – When you need a wing-man, call the L-dog.
  4. Big L – When you need some advice, go to Big L. He is wise and magnanimous.
  5. Logo – Logan looks good. He could be a male spokesmodel. It is only a matter of time before some company makes him the Logo.
  6. Logato potato
  7. Logan king
  8. Logland
  9. Logalad
  10. Lo bamba
  11. Lo mama
  12. Loganator
  13. Loey
  14. Lo man
  15. Loge
  16. Lo down
  17. LG – No. He’s not named after the refrigerator, but LG is cool.
  18. Ganzie – Ganzie is a true confidant. He’ll keep your darkest secrets come hell or high water.
  19. Joegan – Logan is Joe Cool. Nothing fazes him.
  20. Lo-can – Logan is your go-to guy. You need a job done. Call Logan.


Clever nicknames for Logan

There are multiple nicknames that are common for every name out there. Generally, people use these common nicknames that are designated for each name.

However, many people prefer to go against the flow and not use the nicknames that are commonly used by the majority of people. For these people who would prefer to use a clever nickname for the Logan they know, here are some ideas:

  1. Logynne
  2. Loogaroo
  3. Lolo
  4. Lorgan – Logan is passionate about organ donation. His eyes, lungs, heart, and other vital organs are designated for transplantation or research. He encourages others to donate as well.
  5. Little log
  6. Lugie
  7. Loogie
  8. Wolverine
  9. Nogan – This Logan has a bad attitude. His default answer is “No!”.
  10. Lincoln Logan – Logan is quite the outdoorsman. Felling trees and splitting firewood.
  11. Loganorama – Logan takes it all in. He sees the big picture.
  12. Hellogan – Logan is quite congenial and always considerate.
  13. LoJack – Logan worked vehicle recovery to put himself through college. Repossessions and stolen vehicles. Logan was a badass.
  14. Lanny – The golf coach had a nickname for all his players. When Logan joined the team he became Lanny (reference Lanny Wadkins).
  15. Gandalf – Hobbit and Lord of the Ring fans deemed Logan a wizard with this one.
  16. Blogan – Logan has taken to blogging. He lets his opinion be known on all topics. Product reviews, sport picks, humor.
  17. Pipes – Logan was inspired by his name. He has joined a pipe band. Thank goodness he has the legs to pull off a kilt.
  18. Lincoln log
  19. Gee
  20. Logon
  21. LogansRun – Michael York, Jenny Agutter in a 1976 sci-fi film which some consider a cult classic. Television adaptation in the late 1970s. And, a remake in the works. Logan’s sci-fi fanatic uncle came up with this nickname.
  22. Logarithm – Logan was always good at mathematics. It was only natural (no pun intended) that his classmates in advanced algebra would call him logarithm.
  23. Log10 – The budding mathematician also played soccer. When he was given jersey 10, the whole school started to call him Log10.
  24. Loganism – Logan is a walking Biology project. Swab his cheek to run cultures for Loganisms.
  25. Logan’s Heroes – Logan is the ring leader as his band of merry cohorts thwarts the authorities.
  26. Logangsta – Logan did a bit of rapping in the 1990s.
  27. Lorgan – Logan joined the church choir in high school. He has been the primary organist for 10 years. He’s available for weddings & funerals.

Best nicknames for Logan

While choosing nicknames for their babies, parents and the loved ones always try to go for the nickname that feels the best to them.

The same thing goes even for someone named Logan. Though every nickname that a loved one calls a person by can be considered the best, still here are a few suggestions that one can consider for the name Logan:

  1. L-dog
  2. Big L
  3. LoganBerry
  4. Logan’s Heroes
  5. Loganator
  6. Gilly
  7. Lola
  8. Gilly weed
  9. Nelly
  10. Ginny
  11. Gogo
  12. Gigi
  13. Lana
  14. Gene
  15. Liz


Cute boyfriend nicknames for Logan

Logan is a very popular name and it is unlikely that one would never come across someone named Logan in all their life. One of these persons named Logan might happen to be the special someone in your life.

When it comes to these people, we tend to call them cute nicknames. Some cute boyfriend nickname ideas for the Logan in your life are as follows:

  1. LoganBerry – She thinks Logan is as sweet as the berry.
  2. LoggyBear – She just wants to hug him to pieces like a teddy bear.
  3. Logantic – Roses just because. Personal notes are handwritten not texted. This Logan is romantic with a capital L.
  4. Logeo – She’s his Juliet. Logeo & Juliet.
  5. Logano de Bergerac – Logan is never at a loss for words. Knows just what to say and when to say it.
  6. Mo’gan – She wants more and more of Logan.
  7. Lovegan – Logan is her loverboy. She has a special name just for him.
  8. Loga muffins
  9. Lo nugguets
  10. Loly boo
  11. Liggy
  12. Lolly jelly
  13. Loga bee
  14. Loga pie
  15. Ligs
  16. Loga baby
  17. Lolo cakes


Now, that you have read this article, you have numerous ideas for nicknames of Logan even though before this you might have been struggling to come up with a suitable nickname for your Logan. But now, no matter your relationship with your Logan, you have a nickname that suits them.

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