50+ Adorable Nicknames For Lillian

Nicknames For Lillian

Lillian is a name that is fresh and pretty, like the lily flower itself. It is the kind of name that paints a picture of a cute little girl in your mind, whose smile can melt your heart away. Lillian is someone, who is kind and polite to all, yet she has strength and resilience that would surprise many.

If you happen to know someone by this name and can’t decide on what nickname to give them, we are here for you. In this article, we have collated more than 50 adorable nicknames you can give to somebody named Lillian. You will surely find something that you like and is suitable for your unique bond.

But before we get on to the nicknaming, let us first tell you a little bit about the name Lillian, what it means, and where it originated from.


Meaning And Origin Of The Name Lillian

Lillian is a beautiful feminine name, which originates from the Latin word `Lilium’ meaning lily, a flower. Lily flower blooms during summer, symbolizes purity and love. Although this name originates from France, it is a popular name all over the world.

There have been many celebrities with the name Lillian who have gained fame and recognition around the world. Actress Mary McCormack and director Baz Luhrmann both have daughters named Lillian, which goes on to show how sought after this name really is.

Now that you know what this name is all about, let us get on with the nicknaming. If you have a friend, spouse, kid, or a colleague named Lillian, and need a cute nickname to call her by, you are at the right place.

We have come up with 50+ adorable nicknames for somebody named Lillian, and each nickname comes with a quirky detail to help you choose. Rest assured, nicknaming a person, does not get easier than this.


Popular Nicknames For Lillian

There is a sea of nicknames possible for somebody named Lillian, so fish out your favorite ones from among these. Always remember there is no right and wrong when it comes to nicknames.

  1. Lilly – Undoubtedly, the most common nickname for Lillian and rightly so. It is perfect for a Potterhead or a nature lover!
  2. Lil – A shortened form of Lillian, simple yet very sweet.
  3. Anne – An elegant and classy name, to call someone near and dear to you.
  4. Lenny – This one gets brownie points from all Lenny Bruce fans out there.
  5. Nana – This is for someone who is caring like a granny.
  6. Lily bug – If a Lillian in your life bugs you, they can be called this. Also, incredibly cute for a little girl.
  7. Lin – A classic shortened version of the name, you cannot go wrong with this.
  8. Annie – This a suave name, which is also very classy.
  9. Luce-Lee – This one takes after the most famous martial artist Bruce Lee.
  10. Niña – Pronounced as Nee-nee-aa, it means a girl in Spanish. If you wish to nickname your daughter or niece, you can use this one.
  11. Lulu – A peppy name that makes for a super fun and cute nickname.
  12. Lana – Lana Del Ray fans out there, this one is for you.


Cute Nicknames For Lillian

If you are on the lookout for nicknames for Lillian, which are high on the cuteness quotient, we just made your job easy. We have some adorably cute nicknames for Lillian, which will put a smile on your face.

Cuteness alert!

  1. Lillypad – This one tops our cuteness rankings for nicknames.
  2. Loon Moon – When your girl is as lovely as the moon, this is what to call her by.
  3. Lizzie – Give your Lillian that warm and fuzzy feeling every time you use this name.
  4. Lilly Bear – The ultimate hack to a cute nickname, is adding the word bear to it.
  5. Lady Love – For when she is the love of your life, she deserves a name expressing it.
  6. Lilikins – If you prefer singing names rather than saying them, this one is for you.
  7. Ms L – Prefix and initial are the ingredients to the perfect nickname.
  8. Lili-boo – This name just oozes out the cuteness. Doesn’t it?
  9. Queen Li – If she rules your heart, she is the one for this name.


Funny Nicknames For Lillian

If you wish to take a dig at someone named Lillian with a nickname, we have something for you as well. These names will make people laugh, serve as an inside joke and be a perfect nickname. Always remember the funnier the nickname, the closer the bond is.

Let’s tickle some funny bones, shall we?

  1. Loony Toons – A fun way to tease, and a perfect name for someone who loves cartoons.
  2. Nanny – Probably for that mother-like figure in your group, who takes care of everyone.
  3. Little Lil – An ideal name for somebody who is tiny, like a newborn baby.
  4. Lion – For a feisty woman, who is worthy of being the queen of the jungle.
  5. Yellow Mellow – Use this fun nickname for a pale-looking Lillian.
  6. Leaky Lin – For an emotional Lillian, who leaks out tears at the first opportunity.
  7. Silly Lilly – An endearing name for someone who is Oh so silly!
  8. Lil Wayne – Perfectly rhyming nickname, taken after rapping legend Lil Wayne.
  9. Lone-ly – Is it too mean to use this for a name for someone who is single, it’s for you to decide.
  10. Smelly Nelly – Playful reminder for someone who forgets to shower.
  11. Linny Bin – If your Lillian’s room is always in a mess, this one is for them.
  12. Lanky – Quite literally describes someone who is petite and tall.
  13. Limo – If her dream wheel is a Limousine, you can call her this.


Cool Nicknames For Lillian

We are in the era of nicknames that are increasingly eccentric and should sound cool. We will guide you to find some nicknames which are uncommon but can make for a trendy nickname for somebody named Lillian.

  1. Lantern – Tell someone they light up your life, by giving them this nickname.
  2. Tiger Lily – An absolute favorite, for someone fresh and pretty like the flower itself.
  3. Leena – An endearing name for someone who is very special to you.
  4. Linda – Adds a bit of a chic touch to the name.
  5. Liliness – This nickname that makes no sense, hence it is the best nickname.
  6. Lili pop – As sweet as a nickname can possibly get.
  7. Ella – In Hebrew, it translates to “goddess”, for someone who is as perfect as a goddess.
  8. Nelly – Short, cute and simple-all attributes of a good nickname in one.
  9. Lone Wolf – Recognize a Lillian, who is strong, self-independent, and fierce like a wolf by giving them this nickname.
  10. Lionel – All the Messi fans, we have got you covered.
  11. Lucky-Li – A quirky way to tell a Lillian, that you are lucky to have them in your life.


Unique Nicknames For Lillian

If you are someone who prefers to take the road less traveled by when it comes to nicknames. You will probably appreciate these offbeat nicknames for Lillian.

So, let’s get creative with names a bit. Have a look!

  1. Evelyn – Nicknames don’t necessarily have to be short, do they?
  2. Lila – This is a beautiful Arabic name, which translates to “night”.
  3. Lian – An offbeat choice, but that’s what makes this name unique.
  4. Julienne – Suitable for someone who loves to cook or is a professional chef.
  5. Nelo – If you wish to pick up something outlandish, this one will surely catch your eye.
  6. Lindt – Pronounced without the t. It’s a famous chocolate brand, apt for someone with a sweet tooth.
  7. Luna – It means “moon” in Spanish and Italian, a name which is literally out of this world.
  8. Liner – A glam girl who loves to doll up will be perfect for this one.
  9. Linkin – Rhyming with Lillian, also a very popular rock band. A teenager Lillian would rock this name.
  10. Lily-Can – This one is for that spirited Lillian, who achieves all that she sets out to do.



So, these were more than 50 adorable nicknames that you can give to somebody named Lillian. As we like to put it, when it comes to nicknaming people, the only rule is that there is no rule.

Choose the one that you like the most and fits your Lillian like a glove. You can also tweak these names a bit and make one up yourself. If you have any more interesting nicknames for somebody named Lillian, we would love to hear them out, so please do send them in.

Till then, let’s get on with the Nicknaming!

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