50+ Adorable Nicknames For Leslie

Nicknames For Leslie

You probably already know a lot of cute nicknames for Lesley, but that’s not enough. To make her feel loved, you need to explore all the options. This article includes a lot of adorable nicknames you can call your dear Leslie. Some of these nicknames are sweet and cute while others might just make you laugh, but you’ll love them all.

The name Leslie builds this image of a girl who is joyful and liberated. Someone who is rarely shy, and always eager to embark on adventures, and mingle with people.

If we imagine a coming-of-age movie being made for Leslie, it will be like a roller coaster ride and she will certainly age well and the most gracefully of all. A woman with such a captivating persona is a treasure to have.

If you are lucky to have someone called Leslie in your life, then why not give her a nickname and take your relationship a notch higher?

Here, we have brought together some of the most arresting and adorable nicknames for Leslie along with a slice of advice with each suggestion, to make the selection easy and breezy!

Let’s have a quick look at the meaning and origin of Leslie, and then we can drive straight to the nicknames.


Meaning and Origin of Leslie

The root of this name lies in a town called Lesslyn which is located in Aberdeenshire. This place gave birth to a Scottish surname which eventually turned into a first name.

It is believed that the name Leslie might have originated in the Gaelic elements ‘lios’ which means an enclosure, garden, or fort, and ‘chuilinn’ which is a holly tree or ‘liath’ which is the color gray.

Hence, the name can be assumed to mean ‘garden of hollies’ or ‘the gray fort.’ Also borne by a Scottish clan, this name was not popular as a personal name until late in the 19th century. It actually topped the charts in the 1960s and 70s when it was one of the favorite names for baby girls and even boys.

Some well-known personalities who go by this name are Leslie Manigat, the Haitian President, Leslie Jones, an American comedian and actress, and Leslie Mann, another American actress.

Moreover, it is interesting to know that two hurricanes that occurred in 2012 and 2018 respectively, were named Leslie.

Now, we are all set to explore the nicknames. So, let’s get started!


Common Nicknames for Leslie

Out of the pool of popular nicknames for Leslie, here are some that our fishing line caught. These nicknames have been derived from the name itself and you must have come across these names at some point in your life.

This familiarity makes these names sound homely and Leslie will love any of these if given affectionately.

So, go ahead and have a look!

  1. Lez – A simple and safe option to go for.
  2. Lily – There must be many who call her by this beautiful name.
  3. Silly – For that goofy girl who brightens up your day.
  4. Lissy – A nice and popular pet name that Leslie would love to have.
  5. Lee – Go for this tiny tubby name if it suits Leslie’s personality.
  6. Lel – A perky little name for a dear one.
  7. Lissy – Derived from Elizabeth, this cheerful nickname will complement Leslie’s style.


Cute Nicknames for Leslie

Call Leslie by these endearing nicknames to make her heart melt. The following options are extremely moving and act as wonderful compliments too.

Furthermore, if you like a girl called Leslie and looking for ways to flirt with her, then these can be super handy. We know you are too excited and can’t wait to get to the names now.

So, let’s go!

  1. Litchi – A fruity name for a sweet and juicy personality like Leslie’s.
  2. Lesy – A short and sassy name that will look great on a teenager.
  3. Limesickle – This sweet and sour ice candy will make an awesome nickname for Leslie.
  4. Jelly – For little Leslie who loves those brightly colored jiggly jellies.
  5. Ellie – A cute name for a fun-loving Leslie.
  6. Lesling – Quite a unique pet name for a toddler named Leslie.
  7. Lima Bean – For baby Leslie who is as tiny as this cutesy green bean.
  8. Lulu Bear – Another adorable name for someone who you just want to squish.
  9. Lovelie – A lovely name for a lovely girl.
  10. Little Lady – For that kid named Leslie who twirls around in pretty dresses all day.
  11. Lilo – An amusing Disney character from Lilo and Stitch.
  12. Lexy – This Greek name is not only cute but empowering too as it means ‘man’s defender’.


Funny Nicknames for Leslie

Anything that makes one laugh leaves a lasting impression on their mind. And a funny nickname is one of the most charming ways to get into Leslie’s good books.

After all, humor is amongst the most desired qualities in a person. So, get ready to brighten everyone’s faces up with some of the funniest nicknames for Leslie.

Read on and select whichever suits you best!

  1. Lace-lie – For the girl who likes wearing lace dresses.
  2. Lesliar – If you are fed up with Leslie’s habit of lying, then this is a smart way to call her out.
  3. Bruce Lee – Is Leslie one of those rare girls who enjoy action films? If yes, then this might be the perfect pet name.
  4. Messlie – A humorous way to call a Leslie who likes to keep things messy.
  5. Stresslie – Let’s try to make that friend laugh who takes too much stress.
  6. Leftlie – A lame but funny pet name for a left-handed friend.
  7. Leslang – For that millennial whose mouth is full of slang.
  8. Lesleep – If Leslie is a sleepyhead who has a hard time staying awake, then this one is for her.
  9. Leslow – If you feel like Leslie is a bit too slow with her tasks, then this would make a chuckle-worthy nickname.
  10. Lazy Lee – If Leslie and laziness go hand in hand, then this is what you should call her.
  11. Barley – For a health-conscious Leslie who eats only healthy grains.
  12. Lays-lie – For someone who is crazy for potato chips.
  13. Li’l Italy – If Leslie just can’t stop talking about Italy, then this bizarre name would be the right fit.


Cool Nicknames for Leslie

A cool and trendy nickname not only sounds impactful but also shoots up the bearer’s morale. It tells them that you really look up to them for some reason or the other.

So, if you want to make Leslie feel good about herself and eventually, about you, then you should try the below-mentioned nicknames.

  1. Deadly – If Leslie is someone who no one messes with, then this rhyming nickname is just right.
  2. Sly – For that quick-witted woman who gets what she wants.
  3. Le Slayer – Call her a slayer with a twist of French.
  4. Lady Luck – If Leslie is your lucky charm, then what could be better than this one.
  5. Lord Lizle – For that boss woman who everyone is scared of.
  6. Ladybug – A cool and cutesy pet name for your tiny beetle.
  7. DJ Lex – For a Leslie who simply rocks at anything related to do music.
  8. Leader – This snazzy nickname will definitely pump her up.
  9. Lindt – Call her by this exotic chocolate brand if she can’t get enough of those pieces of pure pleasure.
  10. Lesty – For someone who is inquisitive, restless, and seeks nature.
  11. Liselle – A stylish nickname for a fashionista called Leslie.
  12. Lazer – This one sounds like the name of a sci-fi superhero.
  13. Leaper – A cool and sporty name for Leslie who is into athletics.


Unique Nicknames for Leslie

If Leslie is someone who appreciates creativity and innovation, then a unique nickname is what you need to amaze her.

Here, we have a pile of such names for you to refer to and choose from. We are sure you will find a few lovely ones from this list. Just get on with it!

  1. Miss Lee – Simple yet classy, this might impress your Leslie.
  2. Leslean – This might sound a bit corny, but it’s for someone you can lean on.
  3. Lifeline – This wonderful nickname will make her go ‘Awww!’
  4. Leslib – For a bookworm who spends most of her time at the library.
  5. Sizzler – The perfect pet name for a girl with a sizzling personality.
  6. Leslesky – As the Russians would like to say it.
  7. Lola – An adorable nickname for a dear friend called Leslie.
  8. Lively – For a Leslie who never fails to cheer you up.
  9. Leolie – An amusing astrological nickname for a Leslie who’s zodiac sign is Leo.
  10. Lark-lie – For that carefree girl who is always up for a light-hearted adventure.
  11. Leisure – If leisure is synonymous with Leslie for you, then this will make a sweet nickname.
  12. Lilac – These delicate blooms make a heartfelt endearment for an elegant girl called Leslie.
  13. Liv – Short for olive, this nickname will certainly bring good luck for her.
  14. Presley – This rhyme would work just fine if she is an Elvis Presley fan.
  15. Lass – This pet name will make her feel like the protagonist of a fairytale.



Cheers to finding some amazing nicknames for Leslie! We hope some of these gems get a thumbs up from you and prove to be useful. Do tell us which ones you and Leslie liked the most. Also, feel free to drop in more interesting nickname suggestions for this name.

We will keep trying our best to bring beautiful nicknames for your friends and family.

Happy nicknaming!

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